Software :: Any Network Utility For Monitoring Incoming Connections?

Jun 4, 2009

I have someone monitoring my outgoing internet connections. That person sends pings, knows my logs and IP addresses I connect with, Skype is of his highest interest. Is there any way to protect myself from people monitoring what I do and what websites I visit? Or at least to know WHEN I am being watched? Is Network Utility of any help?

Is so, how to interpret it? I don't know much about MacBook, I was a Windows person till July. I had Tor, Privoxy and NetShield installed but it's a bit fussy and slows the connection. I have a MacBook with Intel 2.1 GHz processor, Leopard 10.5.6 OS and Safari 4 beta (552816). I use a wireless internet connection via a USB modem (Huawei E220). That person uses a PC with Windows XP.

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ITunes :: Accept Incoming Network Connections?

May 12, 2012

I have allowed iTunes to accept incoming connections, and my firewall is on, but is still gives the warning;

"Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?"

how to stop this warning form comning uo every time I lauch iTunes?

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ITunes :: Keep Asking To Allow/Accept Incoming Network Connections

May 17, 2012

This is my sis's Mac mini, running the latest Lion OS and latest iTunes version 10.6.1  Her mac mini is on our home Airport Wireless Network. 

Whenever she launch iTunes, she gets this pop-up message: 

Do you want the application "" to accept incoming nework connections Deny and Allow buttons.  Every single time have to click 'Allow' to continue. 

Check the Firewall settings, it's on.  Inside Advance Settings the iTunes allow all incoming connections. This is not really annoying and disturbing, but have to allow almost every day when iTunes is launched.  The other way is to disable Firewall.  

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPhone 4S 64G, iPad2 3G+WiFi 64G

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Java Accept Incoming Network Connections?

Mar 13, 2012

I have several home security cameras that utilize Java.I've had them for years. But just in the past day, I've begun noticing a lightning fast popup that comes flying by and leaves so fast I can't even read it. It happens when I first launch one of the cameras in either Safari or Firefox (likely would do the same in other browsers too. I finally had to use a screen recording app to be able to record when the pop up flies by.I then slowly scrolled and paused on the message.It is a standard security message that says, "Do you want the application "Java" to accept incoming network connections?" 

There is an ALLOW and DENY button but there's no way the popup ever is on the screen long enough for you to even read it, let alone click on a selection.  I see lots of other posts about this around the discussion forum and I see how I could go into the Security preferences and perhaps allow network connections there, assuming I can figure out how to point to the correct piece of Java code (System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk???) But my bigger question is why now? I haven't done any updates in the recent past and I log onto to these cameras every day...  Granted this popup goes by fast but it is noticeable...  Had it been there a week ago I would have noticed it...  But no...  It just started today. Why? And why would any message that seeks a user choice automatically appear and then disappear within a fraction of a second?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Applications :: ITunes Accept Incoming Network Connections Automatically?

Sep 30, 2009

I get this Accept or Deny message every time I open iTunes. I realize I have Firewall enabled, but is there anyway to set itunes to accept automatically?

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Applications :: ITunes Asking To Accept Incoming Network Connections Every Time

May 27, 2010

Because I have Firewall enabled, everytime that I launch iTunes, I get a popup asking me: "Do you want the application "" to accept incoming network connections?" I click on "Allow." But unlike other applications where this process is only asked once, the first time you launch an app, I'm asked this every time.

I've talked with AppleCare about this, and the representative told me it may be because I've disabled "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library," because I prefer to organize my music folders my own way. She offered 2 work arounds:

1) Enable file sharing of my Music folder. It didn't work. The prompt still occurs every launch.

2) Reinstall iTunes. However, admittedly, she said this may not necessarily resolve the issue as it could simply be because I'm not using iTunes' file location by enabling "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library."

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Also, if I reinstall iTunes, will I have to re-add my Library to iTunes or are the relevant database/album covers files & folders retained?--it took a few hours for a collection of my size to be added.

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OS X Mavericks :: Application Iscsid To Accept Incoming Network Connections?

Sep 11, 2014

Receive "Do you want the application "iscsid" to accept incoming network connections?" at every startup in OS X Mavericks 10.9.4. Have configured Firewall to Allow access (iscsid...Allow incoming connections) but still receive prompt. Only Support page that seemed somewhat related is URL.... Installation of Java also did not alleviate problem. No communication issues with Drobo Mini or Dashboard - just tired of receiving seemingly unnecessary modal prompt upon boot.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X Mavericks :: Application Service Asks To Accept Incoming Network Connections

Jun 28, 2014

On startup I get a window that asks, Do you want the application "Service" to accept incoming network applications. I can't get rid of it nor can I discover its source.

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OS X :: "Accept Incoming Network Connections" Popup - How Can I Stop It

Jul 13, 2010

Everytime I open up Office Word or Itunes, this popup repeatedly shows up even though I accept "Allow" every single time.

I have gone into System pref->Firewall and see that it is set on "Allow Incoming Connections".

I've tried deleting it from the list and re-adding it again but it still shows up.

I'm running 10.6.4 on a late 09 UMBP with the latest version of Word and Itunes.

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ITunes :: Want Application '' To Accept Incoming Network Connections?

Jan 31, 2012

Since upgrading to iTunes 10.5.2, I have problems using airplay to connect to my hi-fi speakers.When I enable them in iTunes I get the message "Do you want the application "" to accept incoming network connections? " immediately followed the message."An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay device "hi-fi". The network connection failed".If I choose "allow" for the first message, deselect "hi-fi" in iTunes and select it again, it works!This is becoming more annoying having to do this every single time.I am using an Airport Xpress with airport utility 5.5.3 and Mac OS 10.6.8

Mac OS X (10.6.8), also Mac Pro Avid and Pro Tools HD systems at work :)

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OS X :: Allow Automatic Incoming Connections Or Not?

Sep 12, 2010

i've got a service/application in my security (firewall) panel set for "Allow incoming connections" and "Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections" checked on.Yet it asks me for permission to "allow or deny" for incoming connections every time i start up my Mac.

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OS X :: ITunes Always Asks To Allow Incoming Connections?

Jul 5, 2009

I have this wierd problem on my MBP. Every time I launch iTunes it asks me if I want to allow incoming network connections. It asks this because I have configured my firewall settings to "Set Access for specific services and applications". The catch is, iTunes is already listed in the list of apps, and is configured to "allow incoming connections".

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Software :: Way To Monitor Incoming Connections?

Mar 27, 2009

I have someone monitoring my outgoing internet connections. That person sends pings, knows my logs and IP addresses I connect with, Skype is of his highest interest.Is there any way to protect myself from people monitoring what I do and what websites I visit? Or at least to know WHEN I am being watched? Is Network Utility of any help? Is so, how to interpret it?I don't know much about MacBook, I was a Windows person

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OS X :: Block All Incoming Connections / Stealth Box Grayed Out

Jul 8, 2010

My Macbook has arrived, and since I have time to waste until the modem comes I figured I'd mess around with the Macbook and setup what I can in the meantime. I have some questions relating to the firewall and user accounts.

1. When I select "block all incoming connections" under the firewall options, the "stealth mode" box gets checked but grayed out. The box being grayed out confuses me. When I select "block all incoming connections" is "stealth mode" on or off? Why would that box be checked but grayed out?

2. I've seen it suggested that you should use one user account only for administrator purposes and another for daily use but not administrator purposes. Do you yourself do this?

3. When my modem arrives I'll have to configure it in Safari. Will I be able to setup my modem and use the internet with a non-administrator account?

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Applications :: ITunes Accept Incoming Connections Prompt?

Nov 17, 2010

The most recent iTunes update 10.1 has caused a prompt box every time I open iTunes that requires me to "allow" incoming connections. I have added iTunes in the firewall settings as always allow but still it comes up over and over. I do not have this problem on my two other macs that I updated the same day. All are running 10.6.5 and have identical iTunes libraries but for some reason my iMac will not stop prompting me over this. Is there a fix that I am not aware of?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Blocks Incoming Connections - Firewall Is Off?

Dec 17, 2009

I got an iPod Touch today and I'm while I was testing out some apps I noticed that I cannot connect to my MacBook Pro.

If I try to ping it I get no response. Going to the Mac's address in a browser (web sharing is on) I don't get any response either. I cannot connect to for file sharing either. I have turned off the firewall in OS X and rebooted the computer with no change. All sharing options are enabled. If I run "sudo ipfw list" I get this: "65535 allow ip from any to any".

It appears however that Snow Leopard allows connection from outside the local network, as Internet, BitTorrent, Mail etc. works as usual.

I've tried turning the firewall off in the router but connections are still blocked.

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OS X :: Incoming Connections While Opening For Instance Vuze Or Skype

Jan 10, 2010

Having my Mac Firewall turned on, I constantly get to see a popup asking me to allow or deny incoming connections while opening for instance Vuze or Skype.I've already checked the settings of my firewall in preferences, but I cannot find a possibility to make the firewall remember my preference. It's pretty annoying that I have to allow or deny incoming connections at every start up.

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Applications :: ITunes 9.1 Asks Permission To Accept Incoming Connections?

Apr 2, 2010

Since upgrading to iTunes 9.1 I'm being asked every time I open it if I want to allow incoming connections. Each time I respond yes, enter my admin name and password and everything is fine. The next time I open it it asks again. I've tried going to my Security preferences, deleting iTunes from the firewall rules and then adding it again, but this has no effect.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Do The "Block All Incoming Connections" Entries Matter

Apr 24, 2012

In System Preferences/Security/Firewall the unchecked box below "Block all incoming connections" has 4 entries set to "Allow all incoming connections". Do these entries & their settings matter since the "Block all incoming connections" box is unchecked?

MacBookPro6,2, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Home Network Monitoring And Social Communications

Dec 18, 2009

Looking for a basic app to monitor my home wireless network. I have a Time Capsule and have Macs and PC's using the network. Looking for app to capture URL's, emails, IM's, and other social network communications. Making sure the kids are not abusing their web access. I tried PacketStream but it is a little to technical for me.

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Applications :: Network Monitoring Software For Wireless Internet Connection?

Apr 29, 2005

At home I have about four laptops and one desktop computers. All of them use a wireless connection to connect to the internet. Sometimes, one of my siblings is downloading something huge or is downloading torrents or what not and it cripples the speed for the rest of us.

I also can't see if someone has managed to crack my WEP password and is using my connection (a neighbor or someone). Is there freeware that tells me who is connected to my network and how much traffic or data they are using?

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OS X :: How Does OSX Prioritize Network Connections?

Jan 9, 2008

This is a technical question out of pure curiosity. I could probably dig through the documentation, but that would probably take longer than my curiosity would hold out, so I figured "why not ask?"

I occasionally switch between wireless (g) and wired (gigabit) networking with my home laptop on occasions when I want the extra speed for accessing large files. I'd noted before that this was pretty transparent, but for the heck of it I did a test today:

Connected to my home server (10.4's built-in AFP sharing, gigabit to a new Airport hub) using wireless, and started playing a medium-bandwidth (1.5Mbit/s) video file. With it playing, I connected the hardwired Ethernet, waited a bit for it to get an IP address, then tuned off the Airport card. I was honestly surprised that the video didn't even stop playing (and not due to caching), so obviously the transition was transparent enough to the app that it didn't stall out long enough to mess up the video. Switching back worked as well--in fact, I could tell it was changing, because via wireless there were slight glitches in playback, I'm assuming due to the way the player (mis-)handled preloading on a relatively slow connection.

Which got me wondering: How exactly does OSX prioritize network traffic when there are two available paths? All to the faster one, some connections prioritized over others based on hardware, or does it spread traffic around?

Also, given two alternate paths to the internet, what kind (if any) of load-sharing will the OS do by default? I'd always assumed that you'd need a special router to combine two separate internet connections (say, cable and DSL), but this got me wondering if OSX (given two network paths) would do some of this load-sharing by itself. I of course don't have two internet connections in the same place to try this with.

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OS X Mavericks :: Stop Network Connections Popup?

Sep 12, 2014

In our house we have 4 macs...two of them are new and I set them up by restoring from TimeMachine rather than with the migration tool as I have done in the past. This was recommended to me as a "cleaner" way to set up new machines (at least on an alternating basis). 

On these two new machines I get a popup "Do you the application "microsoft" to accept incoming network connections (this is also for excel or any office product). I'm still using Office for Mac 2008. 

The only way I can find to stop these annoying popups is to turn off the fire wall, which I do not want to do (and which I have not done on the 2 mac books and they work fine). 

Is there some setting or script I can run to fix this? 

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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Software :: Office 2008 Woes - Network Connections

Jan 30, 2008

When I quit Word:mac 2008, I always get an error message that reads:"A file error has occurred. Check your network connections or make sure the disk is properly inserted and not defective.I have repaired permissions, rebooted, and did everything I could think of to fix this without any luck.

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OS X Mavericks :: Do User Privileges Affect Network (VPN) Connections

Sep 10, 2014

I have (had) an effective VPN connection established on my iMac to enable connection to my work computer. I recently reviewed my use of users, creating a separate administer account and changing my home account privileges from admin to 'standard'. 

I am now unable to use the VPN connection from my home account. The connection shows in the Network pane but the "Connect" button is greyed out. If I unlock the Network pane using the administrator details the Connect button becomes operational.If I change to the administrator account I can use the connection fine. 

How can I enable the use of the VPN connection from a standard user, having locked the network connections (for the sake of not having children interfere with the network settings)?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Hardware :: QNAP NAS Maintaining Network Connections - How To Change Configuration

Aug 28, 2010

I have a QNAP 219P is keeps disappearing in finder, however I can see and connect to it in Qfinder and admin, cant see anything in the logs.

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OS X :: Watching Incoming Network Activity?

Nov 13, 2009

I have apple's firewall enabled, along with stealth mode, and every time I open yahoo messenger, adium, tunes and about a dozen others, I always get a notification saying "enable this app for network use."

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Software :: Monitoring Software On Wireless Network? (Keylogger Reports)

Dec 22, 2009

I currently own a Macbook and work on it up in my room with wireless. The family iMac is downstairs and is hardwired to the modem so we share the same network. I was wondering if there was any way to monitor what was happening on the downstairs computer from my room. Life would be nice if the keylogger can send me the reports. Also, free or purchased programs would be fine.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Won't Wake For Incoming Network Access

Jun 2, 2012

After Lion upgrade I cannot get my  remote access program (Timbuktu) to show my desktop to remote users. The sleeping screen (not the hard drive) is set for "Wake for network access" and all other settings are checked and appropriate including an update to the newest Timbuktu 8.8.3. The screen wakes from keyboard or trackball activity but not for incoming access. Note: The remote user sees the frame for the desktop in Timbuktu but is shows a sleeping (dark) screen. The file and clipboard exchanges still work but the screen ignores the instruction to wake. Access worked perfectly with Timbuktu until three weeks ago. Then it just sleeps like a teenager on Saturday morning unless tapped on the shoulder by a parent. Call-ins don't get answered.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac Pro :: Is There A "Activity Monitor" Equivalent For Network Connections

Jun 17, 2010

Someones I see that my download speed is maxing for no obvious reason. Many times I discover that it was Software Updates doing its thing.

But how can I identify the culprit when it's not SU?

Is there an application that can list all the apps or processes that access the net?

(I do have Little Snitch, but it doesn't tell me when "allowed" apps access the net.

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