Mac Mini :: Any Wireless USB Adapter Cards To Pick Up Wifi For The Mac Mini?

Apr 8, 2009

Are there any Wireless USB Adapter Cards to pick up wifi for the Mac mini?
I don't have an wifi card built in to mine. So that would help a lot if there was.

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Mac Mini :: G4 - Networking - Wireless Adapter To Use With It

Sep 3, 2010

I have a Mac Mini G4 with PowerPC processor and I was wondering if anyone has some suggestions for obtaining a wireless adapter of some sort to use with it.

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Mac Mini :: Removing WiFi Wireless Networking?

Mar 19, 2009

I'm interested in buying a new Mac mini, however, I absolutely loath anything wireless. (I'm aware that that's a minority opinion.) I was therefore wondering if it's possible for my Apple dealer to remove the built-in Wi-Fi card (AKA Airport Extreme) from the mini, just like they'll upgrade the RAM to 2GB for me?

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Intel Mac :: Finding An Adapter That Connects A Mini DVI To A Mini Display Port?

May 25, 2012

Is there an adapter that connects a mini DVI to a mini Display port so I can use one computer as an external monitor?

iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Get Display Via Tv / Connected Mini DVI To Video Adapter

Mar 28, 2009

Just a warning, I bought a Mac Mini (2009) and wanted it to hook it up to my TV. My TV does not have HDMI or DVI inputs so I bought a Mini DVI to Video adapter from Apple.But I could not get it to work, then I googled for it and it seems this adapter does not work with 2009 Mac's since it does not output an analog signal anymore!


So anyone that wants to hook up his new Mac to an older TV set with the Video adapter, you are warned.I guess i'll have to buy a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter and then a VGA to SVIDEO converter..

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Mac Mini :: Unable To Connect Mini Display Port To Vga Adapter

Apr 12, 2010

So our church just purchased a nice refurb iMac to use for media presentations during weekly worship services. We have a projector with a VGA cable, so I bought a mini display port to VGA adapter from apple so that we can connect our shiny new iMac to our big screen.

However, when we attempt to connect our VGA to our adapter, they don't fit together properly. It's like the screws on the VGA cable aren't long enough to screw into the adapter...thus, the cable won't stay connected to the adapter (it just falls out).

Someone suggested getting an S cable to replace the VGA cable, but Apple tells me there's no adapter to link the S cable to the iMac. I'm absolutely clueless...surely there is a way to connect my wonderful new iMac to the big screen.

Any ideas?

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Hardware :: How To Get A Mini DVI To Mini Display Port Adapter?

Oct 14, 2009

Is there such a thing as a mini DVI to mini display port adapter? I'd like to use the 24" LED display as a second monitor with a 24 inch iMac which has a mini DVI port. Is there a way to do this?

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Mac Mini :: Use A Mini Dvi Male To Vga Female Adapter For 2011?

Apr 4, 2012

Is a mini dvi the same as a mini display/thunderbolt which my new mac mini has?The monitor is a vga only.

Mac mini

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Mac Mini :: DVI Or Mini-Display Port Adapter?

Sep 28, 2009

I'm at work at the moment so can't check.

Just wondering which adapter i would need?

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Mac Mini :: Use An External Wifi Antenna To Boost Reception For Core Solo Mini

Apr 15, 2012

My old Mini is in the next room to the wireless DSL modem. It gets one to three max bars, usually two, and it's just through one interior wall. I don't want to spend a bunch of money, I just want to get a little better reception in the next room. I have seen USB wifi antennas advertised. Would that do anything for me? My iBook G4 in the same spot gets full reception no problem.

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Mac Mini :: Swap Out Mini PCI-E Wireless Card In 27"?

Jan 22, 2010

Anyone tried swapping out the Mini-PCI-e for anything else?

Ive been following the custom upgrades and ive upgraded every Mac computer ive bought over the last few years - its now time for me to change the studio as its running an aging G5! But ive fallen in love with the 27" IMac - my head says no, my heart says yes yes yes!

The problem is it doesn't have the ins and outs for a proper pro machine and no PCI-E of course...but im willing to live without a couple of PCI-E cards for this beautiful machine, especially as im planning on putting two Intel X25-M G2's in, in a software raid 0 config by removing the opitcal drive (as I have done on my macbook pro)

which got to me thinking, i'll have all my network access via ethernet - so I wondered, any chance i can pull that wireless card out and swap it for something else...perhaps thread something out of the CD slot and around the back?

I need some bigger storage on here, so i'll be using the FW800 port for a 2tb 7200rpm external drive, however, i still need FW400 devices and I dont want to slow the FW800 drive down by daisy chaning them

Any chance one of the mini-pci-e to firewire 400 adapters will work in the iMac and in OS X?

Also ive seen this "PEMINI2X1 is a PCI Express Mini to PCI Express X1 adapter"[URL]

Any chance you could use "some" PCI-E cards with that outside of the imac, im thinking specifically the UAD-2...

Getting either extra FW400 port, or a PCI-E card externally via that slot would enable me to go one of two ways to having the perfect system for me.

Any just to confirm, im right in thinking the 4 USB ports run on two separate USB buses?

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Mac Mini :: Wireless Options For 2006 Mini Coreduo

Jul 17, 2010

I was searching on Ebay and found the follow kit I wanted to see if it would work in my Mini

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Mac Mini :: Sporadic Wireless Connection With Mac Mini?

Oct 20, 2008

I have a Mac Mini (OS X 10.4.11); internet & email worked fine when I had it hardwired to cable. I've since moved it to the other side of the house and it has problems connecting to the wireless network (linksys router). The wireless network is strong, and my laptop (PC) never has any problem connecting. The Mac, however, sometimes connects no problem and works well for a while, and then just dumps the connection and won't reconnect. I can't figure out what makes that happen. I finally get frustrated and walk away, and an hour later when I walk back it's working again. The signal strength indicator will vary from full signal strength to zero (even though my laptop never has any problem at all connecting). I live at the end of a cul-de-sac with basically no neighbors, so I don't see there being any sort of interference. I stopped by an Apple store today and the best the salesman could do was blame Comcast, my internet service provider.

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Mac Mini :: New Mac Mini Ethernet Versus Wireless

Apr 1, 2009

it seems loading webpages and downloading a lot of files at the same time, I thought the ethernet would be the fastest but its not.

This is very strange and my wireless on the mini is so much faster in loading webpages (no more inbetween stops) and its just overall faster.

It seems like using ethernet slowed down my mini like it was doing some tedious work to use the mini's ethernet capabilities or something.

Anyone else experiencing this? I've also tweaked with a lot of settings under ethernet, got the right ip address for it with the right port as well.

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Mac Mini :: Wireless Keyboard With Trackpad To Use With Mac Mini?

Jun 19, 2010

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Wireless Keyboard with trackpad so that I can use my mac mini from the sofa?

I have seen the logitech dinovo mini, but was looking for alternatives that work on the mac.

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MacBook Pro :: Mini DisplayPort To DVI Adapter With DVI To VGA Adapter?

Oct 15, 2008

Buying both the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter AND Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter is pretty expensive...

I was wondering if I purchase the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter, will I be able to use a simple DVI to VGA adapter to use it as a VGA adapter also???

I'm not sure if the Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter only sends digital signal or digital & analog signal.

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Mac Mini :: Discrete Graphics Cards - How To Know About It

Apr 16, 2007

why can't we have discrete graphics inside the mac mini? Two reasons. There isn't any space, and there's no way to connect it. To the first we could always mount the card outside the enclosure - I'm sure many of us here are able and willing to sacrifice the time needed to make that look pretty (or even the good looks) in order to get some better frame rates.

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Mac Mini :: Can New Video Cards Run Final Cut Pro?

Mar 4, 2009

Can the new mini's with the new video cards run final cut pro? I am not a video editor but do some small projects once in awhile. I would max out the mini at 4GB of ram running (2) 24" monitors.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: SDXC Cards Can Be Used For Photo Transfer To Mac Mini?

Jun 21, 2012

Can SDXC cards be used to transfer picture from onto the snow leopard 10.5.8 mini mac?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: Display Adapter For Mac Mini?

Apr 3, 2009

I just got my new mini today, but the cord for the monitor doesn't fit my current one. I'm pretty sure that the product listed below is the one I should buy, but can anyone confirm this for me? [URL]

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Mac Mini :: An Old Dvi-vga Adapter From A Videocard?

Oct 31, 2009

Quick question i was looking to purchase a mac mini. The question i have is i have an old dvi-vga adapter from a videocard and was wondering if i connect this to the dvi output on the mini display adapter will it work with a vga cable?

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Mac Mini :: Why Using HDMI-DVI Adapter Instead Of MDP-DVI

Jun 17, 2010

I'm surprised that the Mac Mini comes with an HDMI-DVI adapter and not a MiniDisplayPort-DVI adapter. The latter would allow you to use monitors that support all resolutions the Mini can produce, whereas the former is limited to 1920-by-1200. Even if you use a monitor within the bounds of 1920-by-1200 resolution, you would need to get a MDP-DVI adapter to use a TV at the same time.

The ONLY logical reason that exists for Apple to do this is that they will make more money this way.

More people will have to buy the MDP-DVI adapter than the other way around. If people merely want to use a TV, they will have to buy an HDMI cable AND a MDP-DVI adapter, leaving the current adapter sitting in a drawer, whereas if Apple had supplied a MDP-DVI adapter, the person would probably just buy an HDMI cable, and probably not from Apple.

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Mac Mini :: Adapter That Allows You To Plug Into A VGA Monitor?

Oct 26, 2010

I have the mac mini adapter that allows you to plug into a VGA monitor. I noticed my windows laptop has this same plug in on the side of it. So I Ihave the VGA cable going from the Mac into my windows laptop now (instead of my viewsonic monitor)... is there a way to view my mac mini desktop using my windows laptop screen instead of a separate monitor? (and instead of using 3rd party programs like VNC etc)

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Hardware :: Mini DP To VGA Adapter Not Working With Mac Pro?

Apr 28, 2009

So I got my new Mac Pro a few days ago. 2.26, 8-Core, 4870. But I am having problems with my Mini Display Port to VGA Adapter, the screen I have at the moment only has VGA input but I am getting the 24" Apple LED Display in a few months. When connected to my current display with the adapter the Mac Pro doesn't detect any info about it and cant find or display the correct resolution, my girlfriend has a macbook and she can use the adapter fine to connect it to the same display, its 1680 x 1050, and the MacBook finds this is the native resolution and displays everything correctly. However when the Mac Pro is connected it doesn't find the correct resolutions for my display, the closest resolution it shows is 1400 x 1050, and this looks horrible on my screen. I was starting to think it is the 4870 card, and that it can't do that resolution but I borrowed a DVI to VGA adapter and that worked fine, showing the 1680 x 1050, so why doesn't the mini display port work at this resolution?

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Hardware :: ADC To DVI Or ADC To Mini Display Adapter

May 6, 2010

i have an old display that i'm trying to use as a second screen. it's ADC, so what i need is a female ADC to male DVI or mini display adapter. now, i'm biting the bullet and i realize i'll have to shell out at least 100 bucks, but is there any option other than the official apple option?


i know i'll need something with external power, and so it'll be bulky. that's not my problem. my problem is that (as you can see in the comments in the link) the apple adapter doesn't let the display go to sleep, and that's no good for me. So, i'm asking those more in the know than i am. what are my other options? i'm even willing to spend a little more money if i have to to get something that will give the display a rest when i'm not using it.

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IMac :: Can't Connect VGA To Mini DisplayPort Adapter

Sep 12, 2010

I had to send my iMac 27" in for repairs and now I cannot connect the VGA to Mini DisplayPort adapter into the iMac. The other connections work (e.g ethernet and USB) but it looks the the Mini DisplayPort is off alignment with the aluminum enclosure. I know I'm not going crazy because it connected before I had to send it in.

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Hardware :: How To Get Adapter For Mini-display Port To TV?

Oct 16, 2010

So I have been using a HDMI to DVI with a DVI to Mini DP adapter to connect my Macbook Pro to my television. Recently the adapter is having issues, so I am going to replace it, but I am just curious if I will get better quality with a HDMI to HDMI to Mini DP adapter?

I'm not sure if there's even going to be noticeable difference between the two.

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Hardware :: Does The Mini DVI To VGA Adapter Work In Windows

Mar 14, 2008

Just wondering if the Apple Mini-DVI to VGA adapter will work in Windows running via BootCamp on a current Macbook? Has anybody tried it? I read somewhere that you have to remove a pin from the adapter?? That sounds kinda strange to me.

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OS X :: Mini Display Port To DVI Adapter Not Working

Mar 17, 2009

as the title suggests, I purchased a Mini Display port to DVI adapter for my Aluminium Macbook but when I plug it in and connect it to my Dell 24inch monitor, it doesn't detect it.

I remember reading about 2 different types of DVI but i was assured that the Macbook supports both types.

Anyone have any ideas?

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MacBook :: Hook Up Mini DisplayPort To DVI Adapter?

Apr 22, 2009

I got the Aluminum MacBook late 2008 version and as most should know that the macbook comes with a Mini-Display Port. Today i went to buy a Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter because all my monitors at home have the DVI slot. I hooked it up and everything works fine as it should be. But next week i have a presentation to do in University and apparently my uni only have the VGA slot available, so therefore i want to know if it would work by hooking up my macbook with the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, then use a DVI-D to VGA adapter and finally a VGA cable to the Projector for the presentation?

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