OS X :: The Ideal Format For My Passport - New External HD

Sep 18, 2010

First of all I'm really new to external HD and stuff so pardon me if I get any terms wrong.I just bought My Passport 500GB and wish to format it for: Read/write on my Mac Leopard OS, Read only for Windows XP/vista. (Even in read-only videos still can be played, right?)What would be the right format? I DON'T want it to be FAT32 since it almost corrupted my friend's HD. I've heard about NTFS but got really confused about it.

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OS X :: Using WD Passport Essential External HDD

Nov 6, 2008

I purchased this to back up my files. It has no Mac software. I have been reading that I have to format the drive? Can any body give me a step by step on formatting this drive.

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MacBook Pro :: WD Passport External Hard Drive And Undetectable?

Jun 1, 2012

i am using WD Passport external hard drive and my Macbook Pro can not read. way to detect it so that i can extract files from the drive?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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OS X Yosemite :: WD Passport External Hard Drive Won't Work?

Dec 12, 2014

Just bought a Retina Imac with Yosemite and now the WD My Passport external hard drive won't work with it anymore. 

At first it started to copy files, very slowly though, and then would just get stuck despite updating the firmware on the drive. 

It works fine on my Mac Book Pro running Mavericks so it must have something to do with Yosemite ....

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Final Cut Pro X :: Transfer Project From - WD My Passport - External Hard Drive

Jul 2, 2014

I'm having the most difficult time transferring projects and events from a 13" MacBook Pro (Late 2011) to an iMac (late 2013) I have moved the projects and referenced events to an external "WD my Passport for Mac" Hard drive. It holds 1TB. 

In Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 on the new iMac, the device is not recognized. I tried updating Mavericks and Final Cut. I've tried repairing the permissions, repairing both disk(s) deleting render files, restarting the disk, disconnecting the hard drive, restarting the computer. etc to no avail.

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OS X :: Format External Hard Drive In Apple Partition Map Format?

Nov 5, 2009

I'm running Snow Leopard on my new Macbook Pro. I've got a 1.5TB External hard drive that I'm trying to figure out how to format in HFS+ with Apple Partition Map. I can figure out how to format in HFS using Disk Utility, however it still does it in GUID format and I do not know how to do it in Apple Partition Map.

Googleing this for hours has lead with all kinds of information on how to go to GUID FROM Apple Partition Map but not the other way around. I know GUID is the new hottness.. but this drive will be used exclusively to connect to my XBOX 360 and it supposedly only reads HFS+ when its formatted with Apple Partition Map. (I have tried it with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID, and the XBOX does NOT recognize it) I do not want to use Fat 32, (I know that that is the other major option) beacuse it limits file size.

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OS X Mountain Lion :: WD My Passport External Hard Drive Is Not Showing Up In Finder

Aug 28, 2014

So a couple of days ago it was fine and today it does not show up in finder, or utility disk 

I am about to upgrade to Mavericks now

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MacBook Pro :: Can't Find Data Saved Onto WD Passport For External Hard Drive

Jun 3, 2014

I can't find the data I saved onto a WD Passport for Mac external hard drive.  I know there is something on the external drive, but I can't see it when I open up the icon for it.  I didn't save it using time machine

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: Anyone Format External Drives In ExFAT Format?

Jan 9, 2011

I'm using Macbook Pro(2010, 10.6.6) and a PC with Windows 7. I need to transfer image files from both laptops to an external drive. I formatted the external drive in exFAT and wanted to know if there are any problems that might occur in the future. I already know there is an issue with such programs as Carbon Copy Cloner. I primarily need the drive for backup of the images and not system backups. Do you have any file corruption or other problems formatting in exFAT?

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OS X :: Best Way To Format External HDD For Mac, PC, And PS3 Use?

Jan 22, 2010

I plan to use it mainly on my Mac but I'd also like to be able to use it on my XP netbook and Win7 machine.

Is it better to format it as HFS in OS X and use Mac Drive on my windows machines, or is it better to format it as FAT32 so I can use it interchangebly on both machines?

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Mac Pro :: Setting Ideal Drive Configurations?

Aug 4, 2008

After a long absence from Apple (Apple IIc, Mac IIcx, & Mac IIfx!) I'm leaving the land of cheap PC's for something I believe will "just work".

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Mac Pro :: Ideal Mac Pro Specs For Home DVD Burnning?

Nov 23, 2008

I intend to burn close to 30 hours of home HD videos on hopefully HD disks like Blu-ray. I tried the Toast 9 and successfully burned a 15 minute HD on a regular DVD however on my MacBook 2.16 GHz with 2 GB RAM it took few hours for encoding.

Question #1: can any hardware piece ie: elgato's Turbo.264 will make a siginificant difference in encoding time


question#2: I need to shell out money for a powerful Mac Pro with an internal 3rd party BR burner (about $500), and if so, then what are ideal specs, dual core, quad core...RAM size, video card speed...etc.

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MacBook Pro :: What Is Ideal Temperature And Fan RPM Speed?

Sep 30, 2009

Just recently bought a MBP and noticed how hot it will be when I am running WoW. (I saw it reach 100 degrees on istat.) after searching through the forums, I just downloaded smcFancontrol. Problem is, I have no idea what is an ideal temperature/fan speed. Basically, I have 3 questions:

1) Is there a max temperature the MBP should run at?
2) If I use smcFancontrol, should I use it at max setting (6200rpm) to keep my temperature down to the ideal temperature?
3) If I use a leather casing (Macally) for my MBP, would it seriously impair the MBP in terms of cooling?

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MacBook Pro :: Ideal CPU Temp In A System?

May 13, 2010

When i play games, cpu temp runs about 80C , do you think this is not safe for mbp ?What temps must it be running ?Does it have protection against having high temp and shutting it down ?

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Mac Pro :: Ideal Professional Photographer For A System?

Aug 6, 2010

I shoot about 40 weddings per year. (2500-3000 images per week). I am currently working off a 2 x2.66 Dual Core MacPro with 11GB of memory. I use Aperture and a bit of Final Cut Pro.I need the MacPro for storage issues related to iTunes and photo libraries so I have ruled out an iMac. My question is, when will I cross the "overkill" line. I don't spend my days doing intensive 3D render outputs of math computations so I know a 12 core is "too much".

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Mac Pro :: Using Final Cut / After Effects Ideal Config?

Aug 14, 2010

I'm a FCP / AE / Compressor user and have been in the market to upgrade my painfully slow G5 for years now. I'm pulling the trigger on a 2010 and trying to decide the best set up. I'm going with a 12-core but thinking the 2.66. Not sure if the extra $1200 can be justified to go to the 2.99. Anyone have an opinion?

I thought with that $1200 I could get more RAM instead. So, my second question is what the best move would be for RAM. I'm going with the base offering from apple and will remove and replace with either 2 or 3 8GB sticks or more 4GB sticks.

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OS X :: How To Partition / Format External HD

Sep 27, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to partition my HD so that it can speak easily between a Windows formatted HD and Mac HD's without the Error Code -0 (meaning it won't transfer files larger than 4gb's from HD to HD. I use a Mac running Snow Leopard and I am formatting using Disk Utility. I have always done the MS-DOS (FAT) format but like I said I am getting the Error Code -0 and it's become more of a nuisance than anything.

My options are Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Mac OS Extended, Mac OS Extended (Case-Sensitive, Journaled), Mac OS Extended (Case-Sensitive), MS-DOS (FAT) and Free Space. Is it possible to get the best option explained to me in a way that's more understandable than from the research I have discovered. Also I know Finder has issues thus the reasoning for the 4gb limit. I have downloaded a 3rd party app Path Finder to allow me to bypass that limit except whenever I copy from one HD to another it disappears once the transfer is complete.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Format External Hdd

Oct 9, 2010

I correct in the understanding that this external drive can now be used by both my iMac and my Windows Vista PC? I want to be able to share the files (whether it be documents, photos or video) on the external hard drive with both my iMac and PC.

Additionally, is this type of formatting as stable as any other format? I am just concerned about losing any data long term. I will be backing up my files on two separate external drives using the same formatting. The duplication is in case one of the external hard drives crash.

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Hardware :: How To Format External HDD For PS3

Dec 22, 2008

Ok, for the past 5 days I have been trying to get my External HD to be recognized by PS3. I finally had success. First, the HD needs to be formated for FAT32. Sounds easy, but... If you erase the HD, and format it to MS-DOS(FAT), it will still not work on your PS3 unless you also create and format a partition. In all, you have to format it twice, once as an entire drive, and than again as a partition. It may work if you just do step 3 and on as steps 1-2 might not be needed but I didn't want to take any chances. I also tried it on VISTA OS, no surprise its even worse, and you could only do it for 32gb or less. I have over 100gb on my PS3 so that will not work. There are some programs for Windows XP, but trying to use it with boot camp was too much trouble.

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MacBook Pro :: Format It From An External HDD?

May 20, 2012

I need to format my Mac, basically because I need to free up some space and get a fresh and empty computer. My CD-ROM has recently stopped working, and won't take any CDs, including the Mac OS X disc. Is it possible in any way to format the mac without an external CD-ROM or any back-up?

Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.8), CD-ROM not working

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Windows On Mac :: Ideal VMware Settings For A System

Jan 26, 2009

I am running XP on VMware 2.01 and I was wondering what are the best settings to run it at. Is their a downside to have it running 2 cpus and max ram as well? Will OSX go really slugish? It says something about memory swapping occuring, what is this?

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MacBook Pro :: Ideal Resolution For Office Work

Jul 21, 2009

Does the 15" MBP have the ideal resolution for day to day office work (email, docs etc..) and to play the occasional game or is it even too low for this? My feeling is that the 17" MBP resolution is too high for office work and would be too small to read. What is the "perfect" resolution when doing office work on a 15" screen?

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ITunes :: What Is The Ideal Size For Music Artwork

Jun 15, 2012

I wonder what the ideal artwork is for your music?Because on the pictures below you can see that there is still som white on the upper and bottom place of the artwork and it is a 600 x 600 artwork.. And I Have an iPhone 4S so the artwork needs to be high resolution?

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Hardware :: How To Format My External HDD For Mac AND Windows

Jul 20, 2007

i just bought the Seagate Freeagent 250GB external hard drive. I've already formatted it using disk utility and used Mac OS Extended (Journaled). the problem is that my friends who use windows cannot detect the hard drive. Can i format it another way so it can be used for both mac and windows?

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OS X :: Format External HD Partition FAT32

Dec 25, 2008

I am using this guide to get a new HD into my PS3: [URL:...] It says that the HD I back my PS3 up to needs to be formatted to FAT32. I have an external HD that I use with my mac, its partitioned into 4 parts. I have one partition which I don't use which I want to back my PS3 onto. In Disk Utility I select that partition and I only get 4 option under the Erase tab, 4 different Mac OS Extended options.

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Mac Pro :: External Hard Drive Won't Format

Jan 8, 2009

I just brought a Western Digital 1TB USB drive for my Mac Pro. Now when I try and format it in Mac OSX journaled it keeps coming up in an error saying it can't be done, It will format as FAT32 but I need it to be Mac OSX formatted. Does anyone know what might be wrong?

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OS X :: Which Format For External HDD And Usb Pen Drives & Networking

Feb 23, 2009

I have purchased a MBA (love it!), and I am about to sell my Windows desktop. I will be duel-booting OS X and Win 7 on my MBA, and I might add a Mac mini or a self-built Windows box to my network down the road (mostly to serve video and other files). I am getting an Airport Extreme to add to my current wireless G router/DSL modem. The AE will serve as my wireless N access point (N for the MBA, G from the other wifi router for my iPhone), and I will use it to connect my printer and an external 1TB drive. I can't decide whether to built a cheap Windows box to be my file server (and to perform random tasks when the MBA is with me) or to buy some NAS system to serve my files.

My other question is what format do I use for my external drive and a couple of pen drives I use as backup for my documents and pictures. They are currently formatted NTFS, and I realize I cannot modify them from OS X. But Mac formatting isn't visible in Windows without an added program, right? I often have files above the size limit for Fat32. So which format do I chose? One of the pen drives is used for school where I transfer Visual Studio programming files; another is a photo/document backup that I keep in a fireproof safe. Will I just need to keep one pen drive only for my programming classes formatted to NTFS? What do other people do?

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OS X :: External Hard Drive Won't Format

May 5, 2009

I just bought a new WD Elements (1tb) and I am getting an error when I try and format. I wish I could tell you what that error says but I was trying to figure something else out so I chose the disk6s1 and formatted it to os extended but it seems like it is frozen. I am afraid if I force quit it will screw up the drive. This is the 2nd one I have tried, I returned the 1st one thinking the drive was faulty. Now I think I screwed up the drive when I formatted it in disk utility. I have installed 2 western digital internal Hard Drives into my Pro and have used 2 other external HDs both western digitals. If there was any problems with any of my HDs, I would open up Disk Utility and Erase them to be Mac OS Extended (My WD TV won't read Journaled drives).

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OS X :: Transfer Data From One External To Another And Format The New One?

May 25, 2009

I bought a new external harddisk because my old wasn't enough. Anyway I transferred files from my computer and old external harddrive to my new one . BUT then mistakenly I deleted all the data on the new harddrive. I selected zero data option while I pressed Erase Data but then stopped it after 10 seconds. Unfortunally I can not see any data on my external harddrive. Can you suggest me a easy to use tool to recover my data?

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OS X :: Can't Format External Drive To Mac OS Extended?

Jul 8, 2009

I have the external drive formated as FAT of 1TB.

I have erasing all data whole day (about 20 hours) and formating as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) but at the end it reports an error.

Now, when I connect hard drive to my MBP it says "disk is not readable on this computer" - Initialize...

When i try to format as Mac OS Extended (J) it says: "Disk erase failed with error: File system formated fail"

I tried to format it on PC (Vista and XP) but they even can't see hard disk.

What should I do to get journaled formated external hard drive?

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