Software :: Smart Card Reader Not Showing Correct Certificates

Jan 25, 2009

Running 10.5.6 with an SCR331, G4 desktop. I have been using entourage, smart card reader, and CAC successfully for quite some time.

My CAC was recently updated with new certificates to transfer my email to When I insert my card reader with CAC into my machine, the keychain (and Entourage) show the old certificates (with the account) which aren't even on my CAC anymore. Obviously I can't get Entourage (or other websites) to work without being able to access the new certs.

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OS X :: Installing And Using Smart Card Reader?

Nov 5, 2008

Has someone tried to install a smart card reader GemPC Twin in Mac Os X Leopard ?

How to use it ?

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Install A Smart Card Reader

Jul 1, 2014

I am trying to install a smart card reader for work.  There are no prompts when connecting via USB or anything else. 

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MacBook Pro :: My Logik Card Reader Isn't Showing Up On My Desktop

Apr 25, 2012

I have a Olympus memory card for my camera (MS card) and cannot fit it into the memory card slot of my MacBook Pro. I have used a Logik card reader (which is compatable with Mac) and connected it into a USB port. My reader has a green light to say it is connected but I cannot find it anyway on my finder or desktop. Does anyone have any ideas where to find the card reader on my Mac?


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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Addressbook Smart Group Selection Not Correct?

Apr 20, 2012

A simple matching condition for a smart: Card is not member of group xy doesn't work: Some members of the excluded group are still shown. I found this error in a posting as early as 2008 , but still no fix for it. 

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Correct Version Of Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Feb 10, 2009

I just bought a 24 inch iMac (2008 version) and love it but still figting my PC habits.Sure this is a dumb question - I searched but could not findI am running latest MAC OS X version. I go to Adobe reader website to download but OS X is not an option. Do I simply use the MAC OS version or one of the other options?

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MacBook Air :: It Won't Recognize Class 10 SD Card From Card Reader Or From Nikon D5100

Mar 2, 2012

I simply can't take any of my pictures off of my SD card. I've tried using the USB cable that came with the camera itself, as well as a USB card reader. iPhoto, and the laptop itself does not recognize the card, or that there is any device mounted at all. I've also tried checking "External Disks" in Finder Preferences, didn't seem to work.

Info:MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Black Nuts

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OS X :: IMac Card Reader Corrupts SD Card

Dec 4, 2010

I've had a pleasant experience with my imac so far, and it read my SD card fine at first. For some reason I put my SD in the SD card reader and copied the pictures from it. I take it out and put it back in my camera. "The SD card cannot be formatted. It may be defective." Really? I put it back in my iMac. It doesn't mount. I check Finder and Disk Utility. Ya, it's nowhere. I put my other SD card in my iMac. Same issue. Now my camera won't read that one either. I put them in my sister's $300 netbook running Windows 7 Starter. Funny! It reads them! However, my camera still doesn't and my imac still doesn't. I try formatting them. No go. I've tried every format I can. They are just dead. Useless. My sister's computer can read them, and even format them, but something in that stupid iMac made my SD cards defective. I can buy new ones, but should I have to? I can't even see if they'll work through the camera while connected via USB because the camera won't even read them. I bought a Mac to avoid ridiculous problems like this. Was I wrong? Is it just a ticking time bomb like every other computer on the market? Should I immediately go buy a backup drive? If it's doing crazy stuff like this out of the blue, how can I trust it not to randomly crash? I think I overestimated Apple's competence. This should never happen. It actually made my SD cards defective.

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PowerPC :: Battery Not Showing Correct Charge?

Aug 3, 2007

I have a 1.33Ghz 12" powerbook and recently it has started to just shut off when the battery is saying it has around a half hour left, instead of it warning me that the battery is low and it will go to sleep soon. and then it won't restart until I plug it in. is there any way for me to fix this besides getting a new battery? This battery is not covered under any recalls, and there is no applecare left on the computer. also if it matters the computer is running 10.4.10.

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Applications :: Podcasts Showing Up In Smart Playlist But Not In Library?

May 1, 2010

I created a smart playlist and these podcasts that have been deleted from my library and that do not show up in the podcasts section are in the smart playlist and i can not find them in itunes or delete them.

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Hardware :: Macbook Name Not Showing Up On Router / Correct Place To Look?

Mar 29, 2009

For some reason, when I was in either my D-Link or now my new Airport Extreme's logs and looking at the current connected wireless clients, my new Macbook Pro's name is always missing. Everyone elses laptops, desktops, and my iPod Touch all have names.

I looked under "System Preferences", then "Sharing", I do have a name there.

Is this the correct place to look?

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ITunes For Mac :: Library Not Showing WAV Files In Their Correct Albums When Opened?

Jun 30, 2014

I use a Mac Mini to launch iTunes with library saved in an external drive. Now my Mac Mini retires and I replaced it with a new one.  I launch iTunes on the new Mac and reconnect to the library in the external drive. 

How come my wav files are shown in correct albums in old Mac but shown in unknown albums in new Mac?  What must I transfer from the old mac to new mac show wav files in their right places? 

I have tried importing the library xml file but it didn't work. 

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Smart Mailbox Showing All Mail From IMAP Account

May 15, 2012

My "smart" mailbox is showing messages from the "All Mail" folder of my IMAP account folder in addition to my Inbox. Is there a way to work around or stop this so I don't see duplicate messages in my smart mailbox?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Can Use Smart Card To Sign Emails

Mar 23, 2012

I'd like to use my smart card to sign my emails with outllook, but I can't see the certificate from outlook. I've installed device drivers and opensc, and I can use the smard card from firefox.

MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

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OS X :: Using USB Card Reader?

May 18, 2009

how to use it?

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Intel Mac :: Move Photos From Iphoto To A Smart Card?

Apr 24, 2012

Can anyone tell me how to move photos from iphoto to a smart card reader. I have tried to drag and drop unsuccessfully.

Info:Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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Mac Pro :: Best / Cheapest Place To Buy Correct Airport Card To Fit Into 2008?

Nov 7, 2008

best/cheapest place to buy the correct airport card to fit into my 2008 Mac Pro please? Im in the UK but if it works out a lot cheaper ordering elsewhere then I don't mind.

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OS X :: Card Reader Is Not Working?

Apr 5, 2010

I have a AMICROE 42-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader that I use to transfer pictures from my camera's memory stick (SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo 1.0 GB) to my mac. It always works but the last few times I have tried to use it it wont show up in iPhoto or anywhere else. I looked in disk utillity (which I think is the right place to look) but it is nowhere on my computer. What is wrong, what do I do? I also don't want to spend any money buying a new one or getting it fixed if it has a problem, but it is working coz the little blue light is coming on.

It has many different ports for different memory sticks and it works with some other cameras in different ports, I can't work out why it is doing this!

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Read SD Card But Will Read CF Card With The Same Card Reader?

Dec 26, 2010

As the title says, I have a card reader that works great with a CF card, but the MBP won't recognize an SD card. This is a new problem for me. I also have an express card adapter for SD that won't read the card, either. I have tried 4 different SD cards, and these exact cards have worked for me in the recent past (within the past 2 months). They work fine in the camera. I also tried connecting the camera via usb, which was unsuccessful. I tried blowing air on the cards and the reader. I cannot get the cards to be read on my wife's macbook. This makes no sense to me, as it worked fine the last time I tried. I find it hard to believe that all cards are corrupt, or the cable is the problem because it reads the CF card.

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MacBook :: USB Card Reader Not Working?

Oct 10, 2010

I have a USB all in one card reader that doesn't seem to work when I connect it to my Macbook. It's an aluminium Macbook running snow leopard.

Ordinarily I would suspect that my �2.99 card reader is faulty and just buy a new one...however I also have an iMac, and it works perfectly with that.

Any ideas on what's wrong with my Macbook??

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OS X :: Card Reader Not Responding After 10.6.5 Update

Dec 30, 2010

I have a MacBook Pro since september, which came with 10.6.3 installed. It worked perfect. Last Nov 20th I updated to 10.6.5 (from the automatic software update manager) and everything more or less ok, except for my SD Card slot which stopped reading any card.

I have checked it is not a card problem. I tried installing the 10.6.5Update Combo and it didn't work. I tried resetting the System Management Controller and nothing changed, nor any other method I've found on the web.

I would like to know if it is known a concrete fixing of this issue; otherwise I think the best thing to do is to downgrade back to 10.6.3, which was the originally installed Snow Leopard version.

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Hardware :: SD & SDHC Card Reader For Mac

Mar 18, 2009

Anyone have good luck with a specific card reader? Or are they all in general going to work?

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MacBook Pro :: All In One ExpressCard / 34 Card Reader?

Aug 4, 2009

I used to do DSLR photography with CF, but fell out of love with it and sold it, so now it's back to regular old SD for my point and shoot. I'm looking for a card reader that obviously supports SD, but I'd like some type of all-in-one so I can throw most anything at it. I'd also like it to be flush with the computer when inserted.

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OS X :: SD Card Reader No Longer Recognized?

Feb 14, 2010

I recently bought an SD card and reader for my Macbook Pro. It was working fine for a good month or so but as I was copying something to the card today, an error message appeared which said something about not having the right privilege to copy the content over to the SD card. The SD card was unmounted (if that's the word you'd use) automatically. When I tried plugging it back in to try again, nothing happened. I've tried plugging it into my PC but it says the device I've plugged in is not recognisable. The SD card reader has a red light that goes on when you plug it in which doesn't switch on anymore.

I've put the SD card itself into my TV as I was copying some video onto it. 15 minutes of the video has been copied and it's playable which to me suggests that the SD card itself is fine? Is there any way I can get it working again? I don't really understand what's happened.

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MacBook Air :: Army CAC Card Reader And MBA

Feb 29, 2012

I am ready to purchase a MBA; however, I am in the Army and have to use the Army ID card (CAC card) to access certain areas on Army websites.  Does anyone know if the software required to run the CAC card reader can run on the MBA OS or will I have to use Boot Camp or some other software to run MS Windows vista or 7?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: SD Card Reader Is Read Only?

Apr 10, 2012

I have a few SD cards, but when i plug it into my macbook pro 15 in the card is read only. I am unable to write (i.e. move, delete..) frm the SD card. I've tried the lock at both positions both doesnt work. Also, the cards are fine when read on windows.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Intel Mac :: Recommend A CF Card Reader For It?

May 21, 2012

I have a iMac (Intel) desktop and also a Windows based PC. I use the newer Mac to process JPEG photos in Lightroom 3, but here's the catch: most of the time my older Sandisk ImageMate 8-in-1 CF reader does not show up in LR3 (I connect the USB plug directly to the back of the Mac's USB slot). It works just fine with the PC. So it may be a hardware problem and I am willing to invest in a new Mac compatible card reader. My Mac runs on OS X (Lion). 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: USB And SD Card Reader Not Working?

May 29, 2012

My wife's Mac Book Pro (around 18 months old) gets an error message when she hooks up our Canon camera.  It says the USB is drawing to much power and has been disabled. She has downloaded 1000's of pictures without problems and now that message pops up.  And she doesn't have anything extra plugged in since the last downlaod around a week ago. Also the SD card reader isn't working. When the card is plugged in nothing happens and we can't find the card in iphoto. So now she has no way to get the pictures on iphoto. It's not the cord or the card because I can download them without any problem on my Windows computer.

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Does Not Recognize SD Card Reader

Sep 7, 2014

Lately, my macbook pro has not been recognizing my SD card reader. SD cards do not mount, and it looks like the computer is not recognizing the SD card reader at all (When I check About This Mac -> More Info -> System Report -> USB, the card reader does not show up). I've never had a problem before, in the ~3 years I've had this Macbook. I'm running Maverick.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4), 2011 MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: SD Card Reader Does Not Work

Jun 27, 2014

My SD card reader does not work and resetting the SMC has not fixed the problem...what do I do?

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