OS X :: Partitioned NTFS External Hdd - One Partition Is Not Recognizing

Oct 6, 2010

I have just bought an iMac after being a die-hard PC user for many years and am just getting to know my way around.

My old NTFS hard drive (salavaged from my old PC and in an external hard drive caddy) has two partitions but when I plug it in to transfer my data, it only recognises one of the partitions? (unfortunately the smaller, less useful one. Of course.

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OS X :: Using External Drive With HFS Partition And NTFS Partition?

Feb 12, 2009

I am trying to format my external drive to have (2) partitions. A NTFS for backing up my Windows computer and a HFS for backing up my MacBook Pro.

This is what ive tried:

1.) Create 2 partitions on my Mac in Disk Utility. 1 partition HFS, 1 partition FAT32. After doing this both show up in OSX but neither one shows up in WinXP. I was hoping the FAT32 would show up in WinXP so I can convert it to NTFS.

2.) Create 2 partitions in WinXP using Disk Management. 1 partition is NTFS and 1 is FAT32. Connected the drive to my MBP and both partitions mounted in Finder. I then opened Disk Utility and tried to "Erase" the FAT32 partition to HFS. The process seemed to be working but then it changed the name of the partition to disk1s1 and nothing else. The partition doesnt mount in Finder or WinXP.

3.) Create 2 partitions in WinXP using Disk Managment. Both partitions as NTFS. Connected to MBP and both partitions mounted in Finder. Opened Disk Utility and tried to "Erase" one of the NTFS systems to HFS. Same thing happen as #2, renamed the partition but didnt do anything else. The partition doesnt show up in Finder or WinXP.

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OS X :: Partition External Hard Drive - HFS Or NTFS

Jul 22, 2009

I have a WD 640GB External drive and i would like to partition some for time machine and some for storing my files. i just have some questions:

1) If i partition the drive into 2, in the future can i join the two partitions together again?
2) does the whole external drive have to have the same file system like HFS or NTFS or can one partition be HFS + for time machine and the other partition NTFS to make it readable on windows?

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OS X :: Make A Os Extended Partition On An NTFS Drive (external)?

Mar 25, 2009

so I have about 60 gigs free on my windows 320GB external. It is currently NTFS formatted. Is there a way I can allocate some of that free space to function as a mac formatted drive.I've tried googling this for a long time and all I can find is the reverse of what I want to do.my specs/capabilities:I 24 inch imac bought new this month.which is supposed to translate as: 10.5.6, 4GB of ram, 2.66GHz core 2 duo)I have the whole fuse thing working, but disk management won't give me the format option...is there a program for this? or some kind of tricky business I need to do?n

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MacBook Pro :: Modify(delete,paste) The Contents On The External Hard Disk That Has An NTFS Partition?

Mar 18, 2012

How can i modify(delete,paste) the contents on the external hard disk that has an NTFS partition?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X :: Using Boot Camp Assistant - How To Make Partition And Restore Partitioned Hdd

Apr 23, 2009

I have a partitioned hard drive taking up space (30.9 GB's) on my computer, but when i try to run boot camp assistant to remove it, it refuses to open, saying it can't create a partition, nor restore a partitioned hard drive to the main hard drive.

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MacBook Air :: The Startup Disk Cannot Be Partitioned Or Restored To A Single Partition

May 28, 2012

As soon as I start the Bootcamp assistant I get this message on the screen that asks for download of the windows support files - ie right at the start.The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition. The startup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume or already partitioned by Boot Camp Assistant for installing Windows.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: How To Make BootCamp Partition In NTFS

Nov 15, 2010

I am trying to Install Windows 7 on my macbook pro (mid-2009) and during the beginning of installation, it says that windows 7 cannot install on the boot camp partition because its not NTFS. So I had to cancel installation. Anyone know how to Make boot camp assistant partition in NTFS? or in any way so I can install windows 7?

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OS X :: Deleted NTFS Partition - Any Way To Restore?

Aug 14, 2008

I was trying out to test if I might want to use OSX since I was always using Windows XP, but apparently I did some stupid things while I was on OSX. I wanted to expand my OSX partition but I couldn't do the typical dragging to adjust the size, so I pressed on the + button on disk utility and my windows partition became 2 equal partitions. But that wasn't what I wanted so what I did was to click - and not sure that that was an actual confirmation for deletion, I clicked the button to Doom! So now, I'm left with a single Mac partition with the rest of HDD in free space condition. I didn't create a new partition or read or write to the sector. The question is, thus, if there is anyway to restore or undelete that partition that was so unfortunate?

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Windows On Mac :: NTFS Partition Shows Up As HFS+

Feb 5, 2010

I'm working on an iMac that has Vista (yuck!) installed on the hard drive. When I boot up and external with OSX, the internal partition is not recognized by Finder. Disk Utility claims its HFS+ but will not mount it. When I boot the machine with GParted, it also claims the partition is HFS+. It looks like Vista was installed over the OSX partition and the GUID still thinks its HFS+. Is there a way to correct this so that it shows up as NTFS? I would like to use GParted or WinClone to back up the partition.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Format A Partition To NTFS

Jul 12, 2010

On my MacBook i am having a little trouble actually installing windows on a bootcamp partition. When installing XP it just installs and then when i boot into the partition it just says 'disk error press any key to reboot' and when i try to install windows 7 it says i cant because it needs to be NTFS formatted, so how can i format it to NTFS?

How do i format a bootcamp partition to NTFS?

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OS X :: Shrinking HFS To Make NTFS Partition Bigger

Sep 8, 2009

All I want to do is simply shrink the size of my HFS+ partition and make my NTFS partition bigger. I tried CampTune but it doesn't detect my hard drive (common problem). I'm going to try iPartition soon. In Windows, resizing partitions was a snap. Doesn't seem to be that easy in OS X for some reason.

I was gonna try Disk Utility but it says that it may make my Boot Camp partition unbootable. I don't really want to take a chance. I just made my HFS+ partition smaller in boot camp, but it won't let me touch my NTFS partition. I'm thinking about going into Windows 7 and using Disk Management to extend the NTFS partition.

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OS X :: How To Get NTFS Partition Option With Disk Utility

Dec 3, 2009

I just bought a 1TB Lacie d2 Quadra and want to partition it in 2 partitions. As said in the instructions, if you want more than 32 GB on my "PC" partition I need to use Mac's disk utility. The thing is I don't have the option to partition in NTFS, only MAC OS extended (journaled, etc..) and FAT32. But I need a lot more than 32 GB for my PC stuff. Now how can I do that? I need to backup some stuff from my Windows XP (bootcamp) really soon! And I want to be able to plug it in another PC and be able to transfer both ways. How can I get the NTFS partition option with disk utility? or is there other softwares for that? In all what I want is about 500 GB for MAC and 500 GB for PC (NTFS)!

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OS X :: Formatted NTFS Partition Doesn't Show Up

Dec 16, 2009

I have an Intel-based system that I have already repartitioned to give me 40GB for OSX. I am using a disk by the name of "iAKTOAS" or something like that. I have already gone through Disk Utility to try and format my unused partition, but it doesn't show up.

-How can I partition that "free" partition in Windows XP?
-What program should I use to do this, preferably free?
-How is the MBR going to work? How should I set the system up to allow me to choose from XP or OSX?
-What else do I need to know about OSX "Journaled", "Extended", or just "OSX"?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Format NTFS Partition Using Bootcamp

Apr 9, 2010

Mac Pro 10.6.3

Boot Camp Assistant 3.0.1

Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit version)

After trying to install Windows 7 on a 32 GB partition using Boot Camp Assistant, I received an error message saying that Windows 7 needs to be installed on a partition formatted as NTFS.

How do I format the Windows 7 partition as NTFS?

The steps outlined by Boot Camp Assistant don't seem to include an option
to format a partition as NTFS.

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OS X :: Windows Partition Not Recognizing Mac Installation Disc?

Jul 22, 2009

I have just installed a windows vista partition on my 17 inch macbook pro and when I insert the mac osx installation dvd in order to install the mac drivers the on the windows partition the d drive shows that something has been inserted but the cd has no name and whenever I try to click on it says nothing is on the cd. However when I insert the dvd in the mac osx partition it reads the dvd fine. Why is this? There is a scratch on the dvd but what difference would it make if the mac partition is reading it fine?

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Windows On Mac :: XP Partition Not Recognizing Mouse Or Keyboard

Aug 15, 2010

So I've got windows running fine on my IMac, problem is that for one reason or another, I can't use any mouse or keyboards. On startup, when I hold the option key to choose which OS I want to use they work. When I'm using the Mac OS they work. I've even tried using my microsoft mouse, it doesn't work either. I was told that after installing the operating system I had to insert the mac osx installation disk so that bootcamp could install the drivers (at this point the mouse/keyboard was working). After everything was installed I restarted like I was supposed to, but when windows xp started up again no mouse or keyboard would work. I've tried my wireless apple keyboard, my wired apple keyboard, my wireless apple mouse and my wired apple mouse and nothing works.

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Windows On Mac :: Bootable BootCamp (NTFS) And OS X Partition Backup

Jan 12, 2010

I have a MacBook Pro from the summer of 2008 that I wish to create a backup for. I partitioned the hard drive to have both an OSX Journaled Partition for 10.5 and an NTFS partition for Windows XP Pro SP3. I wish to create a bootable backup for this computer onto an external USB drive. (e.g. if I remove the internal hard drive, except for the speed difference, I should not notice a difference). How is this done? Most copying programs don't seem to make the NTFS partition bootable, and any mix-and-matching ends up making it go kaput. (I also wish to be able to copy this backup partition back onto an internal SATA drive should the original drive die.) Also, when I press alt at the EFI screen to select boot devices, none of the partitions on my external hard drive appear, even though I made an image of my Windows partition there, which should be bootable.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Create NT Streams Files On Ntfs Partition

Feb 6, 2010

Is there a way to create NT stream files ( ADA-Alternate Data Streams files ) using Mac on NTFS partition ?

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Hardware :: Wanting To Format A Partition From NTFS To FAT32

Mar 19, 2010

i have a 500GB HDD which has two 250GB partitions, one which is working for time machine, and another one for storage, that one for storage is NTFS, so i can just read but not write files, which is very annoying.

Can i just reformat that partition without loosing my time machine files? I already copied the Storage files to my internal HDD, also which is the best format? I want to be able to read/write stuff both on PC and Mac

Is there a way to copy my Time Machine files to my computer, reformat that partition too to FAT32 and pass them back?

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Windows On Mac :: OSX Not Recognize Boot Camp Partition As NTFS

Jul 24, 2010

OSX does not recognize the NTFS partition of Boot Camp Windows 7 I have. It is not mounted in Finder. I went to Disk Utility to see the NTFS partition, the one I installed my Windows 7 on, but it says the format is in MS-DOS(FAT) whereas I clearly see it shows as NTFS on Windows 7. It is also greyed out, named disk0s3.

I tried to verify the disk and it fails as follows:

Verifying volume "disk0s3"
** /dev/disk0s3
Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: fcfcfc
Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click Repair Disk..............

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Partitioned Drive With "Apple Partition Map" But Installer Says That The Disk Is Not Bootable

Feb 29, 2012

I have an external drive hooked up to an eMac.  The plan is to install 10.5 on the drive, and then put the drive into a G4 powerbook. I booted the eMac from the 10.5 retail install disk, partitioned the external drive into 1 partition, with the 'Apple Partition Map' option selected in the options.  But when I go to try to install onto the disk, it has a red X and says that the computer can not boot off of the device so it refuses to install. 

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OS X :: Time Machine And Partitioned External Drives

Dec 8, 2008

I have a 500 gb external that I've been backing up Time Machine onto--I also use the drive to store my movies (about 100 gb and increasing) but I'm getting to the point where time machine is taking over. Apple suggested partitioning my drive--does anyone else think that this will work or is there some other option that I have? I've thought about manually deleting certain Time Machine back ups but hate to have to do that constantly.

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OS X :: Way To Partitioned External Hard Drive In A System

Feb 10, 2009

After a couple of years of lurking around, searching for myself, I finally come out and ask for some help. My questions are intertwined, and I am unsure how to break up what into what. I am lost; forgive me my ignorance.The Scenario: I just got a Mac Box Set, and want to install Leopard.1. A new 400GB Passport. Existing 350GB--relatively new, getting a little glitchy. Only has copies of pix/video data on it.2. One MacMini, one Macbook Pro.3. Would like to backup bootable volumes for both macs.

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OS X :: Can I Setup The External Hard Drive To Be Partitioned

May 13, 2009

1. Can I setup the external hard drive to be partitioned so I can keep photos on one partition and the backup on another? How?

2. Can I hook an external hard drive up to a wireless router and have wireless backups done. It is a Linksys router and has a USB port on the back. Can I? How?

3. If I were to hook up the external hard drive to the router (if possible), can Windows and Mac both view it and access and write files on there.

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Software :: External Drive - Way To Partitioned Internal HD?

May 15, 2008

New iMac (3.06Ghz Nvidia card, 4Gb RAM).I also got 2 Western Digital My Book Studio Edition external HD (1TB & 500GB).Now here's what happened.I installed my new Mac with the software I wanted and partitioned my internal HD to use SuperDuper Sandbox feature for the first time. After all that setup my system was running fine.Now I plug in my external HD's (via FIrewire 800, side Chained together), Leopard asks me if I want to use my 1TB for Time Machine (I say Yes), no to 500GB). My system backed up everything just fine, and I even tested Time Machine for the first time wich was kinda Fun.

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OS X :: How To Make Clon A Partitioned Disc To An External Hard Drive

Aug 24, 2009

I am trying to create a bootable copy of my mac and would like to include the windows XP partition as well. I am planning to install this copy onto multiple CPU's after I have created it on the external HD. Is there a way to copy both partitions onto the external and what should the formatting look like.

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Cannot Unmount Or Erase Partitioned External Hard Drive

Jun 21, 2014

I replaced a 1 TB external drive partiotioned in 2 with a 3 TB extrnal drive run/store my corbon copy cloner back up and time machine.

The 3 TB drive was successfully partitioned through the disk utility and both back ups are installed and the initial back up is complete.

My question is about the 1 TB drive.  I want to completely erase all data from the drive in order to use it for a different use. 

Using disk utility one of the partitions deleted without incident when following the same protocol the second partition produced error messages.

Volume erase failed 

Volume Erase failed with the error:

Couldn’t unmount disk.

If I try to eject the disk

It says it will not eject becaus e a program may be using it...

The only program that utilized this partition is Carbon Copy Cloner which is not being utilized on the new 3TB drive.

I do not see where there is a option to have more than on disk chosen for this purpose so am unsure why the disk utility is seeing the old partion as still in use.

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OS X :: Possible To Move Data From NTFS External HDD To Mac External HDD?

Aug 15, 2010

i just bought myself a shiny Western Digital My Passport Studio Portable, pre-formatted to use Mac file types.Its all working fine with my Macbook Pro, via firewire 800, the only issue I have is getting the 550gb of files I currently have on an old NTFS external drive to the new WD passport?Any advice on the best way? Or any way at all?

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OS X :: Converting 1TB External HDD From Ntfs To Fat?

Nov 29, 2010

Most of my data is stored on a 1TB drive that is currently formatted as ntfs. Do I need to convert this to fat (or fat32?) in order to use it on both machines in the future.

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