Windows On Mac :: Parallels Beta 6 - Stuck With Bootcamp?

May 1, 2006

I tried Beta 1 and wasn't impressed so I deleted and stuck with bootcamp.

What's the Beta 6 version like if you've tried it?

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Beta Installed To BootCamp Via VMware

Feb 9, 2009

This will outline a simple and easy method to install the windows 7 build 7000 to a boot camp partition, using only vmware fusion 2. This is novel because it can be accomplished without a superdrive and without burning a dvd.

1. Use boot camp assistant to make a windows partition.
2. Mount the windows .iso file in fusion and set the bios (F2 during virtual machine boot) to boot from the virtual dvd-drive.
3. Run the windows install
4. When windows wants to restart the first time, shutdown the virtual machine.
5. Reboot the mac and boot the windows partition, boot camp style.

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OS X :: BootCamp Beta - Making Windows Partition Larger

Mar 2, 2009

Before leopard was released I installed windows on my mbp using the BootCamp Assistant. I have since reformatted the computer and while the windows partition remains, bootcamp assistant is gone. A few questions:

1. Is there any way I can make the windows partition larger? I want to install a few new games on it
2. If not, how can I delete the windows partition straight up?
3. Once the windows partition is deleted, how can I reinstall windows without upgrading to leopard? Is there any where I can get boot camp assitant still? I still have a burned CD with the Windows Drivers along with my copy of XP w/ SP2.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing The 7 RTM (X64) Through Bootcamp 3.0 Beta From Snow Leopard?

Aug 12, 2009

I'm using the Snow Leopard Develpoer Preview, and the latest installer Image I have is 10A380, however everytime I installed the Win 7 (X64) and wanna install the Bootcamp 3.0, it just crashes after installing NV graphic driver and told me restart the computer and continue, but when I followed instruction and reinstall the Bootcamp, it just crashed again...

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Windows On Mac :: How To Run Same OS On BootCamp And Parallels

Apr 8, 2009

Not sure how accurate title is, but I need some help here, By friday would be best. I have an 80GB HDD, so I'm a little bit crammed for space. My biggest problem with space is operating systems. I use parallels to run a few OSs, 20GB worth are on the HDD. My problem is that sometimes I need to boot up in only one OS, using Boot Camp, and sometimes I just want to use parallels. Because I don't have a lot of space I can't just install them each twice, that would be half my HDD! I'm looking for a way to use the same OS to boot up in parallels or Boot Camp. Now from what I understand parallels allows you to boot up your OS located in other partitions to run next to Mac.

Am I correct? Assuming I am correct, I have another problem. I am always needing different amounts of space, so setting a permeant space for each (partitioning) doesn't fly. (I know I can just make the Boot Camp partition large then use it for my Mac as well, but that just won't do either). When you boot the Boot Camp partition up in parallels how does HDD space work? So I need to be able to adjust the partitioned space without having to erase it. Is that possible? Is there any way to boot the computer into a different OS that is on the same partition as Leopard? One last question. Is there any way to boot the computer into a different OS by using an external drive?

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Get Bootcamp To Parallels

Jul 14, 2009

If I am running xp on bootcamp, is it possible to install parallels and then just run xp I installed or do I have to install the xp all over again for parallels?

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Windows On Mac :: Getting Bootcamp Or Parallels?

Oct 9, 2009

I have been debating on gettiing either bootcamp or parallels for my Macbook Pro so I can run certain programs I have left over from my old PC. I do not know much of the difference between the two. I believe parallels can run both Mac OS X and Windows at the same time but thats about it. Also, if there is something better than either of these please mention it.

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Windows On Mac :: Gaming With Parallels And Bootcamp?

Sep 9, 2010

With some advice from this forum I've now setup vista on a bootcamp partition and have pointed parallels at this installation which all works well. When I boot into vista I have the proper Radeon driver installed and can play games fine on max settings at the highest resolution, however if I try to run a windows game from Parallels in OSX it defaults to the Parallels video driver and 640x480 resolution. Is there any way of running games at full screen/full settings from osx or will I have to reboot into windows each time?

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Windows On Mac :: To Have Both Parallels / Fusion And Bootcamp?

Nov 11, 2010

I read that for gaming, Bootcamp is the way to go, but for other general Windows use, Parallels or Fusion is the way to go.

But for me, I am planning to play games - hence Bootcamp - as well as use Parallels/Fusion for general use, namely to use Microsoft Office Onenote (an unbeatable note-taking software that needs a Mac version yesterday).

Is this even possible and how much memory will the additional parallels take (I'm planning a 40gb bootcamp partition btw on a 250gb hard drive)?

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Windows On Mac :: Move Parallels VM Over To Bootcamp?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a Santa Rosa MBP with a broken Superdrive, and I need to get Windows 7 installed on Bootcamp. I had a copy of Parallels laying around so I install W7 on that, but now I need a way to image that over to my Bootcamp partition. Is this possible? No amount of Googling is turning anything up.

Alternatively, if anyone knows other ways for me to get W7 on my laptop, that would be just as appreciated. I have tried imaging my flash drive with W7, and unfortunately I get an error on rEFIt that external hard drives are not well-supported by Apple's firmware for legacy OS booting.

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels - Should I Use My Bootcamp Partition Or Not?

Jan 8, 2011

I installed Win7 via bootcamp. The ONLY reason I need windows is to run quickbooks - and possibly microsoft office in the future. I've gotten sick of rebooting every time I need to do a simple task in quickbooks.

So I'm looking at installing Parallels 6. QUESTION - should I just simply use my bootcamp partition?

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Windows On Mac :: Setting Up Bootcamp HDD In Parallels 4?

Mar 15, 2009

the step shown below for setting up an existing boot camp partition in parallels 4 (build 4.0.3810) for Windows 7?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Install 7 RC On Parallels And Bootcamp?

May 6, 2009

I have an imac with Vista installed both on a Bootcamp partition and in Parallels.

Sorry if this sounds ridiculous but could anyone advise instructions on installing Window 7 on my imac?

I don't want to mess it up- ?

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Windows On Mac :: Using The Same XP Installation On Parallels And Bootcamp

May 8, 2009

So I installed XP on Parallells recently, but I also want to set up Bootcamp.

Is there a way i could use the same XP I installed on Parallels also for Bootcamp so I wont have to use up space installing XP again?

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Mac :: Run Bootcamp Or Parallels - Best Version Of Windows OS For Mac?

Jun 1, 2010

If I want to run bootcamp or Parallels on my Mac what is the best version of Windows to run on it?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Basics - Partitions And Parallels?

Sep 7, 2010

I want to be able to boot into both osx and win 7 and i'd also like to be able to run win7 apps from within osx. Do I need to do a boot camp installation (for dual boot), and a parrallels/fusion install (to run apps within osx) to achieve this or will one method allow me to do both? I want to create a 200gb partition for windows and want to be able to see windows files from osx.

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Windows On Mac :: Installed App In BootCamp Accessible In Parallels

Sep 15, 2010

Just installed Win 7 on MBP13 in bootcamp. I am going to install Parallels next and point the VM to bootcamp OS so I can choose. I'll likely run Parallels mostly, but may need to boot from bootcamp once in a while for native speed. If I install the aps in the bootcamp OS, can the VM in Parallels access them? Or do I have to install them again in the VM?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Vs Parallels / VMWare - How It Works

Apr 13, 2009

I have an iMac 24" 2.8ghz, 4gb ram, mid 2008. I have a couple of programs that only work under Windows, plus my wife doesn't want to learn Mac (sigh). I've been reading the threads (via mroogle) and looking at the documentation available from both Parallels and VM Ware and I'd like to know if I my understanding of how it works is correct. For Bootcamp, you partition your HD to create a bootcamp partition and OSx puts in drivers that allows you to install/boot windows in that partition and then you simply boot from that partition. This seems to be the closest to a genuine Windows environment. Right?

For Parallels/VM Ware, you install the application and then it runs in an OSx window and you create a virtual machine which installs windows and then it runs under OSx. Then you don't need windows drivers since Parallels/VM supplies the drivers as part of its own code. The virtual machine (64 gb or so) becomes your "hard disk" (I think) and OSx doesn't see the file system from other applications. Parallels/VM emulates the PC bios more or less? So I would need an OEM copy of Windows XP plus the service pack and also VM Ware or Parallels if I choose that route.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Load Bootcamp Partition With Parallels

Jul 3, 2009

how to load your bootcamp partition with Parallels.

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Access To Files / Bootcamp Or Parallels?

Aug 5, 2009

I have MBP running 10.5.7 2.4 with 4 gigs of ram and I need to run Windows. I would like to run it stand alone to use all my available resources, as I will be running PS AE 3DsMax ect..., but the kicker is I would need access to my Mac files.

I read that "bootcamp" installs will not allow access to Mac files and folders while in PC and vise versa... true? Parallels will but then Im not taking advantage of all my hardware resources running windows this way... Do suggest run a "bootcamp" install and use a removable for storage of all files so I can go back and forth with them if need be? I have files on my mac right now I will need to open and have access to inside of Windows programs.

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Applications :: Can't Work With Windows / Parallels Vs Bootcamp?

Sep 4, 2009

Which do you prefer and why? I am going to be running one on the imac I am about to buy. I don't wanna fool with heavy burning on my MacBook, but I will get down to it on iMac. I have pretty much given up on finding a good decryption program for mac.. many headaches later I have decided to run something so I can use my windows programs to back up my dvd's.

When I put windows on mac, in theory I open it up to the same crap windows has viruses/spy-adware etc. What do you use to keep your mac safe and sound when running windows?

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Windows On Mac :: Quickbooks - BootCamp / Parallels Or VMWare?

Dec 27, 2009

I'm gonna give my mom my 13" Unibody Aluminum MacBook 2.0GHz with 2GB RAM and a 160GB HDD. She needs to run the Windows version of Quickbooks and I'm wondering whether to set her up in BootCamp, Parallels, or VMWare. She doesn't necessarily need to virtual machine and she probably won't use more than 20 GB, but what are your thoughts?

1) BootCamp?
2) Parallels?
3) VMWare?

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Windows On Mac :: Installed Parallels 5 - Where Did Bootcamp Icon Go

Jan 16, 2010

Do I need two installs of Windows?

I thought I had a Bootcamp icon in my system's preferences after installing XP properly, however after spending some time getting P5 to run I suddenly don't have that icon.

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels - Run BootCamp Partition Or Install Win Through VM?

Apr 4, 2010

Would I get better performance if I ran my BootCamp partition through Parallels, or would I get optimal performance if I installed Windows inside Parallels, i.e. Virtual Machine (correct me if I'm wrong on the terminology)?

(I know that for the BEST performance I should use just BootCamp, but let's say if I didn't want to switch to BootCamp and wanted to access Windows through Parallels.)

One thing I've noticed while running BootCamp partition on Parallels is that if it hung and I wanted to force quit the app, it would warn me that I'd better quit the app by pressing the "Stop" button in Parallels so to avoid possibly corrupting the BootCamp partition and whatnot.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Run Vmware/Parallels Using Bootcamp Partition

Jul 2, 2010

Im thinking about getting Vmware or Parallels using it as a virtual PC to access my Bootcamp partition.

I'm just wondering if this is even possible (im new to virtual pcs).

If it does work, will i be able to access bootcamp directly from booting it natively?

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IMac :: Installing Windows On Bootcamp And Parallels?

Aug 3, 2010

I just bought Windows 7. Can I install on both bootcamp and parallel or can I only pick one or the other since i only have one license?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Versus Parallels 5 On 13"

Aug 5, 2010

Currently, I installed windows xp via Bootcamp and it's having no issues. However, I also have parallels 5 and windows 7 so i was wondering if I should delete the bootcamp partition and install win7 via parallels instead?

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Windows On Mac :: Running Parallels And Using BootCamp Partition

Aug 17, 2010

I have installed Windows 7 using bootcamp with no problems. I now want to use parallel so I can do some things in windows without restarting. I don't want to get rid of the bootcamp install though since I do gaming through it. Now that I've installed Parallel it's asking if I want to use the bootcamp partition in the virtual machine? Do I? I don't really understand.

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Intel Mac :: Migrate Windows 7 From Parallels To Bootcamp?

Jun 25, 2012

I would like to migrate windows7 Professional 32 bits from my existing Parallels desktop 7 VM for Mac where i have already installed Windows 7 and all my applications (of course, to avoid re-installing all applications, including license issues) to Bootcamp on my iMac 27" Quad-Core Intel Core i7 (2012)

Info:iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), iOS 5.1.1

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Windows On Mac :: Writing To NTFS Via Bootcamp Or Parallels - VMware

Nov 11, 2010

I am considering getting my first mac (MBA) but I have an external hdd with NTFS format. I've read that OSX can read files from NTFS but cannot write to it. What if I run Parallels/VMware using the bootcamp partition? Can I then write files to the external hdd?

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