Applications :: Any Way To Open EXE Files Without BootCamp?

Mar 17, 2009

Just wanted to run a couple of little games on my comp that i can only find in .exe and was wondering if there was an app that would let me run them in OS X.

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Applications :: Moving Files Between OSX And Windows In Bootcamp?

Feb 5, 2008

i'm about to buy my first mac but unfortunately i need to use windows from time to time. So I am currently trying to figure out whether to go with virtulization or bootcamp.

So here is my question: Can OS X see the windows partition and if so can you move files without any problems?

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Applications :: Crossover And .Iso Files - Cannot Install Windows Vista On Bootcamp Anymore

Mar 24, 2010

when I lost my entire collection of PC games, I've gone through the process of making a .iso file of all of the games I've purchased. I have a few games in .iso files sitting on my mac desktop. For some reason, I cannot install Windows Vista on bootcamp anymore, as whenever I try to start up, I get an error saying something like the file "Wmilib" is missing or something, and I can't repair it using the startup disk no matter what. Which leads me to crossovers. I spent my money on it, and am hoping I didn't waste it. Whenever I tell Crossover to load from my mounted .iso file, and hit the "proceed" button, it takes me to the top drop-down menu, where it asks me to select a program to install.

The only problem is that I want to install from my mounted .iso file, and not from the list of supported programs, which is stupid. I've also tried just directly opening the "Setup.exe" file right with Crossover, and that still does nothing, which is very frustrating. Is it even possible to install games on crossover using a .iso file? And if so, what am I doing wrong, that whenever I hit "proceed" button it takes me right to the list of supported software and WON'T LET ME INSTALL without choosing one?

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Applications :: Any Way To Open EXE Files On G4

Feb 12, 2009

Whenever I get an exe. file I've been just deleting them, because my computer [a G4 PowerPC with OS X 10.4.11 Tiger] can't open such files. For example, on a movie download site, a free torrent downloader was offered, and it said for PC or Mac. Yet when after I downloaded it to my desktop, I found an exe. file. And such files are of no use to me, since my computer can't open them with QuickTime Player or anything else it has. Please tell me how to open exe. files, or how to convert them to something else that my computer can open.

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Applications :: What To Use To Open RAR Files

May 17, 2009

What Free software can I use to open RAR files?

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Applications :: How To Edit And Open Pub Files

Nov 2, 2008

any software that edits or at least opens Microsoft Publisher files (.pub)?

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Applications :: IPhoto - Does Not Open MOV Files?

Aug 31, 2009

Didn't it used to be able to? Just double click a .mov file and it would open? Tried to double-click some .mov files, doesn't open. Copy and paste to desktop and open from there, it works.

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Applications :: Need To Open Windows Files?

Oct 6, 2009

I want to utilize VMware Fusion, can it open window files or do I need another app to open window files?

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Applications :: Which App Can Open .daa Extension Files

Jan 10, 2010

with a file, that have extension ".daa". i don't know what application can open it. By the way, it's a power iso extension.

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Applications :: After Update, I Can't Open Jpg, Wmv Or Other Media Files

Jan 8, 2011

Jpegs and other media files that I could open on my MBA now give me error messages when I try to open them. I have Flip4Mac, VLC, and Perian installed, and I had no problems opening these files prior to the latest OS update.I'm a relatively new Mac user. I've tried repairing disk permissions and running the maintenance scripts.

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Applications :: Word Files Will Not Open From Directory?

May 3, 2008

Mac Word 2004 for teachers/students was working smoothly for me until the last month. It seemed as though the problem started when I tried to open (by mistake) an excel doc in Word - or vice versa. Now, Word will not let me open a file from the directory. (It will let me select the recently opened docs on the drop-down menu.) When I click "File" and "Open", the screen freezes and eventually pulls up a white screen with lines on it - looks like a writing tablet, which is the edition's logo - and it says "Open" on top.

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Applications :: App To Track Time Of Open Files?

Jan 5, 2009

I'm looking for an application that can track, on a daily basis, what files I had open and for how long they were open. Mostly it's because I'm really bad at tracking my time spent on projects and by the time I get around to logging my time I can't remember what I did last week!

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Applications :: Powerpoint 2008 Can't Open .ppt Files?

Jan 22, 2009

My wife is in school and receives her lectures via powerpoint slides (.ppt). I think they are generated with a pre-2007 PC version of powerpoint. She cannot open this .ppt file with Office 2008 on leopard. Powerpoint there just says that the file was created with an older version of powerpoint and is no longer supported. Is it possible that Powerpoint no longer supports its own format?! Does anyone else have this problem? Are there ways around this? Does it seem ridiculous that we can't even open an older version of the file in a new program? I know there are programs to convert new files for older software versions, but not converting old files for newer software versions!

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Applications :: Program Free To Open Rar Files?

Feb 13, 2009

Any suggestions?

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Applications :: Open HTML Files In IWeb?

Nov 26, 2009

I have a group of students who want to use iWeb to create a website to show off some of their art work for university interviews. They have been creating the site and saving it before logging off a machine. They have been wanting to do more work on their websites, but have found no sign of the pages they created when they log into a machine and load up iWeb. Initially I thought it was because they were logging in on a machine different to the one that they had started creating the site on, so I got them to log onto the original machine, but still nothing. I then got them to export the files to HTML and then to re-open them in iWeb, but it won't let you do that. Any suggestions on how I may solve this problem? The students have network accounts, rather than stand-alone machines that they work on, so I know it's something to do with that.

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Applications :: .pdf Files Open As Blank Pages?

Dec 27, 2009

i have recently been having trouble opening .pdf files properly. they open but they are all blank pages. they open as blank files in "preview", it doesnt open at all using adobe digital additions and through microsoft word i get gibberish or i get pop ups that say "word cannot open this document. the document might be in use or might not be a valid word document" ive downloaded over 5 times and each time i try with all three options and i get the same thing.

i tried to pull it into iArchiver but that also didnt work.

the file ends with .pdf

also although several other documents have done the same thing i know something is not completely wrong with my .pdf thing or any of those applications because other pdf files do open.

i tried to give as much information right at the beginning so forgive me if its too long.

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Applications :: Can't Open .doc Files With IWork Pages

Mar 11, 2010

on the iwork cd i used to install it says version 9.0.3, but i still cant open .doc files with it, and when i do try to update it, it says eligible pages cannot be found in applications. What should i do?

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Applications :: Default .mp4 Files To Open With Quicktime?

May 29, 2010

Is there a way of defaulting .mp4 files to open in Quicktime? I'm experiencing an issue in which movie files in .mp4 format are for some reason opening in another application I use for audio editing.

I can still play the movie file in Quicktime, but only if I right click it and select it from the "Open With" menu.

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Applications :: Using Live Type To Open PDF Files?

Aug 5, 2010

Every time I try to open a PDF file Live Type tries to open it. I have to save the file to the desktop and open it. Also, all pdf files have the Live type icon next to them.

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Applications :: MPEG Files No Longer Open In QuickTime

Feb 19, 2008

Anyone else having trouble opening MPEG files in QuickTime? I was able to fine until installing Leopard. The file is not corrupt or anything. I tried several MPEG files and none of them open. I get the following message.

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Applications :: Can't Open Avi Files To QuickTime & Vlc,/divX Player?

Aug 24, 2008

how to open several avi. movie files I have downloaded onto my Mac (version 10.5). First, I tried to open them just simply on QuickTime player, but a got a 'this is not a movie file' error message, so I Google'd and found advice telling me to download VLC in order to open avi files to QuickTime player. So, I downloaded VLC and tried to open one of the files with that - except when it opened on VLC there was no video and only the audio sped up really fast (you know, where they sound like chipmunks xD) and then it stopped. So, baffled, I then tried to open it again on QuickTime, but got that error message again *

So I Google'd a bit more, and found advice telling me to download DivX Player, which should open/play avi files - so, I d/w'd it.... but alas, the files wouldn't play audio or video, it didn't seem to show up.

I've looked on the info when it's opened on VLC, and it describes the streams (not sure what these are) as having both mpga and mpgv codecs.... so do I need to download a program that can open these files? Is there a codec program I need still?

* OR, am I not using VLC player correctly?

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Applications :: How To Permanently Open Certain Video Files With A Specific App

May 19, 2009

For some reason my mac always resets my 'open with' preferences if I restart my computer.

So for instance, even if I go through the usual route of selecting a program as the default player (select file/get info/open with/change all), as soon as I restart my mac it will always revert back to the default players and not the newly selected one.

Is there a work around? A setting in OSX which im missing? Or perhaps a third party app which can handle this?

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Applications :: How To Open Docx Files In MS Word 2004 In SL

Sep 28, 2009

When docx files started floating around, I couldn't figure out how to open them in MS Word for Mac 2004. Then I found out you could download the xml converter from the MS site, and that solved the problem. However, now that I have installed Leopard and reinstalled MS Word 2004 and the requisite xml converter, for some reason, when I double click on a docx file, it does not automatically ask to convert it as it once did.

Instead, it seems to bypass/ignore the double clicked docx file and goes straight to that open document screen where you choose what type of document you want. Anyone know how to get it to automatically open the docx files up in ms word 2004 and convert with the xml converter in leopard?

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Applications :: Word Files Don't Open From File Icon?

Feb 22, 2010

Recently updated MS Office 2004 to 11.5.6. I'm running OSX 10.5.8 on a Mac Pro. Double clicking Word files or dragging them onto the Word icon no longer opens them. My best work around seems to be to open a new blank document and drag the file into that

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Applications :: Failed To Open Number Of .rar Files Correctly - Fix?

May 23, 2010

I am having a frustrating time of late with .rar files downloaded from the web. The Unarchiver has served me well for the most part. But of late it has failed to open a number of .rar files correctly. As a result I have tried both MacPAR Deluxe and UnRarX. On occasion MacPAR has done the trick, but very infrequently. The files in question have all opened correctly on a Windows machine using 7-zip so the files themselves are not the problem.

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Applications :: IWeb Wont Start After Trying To Open HTML Files

Jan 31, 2008

I tried to open a HTML file in iWeb not thinking it wouldnt open it. It said no it couldnt do it then closed. However everytime i open iWeb it now says the same thing."The Document "index.html" could not be opened" (With the iWeb icon and a big yellow "!" triangle.)Then i get a second box just the iWeb logo now "Can't open file "~/desktop/index.html."Then closes its self. Ive done two reboots. Deleted the file and still the same thing happens. Ive opened the package but cant see any preferences or anyhting to delete. Though i have deleted the iLife preferences form a folder. If i run iweb from the package contents i get a terminal window

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Applications :: How To Open Files By Default In Microsoft Word 2008

Sep 16, 2009

By default, I save all my word documents in rich text format (.rtf). After I installed Snow Leopard, these files now open by default with Text Edit.

Since I want these files to open by default in Microsoft Word 2008, I right clicked on the file, chose "other", selected "Word 2008", and then checked "always open with". However, the files still open by default in Text Edit...

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Applications :: To Disable Safari's Warning When Open Downloaded Files?

Sep 18, 2009

I guess it's a change with Snow Leopard, but now when I download a .nzb file and try to open it I get the warning message that it's 'an unknown application downloaded from the Internet' (which, of course, it is not) and I have to manually open that. A .nzb file is not an app, but an executable file (launches NZB Drop, for me). The fact is I don't think I've ever had the message fire and not want to open it. I'd prefer to just disable it all together.

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Applications :: Unable To Open Dmg Files / There Was An Error Opening This Document

Dec 4, 2009

Here is how it goes, I download the file DMG file and it opens it with DiskImageMounter and it shows up in Finder after it is done downloading, I click on the package to install it and it will never open up; the prompt "There was an error opening this document. There was a Macintosh system error(-1409)"

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Applications :: Cannot Save - Edit - Open Files In Microsoft Excel

Apr 4, 2010

I'm getting tons of issues opening, saving, and editing files in Microsoft Excel. My checkbook is basically unrecoverable. Files saved give errors that they are read only or the same name as a read only file, despite not being read only. Opening

Quote: Finance_Spreadsheet.xls cannot be accessed. The file may be read only or you may be trying to access a read-only location. Or the server the document is stored on may not be responding......

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