Windows On Mac :: Formatting 2TB Internal Data Drive For Both?

Sep 15, 2010

just received my brand new iMac 27" i7 today (2.93Ghz /2TB HDD + 256GB SSD/12GB RAM (4GB stock, although I upgraded 8GB more)) and I couldn't be happier. It's absolutely wonderful although it really burnt my wallet! I have managed to successfully install Windows XP via Boot Camp and have both Mac OSX & Windows running natively. I am very suprised that XP can see all the hard drives available within the mac itself even though they are HFS although I assume I cannot write onto them.

I believe I am at the stage where I would like to partition the 2TB HDD as discussed previously in my previous questions on this board. I would like 1TB for mac data storage (Mac OS extended) but I would like the other 1TB for Windows data storage (NTFS), however, this does not seem possible in the disk utility There is, however, an option for 'free space' or ExFat (FAT 32). Would I be right in saying I could format the hard drive as 2 partitions, partition 1 being Mac OS Extended and the 2nd Partition as free space or ExFat via Disk Utility. Once that is complete, I boot up XP and right click on the 2nd Parition which is ExFAT or Free Space and reformat the partition as NTFS? Does that work and make sense or is that stupidity?

(also on a side note, completely off topic, does anyone know how to get the magic mouse working in XP? I've got the keyboard (wired) working fine, however, the mouse doesn't seem to commicate. I've followed the tutorial/guides of adding the bluetooth mouse but when I tick the box "keyboard, mouse and misc functions (HID)" it states "access denied". I've tried several times and the device that i've just added disappears?

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Mac Pro :: Transferring External USB Drive Into An Internal Possible Without Formatting?

Apr 21, 2008

I have an external external 500gb Seagate hard drive, that works fine as a USB external but I wanted to put it inside my MacPro, is this possible without any need to format, just plug and play?

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OS X :: Data Recovery / Formatting Win NTFS Drive

Oct 21, 2009

i have a hard drive that began as a formatted win NTFS drive, which i formatted with hfs a couple of times to do some hackintosh experimenting. apparently i missed one of the document folders that were important to me when i did the backup to a bigger drive of the windows files. i am looking into data recovery software but i don't know much about it. the format has changed, and it has been formatted a couple of times. is it still possbile to use data recovery software and are there any recommendations? if anyone feels i have a better chance getting this answered in a different part of the forum, let me know.

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OS X :: Time Machine To Backup Data Without Formatting External Hard Drive

Jun 26, 2009

Can I use time machine to back up my data without formatting the external hard drive .. If not please let me know if there is a way to back up to hard drive without using time machine.. Thank you

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Hardware :: Format External Hard Drive To FAT32 / Formatting Without Erasing Data?

Jan 19, 2008

I have an external hard drive that I was previously using on PC, having attempted to use it on a Mac, it will not write to it. I've found that I have to format to FAT32, which I think i can just about manage (yes, im a girl) but my concern is, if i format through the MAC, will i then lose what's on the hard disk as the tab says 'erase'? I have a lot of images on the hard disk so am a little petrified! Any advice for this really basic question would be appreciated!

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Intel Mac :: How To Transfer All Data From Old Internal Hard Drive To A New Internal Hard Drive?

Feb 10, 2012

How do I transfer all data from my old internal hard drive to a new internal hard drive? I have an iMac with a 320gb internal HD that is full and I am replacing it with a 2tb internal drive. I have several external drives; 1 tb, 2tb and 3 tb. The 2 tb is being used for Time Machine. Do I have to buy an enclosure? If so, where would I get an inexpensive one? I also want to partition the new internal drive for Windows, and I'm not sure how much space to use for that. I plan to use Windows to check my work in PowerPoint created on my Mac for clients on PCs.

iPod shuffle, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: Transferring Data From Internal Drive To Other In G5

Oct 17, 2010

I just put a second HD in my G5 and want to transfer all the applications, data, etc to the new drive to use as my main one. Can I use Migration Assistant, or do I need to do something else?

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Windows On Mac :: Formatting Second Hard Drive For Win7

Sep 14, 2010

I have a new iMac 27, which I'm running primarily as a Windows machine. Using Bootcamp, I sectioned off 150GB of the 256GB SSD for Windows and installed W7 on it (the rest I leave for OS X, in case Windows fails, or upgrades become available). I've installed programs on the Windows drive, transferred my emails, etc. Now I still have to do something with the 1T hard drive, which I've decided not to partition, and to use exclusively in Windows mode. Two questions:

1. Please talk me through the process of formatting the 1T drive, as if I were a child!
2. I will use this drive mostly for large data files, but perhaps also for less important programs. Installations seem to happen more or less automatically when you insert a disc - how would I direct a program in the normal course of an automatic installation towards this second larger hard drive, AND is there any way (simply) to have programs running on the SSD with associated data files sitting on the other drive (e.g. with iTunes)?

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Hardware :: Formatting Hard Drive From Mac To Windows?

Jul 12, 2010

i just formatted a hard drive using apple's software but i changed my mind.. now, i tried putting it inside an enclosure and connected it to my windows laptop, but it's not detected,. the enclosure is detected, but the hard drive isn't.. i would like to use this for both my mac and windows.. can any1 tell me how i format my hard drive so that it can be recognized by both mac and windows?

i have a external enclosure, and the hard drive is 300gb.

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MacBook Pro :: Formatting External Hard Drive For Apple And Windows

May 16, 2012

Ive recently purchased a new external hard drive. I plan to use it on both Apple and Windows OS. 

I was told that if I do, then i could corrupt the files/data that I will be accessing on both computers. 

Is there a "universal" format for an external drive which would prevent/avoid this kind of thing happening ? How should i format it or which format should i use so that i can use the drive both OS ?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X :: Formatting Extra Internal Hdd?

Oct 6, 2009

I'm running a Dual 2.5 Ghz Power PC G5 with OS X 10.4.9.

This morning I tried to install a second internal hard drive, that will not be a startup disk. Its going to be used as a scratch disk for video and photo work. The drive is: WD Caviar Black SATA.

After installing the drive into the lower drive bay, I turned the computer back on and it said it couldn't recognize it. I clicked "intialize..." And now I'm in disk utility not really sure what to do. I have the DVD for OS 10.5.6. Apparently I need to format the disk? I don't really know what that entails. I'm not really prepared to update my startup disks OS. Can I still format the secondary drive with the newer software? How does one "format" a disk anyway?

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OS X :: Formatting Internal Hdd As A Start Up Disc?

Dec 16, 2009

I got an eMac with failed hard drive which I am about to replace. The problem is that all hard drives available out there need to be formatted first for Mac. So the question is how can I format new internal hard drive in the computer, which is going to be used as a start up disc the same time? Is that can be done? Or do I have to mount it as a external one and format it that way (that will required me to buy ATA connector which I try to avoid.?

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OS X :: Formatting Internal HDD On Snow Leopard?

May 21, 2010

I noticed this morning my internal 1TB HDD I use for my Time Machine backups had disappeared from Finder, tried formatting/First Aid and I get the following error


Originally Posted by Disk Utility

Disk Erase failed with the error:

POSIX reports: The operation couldn�t be completed. Cannot allocate memory

Tried the fixes on MacFixIt but I get the following errors in Terminal


Originally Posted by Terminal

Started erase on disk1

Unmounting disk


newfs_hfs: write (sector 0): Cannot allocate memory

Mounting disk

Could not mount disk1 with name (null) after erase

Error: -9944: File system formatter failed

Mark-Nicholsons-Mac-Pro:~ markleshark$



Originally Posted by Terminal

fdisk: /dev/disk1: Permission denied

Any ideas? Could really do without the drive being cooked.

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OS X :: Formatting And Zeroing Out Data?

Jul 27, 2009

just a lil information needed here. It seems to me that everytime i format and zero out my external harddrive the time needed to zero it out gets longer andd longer, the first time took roughly 3 hours, then it jumped to 5 and now its at 7 hours. is this normal??? why is this happening am i damaging the drive by zeroing it out?

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Mac :: Bootcamp And Windows - Add Another Internal Drive In My Mac Pro?

Nov 11, 2010

if I add another internal drive in my Mac Pro can I assume I can install Bootcamp upon itand then run PC based games and stuff.Do I have have to install Winblows to be able to do this ?Not having been involved in this before, is there an idiots guide for setting all this up anywhere ?

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MacBook Pro :: Recovering Data After Formatting

Jun 21, 2014

I lost a hard drive with important personal data on a trip overseas. There is no way of getting that hard drive back. However I have an MacBook Pro which once had that same data stored. "Once" because I've reformatted it and installed OSX. I know this is a very tall order to recover data, but is there any computer forensics tricks or any way to get get that data back?

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Windows On Mac :: Giving Crackling Sound / Using Blu-ray And Internal Dvd Drive

Nov 12, 2008

I have a blu-ray drive that I connected to my macbook pro under vista buisness using boot camp. I put in a blu-ray movie and a regular dvd and they both give me a crackling sound about once or twice every minute that is pretty annoying whenever I try to play a movie under cyberlink dvd. This happens when I use the external blu-ray drive (with a dvd and blu-ray) and the interal dvd drive (with a dvd) I'm watching a movie in (URL) right now and I occasionally hear a very small crackle, but no where near as bad as with cyberlink.

I'm not sure if this is a cyberlink problem or an audio problem under boot camp.

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Mac Pro :: Install Windows On Blank Internal Drive WITHOUT Using Bootcamp?

Feb 16, 2009

My bootable drive is a JBOD (concatenated array) of two internal disks. Therefore I cannot use Bootcamp. I have placed a third blank drive in the third hard drive bay. I have my download of the Windows 7 beta, which I burned to a bootable disk using Disk Utility (.cdr file). Now, might any of you in the audience be able to inform me of what I should do to get the Windows OS from the bootable disk onto the completely blank internal drive?

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MacBook Pro :: Are Risks Involved With Partitioning Internal Hard Drive And Running Windows

Dec 6, 2014

I am thinking about partitioning my internal hard drive with Bootcamp and then installing Windows so that I can run some software that requires Windows (ARCGIS is the particular software). my Mac runs smoothly and I want to keep it that way.  I am afraid that if I partition and install Windows.Are there any such risks to partitioning internal hard drive and installing Windows? 

MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10)

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Windows On Mac :: Get Back Lost Data/lost All Hard Drive Partitions After Windows Update?

Jun 26, 2010

I just booted into Windows and saw that there were some Windows Updates available and it asked me to reboot the computer however it failed to boot into Windows. So I restarted and tried to boot into OS X instead, but that didn't work either.

So I put in the OS X install DVD and checked out Disk Utility. Turned out that all my partitions where screwed up. There were 3 partitions listed as Windows_ldm, with incorrect sizes (I had 4 partitions before).

Long story short: I'm now reinstalling OS X and I lost everything I had on the drive, I think. I'll try some restore software once I've gotten OS X installed.

A little pissed right now... How the heck can Windows F up the entire drive?

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Hardware :: How To Transfter Data From My Windows Hard Drive To Mac?

Mar 30, 2009

Mac newbie here (recent convert) After my old Windows computer died a horrible death (motherboard), I've decided to give this Mac thing that I've been hearing so much about a shot, so I got myself a Macbook. Been loving it ever since!!!The only problem is: I can't find a way to transfer data from my old Windows hard drives. I got a Universal SATA+PATA IDE HDD Hard Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter, but it doesn't seem to work - when I connect my hard drives to it, Mac doesn't see it as external device.I thought this was an issue with a filesystem being incompatible, so I installed Parallel Desktop, and tried connecting them to Windows virtual machine - same result.

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Windows On Mac :: MBP I5 17" Clean Install Windows 7 After Formatting Disk

Sep 4, 2010

I want to clean install windows 7 after formatting disk. This doesn't sound like a great idea, but I need this for couple of engineering softwares to work. I don't want to spend my nights in computer cluster or at friends pc...

I have heard, I will encounter following issues:
- battery will drain faster
- graphics driver for x64-bit version
- camera
- iPhone backups and syncs (music, video, cal, contacts and apps)
- I would need a external mouse for right click.

I can live with all of the above problems except graphics card drivers. Can anyone provide feedback or useful links they have refered to installing Windows 7?

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Windows On Mac :: Install Xp Sp1 By Formatting Partition To Windows Instead Of Bootcamp?

Feb 22, 2009

you cant use a windows xp sp1 disk to install windows xp onto your mac using bootcamp.What i wanted to know is if i partition my HD then format it to a recognizable format for windows installation disks, would i be able to install windows xp sp1 that way?or would the same principle apply as bootcamp and sp1 versions of xp are incapable of being installed on macs?

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OS X :: Convert Mac System Drive To Regular Media Drive - Without Formatting?

Jan 8, 2011

I have a Mac OS X install on a hard drive which I've removed from my system due to installing a new SSD with a brand new install of OS X. I'd like to use the old 500GB drive as a storage/backup drive, but the file system/all my data is still intact on the drive. This could be useful as I want to keep all my data and would save me having to copy across to another drive, format the entire disk and then copy it all back.

I'm just a bit worried about what to do with the system files that were on there... can I just move all the files I want to keep out of the usual Mac home folders and then just delete all the system folders as if they were never there? Or do I have to re-format/re-partition to get the most out of the 'new' media drive?

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Power Mac G5 :: Want To Use Second Internal HD As An Internal Back Up Drive?

Nov 10, 2007

I want to keep my applications etc on one internal HD and use my second internal HD as a back up.I am a graphic designer, and i have been backing up to an external LACIE Porche 160 Gig firewire HD. This has worked fine, but...My second internal HD (112 gig?) is still loaded with 10.3 and has adobe CS2 on it along with some other crap that I no longer need.I have loaded Adobe CS3 on my primary drive and have all the files I need on that one...What is the best way to set up my second HD as a "slave" drive to improve the performance of my G5 dual 2 Ghz??Will there be any issues now that I loaded Leopard on the primary HD?

Power PC G5 Tower 2 Ghz dual processor (2004?) with two internal hard drives
Mac OS X (10.5)

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MacBook Pro :: Transfer Data From Old Internal HD To New HD?

Nov 26, 2009

I'm going to buy a new internal HD (Scorpio Blue 500GB) for my Macbook Pro.

My question is how to take everything I have on my old HD and put it on my new HD.

From searching I've seen people talk about SuperDuper. Exactly how would I use it?

Also I've seen some mention using Time Machine. If I use that way, do I put in my new HD first, then install Leopard, then go to Time Machine and put everything back onto my new HD?

I want to make sure I know what I'm doing so when I get it, I know which method I will use.

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OS X :: Make External HD (with Lots Of Data) An Internal HD

Oct 15, 2009

I bought a Penryn Mac 13" last year, messed up logic board this summer with liquid damage but the HD with leopard 10.5.7 is still good. So I made the HD external by putting in an enclosure with all my music/software (I DJ). I bought a used MAc yesterday with Snow Leopard installed 10.6.1. This Mac recognizes my old external drive when plugged as a USB. BUt when I try and put that old HD in this computer, it does not recognize that HD. It displays a folder icon with a question in the centre of it. I don't want to DJ using my external drive all the time, I would like to use it internally so not worrying if the plug accidentally comes out.

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OS X :: Formatting A Usb Drive

Mar 24, 2010

I am having the biggest trouble with a usb drive.

A while ago i needed to format a usb drive to have a bootable linux image on it because a server at work didnt have a optical drive. So i had a big fight with my usb drive to make it bootable and at the end it all worked fine.

Anyway now i need the usb drive and i cant write to it because its read only and diskutil doesnt let me do anything to it...

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Hardware :: Formatting LaCie HDD Mac/Windows XP Partition?

Apr 16, 2008

I just got my LaCie 1TB external HDD and I need to split it into two partitions, I need one to be Mac OS X, and one compatible with Windows XP, I assume that'll be Fat32 or NTFS.

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OS X :: Formatting A Drive To NTSF?

Nov 3, 2010

I know Macs don't play nice with NTSF drive and I don't need to do anything with it, other then to plug in a new 1.5TB drive I have and convert it into NTSF so I can plug it into my server.

Anyway I can format it because Disk Utility only gives you Fat32

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