MacBook Pro :: Using Data Doubler SSD On 13"

Oct 25, 2010

Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7) I wanted to kno if using a data doubler with a 256gb SSD and already having a 320gb HDD would speed up my MBP? I wanted to format the drives to use SPAN or basically combining space for one big drive. I didn't know if the HDD would slow down the SSD if I did that.


MacBook Pro :: OWC Data Doubler With SSD Drive?

Oct 23, 2010

Has anybody tried one of these with an SSD drive to replace the optical drive? Other World Computing even sells these with their SSD drives. I'm thinking that a combination of one of these in a MBP 13 would allow me to have both a high capacity HDD and high performance SSD. I wonder if you would be able to shutdown the HDD to save battery life when not using?

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MacBook Pro :: Data Doubler, Does It Void Warranty

Jun 8, 2012

I will be getting a MacBook pro soon and I wanted to know if the data doubler would void waarranty. Also will will switching my hdd that comes with it with a 1tb I already own would it void warranty?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: OWC Data Doubler - How Install Leopard Without DVD Reader?

Sep 1, 2010

I would like to install on my MacBook Pro 13 the OWC data doubler with a 60Gb SSD but I have to remove the CD/DVD so how I could install Leopard without a DVD reader?

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MacBook Pro :: OWC Data Doubler Work With Stock Internal HD In Mid - 2010 15" I5?

Jul 31, 2010

Does the OWC Data Doubler work with the stock internal HD in the Mid-2010 MBP 15' i5? (Specs: 320GB Serial ATA; 5400 rpm) -from [URL] The reason I'm asking this is because I'm planning to switch out the stock internal HD with an SSD (Intel X25-M G2). Then use the stock HD and put it in the optical drive space for data storage.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Configure New 13" SSD Setup / Storage SSD

Nov 9, 2009

my new 13" will be arriving shortly, i have decided on this macbook i will run a intel x18 80gb with the 2.5" adapter for my main drive .

i will need a storage drive for virtual mahcines and pictures, anyone have any experience with a decent ssd for storage only ?

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MacBook Pro :: Which SSD Is Better / Runcore SSD Vesus OCZ Vertex

Jan 15, 2010

Alright guys, so I got a 2.53 ghz 13' mbp. I'm wondering which one of these drives is faster? I've tried googling this info and can't find anything.

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MacBook Pro :: Single SSD Vs SSD With 320GB 5400rpm Optibay (Performance Concern)?

Jun 21, 2010

I bought an i5 15" MBP last week and instantly through my 80GB SSD into it. I've been doing my best to keep a lot of unnecessary data off the SSD but I'm still running out of space. I'm thinking about throwing the stock 5400rpm 320GB drive into an Optibay tray and using that to hold the data. I use Photoshop and Illustrator quite a bit and I would like to use the 5400rpm drive as the scratch disk as well.

However, I'm not to familiar with read/write processes and I'm wondering if I will see a speed decrease if I use the 5400rpm drive to house the data while leaving the SSD open for the OS and all applications. Should I expect a noticeable decrease in battery life with both hard drives installed as well?

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MacBook Pro :: Studio Recording - Dual SSD VS SSD ATA Hard Drive?

Jun 19, 2012

I'm looking for real-world advice from people who run multiple storage devices for audio recording using SSD - am I best to run dual SSD's OR 1 SSD and 1 ATA hard drive for a dedicated platform for recording audio in a project studio? 

I'm moving to a Macbook Pro from Windows (no smart comments now) and need the best performance for as long as possible. 

I record rock songs with 40 (or more) audio tracks with signal processing plugins on Ableton Live - I will also use Logic Pro. I also use BFD for my drum tracks which is CPU, RAM and disk instensive. 

I've settled on the 15" 2012 MacBookPro with a hi-res display - I have a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 firewire audio interface. I already have an OWC 250GB SSD + OWC 8GB RAM upgrade + OWC optical bay HDD caddy to fit. 

So WHICH config is BEST for my long term audio recording?

1. OWC 256GB SSD for boot and apps and Apple 750GB 7200RPM HDD in optical bay for audio/temp files?

2. Apple 750GB 7200RPM HDD as boot/apps/temp and OWC SSD in optical bay for audio files?

3. Apple 128GB SSD for boot/apps/temp and OWC 256GB SSD in optical bayfor audio files? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Update Firmware & Get SSD Up? - Way To Transfer All Default Stuff On HDD To SSD

Mar 28, 2010

I'm in the "waiting for Arrandale" camp and am considering one of the intel SSD's. All of the reviews suggest updating the firmware. I'm not too experienced with computers and would like some information on what that process involves. Aside from that, I would also like to know the easiest way to transfer the files on the default HDD to the SSD. I will likely use the SSD as the main drive (i don't use too many files), and the HDD for additional storage. So questions...1. If anyone knows of any walkthroughs of how to update the firmware and get the SSD up and running, could you give me some links?2. What is the best way to transfer all of the default stuff on the HDD to the SSD? I've heard this being referred to as "cloning" the HDD and would appreciate the best ways to do it, any necessary programs, etc.

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MacBook Pro :: Cloning Old SSD To New SSD On I7 ?

May 3, 2012

I recently transferred or am in the process of transferring my old info from a Mac Pro Tower to a new 2.8 i7 MBP. Previously, I had a 40GB SSD drive with my OS and Apps and it ran perfectly fine, however I needed more space. I ended up buying a Crucial M4 128GB SSD and upgraded the RAM to 16GB and have since had problems with the Crucial. I just now updated the firmware but that didn't seem to fix a thing.So what I've done is initialized the M4 SSD w/ Disk Utility via Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and I've done a clone using Time Machine (it worked but it was really slow and would occasionally lag for 30 seconds out of nowhere with a beach ball) and I've also done a clone using Carbon Copy and that was ridiculously slow (I would get a beach ball every 5-10 seconds and just opening a new window in the finder would cause a beach ball).

I don't know what could be the problem. I've since made a bootable SD card with both Leopard and Lion, thinking I'd just install a brand new OS onto the new SSD, but those aren't working for some reason.So yes, I'm currently using the previous and well-working 40GB SSD, but I'm lost
MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Software :: Decompressing Disk Doubler Files

Dec 1, 2005

We have archived files compressed by DiskDoubler while System 9 was current. We are now on OS X Tiger for which DiskDoubler is not available. Any OSX solution to retrieving our archived compressed files?

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Software :: Disk Doubler - Retrieve Old Data

Mar 8, 2008

I'm leaving it even later than most to retrieve some old data. I have some Quark 3.32 (I think) files that were DDd in 98-99 and I'd like to retrieve them. As these are essentially text files I'm not in the slightest bothered about how they appear but if I can get the words back it would be marvellous. I've seen people suggesting DDexpand.sea but that doesn't seem to help. I have OSX and not Classic or OS9 or anything like that - have I left it too late? The material is not sensitive so even if I could send a couple of files to someone to extract that would be wonderful

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Software :: Open Old Disk Doubler Files On Mac OS X

Mar 29, 2004

I am trying to open some old files back from when I used Mac OS 7.5, 8.0, 9.0. The files in question were saved using Disk Doubler (from FIfth generation Systems) to compress them. I must ask first, am I correct in assuming that file type of DDAP and DDFL are Disk Doubler files? I'm trying to reopen some of those files. According to Alladyn Systems web site, StuffIt Expander is supposed to open Disk Doubler files. However, if I drag one of the DD files onto StuffIt Expander I get the following message: The file �Insert name here� does not appear to be compressed or encoded. It is advised that you obtain further information about the contents of the file from the sender or provider of the file.

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Mac Mini :: OWC Mercury Pro 60gig SSD Versus Corsair F40 40gig SSD

Sep 17, 2010

OWC Mercury Pro 60gig SSD vs Corsair F40 40gig SSD

Installed in: MacMini Late 2009 2.53ghz 4Gig ram

A few of you may know that I had the Corsair F40 SSD a few weeks ago after reading some good reviews. I went ahead and purchased it at Frys for ($90) after rebate and with the feedback from everyone I took a look at the OWC SSD's as well. I chatted with customer service and they were very helpful and I decided to get the 60 Gig version.

I cloned using DiskUtility and ran xbench. I did honestly notice a slightly faster boot time with the corsair, i don't exactly know why. What's even more amazing is that MS WORD seems to boot the slowest of all my launch programs, even PS4. (that is true for both drives).

So if anyone is decided between OWC vs Corsair vs whatever are my results and my experiences.

The main reason I went with the OWC SSD is their customer service and reliability respectively. I have had no problems with the corsair. I actually might have stuck with the Corsair had they had the F60 (60gig) in stock.

Needless to say, I'm happy with the SSD upgrade.

Sidenote: I have a OWC Mercury External with a 1TB caviar black hooked up via FireWire800 and I notice my boot time is significantly slower if my drive is turned on at boot. I'm not sure how to disable the Mac from seeking it perhaps. I've just tried to get used to turning it on and off at boot.

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MacBook Air :: 1.86 SSD Or 2.13 SSD Refurb - Real World Speed Difference

Nov 1, 2009

Is it worth the extra cash to go up to the 2.13? I know it's a small amount, but that could be a new mouse, or a super drive. I've seen tests that indicate the rev b 1.86 is actually faster than the new 2.13. This will be my only personal mac. I'm a graphic designer (adobe cs4) but I don't do much design work on my personal computer (I have a nice iMac at work). The usual facebook, email, web browsing, YouTube

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MacBook Air :: SSD Versus SSD Mbp

Oct 22, 2010

is the MBA faster in boot up and instant on from sleep than a MBP with an SSD?

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MacBook Air :: Putting SSD Into Non SSD ?

Aug 25, 2008

Is it possible to put the 64GB SSD into a 1.6ghz/80gb macbook air?

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Laptops :: SSD With Macbook Pro?

Nov 8, 2010

i have just started my phd and am looking for a portable laptop. my requirements are pretty basic - lots of word processing, music, movies, and of course internet. maybe some photo editing. now first, i am a little mixed up if i should go for the macbook pro (basic 13 inch) or the newly launched macbook air (13 inch basic). pro is more powerful and cheaper than air. but then air is lighter and also has the faster flash memory! on the other hand, i am tempted to go for an SSD option with the pro. the price goes up of course by 315 $ or so. but in a way then the system could last me for a very long time given that the new polymer batteries last 3 times than normal ones. and its really the batteries/HDD that get worn out first.

on the other hand i am a little wary of SSD technology. it seems that the old HDD's are not that bad, and have some advantages over the SSD's. an internet search reveals that the 1st generation SSD's had a lot of problems. so does apple now use 1st generation ones or newer ones? moreover, is the SSD option more reliable or the flash drive one (with air)? basically am ready to invest a big amount provided i am assured that the system will last me for a long time to come.

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MacBook Pro :: Just Zero Erase New SSD - What To Do Now

Sep 18, 2010

I just followed this link here [URL] to install my SSD and I foolishly did the Zero Erase. After searching through macrumors, it seems that I have killed my drive. Is there any form of redemption? Corsair F60 on a brand new MBP 15inch

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MacBook Pro :: Swapping Off SSD?

Sep 28, 2010

I have a 15 i7 with 4gb of ram. I can't seem to make it through my normal day which is nothing intensive except maybe 1 or 2 compressions in handbrake without running out of RAM and swapping off my SSD.

I switched off safari and went to chrome which has helped a bit. Currently i have 713mb free but for some reason my computer is still swapping 9mb off the sdd, why does it insist on using my SSD. I don't see any speed difference when it starts to swap which is great but its going to kill the SSD overtime with all these writes.

Programs running for a day:
Chrome - 5 to 10 tabs
Safari - sometimes but only 1 or 2 tabs
Itunes - open but not always playing
Pandora - through chrome
handbrake - once and a while compressing something

I'm I being unreasonable to think that 4gb of ram would be alright for this many programs. I used to have a g4 with 2gb running leopard and never had an issue like this.

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MacBook Pro :: Finding Best SSD

Nov 2, 2010

And how is it performing? how do you like it?

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MacBook Pro :: Best SSD Recommendations?

Nov 14, 2010

I have decided and ordering a MacBook Pro 13", 2Ghz, 250GB HD; I am upping ram with aftermarket plus I want to upgrade to a SSD drive. I mainly will be doing parallel 6, windows vista pro, surfing, emailing, minor Photoshop... I have a iMac 27" as my workhorse...

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MacBook Pro :: Getting An SSD - Capacity?

Dec 1, 2010

Looks like my company upgrade got postponed for a few months due to budget constraints. As a short-term boost I'm looking at getting an SSD, but I'm a little worried about the capacity.

I currently have a 320 GB drive and have been able to get by usage down to 93 GB. Will I need to worry about leaving headroom with a 120 GB SSD drive?

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MacBook Pro :: Installing OS X Onto New SSD?

Dec 12, 2010

Ive got a 13" MBP and a 120GB Vertex 2E with the optibay option where im going to put the factory HDD in the optibay.

First of all im not worried about retaining any information on the drives so it 'should' be a straightforward task.

Once all the components are in place do i just pop in the the OSX cd that came with my mac into an external optical drive and reinstall the OS?

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MacBook Pro :: New SSD Does Not Shown

Jul 21, 2009

I have a Samsung Sata2 64GB f/w vam05d1q mmcre64g5mpp Solid State Drive and when I try to do a fresh install inst. It can not be found no drive is showing up. Did I mention I am new to apple. So I hope this is not the standard I can expect from my MacBook Pro (model MacBookPro5.4).

Rom: MBP53.00AC.B03
SMC: 1.49f2

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MacBook Pro :: Reinstalling OS X On SSD

Aug 6, 2009

I need to reinstall OSX on my X25-M. I was curious if anyone had experience doing this. What I really want to know is once I boot off the cd and go into Disk Utility, should I: Just create new partition, Erase, Erase and zero out.

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MacBook Pro :: New Firmware For Ssd For G2

Aug 11, 2009

new firmware for ssd's is out ! (v1.28/7/2009)for generation G2 this one for 160gb: [URL] /filt...l&submit=Go%21

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MacBook Pro :: New MBP Or SSD Into Old One

May 25, 2010

I'm looking for a knowledgeable opinion from people. Maybe you have been in my shoes and can share your experience after you made a similar choice.

Here is my situation. I have an early 2009 aluminum Macbook. 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo.....4 GB RAM.... and 160 GB 5400 RPM HD. I do use Parallels 5 so I can use Win 7 almost everyday for various things for my schooling and for a few things outside of that. Other than that I use my Macbook for streaming movies, watching video/movies, web surfing, light gaming(not often), various investing backtesting using database info in Win 7 VM, email, other everyday tasks.

I don't do any hard gaming or video editing.

I'm tired of getting the spinning beach ball and slow performance when starting and stopping my Win 7 VM and also when starting various apps like my iTunes. iTunes takes a bit of time, not sure why. I have a few other apps that can cause what is fastly becoming the dreaded beach ball and making my Macbook slow.

Not sure if my bottleneck is my hard drive or CPU.

Should I just put in a SSD into my current Macbook or spring for the new 15" Macbook Pro with the i5 CPU? I'd hate to spend $450 on a SSD only to have to upgrade my Mac in a year or two anyway (another $1800). I would really hate to spend $450 on a SSD and still have beach ball issues when starting/stopping my Win 7 VM too. I would get the 128 GB Crucial M225 SSD(don't need more room than that).

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MacBook Pro :: How To Fit Everything Onto An Ssd

Jun 9, 2010

I wanted to hear from everybody that has an ssd with a bootcamp partition, how do you keep everything on it? I have a 250gb hard drive, and between my itunes, everything I have stored, and about 6 games installed on bootcamp, I am already starting to run out of space. I would love to get an ssd, but to get one with the space I need would be way out of my price range!

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MacBook Pro :: Using Esata With SSD?

Jul 14, 2010

I have a 2007 MBP with sata150. Currently the drive is a C300 64gb and it's very fast even though read speeds are capped. If I get an expresscard esata adaptor and run my ssd from there will I get faster throughput than with the drive on the internal sata bus, assuming the esata card I get has a good enough controller? From my understanding the mbp's expresscard is connected through pci express at 2.5 gbits. Is this correct? Any old-style MBP users out there with esata and SSD?

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MacBook Pro :: Possible To Install SSD

Feb 26, 2012

I have a late 2011 macbook pro unibody 13'' and I have the stock HDD. Can Apple install an SSD in my mac for me? Also, what would the price be?

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Access Ssd On It?

Apr 13, 2012

I'm getting a message that I'm running out of space om my drive but my Mac HD is showing that it's not full.  How would I access (or even check to see if I have one) my SSD on my Macbook Pro? 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Can The Ssd Be Upgraded

Jun 24, 2012

256 SSD - want to upgrade to 512 or larger SSD. is this possible.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 256 SSD - want to upgrade to 512

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MacBook Pro :: Transferring Everything To New SSD

Jul 2, 2012

Since there are no more restore discs included with MBPs I have attempted to use a USB kit but, when I try to transfer I get "error 254". The Samsung 830 shows up but, no dice.

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