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PowerPC :: Ibook G4 Stuck On Gray Screen?

after my six year old daughter dropped it(on hardwood floor).

I tried this:

<command> <opt> <p> <r> Letting it chime 4 times. But, no luck - it just sits there witht the gray screen/dark gray apple logo and that thing twirling around like it's thinking.

check that I've left it on and it has now worked its way to the blue screen. Cursor shows up and the twirling thing is gone(as are the little clicking noises inside like it's actually trying to do someting).

Now you're really going to let me have it. I don't have any of my original disks.

Guess I should take it to the Apple store and see what they say(no applecare).

I was running Tiger(latest version) and the ibook G4 is a 1.33 with 768mb of ram if that matters.

Luckily all my photo's and music are on my powerbook and mac mini.

View 2 Replies (Posted: May 5, 2007)

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PowerPC :: Dead IBook - Gray Screen Goes On And On?
I signed up here to ask a life or death question for my iBook G3 While transferring through an airport last week on one of those moveable walkways, I got clipped off by another passenger who was running through the terminal to catch his flight. Unfortunately, he somehow managed to send my briefcase- with the iBook- sailing ten feet accross the terminal, landing onto the floor with a sickening thud. Although the iBook was fortunately in a protective notebook cover, and there were no cracks to be seen when I retreived it, my attempts to fire up the iBook have failed. That is, when turning the machine on, everything seems to lead me on that its going to run normally- the OS9 to OS10.3 transfer clicks in, I get the grey apple symbol on the grey background with the running circle below- and then nothing. The grey screen goes on, and on, and on. I tried it again this morning and it stayed like this for an hour. Worse, I cannot simply turn the machine off without hitting the reset button, and all attempts to reinstall the programs or do a hardware test lead to nothing. If I had more time, I'd probably search high and low through the forums to see if there was anything I could do to bring the iBook back to life. Unfortunately, I have to leave in two days again, and wanted to bring the laptop with me. is there some way that I can get this dear old beast running again, or is it curtains for my beloved iBook?

Posted: May 14, 2007

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PowerPC :: IBook Won't Turn On - Gray Screen
Basically, the iBook G4 (last revision) will not turn on. What is happening I press the power button, the iBook chimes, HDD makes its regular "computer was just turned on" noises and then the computer sits at the Grey Screen and the little swirly loading thing comes up and nothing else happens. What happened before the issue I was browsing the web last night and before turning it off for the night I ran MainMenu's batch tasks. I have been using MainMenu for several months with zero issues up till now. My sister said she needed to use my computer for a few minutes so I turned it back on. It sat at the Grey Screen for 15 minutes so I force shut down and tried again. After another 15 minutes I went to bed (it was getting late) and left it to see what happened over night. Somewhere in my 8 hours of sleep the computer gave up and turned itself off. I have not heard any tell-tale signs of an HDD failure - no clicking, buzzing or scratchy noises. Possible Culprits UNO - has been installed for over a month but it does have access to system files so I'm not clearing its name. MainMenu - Been using for a while but it was the last thing I did before the problem arose. What I've done to fix it - Reset the PMU by pressing Shift + Option + Control + Power Button - Boot off restore disk and repaired the disk in Disk Utility. The volume bit map and volume information needed repair. is the poor sucker dead?

Posted: Jul 17, 2007

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PowerPC :: IBook Won't Boot Past Gray Screen
I'm trying to resurrect an iBook (translucent white case, 14.1 LCD) that was long neglected, so not sure on its past service history. The following do NOT work: - won't boot up past the gray screen with Apple logo and spinning gear icon (just hangs) - same problem if I try to boot from install DVD ("c" or using "option" then selecting DVD) - same problem with safe boot with "shift" - reset PRAM It will connect via firewire target disk mode to another computer, and I used that to completely wipe the disk and do a clean install of 10.5. When I tried booting into single-user mode (cmd-s), it fills about 2/3 of the screen with normal-looking messages, but then hangs after this (no keyboard response): Got boot device = IOService... [various other stuff] BSD root: disk0s6, major 14, minor 5 I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions? The machine is old enough that it's probably not worth the diagnostic fee of the local Apple shop. Since I can't get it to boot, I can't even run TechTools.

Posted: Dec 30, 2010

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Booting - Gray Screen With Apple Turning Gear Comes On Start Up
A friend of mine brought over his 14" iBook G4, 1.33GHz, 60GB HDD and 1.25 GB RAM. The problem with it is that upon start-up, the grey screen with the apple/turning gear comes up, then after a few moments a blue screen will appear, though no box showing the start-up process. I've run a few basic diagnostics on this, including the lovely disk utility (which did nothing), I've run fsck, zapped the PRAM, etc, no success as of yet. At one point, I received a screen with alternating folders, one showing the smiley mac face, the other folder with a flashing "?". I cannot replicate this for the life of me. I have attempted to acquire files via TDM, though am not able to see the hard drive despite using 2 different laptops. Possibly the firewire cable itself is spent, though it's brand new! Here is where I become increasingly frustrated: I ask my friend for the boot disks as the ones for my own 12" iBook don't work (for whatever reason). He tells me that he loaded Leopard this summer (currently running 10.5.2, no updates loaded since), then proceeds to bring over boot discs for a MacBook...:headdesk: To begin with, it seemed like the HDD was fried, however, after running disk utility (and not hearing any negative sounds), it does appear that the HDD is fine. I'm thinking a kernel panic, though not sure how to resolve these.

Posted: Dec 30, 2008

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PowerPC :: Dead IBook - Flashing - Folder On Gray Screen Back Ground
I have recently come across an extremely cheap ibook (free) which i was able to keep if I got it too work. Well I've been successfully fairly by using it for a few weeks, then it just died. Not sure how it did but it did. The problems seem to be with the flashing (Finder/?) folder on a gray screen back ground. I've already run through the [URL] tutorials of what's wrong and have successfully done a PRAM and a PMU reset with no result. One of the times that I restarted the iBook and after the flashing folder got two new separate folders. One with an arrow turning clockwise on the left, and another folder with an arrow pointing right on the right. Both in blue folders as the flashing folders. Now I believe the problem is that the iBook is unable to find and utilize the Startup Disk. Forums I have read state to put in the reinstall disc, which I don't see how that will work on account of the CD tray not responding to anything I've yet put in there. Not trying with disc until i know that is the only possible solution. Don't want to loose my disc. Maybe some of you have come across this situation and know of a sure fire way to fix it. If not, Ill have to just send it in to some site.

Posted: Jul 11, 2009

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PowerPC :: IBook Stuck At Start Up Screen?
Today i powered up my iBook G4, after a long time of waiting for the blue bar on the start up screen to reach the end, it became stuck once it had reached the end, i left it for a hour or so on this screen, and it hasn't got past it, i did a hardware test, and everything is fine, although it took about 8 minutes to complete the 'memory' test, so i'm thinking it could be a RAM problem ?, what do you guys think ?

EDIT: Just used disk utility and apparently there is a problem with the disk, that it can't fix, so i'm gonna have to reinstall OSX

Posted: Aug 12, 2007

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PowerPC :: IBook Booting - Gray Overlay With With Little Box Saying To Restart System
I started up my iBook today and it took me all the way through sign-in to my desktop before giving me a grey overlay with a little box saying that I need to restart. So I did and then it took me to my desktop again before scrolling code across the screen in a very messy, un-mac-like way. I tried getting into safe boot (restarting and pressing shift from after the tone until the apple and wheel show up) and it just ran the apple and wheel grey start-up screen for a while before kicking back into a normal restart and giving me the earlier results. So I went and got myself into single-user mode and ran the fsck -yf command. It told me this: Checking Catalog file Invalid extent entry (4, 190) Volume check failed Is there any way to fix this, to save my computer? I don't know anything about code or computers. My general mode of operation has been "I bought a /mac/. I shouldn't ever have to look at code."

Posted: Apr 6, 2008

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IMac :: Stuck On Gray Screen - Not Booting At All
I started up my 24" iMac today and it just got stuck on the grey screen before the apple logo appears. I reset the PRAM and I tried using the OSX disc and holding down C. I got to the disk utility and it freezes. I am stuck using my bottom of the line laptop untill I can work around this.

Posted: Mar 29, 2010

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Software :: Stuck At Gray Screen While Booting
I just purchased Windows 7 to dual-boot on my brand new 2010 MBP. After I installed Windows 7, I inserted my MacOSX Snow Leopard install DVD so I could install the drivers. A message came up saying "This installation isn't compatible with this computer". So I restarted my computer and when it was booting up it gets stuck at the grey screen with the apple logo and rotating wheel. After a while a grey curtain comes down with a Power Icon in the background and a window saying "You must restart your computer" in a variety in languages. I tried restarting and the same screen comes up every time. I've tried all the boot key commands such as holding shift. But each time it doesn't recognize it and proceeds to the grey screen of death. I'm completely stuck here and need help ASAP. I would like to do a hard reset on my MBP, but I can't since I can't boot to MacOSX and when I boot to Windows 7, it runs for about 2 minutes and completely freezes, causing me to force restart.

Posted: Jun 26, 2010

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PowerPC :: Audio CD Stuck In IBook G4?
I have tried everything... I recently put an audio CD in my iBook G4 and have recently tried to eject it, but it will not come out! I have tried everything and my iBook just makes some weird sound and clunks and bangs.... but the CD doesn't come out. How can I get it out?

Posted: Nov 2, 2008

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OS X Tiger :: Stuck On Gray Screen With Mac Logo
So I installed updates on my macbook pro (07 version, not one of the new ones) last night and restarted my computer as it asked me to. When it tried to start back up however, it got stuck on the gray screen with the mac logo and the spinny thing and wouldn't load beyond that point. I've done hard shutdowns to no avail, and I tried the "take out the battery and hold the power button" thing as well. I've made an appointment with the Mac Store Genius Bar for tomorrow afternoon.

Macbook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Feb 27, 2009

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MacBook :: Stuck On Gray Screen After Startup Chime
So my girl friend was using my IBook G3 and shut it down normally she says. We then went to turn it on and we will hear the chime but then it will get stuck on that first gray screen, nothing else comes up, no spinning no nothing. Hard drive is not making any different noise, I just don't know whats up.

Posted: May 15, 2009

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OS X :: Macbook Stuck On Gray Apple Boot Screen?
Last weekend, my white Macbook was requiring a software update to 10.5.8. So I said, go for it and let it restart. That's when the trouble happened.

It began to restart but just stuck on the gray apple screen with the gear circle thing spinning. I tried several times to restart, but it never worked. I did all the things I knew to do (boot from DVD and run disk utility to repair permissions, zapped PRAM, ran it in the fsck thing; Booting in safe mode wouldn't work). So I booted from my backup and used SuperDuper to rewrite my boot drive. (I guess I should point out that when booting from my backup, I was able to access all my files on my internal HD, it just wouldnt boot). After doing that revert thing to 10.5.7, everything worked fine.

So then I tried to update again this weekend. Same thing happened. I've tried the same steps. I can still get to anything I've added to my regular drive since my backup and all that. Just won't boot from that main drive.

Posted: Aug 23, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck On Gray Screen When Booting Up
When booting up on my Mac Book Pro side it gets stuck on a gray screen and wont boot even when in safe mode. I have cleared the P/Ram and still have acces to the partioned windows side on the same computer. How should I procede to get my Mac OS running again.

MacBook Pro

Posted: Apr 14, 2012

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Mac Pro :: Stuck On Gray Screen On Start Up
Tried all the tips I can find but no joy. Able to boot in safe mode but nothing else. Can't use Lion Recovery and unable install Snow Leopard from disk as it gets stuck on the gray screen again.

Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

Posted: May 8, 2012

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PowerPC :: IBook G3 Froze While Stuck In Screensaver
I just got an iBook g3 used, it had 800mhz, 256 megs of ram, 30 gig, and had osx 10.3.9. I am new to macs, but I particularly wanted an IBook, and I found it used at a good price. I downloaded some software (acquisition) and moved some files over via usb keyboard from a pc. Suddenly, it froze while stuck in screensaver, and I turned the power off. Now, it just stays on a gray screen when booting, and eventually goes black for a second, then reflashes a gray screen. No mouse, no cursor. What do I do?

Posted: Jun 16, 2006

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PowerPC :: IBook Stuck At Loading Up For Ages?
What solutions can be offered for iBook loading problem? It's stuck and I've some data I need to back up?

Posted: Mar 20, 2007

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PowerPC :: Stuck On Tiger Installation For Ibook?
I recently have recieved an ibook with osx 10.3.9 that doesnt have any wireless internet. Since i have a wireless adapter, i decided to install it on so i can use this computer for internet. Since the driver for the installer is only for newer osx versions i decided to upgrade my os. I knew that my cd-rw/dvd-rom drive isnt working so i booted disk1 of the cd-installation from my old ipod. Now it wants disk 2 and when i put in my ipod with the second disk it wont continue installation.

Posted: Jul 4, 2009

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MacBook Air :: Cannot Restart - Stuck At Gray Logo Screen
Having problems starting my Macbook air. Done all it says on the apple page re restarting. Still wont go past the grey screen apple screen.

macbook air
Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Posted: Apr 19, 2008

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OS X Tiger :: Stuck On Gray Screen - Cannot Even Boot In Safe Mode
I zapped the pram and reset power manager. I tried booting in safe mode, but it never got there and stayed on the gray screen. I tried booting in single user mode and although I get to the single user mode screen, I never receive a blnking cursor and therefore cannot run any diagnostics. How can I tell whether this is a hardware or software issue? I'm happy to do an archive and install if I know that it's a software issue.

G3 powerbook Pismo
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Mar 12, 2009

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Mac Mini :: Stuck At Gray Screen On Restart After Update
I have an Intel based mac mini running 10.4.6 I believe whatever is the latest tiger version. Upon restarting after installed updates computer cannot go past the apple logo with the spinning wheel underneath it. I have restarted and tried all of the different key combinations the only one it will recognize is the option key. I have used the option key to select the c drive where the operating system is installed but it goes right back to being stuck at gray screen. I have used the option key to also let me use the install disc to run disk utility and repair the disc which said volume is verified and repaired and good to go. Only thing I haven't tried is firewire boot but at this point I don't think thats the right answer.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.6.2)
Mac Mini 10.4.6

Posted: Feb 16, 2010

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IMac Intel :: Disc Stuck - Gray Screen Forever
I just went through a huge TM restore exercise to fix my main partition so I could use BootCamp. I went through the procedure and did the partition and restarted my computer with the Windows Disc in. It was stuck on the grey screen forever, so I powered off. Now when I power on, I see the grey screen for about 2 minutes, the Windows disc spinning up then down, then finally a black screen with white message that says "no boot disk, insert bottable disc and press any key". So, I am wondering how I can get the Windows disc out, so I can try again with a BOOTABLE XP INSTALL DISC, or more importantly, use my OSX discs to TM restore my drives... again. I have tried all combinations of key presses etc., holding eject button, restarting with mouse clicked etc. but they are not working because I never get anywhere near OSX. I am out of warranty and am having a crummy day (from other things)

24" iMac 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM
Mac OS X (10.5.7)
iPod Classic 80 GB

Posted: Feb 1, 2010

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OS X :: Stuck On Blue Screen And Gray Gear Spinning On Boot Up?
Everything was fine until this morning when i came into work, started up my Macbook as usual from sleep mode. was able to use OS X for a little while, had to leave to go onsite so i locked my screen (i use sizzle keys and made Command + L to lock my screen to the log on prompt). as soon as the cube spins to the logon screen, BOOM, all i see is the solid light blue screen just sit there. i walk away and 5 minutes later, it's still on there, can't recover or go back to my desktop, so i force shut down (hit the power button, and attempt to reboot the OS X. then thats when it all gets bad. Everytime i boot into OS X it just sits there with the blue screen and flickers back and forth with the gray gear wheel spinning and so forth.

Ok, so next check, i go to boot into my Boot Camp partition into Vista. no problems, was able to boot in my boot camp partition without any problems (im typing this in boot camp at this moment.)

So far i've been able to boot into my Boot Camp and the OS X Restore Disc without any problems.

I booted into the OS X boot disc, and ran Disk Utility, ran the perrmissions check and the disk check and both fixed problems aparently on my OS X partition. went to boot back into OS X, blue screen.

So now i do the PRAM and NVRAM reset doing Command+Option+P+R and again booted into OS X. blue screen.

Booted into Safe Mode (Safe Boot) took awhile, but again. stuck at blue screen and if i press any keys or move the mouse, the grey gear spins for like 10 seconds and just goes back to the blue screen. and the process goes over and over again.

(later on this afternoon) I even ran FSCK to check the volume for problems. "it appears to be OK"

The good thing atleast in this situation is that i can access my OS X partition in Vista (via MacDrive) without any problems, so if having to reload my previous Time Machine backup (which stupid me forgot to back up my system over 60 days ago ) or having to just Archive my OS X and reinstall it, that will have to be my final choice. But i don't REALLY want to have to do this all over again if at all possiable.

Posted: Mar 30, 2009

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OS X :: Intel 24" Imac Stuck At Gray Screen After Using Windows
My intel imac 24" running mac osx 10.5 (i think, most recent one) has become stuck at the grey screen after the apple logo on a restart with the spinning gear going. This happened after restarting after using in windows mode, which I have done many times before. I have tried various things like PRam thing and disconnecting power for a while with no luck. I can start up pressing alt and get into windows mode (which I am in just now). I can startup and press c off the CD in which I have run the disk repair thing that says all is well. I tried repair permissions and it came up with some kind of error ending. I have also tried and archive install which only goes to about 5% and then tells me there is an error with installing certain files in the mac hard drive.

Posted: Jun 2, 2009

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Software :: Stuck At Gray Screen While Updating Leopard System
have an ibook G4 and i was updating my leopard system. after i installed the package the update said something about receiving cache but i waited there for 1 hour and the screen just had a background doing nothing. i grew impatient and turned the comp off. now it wont log in! theres just the grey screen with the apple and it wont go any further(this cpu was bought second handed so theres no discs it came with)

Posted: Jul 12, 2008

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MacBook :: Computer Stuck On Gray Screen In Swirling Mode
My computer is stuck on gray apple page with swirl moving and never opens-


Posted: Apr 17, 2012

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Intel Mac :: G5 Stuck On Gray Screen With Spinning Gear
I have an iMac G5 stuck on the gray screen with spinning gear. I woke up to it being stuck on a blue screen, then force quit and now it's stuck on gray with spinning gear.

Posted: May 15, 2012

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MacBook :: Stuck On Gray Opening Screen With Apple Logo
My 13" macbook is stuck on the grey opening screen with the apple logo and progress circle.


Posted: Jun 14, 2012

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Power Mac G5 :: Refuses To Boot - Stuck On Gray Screen With Spinner
My G5 refused to wake today and then, to add insult to injury, refused to boot. It got to grey Apple screen with spinner and after a while the apple turned to the circle with diagonal cross bar.

So far I have:
Replaced the battery.
Reset the PRAM and SMU.
Unplugged all except keyboard and mouse.

Using "Option" start (I note that hard drive is recognized and is OSX boot):
Boot to original install disk - grey spinner to circle w/diagonal bar.
Boot to hardware test - extended test, all passed.
Restart - spinner to circle w/ diagonal bar.

Just for fun used option to load the Tiger Install disk and also Disk Warrior both with the same result - spinner to circle w/diagonal bar.

G5, dual, 2 Ghz
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: Jul 10, 2009

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IMac Intel :: Booting Computer - Chimes And Stuck On Gray Screen
My iMac is acting up. I'd better do a brief timeline of what have happened, as it have evolved a little during the past 24 hrs.

1. The machine froze solid, while I was online a MMORPG game, I rather enjoy.

2. After waiting a wee bit for the machine to wake up, I decided to do a hard shut down and reboot.

3. The machine wasnt able to go past the start up chime with black screen. It just went on endlessly. I shut it down and tried again. I repeated this quite a few times. Only change was that sometimes the chime would sound a little muffled compared to other..

4. I let it cool down for an hour. Tried again. Same result.

5. I tried to run the interior hardware test. It wouldn't go past the chiming.

6. Tried the command-s/shift and disc-boot tricks - no result.

7. Took out the RAM and replaced them with the originals. - no result. I tried to boot with a variaty of set ups with the RAM. - no result.

8. Took out the powercord and let it sit for a few hours. Then tried again. It now booted up as normal and just as I sighed of relief the screen went grey - then black - then the machine shut down and the chiming came back.

9. Took out the powercord - it booted in command-s. I then tried to run the fsck, but the screen went black before I could see anything about the system.

10. Thought I would give it one more go. The machine booted as normal. Then repeated step 8, but didn't shut down. It sounded like it was still running altho those wee processor-sounds were not there. The screen was grey.

11. Shut it down and tried to reboot. Chime -> grey screen -> nothing.

12. Wrote this.

I am at the point now, where I have no clue what to do next other than either try and open the machine to check for "dust" in the physical interior - or hand it over to my local Apple-vendor to let them have a go at it. I dont have AppleCare, as I forgot about it. As I have been searching my brain for anything I might have done wrong to it, I remembered that it have done the chime-repeating a few times before. It chimed two or three times, but then booted up, and I thought nothing of it. The machine is bought in may last year, so I kinda doubt, that the interior would be able to get so dirty, that this would be the reason (?)

Intel iMac 3.06GHz

Posted: Jul 15, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck At Gray Screen On Restart After Software Update
I have a 2 year old MacBook pro with leopard os. I recently ran software update and now my mac won't boot. It tries and everything looks normal until there is the apple logo and the spinning wheel for about 15 seconds, then it says I must reboot. It says this every time. I can't bring my mac in because I'm working on a cruise ship.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Posted: Jun 21, 2010

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OS X :: Macbook Won't Boot - Stuck On Gray Apple Screen?
I have a four year old Macbook that's not in the best of shape, but it hasn't failed me like this before.. ever.

I installed a new security update yesterday morning along with the new iTunes, and it worked alright for most of the day.

Around 10:30 or so, it just shut off.

I tried to turn it back on and was faced with the gray apple logo and the horrible spinning icon.

I've tried booting it up in safe mode, verbose mode, and even resetting the PRAM, and nothing works!

It eventually did go to a blue screen after maybe three or four hours, (I fell asleep so I'm not sure) but it still wouldn't let me do anything.

Posted: Jul 8, 2010

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Software :: Mac G4 Stuck On Gray Screen - Disk Utility Error
I can't seem to get my mac to start up, it won't get past the gray screen with the apple logo and spinning wheel. I have tried to use utility disk to fix the problem but it kept coming up with error- could not complete. It would also not see the hard drive in OSX 10.4 when trying to archive before re- installing. So we opened it in OS 9 which worked and we could see the hard drive. We restarted the mac in OS 9 in the hope that we could re- install OSX 10.4 from there. It will go right through the installation but comes up with error again when validating.

Posted: Feb 1, 2010

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Intel Mac :: Stuck At Gray Screen Display After Hard Reboot
I have a new imac. I was stuffing the web, tried to upload a picture, the website locked up, so I hard booted my iMac. Then when it came back on, and I get is the start up sound, and a gray screen, nothing else. Its been 5mins now!

Posted: Mar 17, 2012

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: After 10.7.4 Update IMac Stuck On Gray Apple Screen
While updating my imac, I got an error message saying that there is an error. And then it restarted by itself. Now its stuck on the loading screen.


Posted: May 9, 2012

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Intel Mac :: Got Stuck On The White Screen With The Gray Apple Sign
the screen it got stuck on was white, gray apple sign spinning circle thing

and i left it there for more then half an hour with no progress.  I did a hard shut off, and waited for about an hour and tried again.  This time i waited for an hour, and still no progress.  what should i do?

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

Posted: Jun 2, 2012

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MacBook Pro :: Stuck On Gray Screen - Backup Files To External HDD?
My Mac has been stuck at the Gray loading screen with the spinning icon after a kernel panic. I have tried to use the Disk repair utility after finally being able to boot to my DVD. This hasn't helped anything at all. (Resetting nvram didn't do anything). Disk Utility says I have a corrupt node or something along those lines. Is there a way to copy off my files to an external hard drive from the mac OS X DVD screen?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.5.5)

Posted: Jan 10, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Computer Won't Boot Up / Stuck On Gray Screen?
upgrade from my power mac. Received my computer yesterday. First i updated software to 10.5.7. Then i installed a few minor apps and transferred over about 150GB from my old computer by Ethernet through file sharing. Then restarted the computer and now it is stuck on the gray screen with apple and every once in awhile for a split second the circle with slash through it appears.

Did i mention super disappointed. Anyway being in Hawaii, tech support not available in the evening. Just needed to vent.

Anyway have any tips.

NOTE: I did not migrate, so no system files have been changed. Pretty much i'm baffled that this is happening. There is nothing that could have caused this.

macbook pro 2009
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jul 16, 2009

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Start Up; Stuck At Gray Screen- Started W/ Skype
my mom's Macbook Pro can't start up.  it gets stuck at the grey screen w/ the Apple logo and spinning pinwheel every time.  nothing else is plugged into the laptop aside from the power cord.  

here's what i tried already, but to no avail:

  - Reset SMC

  - Reset PRAM

  - Hold shift while starting up... nothing happens.  So can't start in safe mode

  - Used install disk to run Disk Utility diagnostic: Ran into a bunch of Disk Permission errors and fixed those.  Nothing wrong on the Disk itself.

  - Held Command-S while starting up and typed "fsck -fy".  Got "File system was modified" at first.  Ran it again and got clean bill of health there

  - Held "d" while booting, ran the hardware test and it checked out fine. 

after all of the above, tried waiting for it to restart for 15 minutes and still same spinning wheel.   

this all started when a Skype update couldn't install, so i got rid of the current Skype.  then tried downloading the new Skype. after it supposedly downloaded fully and it was automatically processing in the download pop up window (e.g. something about "writing", "image", etc.), it got stuck and froze the computer for at least 5 minutes.  at that point, i help the power button until it turned out.  then this started..

PS: not sure if this has anything to do w/ the problem, but after this happened, i tried to use Disk Utilities to make an image onto an external hard drive and it gave me an "operation timed out" error. 

PPS:  she has the following specs -

Hitachi Hard drive; partition Map Scheme: GUID Partition Table


Posted: Apr 21, 2012

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