Applications :: How To Access Shared Library In IPhoto

Dec 26, 2010

I have an iMac that has all of my pics on it. I just got a MacBook air and would like to view my IMac library on the air. How do I do that? How do you share a library.

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Applications :: Can't Access Photos In IPhoto Library

Dec 7, 2007

In iPhoto 06, in the finder, if you went to the iphoto library folder, you could select the photos in the original or modified folders. I'm using iPhoto 08 on my iMac and I can't do that anymore. For example, when I'm in Photoshop/trying to upload a photo to a webpage and I want to open a photo thats in the iPhoto Libraries Original folder, it won't go any farther than the iPhoto Library, there's no arrow so I can't get to the different folders in the Library. When I click on show file in iPhoto, it will show this location, but other than that I can't get at it. I'm running the latest version, just checked to see if there were any updates and there wasn't. I've taken screen shots to try and explain. the second one is when I try to get at it through the finder and the first one is when I click on "Show File" on a photo in iPhoto.

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ITunes :: Can't Access Its Library On A Shared Drive

Mar 16, 2012

Here is my problem: I want to access my iTunes library from a shared drive.

Here is my equipment:

1. Imac running iTunes 10.6

2. 1 week old Macbook Air running iTunes 10.6

3. 1 Timecapsule that is 1 day old, bought with the express purpose of putting my extensive iTunes library on it, and was assure I would be able to stream it.

4. An Airport express hooked to my stereo.

The concept was that the Air doesn't really have the capability to hold all my music, but I want to use it as a "remote" to select songs through iTunes and play them on my stereo.I did NOT want to leave my iMac on at all times and do homes haring that way.Therefore, I followed intructions fonund else where and moved my iTunes library from my iMac to the newly installed shared drive on the Time Capsule.I went into iTunes on the Air selected preferences, advanced, and changed the location of the Air's iTunes library to that of the one on the Time Capsule. It sees all the music. I close preferences.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can't Access IPhoto Library, IPhoto Apparently Automatically Upgraded To V 9.3

Jun 28, 2012

I suddenly cannot access the several thousand photos in my iPhoto Library. I believe my computer must have automatically downloaded and upgraded the version I previously had. Now I get an error message that reads: The photo library needs to be upgraded to work with this version of iPhoto. Your photo library will not be readable by previous versions of iPhoto after the upgrade. The upgrade process for very large libraries may take an hour or more to complete. I still need my images able to be read by previous versions since I go back and forth editing between older desktops. Is there a way to access the photo library without okaying the upgrade? If I reinstall an older version of iPhoto, will I lose the existing library of photos?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), iPhoto V 9.3

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Intel Mac :: Can't I Access IPhoto Library From Epson Application?

Apr 19, 2012

why can't I access my iphoto library fron my epson aplication

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: NAS Shared ITunes Library And Multiple Computer?

Feb 12, 2010

I have my iTunes library stored on a NAS, UNRAID, and I currently do not have my files copied into the iTunes library. They reside on the UNRAID in a movies and movies folder, so the iTunes library itself is fairly small.

However, this is what I would like to do. Since I have several AppleTV and several other Macs running. I'd like to keep one Mac on 24/7 and have iTunes open all the time pointed to my NAS iTunes.

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Applications :: Way To Prevent Iphoto From Loading Errors Without Deleting Videos From IPhoto Library?

Jan 30, 2009

I have about 20 hours of low res digicam videos sitting in iphoto. When I launch Imovie, it loads all 20 hours without asking then proceeds to quit unexpectedly if I try to do anything. Is there a way to prevent iphoto from loading all of them without deleting the videos from my iPhoto library? I have about a 30 minute video I would like to edit I'm frustrated.How about removing all those clips except the ones I care about? Can I do that? (after waiting 20-30 minutes for them to load)

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Applications :: IPhoto 09 Causing Shut Down - Can't Open Current Photo Library Using This Version Of Iphoto

Feb 24, 2009

I just imported some photos into IPhoto 09 and shortly afterwards my IMac did a hard shut down. Now when I open IPhoto I get the following error:

The Photo Library nees to be upgraded to work with this version of IPhoto.

After that I click on upgrade and get the following msg:

Can't open current photo library using this version of Iphoto.

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Applications :: IPhoto Creates Faces Thumbnails Files And Places In IPhoto Library / Data Folder

Jan 27, 2009

Thought I'd start this thread for people to discover/add any info they have on what iPhoto Faces is doing behind the scenes to help with troubleshooting, since Apple doesn't have any preferences for Faces in the iPhoto GUI. This is only for people who like to understand what is happening behind the scenes. Please note this is not for everyone and anytime you do anything to your iPhoto library you risk corruption and should have a backup copy. What I've noticed so far:

- iPhoto scans the library the first time it opens, and creates 2 faces .db files with the iPhoto Library:


- iPhoto creates Faces thumbnails files and places them in the iPhoto Library/Data folder along with the other thumbnails it creates................

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Applications :: Using ITunes With Dropping Connection To A Shared Library On Vista?

Sep 12, 2007

Seems that maybe i had this in the wrong forum so i'm posting it over here...

I have all my music stored on a Vista machine. I share that library with my Macbook Pro. When i open itunes on the macbook it recognizes the library on my vista machine and i enter the password and everything is fine for about 90 seconds. Then it just drops the connection and the shared library disappears. Any ideas? anyone else have this problem? It's not a network problem because i can still access the internet and stuff after this happens.

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Applications :: ITunes Skipping Songs When Listening To Shared Library?

Jul 8, 2009

iTunes skips songs when I try to listen to a shared library from my Mac Pro, on my MacBook Pro.

This always happens when trying to "fast-forward" through a song (it'll skip to the next song).

I'm assuming that this is some kind of networking issue, because if I let the song play long enough, for what I perceive as enough time to transfer the song entirely from one computer to the other, it won't skip to the next song when fast-forwarding.

The two computers are in adjacent rooms, connected wirelessly via an AEBS on 802.11N (g compatibility mode).

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Applications :: Transferring IPhoto Library From Tiger To SL / IPhoto 5

Jan 27, 2010

I am transferring info from an iBook G4 running Tiger to a MacBook running Snow Leopard. Everything is going well, except for my ability to transfer the iPhoto library. I have mounted the iBook to the MacBook via Firewire. When I transferred my iPhoto library from my MB to my new MBP, it was easy: all I had to do was drag over "iPhoto Library" from User>Pictures>iPhoto Library But it isn't set up the same way on the iBook: in User>Pictures, "iPhoto Library" is a folder instead of a small iPhoto icon (which you would need to right-click on to see its contents). When I copied the contents of the folder into "iPhoto Library" on the new MacBook, it didn't maintain all of the organization (eg. the albums). Is there any way to do this so that iPhoto will keep the organization of the photo library on the new MacBook, or am I destined to reorganize my thousands of photos into albums again? Please keep in mind that the MacBook is being set up as a new computer, and I am copying over the files/docs/music/photos that she wants to keep from the iBook. I am not using Migration Assistant.

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OS X :: IPhoto Library Not Showing On Desktop / Unable To Set Iphoto Library Photos As Screensaver

Sep 1, 2009

I have experienced a problem after I updated to SL last night.I made a fresh install of both SL and iLife 09 on my mbp unibody late 2008.

Afterwards, I replaced the my fresh iphoto library simply with my old iphoto 09library from time machine (no migration tool, only copy pasts).

But now I recognized a problem that I see no iphoto library in my Desktop and Screensaver Menu in control panel. I cant set iphoto library photos as screensaver cause I cant see them

Does anyone have a solution for it? or does anybody face the same issue?

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Applications :: How Large Can Iphoto Library Be

Feb 25, 2009

I have many separate Iphoto libraries and keeping them organized is not that easy anymore. I would like to merge all libraries, but I think the resulting size would be over 100Gb, maybe 200Gb.

Would that affect Iphoto's speed or does it work the same no matter how many pictures I have?

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Applications :: IPhoto - How To Access The Actual Files

Oct 30, 2007

How can I see the actual files of my photographs and images in Finder? iPhoto just creates an "iPhoto Library" it it gives me no access to the files themselves. If I'm uploading photos to a forum or Facebook I need to access the files. Any idea how I can do this?

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Applications :: IPhoto - Drive Access - Stop It?

Jan 15, 2010

When I leave iPhoto open for extended periods (which i'd like to do most of the time) it seems to hit the HDD pretty hard, constantly, slowing some stuff (particularly time machine backups!) considerably. I'm on an '08 imac, 2.8ghz, 4GB ram, 8800GT.. Snow Leopard.. It runs fine other than that.. I do have a 42GB library, 246 of the files are movies. A lot of the photos are RAW. Anyone experienced similar? And is there some way to stop it?

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Applications :: Library Update - Crash IPhoto?

Oct 21, 2010

My upgrade seems to crash iPhoto and I have not been able to get iPhoto working. When I started iPhoto for the first time after the iLife update it had the usual "this library must be updated to work with this version of iPhoto" (that might not be the exact wording). Thoughtlessly I approved the dialogue as usual. The upgrade process made it through the first quick progress bar, but nearly immediately after starting the second progress bar iPhoto crashed. After restarting my mbp and opening iPhoto I got the same result. I even went so far as to reinstall the new iPhoto. Based on previous issues I tried holding option-command while starting iPhoto to get the rebuild dialogue and again the rebuild crashed iPhoto. Has anyone else been having the same issues or have any insight on how to resolve the issue?

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Applications :: How Do I Split My Existing IPhoto Library?

Oct 25, 2010

How do I split my existing iPhoto library? I wanna split my existing iphoto library by organizing iPhoto libraries by year, so if I create a new library, how can I transfer some of the photos on my existing iphoto library to the new iPhoto library I just created?

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Applications :: Moving IPhoto Library To External HD

Dec 21, 2010

I have purchased an external Hard drive to move my grandfather's iPhoto library from his iMac's internal to it (so that it can be accessed by both of my grandparent's accounts instead of just one since they share the same camera), and was wondering if moving it to the external would be enough of a back up or if it should be backed up again? The drive will be partitioned so that there is 400gb available for time machine and 100gb available for "everything else", like the iPhoto library for example. I partitioned it so that time machine backups don't squeeze the iPhoto library space down to 0. Is it nonsensical to have the library back up to the other partition as well since it is on the same drive, or would that in fact be a good idea?

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Applications :: Copy Items To The IPhoto Library - Or Not

Dec 25, 2010

What is the advantage of having iPhoto importing and copying all pictures into the iPhoto library file ("copy items to the iPhoto Library")? Is there any reason why that would be better than managing the picture folder structure manually and just having a reference to the pictures?

I think iTunes has the same feature and offers to import/copy the music files into its library.

I plan to get my first Mac next month and wonder if I should enable this "copy items to the iPhoto Library" when moving my 50k pictures from Windows to the Mac or if that's not a good idea...

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Applications :: How To Share An IPhoto Library With Another User

Jun 21, 2006

I would like to be able to share my iPhoto library with my wife (another user) on the same machine. The only way I have been able to find to do this is to write some unix programming language in the OS. I don�t really want to do this. Is there an easier way to share my library with another user? Will iPhoto buddy do this, or another separate application?

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Applications :: Bring Aperture Library Into IPhoto

Jan 8, 2009

Just like the title says, seems so simple but I just can't figure it out... I feel when i find out I will feel dumb... So I got Aperture 2. Which I love BUT I am having a hard time getting used to it and sincerely I do not need more than iPhoto only used Aperture because my dad had it and did not want it. So now I want to go back to iPhoto... revert all my iPhoto library that i just mad einto an Aperture library back to my great Old iPhoto library, I just can t figure a way how to export from aperture to aperture or import from Aperture library from iPhoto

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Applications :: Keep Folder Structure In IPhoto 09 Library?

Jan 28, 2009

Starting out on iPhoto 09. At the moment all my photos are organised in folders, eg Holiday July 08, New year 07, Childs 4th B_day, Funfair March 05 etc I would like to keep them in this order if possible, and start using iPhoto to tag, and organise them all. Reason I want them still in folders is that I also have a Windows PC, Xbox 360, and want to be able to sort them on here to, which wont have iPhoto's organisation and so need the folder structure.

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Applications :: Don't Import Photos To IPhoto Library

Feb 18, 2009

I recently discovered Bridge. Always had it, but never used it. I very much like that you can see all the information of a selected photo, and that you can sort photos on for example dimensions. It works faster than iPhoto too. The best thing though, is that you can make your own folder-structures.

That's the biggest disadvantage of iPhoto I think. Now I have hundreds (as a matter of speaking) events, which could be grouped to a a few dozens. For example: "Music" > "Concerts" > "Deep Purple" > "California Jam '74"

I know I can create (Smart) albums in iPhoto, but that merges everything into one. If I use my example again, if I would create an album "Music", there would be "California Jam '74" in it, but also an other concert from Deep Purple. And concerts of other bands. And other things related to music. And all of that merged into one huge 'event'.

Am I right or am I missing something?

But, iPhoto looks fantastic, the slideshows are superior, and those new Places and Faces are awesome. But that absence of a folder structure is killing me. If the events were just folder thumbnails...

I'm thinking, what if I do "don't import photos to iPhoto library", and make my own folder structures? That way I can use Bridge as it supposed to be, and if I want to show (off with) my photos I'll go to iPhoto and spend a minute finding the right event.

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Applications :: Entire IPhoto Library Had Disappeared?

May 27, 2009

Was editing a photo in iPhoto just a few minutes ago and BOOM, I get the "you must restart your computer by holding down the button" prompt and the screen is locked. So I hold it down and restart. Open back up iPhoto after restart and it's like I'm starting it for the first time. It shows ZERO photos. What happened!?!?!

I seek my photos from an external hard drive and the file is still there so how do I reimport them into iPhoto and why did this happen?

I have the Mini iPhoto Library icon which is 70 gigs in size, which has not only my photos in it, but also my preferences. How do I get iPhoto up and working again? Do I just have to tell iPhoto where to look for my library? If so, I forgot how to do this.

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Applications :: Sample Photo Library In IPhoto?

Nov 10, 2009

I'm going to be teaching a number of staff at the local high school (which is going over to the Apple platform from Novell) how to use iPhoto but, I don't want to use any of my personal photos as examples. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me where I could find the sample photos that are loaded onto macs in the Apple store.

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Applications :: Is It Possible To Rearrange The Folders In The IPhoto Library

Dec 28, 2009

I have been handling my family's photos for some time now, using iPhoto on my mac. Now I am about to buy a ReadyNas. I want to store the iPhoto library there and give the rest of the family access to it. The problem is that I am the only mac-user, all the others have windows.

The plan is that they will use Picasa when reading from the iPhoto library. There is a problem though. I am afraid that it will be all messy since iPhoto stores both modified pictures and the originals. I addition to this the subfolders to these main folders have got inconsistent names since the photos were taken before I started using iPhoto. The result will be that the person using Picasa will see tons of folders with just a few pictures in them.

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Applications :: IPhoto Library Magically Deleted?

Apr 4, 2010

my sister opened iphoto on her G4 iBook and found that all her photos were gone. I did a bit of troubleshooting from my knowledge and found that her "iphoto pictures" folder isn't located under her account. Not in the trash, etc.

I've stressed the importance of remembering anything that she changed/deleted etc, and also to remember any notifications she might have recieved. She couldn't give me anything.

She doesn't back up her computer (i just backed up my parents for the first time today but not hers, oh the irony) and now shes stuck in this jam.

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Applications :: Retrieving IPhoto Library From External HD

May 20, 2010

So I decided to transfer my entire Iphoto Library to my external HD, about 1 hour ago. I did the transfer, and checked to see if I could open my new Iphoto Library from my external by pressing option before clicking on Iphoto and choosing the new library. Everything worked fine, so I deleted my Iphoto library on my mac HD. After deleting all the files I tried to open my Library on my external and Iphoto opens without and pictures. The Iphoto Library on my external has 14.97 GB being used so I know the files are there, I just cannot open them.

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Applications :: Won't Organize IPhoto Library / Can't Find Settings

Mar 25, 2007

I need some advice on organizing my library, because I have thousands of pictures and badly need a concrete way to organize them within iPhoto.

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