OS X :: Slow Internet On Mac - Fast On PC

Apr 6, 2009

The internet has bee moving slowly on my 24" imac. I'm using a wireless connection that is only a few feet from my computer. (my own network) The web moves slow on both safari and firefox. Google taking long to load up, a google search loading slowly, facebook taking a couple of minutes. My girlfriend used the same wireless network on her Dell Vostro laptop using internet explorer and it moves lighting fast. (The internet connection is cable high speed 7.5 mbps).

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Internet?how To Make It Fast?

Aug 6, 2010

Been months and issue is still the same, why does my desktop work blazing fast online from browsing to loading streaming videos etc. And my Macbook Pro can't, its a little slower browsing online which I can put up with but youtube, rottentomatoes, basically any streaming type site sucks. And it doesn't matter whether it's by wireless or connected directly by ethernet. It just buffers like every 15 seconds (does the samething on Safari and Chrome). I mean before my 4 year old HP laptop died it could load videos on those same sites almost instantly with no buffering.

I have a friend with an Imac that does the same thing, and a buddy brought over his MBP 15 and same thing happened like at his house, and I showed him how fast the desktop is in comparison.

I just moved to a new condo, have high speed internet from Comcast, and its def not the internet since the desktop works perfect. Any ideas on what to do as I use this MBP more being I carry it around the place and its so irritating knowing how quicker my desktop is, and that desktop is 2 years old.

I've tried different DNS etc and that helped a little bit (was a lot worse before) but still sucks, this is what I have inputted from this forum under DNS servers:

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Power Mac G5 :: Slow Boot Up - How To Make Internet Fast

Oct 4, 2007

I have a very slow boot-up & internet is slow. I have cable dsl

powerpc g5
Mac OS X (10.4.6)

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Hardware :: Slow Wireless Internet/how To Make Fast?

Jan 27, 2008

After running an internet speed test I find that my download speed is only running at 1MBps, despite paying for 5 MBps. The upload speed was as advertised at 500 KBps. So after firing off a nasty e-mail to my ISP (DOH!) I try to troubleshoot the problem. Lo and behold, if I plug the notebook in directly to the cable modem it runs at 5MBps! Is there some internal setting either in the computer or router that is slowing me down? FYI I am purchasing the .n technology soon with time capsule and a new iMac...but this old notebook won't handle it.

the details:
PowerBook G4
1.5 GHz
1.5 MB Ram

Airport Extreme Basestation 802.11.g speed

Cable Modem running at 5MBps

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OS X :: Slow Internet On Wired Connection - Fast Wireless On Same Network

Jul 15, 2009

My Internet has just been upgraded from 2MB/s to 10MB/s. To confirm the upgrade I have used [URL:...] to test my upload/download speeds with Firefox and Safari. I have 2 computers on my network which consists of a cable modem connected to a white airport base station with 128 bit WEP encryption in 802.11 b/g compatible mode. The 2 computers are a dual 2.8 ghz MacPro which is wired directly into the Airport base station by Ethernet and an iMac 1.83 Intel core 2 duo. The much faster MacPro only achieves a download speed of 5.5MB/s over its wired connection while the slower iMac achieves 9.8MB/s - very close to the advertised speed over its wireless connection. These are consistent speeds not one offs so I am wondering why the difference? The MacPro is my main machine so I'd like to have the best speed possible on that. What can I try?

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OS X :: YouTube Really Slow / How To Make Fast

Jul 28, 2008

heres the problem, anything on youtubes site or embedded is extremely slow to load, i mean about 10 minutes for a 1 minute video.

the rest of my internet is running at about 280k.

the problem started about 3 days ago, and i have tested it at various times day and night.

(i am using safari on leopard 10.5.3, and get the same issue on a mac running tiger)

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OS X :: Fast On One Mac Slow On Another? Same WiFi Network

Apr 1, 2010

I have two Macs that I use in my apartment on the same WiFi network. The network is made with my Apple Airport Extreme router. The problem is, on the iMac (2009), internet works perfectly. I checked on speedtest, it is just as it should be! On the Macbook Pro (2006), it is horrible. It may take up to half an hour to load a 4 minute YouTube video, a minute to load a page, etc. The WiFi connection on both is 4/4. I have done a software update for both of them recently.

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Boot - How To Make Fast

Dec 18, 2010

I have a 2008 2,4 MBP and I have a problem with it. I was using snow leopard and everything was going fine for a few months. Then suddenly, it froze on the desktop at the opening. After few minutes, and command+ctrl+Shift+esc, and a few prayers it sometimes came ok.

I got tired of that and decided to format my hard drive and reinstall osx. I had to do it 3 times before it worked. Then I installed the updates and BANG! New problem! Now it was booting for 6 minutes before I see the desktop.

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OS X :: Slow Ethernet Connection - How To Make Fast

Mar 21, 2008

I am running an Ethernet (hardwired) connection from my Comcast modem to a Netgear WNR834B v.2 router then to my iMac 20" 2.16Ghz (previous white version)'s Ethernet port. I did this because I have been experiencing slow connection and frequent drop-outs (gets disconnects frequetnly when playing WC3). Now that the same problem still exists when using this wired setup. Whenever I open up Safari and go to a webpage , the page hangs while loading, and it will take about 10~20 seconds to get the page fully loaded with pictures and everything else. If I unplug the Ethernet cable that goes to the iMac from the router, and then plug it into the modem (so that my iMac is connected to the modem directly), the connection speed is blazing fast, and the webpages would fully load in no time. Therefore I am wondering what might be the cause of the slow Ethernet connection? Is it my router since that connection speed is super fast when connecting to the modem directly?

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 Really Slow/how To Make Fast?

Jul 20, 2008

I got a white iMac G5 about a year ago. Everything has been working fine until recently when I started to notice that its REALLY SLOW. What I mean by this is that whenever I try to open an application, load my widgets or basically do anything, it is really slow and Im seeing A LOT of beach balls. Just as i started typing in the title for this tread, it gave me a beachball. This computer is not that old so it should still be running smoothly.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

btw: I have 1GB of RAM, but it still operate really slow when I only have a few application open.

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OS X :: Slow Surfing Speed But BitTorrent Is Fast

Nov 15, 2008

I think there's something wrong with my Mac. The surfing speed for web pages can be extremely slow, even when I checked bittorrent download speeds to be above 25kbps. Even for webpages like major sites like amazon.com and flickr. Any ideas if there's any setting I need to tweak. I've tried different browsers and it's still the same.

Here are some extra info:
- Max possible download speed 800kbps
- Torrenting and downloading at same time. I download small items so torrent speed is typically around 25kbps
- One other user in network. I'm using WiFi on a Buffalo router, and cable modem.
Problem starts after surfing for a while. Maybe 10-20 minutes after logging into the network.

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OS X :: Slow Boot Times - How To Make It Fast

Jun 16, 2009

Recently my macbook slowed down during it's initial boot process. It now takes 42 seconds just for the apple logo to appear. Finally after 1:20 I'm at the desktop. I can certainly live with this but am just curious as to why all of a sudden the initial process has basically doubled (getting to the apple logo).

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OS X :: Finder Is Slow And Non Responsive - How To Make Fast

Jul 8, 2009

When I open up my finder, and try to search through files with my mouse, i will click on a folder with my mouse and the sub folders will not show up. It looks like they don't exist. BUT when I use my up and down arrows to search through the files, everything works great. The files show up immediately.

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OS X :: Slow Wireless (about 3Mbps) - Fast Ethernet

Sep 11, 2009

The wireless on my mbp is really slow most of the times -- about 3Mbps. I get 13 Mbps via ethernet. (speedtest.net) A windows machine connected to the same network gets 13 Mbps on wireless as well as ethernet. Even my iphone gets 12 Mbps. I guess this rules out problems with the router (DLink DI-524 with WEP). Tried OpenDNS servers, no change. Also tried disabling file/internet sharing, Ipv6.

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OS X :: Final Cut Pro 7 Runs Slow - How To Make It Fast

Feb 15, 2010

Iv installed a cracked version of FCP7 and once it is up and running it runs very slowly and after closing down FCP7 my mac runs very slow but if i re-start my mac it is as fast as ever untill i start up FCP7 again. i dont think there is anything wrong with the program but more that there is something wrong with my mac (my ignorance).

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Shutdown - How To Make It Fast

Apr 4, 2010

when i used to shutdown it took all of 6 seconds, it went to a blue screen then shut down

but since about a week ago its been taking almost 15 seconds and when the blue screen comes up a loading circle appears at the bottom

2.4 GHZ core 2 duo


250 Gb HDD (i have 105 gb of free space)

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Windows On Mac :: Slow 7 Boot In Bootcamp / How To Make It Fast

Dec 15, 2010

The boot of Windows 7 on my Macbook takes ages.

To solve this problem I've read that you have to install some thing: [URL]

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MacBook Air :: MBA And YouTube Videos Are Slow/make Fast?

Apr 7, 2008

When watching Videos on youtube longer then 10 min my 1.6/80 MBA slows down to a crawl, its driving me bananas for $2k Canadian this thing should work like a charm.

My Ipod Touch has no problems with the same videos on Youtube.

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Mac Pro :: Backups...time Machine Slow - How To Make Fast

Oct 31, 2009

I am finding time machine too slow and i am looking at super duper or carbon copy cloner has anyone used either of these programs ,are they better than time machine

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MacBook :: Fast Download Speed But Very Slow Browsing?

Jun 21, 2010

I'm not sure if many others have found this problem but my internet has been suffering recently.

I took a speed test on speedtest.net which stated that my download speed was 9.7mbps which is what I'm paying for, but still my browsing speed is ridiculously slow on all websites.

I've tried using firefox and chrome but they all seem to be having the same problem.

I am connected by ethernet as airport has full connection but can't seem to load anything. I have also tried to configure my ethernet connection manually as i read that this would help the issue.

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OS X :: Browsers Won't Load Pages / How To Use Fast Internet

Dec 1, 2010

Today, I've been having a lot of problems re: browsers loading pages. Sometimes, it'll load them partially/mostly, but images won't load. Other times, Safari/Chrome/Firefox will redirect me to Google. Still other times, the browser will say it can't reach the server.

I've tried restarting, repair permissions, and emptying the cache, and restarting the browsers many, many times. Usually one/some combination of these things will fix the problem temporarily, but it keeps coming back. Additionally, no matter how many times I repair permissions, problems crop up in System/Library/Java and System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework .

I've just redownloaded the Java Update 3 for 10.6, and I'm installing it now. I don't know if that'll fix it, but I'll update if it does. I'm running 10.6.5. The only thing I've noticed that changed before this problem started happening was my update to Safari 5.0.3. I have an aluminum iMac.

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Hardware :: Airport Extreme - Fast Internet

Dec 21, 2008

I'm thinking about purchasing an airport extreme and replacing my current wireless router. So I'm wondering, would my internet be any faster? Right now I am on a belkin wireless router thats about 4 - 5 years old. So if you were in my position would you purchase the airport extreme?

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Torrent/download Speed - How To Make It Fast

Aug 31, 2010

I recently purchased my first Mac computer, a MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I receive free internet included in my apartment rent, and I don't use a router, instead I simply plug into the wall. I previously used a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista and there was no problems. I am not very knowledgeable about computers really, especially when it comes to the internet. I need advice on how to speed my downloads, but speak to me like you would 2 y/o.

I can't seem to find anything that applies to me or I can understand. I'm currently using Transmission for torrents and Safari for browsing, but my general internet connection outside of downloads seems to be fine.

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Hardware :: Magic Mouse - Slow And Fast Tracking Ability

Dec 17, 2010

New to macs. My magic mouse is different from what I am used to. My issue is the tracking speed. When I move the mouse slowly the cursor on screen moves slowly. If I make a quick motion with the mouse the cursor goes and moves much faster and farther while covering the same amount of area on the mouse pad as when I was going slow. Its hard to explain but its the one experience about the mac I do not like. My wifes iMac has a Logitech RX1500 and it works perfect. Moves exactly the same as my old PC razer mouse used to. Does the Magic Mouse have the ability for slow and fast tracking depending on how fast or slow I move the mouse? Can I turn this feature off? Its making bejeweled 3 annoying as well as World of Warcraft.

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Hardware :: Slow Ethernet And Very Fast Wifi? / Using Time Capsule

Dec 1, 2009

I'm facing a very misterious issue with my internet connection, using a Time Capsule; If I use a network cable to connect to the Time Capsule, the connection to the internet is very slow (Maxes at 2mbit, never more). If use a wifi connection to connect to the same Time Capsule, internet is flawlessly fast, reaching well over 80Mbit.

I checked and the ip is always the same, the downloads are the same, at the same time. Even trying with 2 computers (a Macbook and an iMac) (one over wifi, one on ethernet cable) the one using wifi can download stuff way faster. If I switch connections the one using wifi is always faster.

I use DHCP for both ethernet and wifi on the same local network, all the machines can see each other, it's just the internet connection that becomes so slow when using ethernet. The local network as as fast as a gigabit connection allows. The Time Capsule has the latest firmware installed, and has no problems at all besides this internet issue.

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OS X :: Internet Works Fast When Connected Via Ethernet Cable

Jan 10, 2010

I just got the new macbook, with snow leopord, and is running on 10.6.2. My internet is really slow when I connect it to my linksys router. It is a wrt54g router. And I am using a WPA2 password. The internet works fine with the three other laptops in my house. But is slow when I connect with wireless to the router. But when I connect to the router with a ethernet cable it works really fast.

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MacBook Pro :: Slow Loading Of Internet Upon Starting An Internet Browser

Apr 28, 2012

I have a macbook pro and have recently noticed that when initially loading any of, google chrome, firefox or safari it takes a very long time for the internet to load the webpages.

It says that there is a full wireless connection but will not load the webpage.

Once the webpage has finally loaded after about a minute, subsequent browsing is as fast as can be expected upon my broadband connection, loading pages in <1s.

However the problem reappears whenever I open a new window, or anything else that might use the internet such as the app store, itunes or apple software update. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Webpage Loading Very Slow / Slow Internet Or CPU Speed?

Oct 30, 2010

Is there a way to tell which one is slow, if anything is going slow? I have an extremely old PC which is normally ok for most things, but gets bogged down if I am doing too many things.I was so annoyed with our national real estate site after they changed the format that I wrote a letter once a long time ago.. and I was ready to let them have it again, listing all the reasons why it is so bad and so much worse than the original.

Today for the first time, I accessed the site (mls.ca) using my new iMac. It was like lightening speed, comparatively speaking.Wow, suddenly I knew why the mls people hadn't changed their new format.But then I started going to other sites.. like airmiles.ca for example, and it was slow as heck... and stalling.. etc.
How would I be able to tell whether it is an internet slowness or the computer being slow?

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ITunes :: Beach Ball Mania - System Is Slow / How To Make It Fast

Nov 23, 2009

My iTunes 9.02 has become slow and wonky. Tons of Beach Ball. Running OSX 10.6.2 on a 3Ghz Quad Mac Pro and have about 8000 items in the library.

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Hardware :: AEBS Dual Band Slow With IPhone - How To Make It Fast

Mar 20, 2010

I've been trying to troubleshoot this and have yet to find a good configuration. I have the dual band extreme (not the latest) with the following wifi devices:

2 Apple TV's
MacBook Pro
Two Airport Express's (joined to extreme for remote ethernet connections)
2 iPhone 3GS's

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