Windows On Mac :: Cannot Run EXE Files In Win7 Platform

Aug 19, 2009

I'm running Win7 x64 RTM, but I had this problem back when I had Vista too. Macdrive reads and writes to my Mac partition just fine, but for some reason I can't run .exe files that are stored there. Windows gives me some crap about 'windows cannot access *file path here*'. Back when I used XP this wasn't a problem, but for some reason Vista and 7 don't want to run .exe's on my mac partition. For now I've been forced to copy the .exe's from their storage on my Mac drive and paste them to my Windows partition before being able to run them.

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Windows On Mac :: Cannot See External HD On Win7 Platform

Sep 20, 2009

I installed Windows 7 with my snow leopard bootcamp on my MBP yesterday and all seems to be running fine and dandy except when Im in windows, I plug in my external hard drive which is formatted to a mac and it makes the noise to show its been plugged in but nothing shows up. I have installed MacDrive on there so I can read HFS formatted disks but the drive just doesnt appear anywhere. I have plugged the same drive into my dell laptop with windows 7 and it appears on there so its not the drive (plus it shows up fine on the mac under SL anyway).

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Windows On Mac :: Playing Music On Win7 Platform

Apr 6, 2010

I just recently installed Windows 7 via bootcamp and I was just wondering if there is a way I can play my music files that are stored on my Mac partition while I'm on windows. I do have MacDrive installed but I still can't seem to play anything.

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MacBook :: Cannot Detect WiFi Network On Win7 Platform

Feb 24, 2010

I just installed windows 7 ultimate on my macbook via bootcamp. I installed all the drivers and everything seems to work perfect besides one thing; I can't connect to the internet with my WiFi. My iPhone has WiFi signal, and if I go back to the mac OS X side, my WiFi has signal. When I'm on windows 7 it doesn't even detect any wireless networks (I have quite a few around the house too.)

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 32 Bit Files Not Loading On MP

Dec 22, 2009

I installed another hard drive. Went to set up Windows 7 through boot camp. Partitioned the new drive (split the partition evenly). Go to install window through the boot camp installer, no problems at the beginning. It loads all the file then tells me its going through a series of restarts on the computer. Well here is the problem. It keeps giving me the options of running in safe mode, safe mode via network and starting up in normal mode. Every time I start in normal mode it gives me an error saying that the computer did not shut down properly. When I try to start in any of the safe modes it tells me that the files cannot load in this mode. I have been trying to load Windows 7 32 bit.

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Installation - Hangs On Expanding Files

Dec 4, 2010

I can't get Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit or 32bit) to install on my mid 2010 MBP 2.4 Core2Duo 4Gb Ram 250gb hdd). I created a 40gb partition successfully, but I only have A DVD of Windows 7 Upgrade. I have an ISO (legally obtained) of the full version. When I try to install from the upgrade disc with custom installation, not upgrade, I get to "Expanding Windows Files" and then it hangs at 0% forever. I have a 320gb external hard drive. I have already restored my computer with Time Machine today. Still, no luck.

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Installation Error - Files Corrupt

Jun 16, 2009

Windows 7 install was at 29% for ages on extracting files so I moved the laptop beside me so I could keep an eye on it. As soon as I set it down I got an error message saying files were corrupt? (I was fairly gentle). (I haven't tried again yet as my macbook is only a day old and I want to mess around with it).

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IMac :: Recent Windows To MAC Platform?

Aug 2, 2010

My Win XP box blew last week and we're looking for a computer replacement. Was thinking of iMac higher end i3 21.5" model (due to physical space limitations). This desktop will be used for typical home computer tasks (re: email, internet, minor photos, minor video, minor music, minor web caming, etc. etc.). NO Games - kids have gamining machines for that. If wondering, we have a Windows HP Laptop as well. We use it for portability. Thus, Windows Only applications (like Tax Program) will be used on it. 95% of the time, this desktop is used by my kids - age 9 - 17. Wife does email on it.

For the folks who recently switched from Windows to Apple (re: iMac or MBP), would you do it again?

Note: I've had my fill of Window/Apple comparisons (re Chev vs BMW comparisons). I'm also an MCSE - so I know the Windows platforms better then many. Just want to know if the you'd pick the iMac/MBP platform again?

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Windows On Mac :: Mouse Pad Too Sensitive On Vista Platform

Aug 4, 2009

I have MacBook Pro 13 and I installed lately windows vista ultimate 32bit with bootcamp 2.1, the issue is the mouse pad is too sensitive and fast, even if I move my finger to drag again on the pad it takes it as a double click!

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Windows On Mac :: Sharing Music Folder In Win 7 And OS X Platform

Nov 2, 2009

I installed Windows 7 using bootcamp and now I want music on both my windows and mac OS's. Now I don't want to have two different music folders, I want both OS's to share the same one. So I linked my windows itunes library folder to my Macintosh HD drive and located my user account, then my music folder. It added all the music files and I can play them, and I don't know yet when I add files if it will add them to both the library's. So I was just wondering if this is safe or something? Since they both have different filesystems FAT and NTFS.

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Windows On Mac :: Backlit Keyboard Not Working On XP Platform

Jul 4, 2010

After installing window on macbook pro, my backlit keyboard does not work.

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Windows On Mac :: No Wireless Internet Connection On Vista Platform?

Feb 22, 2009

Running Vista on my mac, when I switch to windows it cannot pick up a wireless card.

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Hardware :: Any Way To Share Keyboard / Mouse On Windows And Mac Platform?

Jun 16, 2010

I have to use Windows 7 and My Mac Pro Desk top. Is there a way where I can use one keyboard rather than switching between keyboards and mouse?

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Windows On Mac :: Reformating Pre-existing Win7 Bootcamp Partition And Reinstall Windows 7

Oct 12, 2010

i'm using macosx 10.6.4 and bootcamp assistant 3.1

now here is the problem my windows 7 is infected with virus (thats why windows suck big time) and i need to reformat my windows 7 and reinstall a new windows 7.

how am i supposed to do it? insert the installation disk and do like how we initially installed windows 7? just format the partition and reinstall again? i just want to make sure so i ask before doing anything.

or can i do this? i use winclone to restore? any1 have any idea? i'm new to all this i dont know how to do it. i have backup using winclone but how do i do it? do i still need to format then only use winclone?

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Installation Without CD

Dec 22, 2010

I currently have a MacBook Pro and I am trying to put Windows OS on it using the Boot Camp option. I can download Windows 7 using my university's website, but all instructions for installing Windows using Boot Camp require using a CD. Is it possible to do it with it downloaded on the desktop, or do I need to put it on a CD/DVD somehow and then use that? I'm not sure if I can put it on a CD (with the stipulations of the University share program).

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Windows On Mac :: What So Special About Win7

Jan 24, 2009

What's so special about Windows 7? I hear a lot of people saying really good things about it and some even go as far to say its better than OS X. Now, I haven't actually used it, but the new taskbar just seems like its a blown up version of quick launch. You see pictures of what windows you have open instead of words. Big deal. I have to admit the whole dragging windows to the edge of the screen thing is sort of cool. But just that won't make most people upgrade. Its nice that it's not supposed to throw stupid security messages at your face all day, though. What's the huge difference between Vista and 7?

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Windows On Mac :: Download Win7 32 Or 64 Bit For MBP

May 5, 2009

Well the rc1 for windows 7 was released today and I want to try it out on my Macbook Pro. Question is there's 2 versions I either download the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version. Which version do I need on my MacBook Pro?

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Windows On Mac :: Trying To Download Win7 From MS

May 18, 2009

I am trying to download Windows 7 but it just sits at that loading screen and won't go past.

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Windows On Mac :: How Does Get Feedback From Their Win7 RC?

Jun 7, 2009

Is RC reporting back to M$ about problems, errors, etc?

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Windows On Mac :: Any Need For Win7 64-bit In Parallels VM?

Sep 17, 2009

If I'm installing Win7 in a Parallels VM, is there really any reason to go with 64-bit? Is there any reason not to go with 64-bit if I'm using it in this manner?

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Windows On Mac :: Customizing Win7 To Be More Like OS X

Feb 16, 2010

Having just installed a fresh copy of Win7 (again) and getting a real good look at it, I find the file management to be utterly appalling compared to OSX. The control panel is a big mess with everything ordered hapazardly (why couldn't MS borrow from Apple's system preferences??). The Explorer is a joke. I want my directory hierarchies to expand in columnar format like it does in the finder. Also, when I drag files from one explorer window to another explorer window, the target explorer window should get the primary focus when I hover over it but it doesn't. I have to actually alt-tab my way to do that (in the non-sensical way Win7 does it). Start Menu and task bar just doesn't compare to the dock. Does anyone know of any enhancements to Win7 that can mimmick the behavior of OSX's finder, add a dock and any other important refinements to this rather bloated and badly designed OS?

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Windows On Mac :: Getting MBP To Solely Run Win7?

Apr 12, 2010

I am leaning towards getting a 13" MBP when they come out (hopefully this tuesday) with the plan to solely (or mostly) run windows 7. I understand that there have been a number of issues in the past including keyboard backlight constantly on, sensitive trackpad, battery life issues, etc. It seems that a lot of these issues have been resolved via driver updates--is this the case? Has the trackpad issue been resolved? Overall, would you recommend getting a MBP to run windows?

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Windows On Mac :: 32-bit Versus 64-bit Win7 For MBP

May 22, 2010

I bought Windows 7 today (Premium version) and it came with both a 32-bit disc and a 64-bit disc. I'm just wondering if there are any real significant advantages to using the 64-bit version. The specs of my MBP are in my sig.

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 On Bootcamp Not Seeing USB HD

Jul 20, 2010

I just installed Windows 7 on my bootcamp partition. I have a macbook pro intel. Everything is loading fine, i ran the windows 7 update and all things are up to date. I now need to load my bootcamp drivers. I restored my Snow Leopard image file onto a portable HD. Double checked in osx and everything loaded fine.

Now, my problem is.. from Windows 7, when I plug in my usb hd, it does not load. Is there a reason why windows does not recognize the usb hd as a bootable install disc? When I am back in OSX and plug in the drive, it loads just fine. Anyone know if there is something I can do to get windows to boot the usb drive? The last resort I want to do is burn the image file to dvd.

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Windows On Mac :: Will Win7 64-bit Work With BootCamp Or 32-bit?

Aug 26, 2010

I want to install bootcamp with using Win 7 but I have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Am I able to use 64 bit without problem or do I need to stay with the 32 bit version? I am using a iMac (early 2009 model) with 8 GB ram and ATI 4850 HD video 512 MB ram.

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Install BootCamp On Win7 64-bit

Sep 16, 2010

Is it possible to install Boot Camp 3.0 or higher on Windows 7 64-bit when dual booting with Leopard? What I've been reading suggests I need the Snow Leopard disc for Boot Camp 3.0+ and Windows 7 compatibility, but I only have the Leopard OEM disc.

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Windows On Mac :: USB Mouse Not Working With OS X And Win7

Sep 26, 2010

I successfully installed Win7x64 on my 13" MBP. I got the drivers installed and everything updated. My USB mouse stopped working both in OSX and Win7. Anyone got any ideas? I researched online and I am running the latest bootcamp with the latest drivers. It's strange because prior to installing win7, my USB mouse was working fine on OSX. It's not the port. I tried sticking in a external hdd in both slots and both slots function.

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Windows On Mac :: SolidWorks XP To Win7 Slowdown?

Oct 7, 2010

For the last several months I've been running SolidWorks 2010 on a new MacBook Pro (Core i5 M 520 @ 2.40GHz) dual booting into XP. It's been running fine and outperforming my couple year old Dell Xeon Workstation by a few percent when benchmarked using Anna Wood's CPU intensive punch holder, averaging about 88. I decided to upgrade to Win 7, which I've been very happy with on the desktop and showed consistant performance with XP. However, I was very disappointed and confused to find that the Win 7 on the MacBook slowed down to 112 for the 32 bit install and 126 for x64. Test were run with consistant settings and on AC power. 've fiddled with the Windows settings to maximize performance. The windows experience scores, for whatever that's worth, are higher than the desktop. I'm a bit confused as to what's going on. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Win7 Via USB Drive

Dec 2, 2010

I've used my Windows 7 machine to make a USB bootable (command prompt, etc) using these instructions. [URL]. And I've copied all of the Win7 files off of the installation DVD on to the jumpdrive. I've prepared my Mac for installation by installed rEFIt and all the other instructions on the following tutorial: [URL]. So when I have my USB drive plugged in to my MBP and I start it up, holding down option to bring up rEFIt, the USB drive doesn't show up to begin installation.

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Windows On Mac :: Booting 64-bit Vista / Win7 On MBP

Jan 10, 2009

seem to have a problem booting from my install DVDs of either Vista or Win 7 64-but editions on my MBP (santa rosa era I believe). Basically when I attempt to boot instead of getting the usual 'Press any key to boot from DVD' message, I get a menu appears like the following....

Please select CD-ROM boot type:_

And it just sticks on there, keyboard doesn't respond at all and probably wouldn't do anything useful anyway since both options are completely blank so I have no idea what it is asking me to do. My Vista disc is a genuine original, my Win 7 disc is burned from the latest MS Public Beta, both do exactly the same thing.

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