MacBook Pro :: Fan Making Horrible Noises

Nov 23, 2010

I have a first generation macbook pro and lately the fan has been making some horrible noises. I opened it up and blew some of the dust off. My fans are running at about 3700 rpms and my cpu temp is around 60 C. Is this problem definitely one of the fans? My computer sounds like it wants to explode. I've attached a sound file of it.

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MacBook Pro :: Making Strange Noises In The HDD?

Dec 9, 2009

I bought a MacBook Pro about 10 days ago and it had several dead pixels. That got swapped out for another one which had bubbles of liquid under the glass. I'm on the third now which has a slightly warped case and is now making this clicking noise (0:15) every minute or so.

I don't know what to do - I feel so awkward going in and asking for another swap. Has anyone else got this noise?

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Why Is MACBook Pro Making Noises That Can't Identify

Apr 25, 2012

Why is MACBook Pro making noises that I can't identify?

mac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook :: CD Drive Jammed - Making Noises?

Jan 17, 2009

About a week ago after importing a CD into itunes I tried to eject the disc, however after making a variety of noises nothing happens. It then asks me if i would like to import the CD again, meaning there isnt a problem with the drive, just the mechanism. I don't have applcare? How much did it cost to repair? and most importantly, did they have to replace the whole drive?

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MacBook Pro :: 2009 15" Making Noises

Sep 28, 2009

It keeps making a click every now and then. should i be concerned? should i back up my stuff?

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MacBook Pro :: Fan Making Ridiculously Loud Noises

Nov 15, 2009

My friend's Macbook Pro (2006, 1.83ghz, upgraded to 2gb ram) has been making ridiculously loud fan noises. We found it was coming from the right fan, sounds like something is scraping - almost a tractor engine-type sound. I have a newer Macbook Pro and I installed fan control 1.2 on both of our macs to compare. It turns out on hers, the LEFT fan is running at 0rpm and the RIGHT fan (the noisy one) is running at fairly average speeds (compared to mine, which is quiet - between 1500 and 3500rpm). The temperature seems to be on par with mine (about 115-140 degrees F). We did a PMU reset, which didn't change anything. Do I need to replace BOTH fans? I have researched it, and it seems like I could replace them if I had to.

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MacBook Pro :: System Making Weird Noises / Getting Hot With Time?

Jul 28, 2010

I have heard this "bleep"ish sound twice now in the last 15 minutes. It sounds like it is not coming from the studio monitors that I am using as speakers. It's rather hot right now...

iStat reports this as my temperatures

HD: Macintosh
Airport Card62�
Enclosure Base41�
GPU Diode69�
GPU Heatsink62�
Heatsink A58�
Heatsink B51�

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MacBook Pro :: Making Cracking / Splintering Noises Inside

Sep 8, 2014

I can't see anything on the outside- it sounds like glass cracking.

It's still working though. Is it safe?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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MacBook Pro :: Making Internal Clicking Noises When Pick Up The Computer

Jun 14, 2012

Today at school i was picking up my computer and i tilted it and it made a weird noise. My friends say it might be the hard drive. should i open the computer myself and check it out? take it in to the apple store?

Also, i accidentally dropped it on the lower right hand corner and it made a small dent on the corner of the screen and the base of the laptop.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: System Making Strange Noises / Noise Increase When Notebook Is Moved

Dec 25, 2010

I have a June 2010 17" 2.66 i7 UMBP. This is going to sound really silly and I do not really know how to describe it correctly, but it has begun to make lots of strange "Tapping/Clicking" noises. It happens quite regularly when the notebook is stationary but increase whenever the notebook is moved.

I am familiar with the hard drive clicking noise but this is totally different - it kind of sounds like a small metal ball-bearing inside a small, thin glass sphere knocking or clicking against it's side or like tapping a small thin glass object with something like a thin metal rod.

I am sorry for the poor description but that is the best way I can describe it & know I must sound like a complete idiot but I am not very savvy to computer issues but I hope someone can identify what these noises are if if they mean that something bad is going on.

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MacBook Pro :: Making Lots Of Whirring / Clicking Noises And Slow In Opening Apps

Dec 5, 2014

My 100G space came up as full last night so I freed up about 15g. space, but now today I notice it is going way slow, taking forever to open or show data in files - eg if I click on the master application folder - the names of indiv. folders show but file content on right doesn't come up until about 30 secs, and the computer itself is making all sorts of whirring/clicking type sounds which i called "thinking" but it's as if the memory is still full and is operating at half it's speed. 

I have a 2.16 GHz intel core duo processor, and memory is 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. 

Get info shows:  Capacity of 99.69GB, avail is 14.11 GB 

Any tips on what has happened since last night to today? I thought it would be running faster and accessing files really easily. 

I just got a pop up saying:  Your iDisk is unavailable.  Make sure you are logged in to your MObile ME acct, then try again to access your iDisk.

COuld this be the problem? I've never seen this before. What is my iDisk, and what does it do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook :: Nivida Whitebook Making Crackling Noises / Noise Coming From Center Of Notebook

May 10, 2009

when I was browsing the BBC website . I happened upon the front page and could hear a crackling sound, eventually after looking round the room for about 5 minutes I realized it was the macbook.

When the news page 'scroller' at the top types its news story out in a tika tape kinda way that is when the crackling noise happens .

does this make sense ? is my macbook faulty ? ..does it take soo much power to perform this function as to make my macbookCPU crackle ?

the noise is coming from approx the center of the notebook and is quiet(ish) but audible enough

anyone have any ideas ?

link to the site is below , you'll see the words scrolling across the screen at the top which then creates a clickable link to a news story : URL

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Mac Pro :: HDD Making Scratchy Squeaking Noises?

Jul 28, 2008

I have a PowerMac G4 with mirrored drive doors and just realized that my HDD (I think) is making these wierd scratchy squeaking noises. It might be my fan making them but I am not 100% sure. I am hoping that this doesn't mean the HDD is about to kick the bucket. Should I get a new HDD and ditch the old one? How would I go about swapping hard drives? I know there are issues with getting the new one to boot the comp n such.

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Mac Pro :: RAM Making Noises While Watching Videos

Apr 15, 2009

I have a MacPro 2008 2.8 and am having weird noises from the Ram. I have 2x1GB on the top A riser and 2x4GB on the Bottom riser (not apple). Whilst watching youtube or any sort of streaming video the ram makes noises similar to a cricket. I first thought it was the hard drive seeking but I took that out (1TB WD Caviar Black) and the sound was still there. I then thought it was the GPU. Then I took out my aftermarket RAM and bingo, sound was gone. So does you RAM or RAM in general make any sort of noises?

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Hardware :: External HD Red Activity - Making Access Noises

Nov 27, 2010

For the 1st time, I hooked up my seagate 7200 1tb external hard drive that I put in my own enclosure to my i7 2010 macbook pro. It is formatted to FAT 32 for maximum cross platform compatibility without the need for software etc. I plugged it in via a usb hub. The hard drive has been plugged into a PC prior to this. It mounted & was recognized right away, I got an offer to use it with time machine, but I did not want to use it for this, this one is for photos etc. I could see all my content fine, I could not quite figure out how to just move a folder of content from my mac's drive to the external hard drive. So did edit copy & edit pastes & this worked.

I noticed that while the external was plugged into the mac, it was making an access noise that it makes when files are being accessed or moved, but it was doing it the whole time it was tuned on & plugged in. When it was plugged into my PC, it only made the access noise when files were moving or being accessed, but not just being turned on or plugged in. When files are being accessed or when something is being done, a red activity light blinks/is on, & it was on the whole time while plugged into the mac. Apart from that, it seemed to be ok, I could read & write files, was just curious as to why the red activity light & noise is going on the whole time it is plugged in.

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IMac :: System Making Strange Noises / Noise Comes After 30 Seconds

Dec 27, 2010

ive had a look around an only found bits an pieces relating to this but nothing really specific.i have an imac 3.06ghz, 4gb memory. less than a year old its been making some noises recently (like a downloading sound for afew seconds every so often) which happens every 30 seconds or so. this happens even when theres no programs open and im not connected to the internet!!! ive only really noticed it doing this the last month or so to be honest.

the computer has also been re-formated about a month ago as it was passed onto me from a family member, an im wondering if its got anything to do with that?is this a normal thing for macs an maybe i just havent noticed it before, or does it sound like something is wrong??

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PowerPC :: IBook Making Funky Noises / Mechanical Sound Coming From CD-Rom

Feb 28, 2007

but anytime someone pounds on the table and I have my 12' iBook just chilling on it, it makes a resetting noise, a very mechanical sound that makes it seem like it's resetting itself once. I have no idea why, and I just beg people around me to regulate their anger.

However, even when I am picking up my iBook it'll make the noise.Is this a sign of a deteorating cd-rom drive? Or are most iBooks and Apple laptops like this?

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OS X :: White Screen After Reformatting / Optical Drive Making Noises Like Reading

Sep 10, 2009

I'm trying to reformat my MBP and I think I'm having a little trouble. This is the first time I've reformatted a mac. I put the OS X disk in, went into disk utility and did the erase. I then restarted, again booting on the disc and I've seen nothing but a white screen for the past 2 1/2 hours. The optical drive is making noises like it is reading, but I'm not sure if it can't read from the disk or it is actually formatting. Any ideas?

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MacBook Pro :: Fans Suddenly Making Wierd Noises / Fans Are Hitting Something?

Jul 27, 2009

the other day i wake up and open my macbook pro and immediately heard the fan making noises ive never heard it make before. i checked istat pro. the fans were going at 2000rpm. this is when i started to get concerned since i would never hear the fans at that speed before. the difference was day and night. it sounds like the one or both of the fans are hitting something. i always hear the noise when i start up or wake up from sleep and after a while (30 minutes to an hour) it usually goes away but has come back once without me turning off or putting the computer to sleep. its a refurbished less than a little more than a month ago. im hoping its just some dirt that made it through keyboard and will eventually go away because i dont want to send my machine in to get manhandled by apple repair. has anyone had something like this happen before?

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MacBook Pro :: System Making Loud Noises / Loud Sound On Start Up ?

Aug 23, 2009

I just bought my MacBook Pro last week. When I power it up, it makes a loud noise for about a second and a half. I think it's the hard drive starting up or the disc drive. I'm not sure which one, but it's pretty loud, so I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this and if it is normal.

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MacBook :: System Making Odd Noises / Noise Got Louder And Louder

Dec 4, 2009

I've had my macbook for a good 2-3 years. I put in a movie and heard it vibrating and clicking. It then started to make a noise and got louder and louder like it was going to explode. I searched some forums and someone said that it means your hard drive is dying. What do you think it is? should I go into Apple and have them look at it?

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PowerPC :: Powerbook Making Loud Noises / Gray Start Up Screen Appears

Dec 16, 2006

So, recently (as of thursday or so) my PBG4 has been making weird buzzing noises, usually only when it was working hard (or watching things online). Eventually, as it got closer to the weekend, the noise started to get louder whenever it would come on, so I'd just turn off my computer for an hour or so and let it cool. Finally, today, I turn it off again and now whenever I turn it back on, all I get is the gray start up screen, sans spinner. Sometimes I even get a little folder with the mac face on it. What's wrong?

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PowerPC :: System Making Weird Noises / Permanent Spinning Beach Ball?

Apr 14, 2007

1.33 Ghz) has started acting up, and while I think I know what the problem is, I'd like some confirmation.The symptoms:

After starting the PB up, it runs for about 5 minutes before we get a permanent spinning beach ball. When the beach ball is up, I hear what sounds like (and is coming from) the hard drive. It sounds like it's spinning either way to fast, or as if something is wrong with it. All the open programs freeze, and we do a forced shut down.Also, the first time this happened, we had a song playing in iTunes. The song would play a 2 second clip, then stop, then start, and continue to stutter.

We've tried turning the computer off, unplugging the battery and the power, but it still does this.I think it's a hard drive problem, and that we need a new hard drive. Does this sound correct?

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MacBook Pro :: Why Is "new" Making Different Clicking Noises

Jun 20, 2012

Why is my "new" macbook pro making weird clicking noises? Is it just the fan cooling off? Am I using it too much? Is the hard drive gonna fail on me? The reason why I say "new" is because I got it from bestbuy and it was last model's sample computer. They told me, however, it would be just like new, because they restored it and it has never left the store.It works great. Except for this weird ticking noises coming from it. I looked online and apple tech support keeps saying that ticking noises is a sign of the hard drive failing. I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN since everything is connected to the hard drive, and, thus, my new computer would die. I just got this computer. It shouldn't break on me like this.  

MacBook Pro

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PowerPC :: System Making Loud Noises / Gray Screen With The Apple Logo At Startup

Jul 12, 2006

I have a Rev A 12 inch Powerbook - 867 mHz, 640 RAM, 40 GB hard drive. The machine's always been reliable and has performed great over the years. I bought it the last week of July, 2003.

Yesterday, the Pbook was shut down, and I press the on button so it would boot up. Almost immediately, the hard drive makes a loud, whirring noise. The computer advances to the gray screen with the Apple logo, but it doesn't get past that point and the noise continues, as if it's a car engine that just won't start...

I'm going to take it to my local Apple Store in the morning, and hopefully the data, including my nearly 22 GB of music, can be saved. Any thoughts on how to get my computer working again? By the way, it's the original hard drive installed. Hopefully this is enough info to generate some ideas, I'm stumped.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Making Weird Noises / Failing Hard Drive Or Something Else?

Nov 22, 2006

My PM G5's Hard Drive has been making wierd noises lately and I'm really beginning to worry that it's failing. How can I be sure?

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MacBook Pro :: Horrible Thermal Paste In Brand New MBP?

Jun 19, 2007

Let me start by saying I just bought a brand new, less than a week ago, (from the Apple Store) 17" Santa Rosa MBP with the hi res screen (matte), 160GB 7200 RPM HD, 2.4Ghz CPU and the 256MB 8600 GT. For some more background I am a system administrator and a PC tech so I know what I'm doing with computers (most of the time anyway ). Anyhow, after getting my MBP and installing Vista on it via bootcamp and thoroughly enjoying the dual booting, I notice the thing runs hot. Ok, I do some google'ing and find the various thermal paste horror stories floating around. In windows (I've been spending more time in windows since I got it) I notice that it is IDLING at ~ 53-60C!!! I think perhaps this is not right, something may be wrong with the temp monitor software I use? Well, I use several, one of which is Intel softare called Intel Thermal Analysis Tool that monitors the DTS (Digital Thermal Sensor) in each core, it also will load the pants out of an Intel CPU - ~ 20% higher load than Intel's specified TDC. So for living with the heat for almost a week I decide I must bust the machine open, remove the logic board (mother board for you non apple folk) and see what kind of thermal paste job is in there.

Let me say that removing the logic board from these machines IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!!! It scared the #@#$%$ out of me a few times! I took my time and marked where every last screw went and every cable, even the yellow tape. Once I had the board out and turned it over (the CPU, NB and GPU face DOWN so they can't be seen unless you remove the logic board) the sight was HORRIFIC!!! In my professional opinion they used about 40x too much paste, yes I said FORTY TIMES! All thermal paste is supposed to do is fill the micro groves and pits in the heatsink so VERY LITTLE IS NEEDED! Too much is worse than none. Anyhow, I'm sure you want pics so here they are. Oh, and my idle and LOAD temps dropped by ALMOST 20C!!!

Shame on whoever is assembling these machines as the average user will NEVER fix this and would perhaps think 'this is just how hot it is supposed to run'. I would demand Apple fix this, I would show them pictures etc, etc.

Oh the HORROR!

Now the heat pipe cooling system before:

Here is a CLEAN logic board - From left to right: GPU, North Bridge, CPU:

Proper paste applied - I have some special diamond dust thermal paste that is VERY durable so I used it - I have seen others apply the paste to the chips AND to the heat sinks, THIS IS BAD, VERY BAD!!! ONLY APPLY TO CHIPS.

And finally the cleaned heat pipe cooler:

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MacBook :: Horrible Noise Emitting From Pro Speakers / Fix It?

Jan 11, 2010

I recently got a brand new 17' unibody MacBook Pro. Although it was brand new, there have been a flare ups. The last time I had the problem, (note: it is always while watching a YouTube video) this is what I captured before quickly closing the window.

That was New Years day. The first time I experienced this problem, I got nothing on the YouTube player and while skipping throughout the video to get it to stream, a noise that can't even be explained screamed out of the computers speakers. Today, I just had the same problem. I have no clue what it is except that I do know it comes from the speakers. Could anyone elaborate on if something similar has happened to you?

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MacBook Air :: Brand New 13" - Horrible Battery Life

Oct 31, 2010

so my brand new 13" macbook air arrived last tuesday. over the last few days i've noticed that i only get 2-3 hours of battery life even with the screen brightness nearly all the way down. right now, i have 79% battery life remaining and it only says 2 hours 24 min left. I've only used it for about 30 minutes this morning and it was fully charged. i'm about ready to return it, this is extremely disappointing. anyone else having this issue???

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MacBook Pro :: Making Making Cracking Sounds While Opening

Sep 27, 2009

Since about the 3rd day after I got my macbook pro the computer has been making cracking sounds when I open it. When it first started it just simply made one clicking sound when the hinge is halfway open. Now however, When it is open it makes cracking sounds that don't stop ( open 15 cracking sounds per open). Is this a serious issue that I need to address with my local (and very mean) genius or is this issue not going to continue to get progressively worse. If this does continue to get worse will the hinge crack open? what is this worst that could happen?

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