OS X :: Syncing MacBook Air With External Non-apple Monitor?

Aug 24, 2009

So I now have my first Apple related support call; One of my user group has an MacBook Air (very nice it is too), he works from home and has an external monitor 24" Samsung panel - which is hooked upto the MacBook Air via an Apple mini-port to DVI adapter. So far so good, anyway have had a call from said user who has informed that the monitor is not Syncing with his MacBook, now I'm taking this to mean that no signal is being displayed on the Samsung panel.

My question is this; How do I sync the monitor to display the output signal from the MacBook? How easy is it to do? And is there a "101" guide to resolving these problems on t'interweb? I did have a cursory browse throught he forums but couldn't find a thread which was suitably close.

Don't have physicall access to the Macbook as user works remotely and we don't have any remote access tools, so the support given will be over the phone - hence my question on how easy it is to sync the monitor.


MacBook Air :: Air Optimised For Clamshell Mode When Connecting To External Monitor?

Jan 3, 2011

I have used my ultimate 11" on usual mirrored display on battery power and in clamshell mode.

A few hours ago, I was running many apps in mirrored mood and my air just began to lag so badly after an hour. Expose is slow as well as surfing and clicking. I wondered what happened. Then I plug back power supply and close the lid of Air, hence running in clamshell mode. It then returned to full speed.

Please help explain to me if title is true. It is disturbing to learn that plugging into to ext monitor could lag.

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MacBook Air :: Use It As An External Monitor?

Apr 16, 2012

Is it possible to use a brand new mac book air as an external monitor?

Info:MacBook Air

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OS X :: Lag With External Monitor From MacBook Air?

Dec 1, 2010

I have my MacBook Air hooked up to a 46" HDTV so that I can play games on the big screen.

Problem is, I notice a slight lag with the mouse when looking around in the game on the big screen.

When I look at the game from my MacBook Air there is no lag with the mouse.

I heard theres a mode called "clamshell" that would fix this but don't know where to find it or enable it.

Info on fixing the lag from the big screen so that games could be playable when watching from the big screen.

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MacBook Air :: External Monitor Flickering?

Aug 31, 2009

So, I replace my MacBook Air Rev. A for a Rev. C (2.13, 128 SSD). I'm more than happy with the performance increase, not so with the graphics.

I got the lines. They do not bother me, as you can hardly seen them. However, I use the MacBook at the office, hooked to a 17" VGA monitor (Viewsonic 1280x1024, 75 Hz) with the Apple VGA-MiniDisplayPort adapter. I never had any problems with my old Macbook Air, but now I'm seeing flickering and I think the display is not as sharp as before.

If I use the computer in clam shell, only with the external, the flickering goes away. Also, I haven't detected any flickering if I boot in Windows 7 (although I haven't used it much).

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MacBook Air :: How Do Set Up An External Monitor

Feb 2, 2012

how do i set up an external monitor for my macbook air? I want to be able to view different content on the external monitor, than what is on my mac screen.

MacBook Air

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How To Set Up External Monitor For Macbook Air

Jun 17, 2012

How to use the external monitor with the lid of the macbook air shut? Each time I close the lid of my macbook air the external monitor also goes off.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Air :: External Monitor/frame Rate?

Mar 6, 2008

'm using my MBA to watch movies on my fullhd TV.

I use the dvi interface to connect to it at 1920 x 1080.

The problem is about the frame rate that after 10 / 15 minutes of flawless palying, drops consistently. I've tried VLC and QT with Perian but the problem is the same.

The only way I can use it, is activate the mirroring function and keep the resolution to 1280 x 800.

The strange fact is that the cpu is quite free and the temperature never goes more than 62 celsius.
I think that the problem could be an overheting of the video adapter. The fan, while I watch movies, is stick to 6200 rpm.

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MacBook Air :: Connecting MBA With External Monitor?

May 30, 2009

I just got a Samsung 2333sw monitor. When I plug into my 128GB SSD Rev B, it automatically uses the samsung as 2nd monitor. The screen is fully covered.

But when I select mirror (using the samsung as primary screen and turned the brightness of my MBA to the lowest), the samsung LCD picture is not clear and the screen is like 4:3.

Does this means that MBA can't support ext LCD as primary screen at 1080 resolution?

How about for those who has the new Apple 24" Cinema display? Can you use that as primary screen?

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MacBook Air :: Close It While Running An External Monitor?

Mar 10, 2012

I'd like to drive a 27" external monitor, using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Can I do this and close the laptop? Macbook Air or Macbook Pro?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: WiFi Slow Down When External Monitor Connected?

Jan 4, 2009

Did any of you experienced this ? My WiFi slows down or even stops working when external monitor is connected (via the big connector, don't remember it's name, DMI or something like that). Air Rev A, 1.6.

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MacBook Air :: External Monitor Don't Work

Mar 16, 2009

Just bought a new monitor and hooked it up to my MBA. Screen saver looks fine but the page is displayed off screen far left and the cursor is not visible at all. Works fine with my Powerbook so I don't think it's a monitor problem. Are there settings which could be wrong?

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MacBook Air :: MBA External Monitor/dvi Cable?

Mar 28, 2009

I hook up a Samsung LCD to my MBA via the Mini DVI cable and everything works great. However, when I unhook the cable (regardless of whether the Mac is on/off), the Mac doesn't pick up that it is now only on a single display, when opening apps (say Firefox), and opens them as if they were on the secondary monitor (so I can only see the very left hand edge). I can't imagine that I would need to minimize or drag the window to the MBA display prior to unplugging the cable, every single time...?

The only work around I have been able to find is drop the display resolution to 8x6 and grab the edge of the window and drag it over. I've tried "Detect Displays", restarting and other "tinkering" to no avail.

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MacBook Air :: Can Use An IMac 2009 As External Monitor For A 2010

May 14, 2012

Can I use an iMac 2009 as external monitor for a MacBook Air 2010?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Air :: Running An External Monitor, It Slow Down The Speed Of MBA?

Jan 16, 2008

Since it has built in graphics, will running a 23" ACD slow the rest of the computer? I'm thinking about Photoshop and Flash here. My work computer is a 15" MBP at 2.0 Ghz and I think a drop to 1.6 Ghz wouldn't be so bad if I could use a separate monitor and not see anymore of a performance drop.

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MacBook Air :: Thunderbolt Update Just Kill Ability To Use External Monitor?

Jun 11, 2012

My external monitor stopped working after performing tonight's software updates. 2011 MBA 13inch running 10.7.4. Computer takes 2 minutes to boot to a grey pattern on the MBA and an all blue desktop on my external. Boots fine when I unplug the monitor and reboot.

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PowerPC :: Using G4 With External Monitor (20" Apple Cinema Display)

Aug 25, 2008

My friend has a PowerBook G4 and he wants to connect it with an external 20" Apple Cinema display. His friend told him it was not possible to connect it, but I am not certain if this information is correct. He asked me to help advise him on this, but unfortunately I don't know enough about Apple hardware to give him the information he is looking for. I am wondering if anyone happens to know the answer on this.

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Waking Monitor / While Using External Monitor

Jun 27, 2009

I have a 22" Dell external monitor on my MBP. I know that I just close the cover to my MBP to shut off the screen. What do I do in those instances that I want to use both screens? There has to be something simpler than restarting the MBP?

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MacBook Pro :: Detects An External Monitor But No Display On The Monitor?

Aug 5, 2009

As said, my current set up is an HDMI - DVI cable (HDMI to monitor and DVI to adapter) and my DVI - mini DisplayPort adapter, everything is connected fine but when I turn on the monitor, it says cable not found... and nothing is displayed on the screen but on the Macbook side of things, it sees the monitor is connected (I can extend the screen and leave the screen) but other than that, it appears I cannot get an image on the monitor, pressing every button on the monitor does not work either.

Any other information that may seem necessary, let me know. I tried clearing my PRAM and clearing the power and such but nothing seems to work.

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OS X :: MBP To External Monitor/mac Image On The External Monitor Is Cut Off?

Dec 12, 2009

I've hooked up my Macbook Pro 2009 to my external monitor and everything works. The issue is the mac image on the external monitor is cut off like I can't see the white top bar. Any solutions to fix this issue?

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IMac :: External Monitor - Bad Mouse Tracking When External Monitor Off?

Jan 9, 2010

I have a 27" i7. I have a 24" DVI Montior hooked up to it via MDP->DVI adaptor. When the 24" Monitor is on, everything is fine. When I turn the monitor off, the magic mouse tracking on the 27" screen stutters. I am not kidding - it took me ages to figure out that to fix I either need to turn the other monitor on OR disconnect the MDP->DVI adaptor.

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MacBook :: Using External Monitor With New MB (2.4GHz)/monitor Sleep?

Oct 16, 2008

I picked up a new MacBook yesterday and I noticed a weird issue when coming out of "monitor sleep" mode, not regular sleep mode.

When I move the mouse, the external monitor shows what you see in the picture, kinda like a TV with no signal. The MacBook screen works fine so what I just do is unplug and re-plug in the DVI plug and everything is good again.

My 24 inch Dell monitor worked fine with my M1330 and other computers so I know it's not that. Does anyone have the same issue or maybe give me some light on this?

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MacBook Air :: Syncing MBA With PC?

Jan 31, 2012

Can I synch my MacBook Air with my PC other than wirelessly. Currently, I use my PC as the main tool for synching my IPAD and IPhone 4, but the MacBook Air doesn't come with a plug that will allow this to happen.

MacBook Air

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ICloud :: Reminders Not Syncing On My MacBook Air

Apr 21, 2012

Have just moved from MobileMe to iCloud. iCal is syncing properly across iMac and iPhone, but not Air. Similar problems with Address Book. Express Lane "help" was unhelpful - suggested I phone Apple Care. The warranty on my Air is probably long up. Asked if they would help anyway as I've just upgraded to Lion.

Info:iMac, MacBook, iPhone, Mac OS X (10.6.1)

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MacBook Air :: Syncing Iphone 3G And MBA With Bluetooth

Nov 13, 2009

i am using macbook air and i wanna sync my iphone 3g by using bluetooth. But it seems i cant connect it. From Iphone , how do u send a pictures or music using bluettooth to my MBA or other mobile phone?

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ITunes :: Fully Syncing IPhone/MacBook Air?

May 6, 2012

I have had an iPhone for quite sometime and had iTunes on an old Windows laptop. About a week ago now, I purchased a MacBook Air and am now using this instead of my old laptop. But I am having trouble syncing everything, I'm clearly doing something wrong but I can't work out what it is. I have plugged my iPhone into the MacBook and I understand that pressing sync simply won't work, as it will try and put everything from this iTunes onto my iphone, thereby removing my iPhone stuff. I was told to click "Check for available downloads" but this just tries to download one silly app I got ages ago - nothing since then. It will just list this one download.The way I had imagined it would work, is that I press "Check for available downloads", this would bring everything to iTunes and then I can sync but obviously this is not the case.

MacBook Air (11-inch Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Air :: ITunes On Time Capsule And Syncing (IPod)

Mar 21, 2008

Has anyone put their entire iTunes or iPhoto libraries on Time Capsule to work with their MBAs? When I plug in an iPod to sync, would iTunes automatically find the media folders (both music and photo)? I assume the same could be asked for those who use an external HDD connecting to the AirPort Extreme after the software update.

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Hardware :: Apple 2001 Studio Monitor - Fomac Monitor?

Jul 12, 2009

I have a macbook pro from 2007, and I just popped into a tagsale and picked up one 2001 Mac Studio Monitor and a 2001 Fomac Gallery monitor.. So I was hoping to use the monitors with my laptop because the small screen on this laptop is KILLING me, and i'm not yet prepared (financially) to get a powermac.. Paid $10 for both of them..

my issue right now is, the monitor's cable doesnt match the input on my compuer. I need a ACD DVI clip cable.. Now, i looked them up and the price is $100! Call me naive, but i had no clue a connector cable would ever cost that much..

So basically, I am curious if there was a different option to get this to work with my computer OR if there is a place to get a used or "extra" cable

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Hardware :: Powerbook With Broken Monitor - Force Boot To External Monitor?

Jan 31, 2010

I have a G4 powerbook with an LCD that only displays the top 25% of the screen. I've been using an external monitor with it just fine. Today, I reinstalled the OS and ran into a problem. The main OSX startup menu (you know, where it asks for your location, timezone, personal info, etc) is prompting me for information, and I can't see the forms to fill them in! The external monitor defaults to "extended" as opposed to "mirrored", and the forms are embedded, meaning I can't drag them over to my external monitor. Obviously, if I can't fill out these forms and get to the desktop, the laptop is completely useless.

Does anyone know how to force the external monitor to be "mirrored" from startup? Is there a keycommand?

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OS X :: Monitor Suddenly Goes Completely White / External Monitor Goes Black

Jul 30, 2005

I have been using the latest macbook pro 13.3" since April 2010. Over the last week the monitor suddenly goes completely white and the external monitor goes black. The laptop becomes unresponsive although the programmes opened continue running (e.g a skype voice call would continue without interruption although the monitor is all white).

The only solution at the moment is to press the turn off button for a few seconds then switch the laptop on again. It will then work normally until for no apparent reason this happens again.

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OS X :: External Monitor As Only Monitor With Laptop/software For Customization?

Nov 9, 2008

Is there a way to use my external monitor as my only monitor when connected to my mbp? Or, can i clone my display, but at separate resolutions? I am able to do this on windows with nvidia software, is there software that allows further customization?

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MacBook Air :: Does Apple Retail Carry The Fully Upgraded 11" Air?

Dec 17, 2010

Does anyone know if Apple Retail stores carry the fully upgraded 11" Macbook Air (128 GB SSD, 1.6 GHz C2D & 4 GB of RAM)?

I could give my local store a call, but.. I'm lazy (and its also 6AM in the morning right now).

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MacBook Air :: Apple MC505LL/A 11.6in MacBook Air 1.4GHz 2GB 64GB SSD

Nov 29, 2010

MacMall via eBay has the ultraportable Apple MC505LL/A 11.6in MacBook Air w/ 1.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 11.6in LED, 2GB, 64GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 320M Integrated, 802.11n, Bluetooth,

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MacBook Air :: Vintage (rainbow) Apple Logo On My Air (pictures & Review)?

May 27, 2009

I did this on my white MacBook last year, but that was A LOT of work due to removing the LCD display to apply the rainbow insert. This time www.icolours.ca offers transparent stickers that nearly fits over the Apple logo which makes it A LOT eaiser to apply. It looks GREAT and took no time to do. I ordered 3 stickers incase I screw it up, but I didn't. I use a Speck case to protect the Air and keeps it looking NEW, I recommend it to everyone. I did it at my desk at work. The pictures are taken with my iPhone.

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MacBook Air :: Apple Logo Color Change On Air?

Sep 6, 2008

Has anyone attempted to remove the LCD? If I get the Air I like to do this to the Apple logo. I did it on my MacBook and I love it.

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