MacBook :: Cannot Transfer File To USB - Insufficient Privileges

Jul 6, 2009

I am trying to transfer a 2.35 GB file (it is windows 7 .iso) to a MicroSD card (using the USB adapter that comes with the micro sd) and when I try to transfer it, it stops and eject the drive and then it tells me "ERROR you disconnected the drive without ejecting it, it can get damage doing that" (something like that) and it says it cant finish transferring the file cause I don't have enough privileges or Insufficient Privileges. The thing is, that the file can be put on the micro sd cause a few hours ago it was in there, i put it on the mac, till I use the micro sd for something else, then now when i want to put it back it does that...

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OS X :: Error Message - Insufficient Privileges ?

Jun 10, 2007

I have my MBPro and am set up as the only account on the computer and it is set up as admin. I have checked absolutely every box to enable me to install items; but each time I do try to install I get the error message

The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items.

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OS X :: Insufficient Access Privileges To Rename Items?

Feb 13, 2009

I just recently bought a new macbook, and I transferred all of my files from Windows XP onto the new computer. Whenever I try to change the names of files that I transferred, it says that I have insufficient access privileges. I can rename files that I created on this Mac, but not the old files. I did the disk repair, and it didn't work. I also make sure that I had privileges for that particular folder.This is my first mac, so I don't really know what I am doing, but I did do the things that would usually be done to repair privileges.

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OS X :: Copy And Pasting Files Keeps Giving Insufficient Privileges Error?

Apr 13, 2009

Hope someone might be able to help. I am attempting to copy files from a USB attached to my iMac external hard drive to my new NAS drive system, which is connected through my Airport Extreme by gigabit ethernet.I know the NAS is using a file system that I do not recognize (its a WD ShareSpace, 4TB/3TB Raid 5 NAS), which could be causing the problem. Basically I am attempting to transfer all the files stored on the USB external to the NAS. When I copy all the files and paste them to the NAS through Finder, I get an error saying it could not be completed cause I have Insufficient Privileges to do so. There are thousands of files to go through, but I have pinpointed two folders that are causing the problem, which themselves have thousand of files.

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Software :: Firewire Transfer - Do Not Have Sufficient Access Privileges

Aug 15, 2009

I have a new Mac book pro and decided i would like to transfer my photos music etc from my Imac. So i updated both computers ticked the sharing boxes and following the on screen instructions plugged in the the firewire lead and transfered the files etc. I then disconnected and had a look through the mac book i can find the files but it says i do not have sufficient access privileges what am i doing wrong ?

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OS X V10.4 :: File Sharing Privileges Are Denied?

Apr 6, 2012

I have 2 macs hooked up on a verizon wireless network. Got a new mac mini with Lion when my "old"  Imac Intel core dou with tiger stopped working. However I had it repaired and now have both sharing the same wireless network.Since old Mac was online previously it is set now as the administrator. Don't know if that is the problem but file sharing privileges a denied and Iv'e tried everything

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.3)

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OS X :: Messed Up User Privileges With File Sharing?

Jan 18, 2009

I've got a major problem, i was messing around with File Sharing and the user privileges and now Me and the system dosent have access to the files and i cant boot!!

I have seen a solution for this on this forum but now i cant find it, i think i remember it using the chmod command.

I have tried booting from the Installation disk and running the disk utility and restoring my user privileges but nothing.

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Software :: File Sharing - No Appropriate Access Privileges?

May 22, 2009

I'm having trouble accessing files and moving folders on a shared drive. When I try to open or move a file, it says "The document "X" could not be opened. You do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the item in Finder and choose File > Get Info." and when I try to move a folder, it says "This folder cannot be moved as you do not have access to some or all of the items." The IT (who is not trained to deal with macs) says I have full permissions for our shared drive and that the problem is with my computer. So I followed the instructions in the warning box.

However, in the Get Info for the file, it says under Sharing & Permissions "You can read and write". In my System Preferences, both my user accounts have the administrator access box checked. In the Help section, it gives instructions along the lines of "in the Sharing & Permissions section, click the lock next to your name to change permissions" and also "in the action (gear) section, select the option for permissions that you want". Trouble is, there's no name and no lock in my Sharing & Permissions box. There's also no 'action (gear)' option anywhere. When I click on the triangle next to Sharing & Permissions, it literally just says 'You can read and write'. There's no other option or information.

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OS X Technologies :: Add Account Privileges To A Newly Created File?

Jun 11, 2012

I have multipe accounts on my Mac.  Two of them need to share certain files, but not with everyone else so I can't use the Shared folder.  When I create a new text file with AppleScript it has default ownership to the account that created it, but I need to give read & write privilages to it to the other account as well.  I can do this manually, but there are lots of files sometimes.  One trick I've found is to reset privilages from the next higher folder.  This saves time, but sometimes I forget.  Also when I do this it causes Time Machine to think all the files in that folder have been updated.  If the folder is large it may cause Time Machine to purge a old backup version.  What I'd like to do is find some AppleScript code I can use to add user "A" with read & write access to the permissions of a new file at the time my AppleScript creates that file.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), 15 GB

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IMac :: Itunes Says Don't Have Enough Access Privileges / You Do Not Have Enough Access Privileges For This Operation

Nov 14, 2009

So prior to my snow leopard update everything was working fine. Than I installed SL and ever since than I cant down load anything at all from the store.

The message I get says the following:

"there was a problem downloading (insert name of movie or whatver here). You do not have enough access privleges for this operation

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Download Mozilla 12.0, Insufficient Disk Space?

May 11, 2012

I have had my macbook pro 13" for 3 weeks.  The only significant amount of data storage I have on the computer is 2919 photos in iphoto.  The only application I have downloaded is pages.  I tried to download Mozilla Firefox because my facebook looked strange in safari.  My wall page looked great but all subsequent pages look like I'm viewing them on an older version of blackberry.   

Question #1.  When I attempted to download firefox, a window stated it was unable because of insufficient disk space.  I don't understand how this is possible (please see above). 

Question #2.  Why does facebook look strange now.  I remember it working seamlessly when I first purchased the computer and only noticed the problem today.  I log in every couple days.   

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Insufficient Space - Error Preventing App Download From App Store

Jul 1, 2014

I am using a MacBook Air 2013 model with OS 10.9.4 (Mavericks).  It has a 120 GB HD with about 17 GB of free space. I am unable to download from the Mac App Store as I get an 'insufficient space available" error whenever I try to purchase a larger App (> 2 GB). After looking through the forums I can confirm the following:

- Both the Finder and "About This Mac" report that 16.5 GB of space is available.

- I have toggled Time Machine and restarted my computer with it "On" and "Off".

- The application description does not mention needing more space for installation (specifically I am now trying to download BioShock 2 which needs about 9 GB). 

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OS X :: Can Transfer File From The System To Allow Them To Be Deleted Like A Normal File

Jul 20, 2009

While copying files from my digital camera xD card onto my mini, the Card reader un-mounted itself and remounted its self several times, I have no idea why...Now I have a load of 0Kb files in the folder where I was copying to. I can delete these, but they come up with a "file in use" error message so I need to click for each file to be deleted... ~350 left I did try a restart thinking that may clear up any "pending" file transfers from the system to allow them to be deleted like a normal file

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MacBook Air :: File Transfer PC To Mac

Mar 22, 2012

I backed up files from my Toshiba PC not long before it crashed. This backup was done to a WD MyBook external hard drive. Now i need to work out how to download these files to my new Macbook Air, as they are on the hard drive in PC format.

MacBook Air (11-inch Late 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: IPhoto Is Empty / When Trying To Upload Photos From SD Card / Get Message - Insufficient Disk Space

Jun 17, 2014

My iPhoto is empty, however when trying to upload some photos from an SD card, I get the message, "Insufficient Disk Space. iPhoto cannot upload your photos because there is not enough disk space in the volume containing your iPhoto library."

iPhoto '11, iOS 7.1.1

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MacBook Pro :: File Transfer From Windows?

Apr 20, 2012

I used the migration assistant to transfer fils from my Windows pc to my new MacBook Pro, but the transferred files only show up in a new user created by the assistant I supose and I cannot access them from my user to transfer them to my user account or access them from my user account?

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MacBook Pro :: File Transfer To New Computer?

Jun 29, 2012

I have just bought s 15" retina display MacBook Pro so am running 10.7.4. 

My previous Macbook Pro is 5 years old and running 10.5.8. 

How do I transfer files - in particular photos and iTunes stuff. Migration assistant does not work - it just spends hours looking for other computers. I could not get hold of a Thunderbolt/Firewire converter (none in stock). I have got a thunderbolt to ethernet converter but cannot seem to do anything with this.

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MacBook Pro :: File Transfer Apps To IMac?

Mar 3, 2012

Recently purchased a Macbook Pro and I'm wanting to transfer files between the Macbook and my iMac, are there any good apps for accomplishing this task? T

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

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MacBook Pro :: Bluetooth File Transfer Failure

Dec 11, 2014

When I try to send a file to another mac pro with the same op system, it for some reason fails to transfer. I can receive but I cannot send. The Bluetooth File Transfer dialogue box recognizes the other machine however, it Fails to send and says "Internal Failure". Why and how do I fix it?  

I am on Yosemite 10.10.1 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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MacBook Pro :: File Transfer Causes Bluetooth Devices To Disconnect?

Mar 13, 2012

Whenever I try to upload files to my FTP site (via my standard FiOS wireless internet connection), my Apple bluetooth keyboard disconnects. My Apple Magic Mouse also behaves strangely (jumpy, but also disconnects sometimes). Both devices reconnect when the file transfer is complete. This happens both when I transfer files via the web browser OR using Fetch. What the heck? I'm having a hard time troubleshooting this issue or finding anything online about it, but the bluetooth disconnect and file transfer are definitely related, because my devices don't disconnect any other time, unless the batteries are low. 

I want to reiterate: I am NOT trying to transfer files via bluetooth. The files are being transfered via wireless internet (Verizon FiOS), but the bluetooth devices are disconnecting during the transfer. 

MacBook Pro (15-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8), 8GB RAM

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MacBook Pro :: Run Into Large File Transfer Using Thunderbolt Between Two Identical?

May 31, 2012

I have two MacBook Pros running 10.7.4. I wanted to copy one iPhoto library from one device to the other using a new Thunderbolt cable. The file is approximately 60GB. When I copy a small file of 1.0 to 2.0 BG in size, the transfer is incredibly fast -- as in seconds.  

When I try to transfer the large file (60GB), the transfer is very slow, and Finder says it will take 12 hours. Oh, and I am not running any anti-virus software. 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Air :: How To Transfer Old ITunes Media File From IPod

Sep 3, 2014

I have my old iTunes Media file on my iPod and I want to transfer it to my new MacBook Air, but the Apple support article is too old and it doesn't work as it should.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Mac Pro :: Insufficient Number Of USB Ports?

May 9, 2012

On my MacPro I have 3 USB ports on the back and 2 on the front. I have 7 periferals i want to connect to the computer and they all need to be connected to a USB port on the computer in order to fuction. Hubs I have testet can not help. On the front of the computer there are 2 USB 2.0 porte can they be used?? If yes

are cables avaiable ( mail stick for the computer port  at one end and male USB stickfor the periferel on the other end ). Alternatively are there useable Hubs on the market?

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PowerPC :: File/application Transfer To New Aluminum MacBook From IBook?

Oct 18, 2008

I tried searching the apple website, and it talks about using migration assistant with firewire to transfer the files.

Now that the new macbook doesn't have firewire port, how do I transfer files and applications from my iBook?

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Applications :: Ways To Transfer Iweb File From Macbook To Imac?

Jan 9, 2009

I'm having a nightmare. I recently bought a macbook and transferred by Iweb file for my webistes to it from my imac - I had to change some of the fonts etc to fit with the format. I am having few problem: 1. can seem to get iweb on the imac to recognise it oping only in macbook application via network even though I have binned the origional domains2. once uploaded to my ftp the format looks all ou (even though it doesn't on the screen prior to uploading)I alomst feel I will have to update the whole old file even though i've spent ages doing it on the mac book

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive With Fast File Transfer?

Mar 1, 2010

I am assuming firewire would be the quickest, what about the firewire 800 or w/e it is in the macbook pros though? Is USB 2.0 significantly slower than the firewire? I want to buy a external HDD that is around 500gb in size and can transfer over files just like my normal HDD is. 100% of the time that the MBP is home it will be attached to this. I want to put almost everything there is on my laptop over onto the external hard drive except for stuff I need (which then I'd just pull it onto the desktop) when I leave the house. I'm assuming the western digital 500gb passport essential is the best buy, but I don't know much about it at all. It's only USB 2.0, which sounds like the slowest option when you throw firewire in the search.

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MacBook Pro :: File Transfer And Deletion From Damaged PC Hard Drive

Feb 19, 2012

How can I delete files from a hard drive that I removed from my damaged PC computer using MacBook Pro. I can transfer files from the PC hard drive to the MacBook Pro, but then I want to delete those file from the PC hard drive so that I can have a spare external hard drive for my Mac.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Start File Is Almost Full, How To Transfer Files To Other Memory

May 22, 2012

My start file is full how do I allocate the files to be somewhere else. I don't think all my files shold be i the start file.

MacBook Air, iOS 5.0.1, 11 inch model

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MacBook Pro :: New MBP 17", Slow Wireless Internet Crippled During File Transfer?

Aug 1, 2009

just got my 17" MBP today and it's beautiful. Playing a lot learning a lot (my first mac). Having one big headache though.What's up with the wireless speeds? I did some file copying from my Vista machine connected via ethernet and speeds were fine. Now I'm trying to copy some stuff from my girlfriends iMac over wireless (using a linksys wrt54g, both connected at G) and it's just balls slow. I'm talking about a meg a second, the hell?Now, what's really making me upset is the fact that it's also crippling my internet speeds when I'm doing this wireless to wireless file copy. It's like it's pegged so bad at the super fast 1mb/sec that I can't even browse the web without it timing out half the time. Internet is fine when the file copy is not happening.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Canon LiDE 210 Insufficient Memory With It

Jun 14, 2012

My LiDE 210 scanner which has worked in the past using OSX10.7 but it now says "insufficient memory" each time I launch MP Navigator EX 4.0. open MP Navigator and select 'View and Use', where it says 'Specify the scanned location', select a different scanner location to see if this resolves the issue. I am unable to do this as I get the "insufficient memory" message immediately I double click on the Canon software. If this did not resolve the issue, they recommended uninstalling and re-installing the latest drivers, which I have done but with no solution to the problem. I haved repaired permissions, checked printers in the library and there does not seem to be anything missing or conflicting. I cannot find any reference to TWAIN in the Library and finally the basic scanner functions are available using Image Capture. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Canon LiDE 210

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