MacBook :: Slow Script Warning - Safari No Longer Responds

Mar 12, 2012

While typing this, a slow script warning has popped up 4 times. After making the changes, I get no results. I have gone to Safari > Preferences > Javascript on/off/on again & Deleted cookies all to get further warnings. Popped up 3 more times. The message: Safari is no longer responding because of a script on the webpage "MacBook: Notebooks: Apple Support Communities" [URL]. Do you want to stop running the script, or let it continue?


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Mac Mini :: After Last Update Wired Keyboard Fails - No Longer Responds

Apr 2, 2012

I have a Mac mini (~2008) running Snow Leopard.I updated my software today (haven't done this in probably several months) and immediately afterword, my Apple aluminum wired keyboard no longer responds. (The mouse when attached through the keyboard also no longer responds.)However, the keyboard still functions just fine on a separate MacBook Pro that I have, it just won't work on the Mac Mini. (I tried different USB ports with no difference.)

I wasn't smart enough to write down what upgrades actually occurred prior to my last update, but there were only 4 items (I think one was Safari, one was iTunes).If there are no better ideas, I guess I will have to try a system restore from Time Machine which predates my latest bad "update". I'd rather not have to go there if I don't have to.

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MacBook Air :: Safari Responds Slowly Or Not At All

Apr 16, 2012

Safari responds slowly or not at all

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), One month old

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Deleting Files No Longer Sends To Trash But Deletes Permanently With 'cannot Undo' Warning?

May 19, 2012

For some reason, now when I delete or try to drag files/folders to trash, I get warning message 'This item will be deleted immediately. You can't undo this action.' And the files do NOT go into trash. Same if I CMD delete. I noticed this when I emptied the Aperture trash, got a warning something about permissions and cannot empty some files. They disappeared from Aperture, but the referenced master files were still in the original folder on my HD.(So I relocated the masters I was keeping, then deleted the remaining, they did not go into the trash but were permanently deleted). I don't recall changing any settings!I checked in Finder > Preferences > Advanced > 'Empty trash securely' is NOT selected.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Safari Keeps Closing Without Warning?

Apr 13, 2012

Safari and other applications like Skype keep closing without warning. What can I do as this is very unconvenient. I got the following message: 

Process:         Safari [1251]
Path:            /Applications/


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MacBook Pro :: Safari Browser Is Blocked By A Virus Warning

Sep 1, 2014

My Safari browser is blocked by a virus warning.  What can I do?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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OS X :: Malware Warning Only On Safari, Wants To Remove!

Jan 9, 2009

Has anyone figured out how to remove the Malware warning from google? My website has been affected by this, but only when using Safari. I have read a few posts, but they have not been super helpful. I called my host company, they see nothing wrong, I looked at the coding, of which I am not an expert, and found nothing wrong.

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OS X :: Getting Malware Warning Popups In Safari 4

Apr 23, 2009

I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but for the past week or so, I've been getting weird popups when going to sites like,,,, and other perfectly safe sites that say something along the lines of "This site may harm your computer." And then when I click "Ignore" I get another popup that says are you sure, and I can't get out of the popup, and then I have to quit Safari.

I'm wondering if I have some kind of trojan or something like that. I'll get a screenshot next time it happens.

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OS X :: Safari Shows Malware Warning When Viewing Website

Feb 21, 2009

I'm getting a page showing this warning when viewing a website in Safari. Doesn't happen in any other browser.

The site is owned by a business that I know to be legitimate.

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Applications :: Safari 4: Suspected Malware Site Warning

Mar 10, 2009

Not sure if this has been reported; a quick search of the forums didn't pop anything.

Safari 4 seems to provide a warning when Google has tagged a website with potential Malware. I don't know if this Malware is Mac or PC but thought it was interesting. I've attached a screenshot to see what I mean.

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Applications :: Safari Popup - Windows Virus Warning

Apr 1, 2010

I know Macs don't get viruses. Here's my issue. I'm running OSX 10.6.3 with Safari 4.0.5. About 5-6 times a day, running Safari, I get the message I'm attaching to this post. It's a fake popup -- obviously fake, because it tells me it's "Windows Internet Security," and gives me a virus warning. The Safari screen behind the image is grayed out, so the message isn't a real popup -- it's part of the screen.


- This occurs on mainstream webpages, including google search results pages, Yahoo, and the Wall Street Journal.

- The only MS products on my computer are Office for Mac apps, which I've had for years w/o problem. They are not running when the problem occurs.

- I can click close on the Safari window (not the red button on the warning) or the back button, and the msg goes away.

- I cannot click on other items on the page when the message is there.

- [edit] Also, I've reset Safari, clearing the cache and the cookies. It's only been happening for about a week, but it happens very frequently now.

Again, I know macs don't get viruses, but does anyone have any helpful suggestions for getting rid of this?

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Applications :: Warning!, Safari Can Record Sound Without Telling

Jul 16, 2010

Today at office we were playing with a little remote helicopter, it was hilarious, in the meanwhile we where browsing on safari, but suddenly Safari stop responding, but hey NO BEACH BALL, and then we started hearing some sound, we thought it was from some flash video on some web page, but then we heard our voices, we were like WTF, and then we heard the helicopter, we were amazed, haha, now safari has new built-in func, "Safari 5 records sounds without telling you", of course we just force quit safari, but wait, it didn't quit, we went to terminal and kill the process..

I just wanted to let you know what just happen to us.

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Applications :: Safari Malware Warning - Xtorrent Blog

Aug 16, 2010

Both Google results and Safari warn that contains malicious software. Does the warning dialog appear for you too?

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostics reveals this: which leads me to believe that third-party advertisers may be responsible for this. The developer David Watanabe is very well respected which is why this warning came as surprise.

Curiosity got the better of me and I browsed at my own risk, now I am extremely paranoid. Here's hoping it's one of those 'Windows things'.

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Applications :: To Disable Safari's Warning When Open Downloaded Files?

Sep 18, 2009

I guess it's a change with Snow Leopard, but now when I download a .nzb file and try to open it I get the warning message that it's 'an unknown application downloaded from the Internet' (which, of course, it is not) and I have to manually open that. A .nzb file is not an app, but an executable file (launches NZB Drop, for me). The fact is I don't think I've ever had the message fire and not want to open it. I'd prefer to just disable it all together.

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Safari :: 5.1.7 - Restore Warning Before Closing Window With Multiple Open Tabs?

Jun 16, 2012

Since downloading version 5.1.7, when I click on the red button to close a window, it closes instantly -- even when the window contains numerous open tabs. The prior version always gave me a "Do you really want to close this window? You have X open tabs." message, which I'd like to restore. I looked in Preferences to no avail.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Safari 5.1 No Longer Support Some Websites

Sep 8, 2014

Some web site no longer support Safari 5.1 is there an upgrade I can get or use?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Macbook: Safari Is No Longer Responding Because Of A Script

Apr 9, 2012

Safari is no longer responding because of a script on the webpage “iGoogle” [URL]. Do you want to stop running the script, or let it continue? (or any other webpage) What is happening? Am on macbook OS 10.5.8 java enabled.

Macbook (2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo), Mac OS X (10.5.8), beware Macbook Air

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MacBook Pro :: My Safari Force Quitting Is No Longer An Option

May 13, 2012

What can I do and why has this happened?

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MacBook Pro :: Safari No Longer Works After Upgrade To OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

Jun 1, 2014

Reset does not work. Turning off extensions and plug-ins does not work.

Safari simply does not load pages after 10.9.3 upgrade even though Firefox works fine.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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OS X Mavericks :: IMac So Slow - Taking Longer Than 3 Minutes To Boot

Aug 24, 2014

I have a mid 2011 27" iMac that is taking longer than 3 minutes to boot. I've tried turning off everything in the start up menu, but that hasn't worked. In one of the other questions like this, Linc, I believe said to go to terminal and post to questions the output showed up in Text edit, and I have posted them below:

Step 1:
Loaded kernel extensions:
com.logmein.driver.LogMeInSoundDriver (1.0.3)  
Loaded user agents:

[Code] ....

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

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Mac Pro :: Screen Distorts And Pixelated - Nothing Responds

Mar 4, 2008

I've had two crashes (really weird ones) since I got my mac pro 3 weeks ago. Is that too many to have and should I be worried about this?
Description: The screen distorts - I see a version of the app I had open but it's all distorted and pixelated. There are medium to small squares everywhere that imbue things w/ different colors. I can move a version of the pointer around (almost like a pointer attached to a box) but I can't click on anything. Nothing responds.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Search On The Address Book Do Not Responds?

May 15, 2012

I have an issue with my address book. After add a couple of birthdays (which are synchronized with iCal), search on the address book do not responds.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Computer Responds Slower When TM

Aug 21, 2014

My machine has 64 Gig RAM, 3.5 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon, and my main drive is a RAID consisting of 4 SSDs. What I notice is that the user response time (for opening new Finder windows and such) is slower when the Time Machine is backing up. It's not stuck - it backs up properly, but my user interface experience gets laggy when it's active. This didn't used to happen even on a much lower-spec machine (both were using WD external USB hard drives for the Time Machine backup). What can I do to keep the TM from slowing things down? I don't want to back up less frequently - I want the high specs of the expensive hardware to give me a wait-free workflow even while backing up, and I'm hoping there's a software-side solution to that. I know it's possible, since my old 10.6 Mac Pro machine didn't do that, and I would think with the good hardware, it should be faster.

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IMac (Intel) :: Cursor Moves But Nothing Responds

Dec 2, 2014

the cursor moves but nothing responds

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Safari :: Safari No Longer Opens PDFs

May 15, 2012

Starting about a month ago Safari doesn't open website pdfs.  It goes to a new tab/window and returns a black screen.  My system is up to date with the latest updates for Apple products as well as for Adobe products.  Is anyone else having this issue or know a solution.  If I use Firefox it opens the pdf so I have to assume it is something with Safari.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Upgrade Safari - Current Version No Longer Supported For Gmail

Nov 30, 2014

I need to up grade my safari because I am getting a message that the version I have is no longer supported for gmail...

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MacBook :: Safari Crashes More Frequently And The Report Submission Feature No Longer Functions?

Mar 20, 2012

Model: MacBook4,1, BootROM MB41.00C1.B00, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 GHz, 2 GB

Graphics: kHW_IntelGMA965Item, GMA X3100, spdisplays_builtin, 144 MB

Memory Module: global_name

AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x88), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

Bluetooth: Version 2.1.9f10, 2 service, 0 devices, 1 incoming serial ports

Network Service: AirPort, AirPort, en1

Serial ATA Device: FUJITSU MHY2250BH, 232.89 GB


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Safari :: Get A "certificate Signed By An Untrusted Issuer" Warning When Using A Website?

May 16, 2012

In Safari Version 5.1.7 (6534.57.2) I suddenly get a "certificate signed by an untrusted issuer" warning when using a website that I've trusted for years? Should I ignore this warning?

MacBookPro6,2, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Safari :: Get Rid Of Warning When I Open It From "Hunt Toolbar"?

Mar 24, 2012

I installed "Hunt Toolbar" a Torrent search add on for Safari. But I think it was ment only for Windows not Mac. Now every time I open Safari I get the yellow triangle with a ! in it and the message... Community Toolbar: We're sorry, but the Safari browser version you are currently useing does not support the community toolbar. and a Close button. Safari works fine I just want to get rid of this annoying warning whenever I start Safari. Tried reinstalling Safari but same thing.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: When Try To Scroll Either With The Scrolling Wheel Or By Dragging The Bar Word Responds Slowly?

Apr 17, 2012

A new problem has cropped up recently with my MS Word for Mac 2008. Sometimes when I try to scroll, either with the scrolling wheel or by dragging the bar, Word responds slowly and jerkily. There's a huge delay between when I try to scroll and when the document actually moves. This doesn't happen all the time, but it is happening with increasing frequency. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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