Mac Pro :: Discontinued Model Of 30" Apple Cinema Display

Jan 11, 2011

If I am in the market for getting a 30" Apple Cinema display, which is now a discontinued model, where is the best place to get one? Will I be able to find one "new in box" anywhere? Or should I buy refurbished? What about buying on eBay? What would be the best route to go for getting one? I just got a Nikon D7000 Camera and I'm looking at a larger display for editing high resolution photos, something matte without glare. I do like the 30" Apple display, but I know it's discontinued now.

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MacBook Air :: Connect Cinema Display Model 1083 To It?

Mar 22, 2012

if I can connect an Apple Cinema Display (model 1083) to a brand new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?I have read so many comments about DVI, DVI-D, dual link, single link and different connections that I am not sure where I stand!There is the "Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter" which works with the Thunderbolt port on the Air, but not sure if this will work to connect a 30" Cinema Display to a MacBook Air or Pro?

Mac OS X (10.7.3), iLife '09, iWork '09

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Mac Mini :: Connect A Cinema Hd Display To A Late Model 2006?

Mar 26, 2012

I can not figure out how to connect the power on the cinema display. It looks like it would plug into the back of the mini where the macmini would normally plug the power in. Not sure if I am missing something. I also do not know if I need to plug all 4 connections the video, usb, hdmi, and iguess what is the power plug in or just certain plugs.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2006 model

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IMac :: 27" Doesn't Display Full Resolution On Apple Cinema Display?

Dec 24, 2009

The title says it all really... Quite a simple problem that I can't find any answer to!

I've hooked up my 30" Apple Cinema Display to the new iMac 27" and the highest resolution I'm getting as an option is 1280x800... The iMac correctly detects the ACD as a Cinema HD display but limits my resolution. Why oh why?!

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Hardware :: 30" Apple Cinema Display - Is That Resolution Available In A Larger Display?

Aug 14, 2009

I own 23 and 30" Cinema Displays. I like the 23 because everything is larger and easier to read than in the 30". I mostly work in Logic and love that I see lots of things on the 30" but the 23" is much easier on my eyes.Is there such a thing as a display with 2560x1600 (like the 30" Apple) but that is LARGER than a 30 inch so I can see everything bigger in Logic??? Maybe a 34 or 37"? Did a search but haven't come up with anything other than other 30" displays.

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MacBook Air :: Apple Cinema Display Through Thunderbolt Is Air Getting Power Supply Through Display?

Jun 15, 2012

if i Connect my Macbook air to the apple Cinema Display through thunderbolt is the air getting power supply through the Display?

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Hardware :: Apple USB Modem Discontinued?

Aug 11, 2009

Has the Apple USB modem been discontinued? I am not able to find it on their online store (searching for "modem" revealed nothing).

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IMac :: 3.2Ghz Model Won't Recognize Apple Display?

Sep 25, 2010

I just bought a brand new 21.5 inch iMac 3 hours ago and it won't recognize my Apple 24 inch Cinema Display. I was been using the cinema display with my laptop for 20+ months now and it still works with my laptop, but this brand new iMac wont use it as an external monitor. I keep hitting "Detect Displays" but nothing happens. Did all software updates that were available through the Software Update app, restarted, shutdown, unplugged the monitor and plugged back in, nothing is making it work. This is very frustrating for a brand new iMac right out of the box to not work properly.

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display

Oct 29, 2010

I just got my Cinema Display yesterday,But one thing, the USB ports dont seem to function "normally" i got my Mouses Bluetooth Dongle plugged directly into the back, and its not recieving it?

I also tried plugging my APC40 (midi controller) into the back and it didnt get recognized, it only works when i plug it directly into the MBP.Am i forgetting something?I did a full update on the drivers soon as i plugged it in too

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Hardware :: Buy Besides Apple Cinema Display

Nov 7, 2010

I have an iMac 21.5 inch and I sm trying to find s dual monitor that can sorta match up to it's brightness and color quality but I don't want to drop and absurd amount to get an apple cinema display. So my question is what are my options . And what are the visual differences between LCD led and ISP displays. I'm very unfamiliar with all this so thanks for the advice and help. Btw I'm looking for a 22-23 inch display

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Mac Pro :: New 30" Apple Cinema Display

Jan 5, 2011

I was lucky enough to check the online Apple Store at the right time yesterday, and came across a refurbished 30" ACD for $1,299. Ordered it with next day shipping, and less than 24 hours later (i.e. now), I've got it up and running. MAN�this thing is awesome I've been using a pair of 23" ACDs�both suspended via an Ergotron dual mount (which is great). Now, I've got some reconfiguring to do. If anyone would be so kind as to tell me if the following moves make sense, I'd be truly grateful. FYI, I've got an early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1), and I do lots of graphics work (mainly Photoshop + Illustrator, CS5�but increasingly dabbling in Cinema 4D�and no gaming whatsoever). Here's what I've been thinking about buying to "refresh" my 3-year-old system:

� ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics Card
� SSD (120GB Mercury Extreme Pro) + "IcyDock" mount
� 2 PCIe cards (both by Sonnet Tech.):
� Allegro Express USB 2.0 Adapter Card (adds 4 ext. USB ports)
� Tempo SATA E2P Serial ATA Host Adapter Card (adds 2 ext. eSATA ports)
� NewerTech Voyager Q- (SATA Hard Drive Dock)........

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display ?

May 4, 2009

I've been trawling the net to find a review of the Apple Cinema Display by a professional who has used it every day for at least one month, to see whether the reflection on it is as off-putting as it looks in the store.

I went into the Apple Regent Street Store in London on Friday all ready to buy an MBP17 & an ACD24 but then when I looked at the Cinema Display I saw my own ugly face reflected back at me horrifically clearly... When I was trying out the various apps on the screen, even with a white background the glass was still very reflective.

Granted the Apple Store is probably the brightest work environment you'll ever see, but I need to know from people who own and use this monitor daily: is it as reflective as it seems and is that off-putting for your work?

My work requires very precise colour definition so if the reflections will get in the way of that then I'll essentially own a very expensive mirror/paper weight.

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display To A PC?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a gorgeous 24" ACD that I bought earlier this year for my MBP. The MBP was sold, so I now want to use this display with my hackintosh that I built.

I think this adapter will work, but I'm not sure.


I'm not sure because the DVI end of the adapter appears to be female, and I need a male end to plug into my computer.

I'm not sure if I'm over-thinking, confused or just plain dumb. All I want to do is plug the ACD into my desktop.

by the way, I went to microcenter for this, and they pointed me to a 150 dollar adapter - plug the monitor into one side, of it and the other side goes into the DVI port of the computer. I'm hoping I don't need to spend 150

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display 27"

Aug 25, 2010

When do you think of that you can order the new Apple Cinema Display 27"?

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Hardware :: Use Apple LED Cinema Display With PC Laptop?

Sep 11, 2010

I'm wondering how can I use my Apple LED Cinema Display with my PC laptop.

The laptop has VGA and DVI inputs but not the small Apple thingy.

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Hardware :: Apple Cinema Display 24 Inches?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a very lovely and presently not working Cinema Display 24 inches.

Here is what it is doing.

When connected to my Mac it shows up as a valid screen in the Monitors System preference and if I am not mirroring displays my mouse and windows can be placed in this 'space'.

However there is not any on LED power light nor does the USB/Firewire port function.

What is odd, is this is intermittent. It used to be dark for a bit but mostly on. Now it is dark 99% of the time, and occassionaly comes to life.

When it comes to life, it is bright, and clear. So the lamp is more than likely OK.

The power supply has been tested with another unit and it is not power supply (external) related.

I have thought it could be the inverter board which is a part I can buy cheaply and repair. However I was told my LCD is more symptomatic of the LCD panel being bad.

Apple wants a $450 fee to diagnose that would be applied towards repairs, but at that cost, it is almost worth getting the new LED model. I would prefer to fix it in a more economical manner.

Does anyone know of what could be causing my set of symptoms and/or a reliable LCD repair source preferably in the NY/NJ region?

I would prefer to have some idea of a diagnosis before I go and buy invetertor boards and A/D boards. However I can replace the power supply, inverter and A/D board for under $300 so that is abetter option than Apple's. However if the LCD panel is in fact dead, then it is a lost cause. New panels are very hard to find.

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Hardware :: New Apple 27 Inch Cinema Display With PS3

Nov 2, 2010

I plan to buy a 27 inch Apple Cinema Display to connect my 13 inch Macbook White too. I also plan to wall mount it and use it to run my ps3 through. I've looked around on the apple store and found the Belkin AV360 to use. I was just wondering if there are any issues I should be worried about? PS3 on a apple display sounds sooo good Also I want to use wireless headphones for sound on the ps3.

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MacBook Pro :: I5 To 23" Apple Lcd Cinema Display?

Nov 22, 2010

have been looking around online on how the best way to connect my new Mbp that arrives tomorrow to an old apple LCD cinema display that my dad managed to save from redundancy from one of his work clients. (am being given the screen).

I know there is a mini display port to dvi adapter sold by apple but it has very negative reviews, and wondered if anyone has any better suggestions for a way that i could connect it?

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Hardware :: Cant Get 24" LED Apple Cinema Display

Dec 15, 2008

So is there a way to make it work?

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Hardware :: Apple LED Cinema Display Defected?

Dec 19, 2008

Frustrated. To my excitement, I purchased this display last week. In my previous thread, I posted that it looks stunning and works as it should. Well, last night I was using the display, then I noticed a color change on screen. Overall tone of the display turns "greenish" and turns back to normal. A few moments later it turns "cooler" then back to normal. The "discoloration" is for five seconds or so. And it's very irregular. I might be over-stating when I say discoloration, but the overall color changes back and forth. BUT not all the time. I thought my eyes were wrong. But the problem is, it's not a constant issue. If my screen was flickering or had distorted images I could understand that it's defective. The symptom that I just explained doesn't even happen unless I use it for hours. So these might be issues with this:

1. Running it too long. I've had the display on and was working on it for hours. But then, why won't I be able to use it for hours? Even if I had decided to keep the display at full blast for hours and days, this shouldn't happen.

2. 10.5.6 update. I have no conclusive evidence that the recent OS X update had to do anything to my mini display port and external monitor capabilities, but since some have reported issues with it, it could be the cause.

I would hate to drag it down to a local Apple store to meet with one of the genius guys or ship it in for a repair/replacement. I already know what's going to happen at the Apple Store; one genius guy would ask what the problem is and after I explain it to him, he won't see the problem in front. And repair/replacement takes too long.

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Hardware :: How To Connect MBP To Apple Cinema Display

Jan 12, 2009

I know to go to settings/display but which option to choose?

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Mac Pro :: Find Out When Apple Cinema Display Was Manufactured?

Mar 29, 2009

Under display profiles, No. 13 it list some Apple display make and model info such as Manufacturer (00000610) Model (00009221) and Manufacture date (C5942D00).. does anyone know how to decipher these? I tried CoconutIdentitycard, but that only give Mac and ipod details based on serial numbers

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Mac Pro :: Apple Cinema Display Won't Stay Asleep.

Jun 3, 2009

I have a first gen Mac Pro with a 20" Apple Cinema Display connected to it. I always leave my computer in, but I let my display sleep. My display will go to sleep fine but it will wake up randomly and then fall back asleep again after the time interval. This has been going on for a long time but it's starting to really bother me.

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OS X :: How To Connect Apple Cinema Display To Macbook Pro

Sep 9, 2009

Just got a 20" Apple Cinema Display LCD that didnt come with the power cord. It has a usb, firewire, DVI and the cable to connect the power supply. What is the best way to connect this screen to my MacBook Pro? Is it possible to have it powered through my laptop?

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Hardware :: New 30" Apple Cinema HD Display ?

Sep 10, 2009

Anyone have any idea when these suckers might be updated, I want to buy but Im not paying �1100 for something with 700:1 Contrast.. Anyone hear anything new on these? I dont know why they just didn't update them when the 24" came out.

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MacBook Pro :: Apple LED Cinema Display Stuck On 640 X 480

Sep 17, 2009

Just turned my com from sleep and im greeted to a 640 x 480 uber low res display! it's the second 24" ACD ive had as the first had a crack in in the screen. I have tried plugging into a single wall outlet, restarting, shutting down the mbp - still the same 640x 480 - really poor show on this apple product, from my personal experience. What is the definitive solution? Ive had it 2 days - the cracked one worked fine for 4 days and that was running of the exact same plug / socket. Another thread on ASupport discussions - [URL]

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Hardware :: PS3 To 30" Apple Cinema Display

Jan 14, 2010

I have 2 extra 30" Cinema Displays in my place since I switched over to Lacie Monitors for my color workflow, I want to sell one and keep the other if I can use it on the PS3. I received a second PS3 for Christmas and would like to set up the 30" display with the PS3 in the client waiting area. I was just wondering if this is possible at all? I know I can just sell the monitors and buy a tv but I'd like to keep at least one as a spare just in case.

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Hardware :: Can Connect Apple Cinema Display To PC

Jan 29, 2010

i am planning to buy an apple's LED cinema display to connect it to my PC.


the all new

24-inch (viewable) LED-backlit thin film transistor (TFT) active-matrix liquid crystal display

reason i chose this is because its the best in the market. and its brilliant quality stuff...

at least its the best currently in Indian market...

i want to know if it contains or has the capability to connect with DVI port on my nvidia 8600GT...

will it be able to display the same quality.

or will there be any resolution problem with the type of hardware i have?

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Mac Pro :: Apple 30' Cinema Display With Dead Pixel?

Mar 3, 2010

My screen has a dead pixel wich is always RED.

I have Apple Care until november, but maybe they won't even look at it as it's just 1 pixel...

Will it be covered?

will they fix it?

will they give me a new screen?

if they give me a new screen how long will it have warranty? 1 year right?

can i buy apple care for the screen if they give me a new one?

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Hardware :: Dvi-d/dvi Adapter For Apple Cinema Display/mbp?

Apr 27, 2010

what is the difference between the dvi and dvi-d input for a display?

i want to get one of the silver apple 23inch cinema displays for a macbook pro that has the newer mini-display jack. i just want to make sure that i get the correct adapter. apple's store has a mini-display to dvi adapter... would this work? does the cinema display have a dvi or dvi-d connection?

also, with this adapter, do the usb ports on the back of the display function? or are they connected via a usb cable to the mbp?

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