Hardware :: Nvidia 320M GPU Made Especially For Apple's New 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apr 13, 2010

While the GeForce GT 330M featured in the new 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros has already been found in competing notebook PCs, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro sports the Nvidia 320M, a graphics processor created just for Apple.

An Nvidia spokesperson told AppleInsider Tuesday that the new 320M was made especially for Apple, and is the successor to the GeForce 9400M, introduced in 2008. The 320M is an integrated graphics chipset for notebooks based on Intel's Core 2 Duo line of processors.

According to Notebookcheck.net, the 320M does not have dedicated graphics memory, but uses shared memory for the system for its graphics processing, giving it poorer performance than a GPU with dedicated memory. The 320M (not to be confused with the GeForce GT 320M) is based on the GT216 core, and offers 48 shader cores.

The report said the gaming performance of the 320M should be comparable to, but slightly better than, a 310M. The 320M also supports PureVideo HD for high definition decoding within the GPU. The processor can also be used to encode videos.

In announcing its new line of MacBook Pros on Tuesday, Apple revealed that the GeForce 320M GPU offers up to 80 percent faster graphics processing. It also helps the 13-inch MacBook Pro achieve 10 hours of battery life. Apple called the 320M the "fastest integrated graphics processor on the market."

The 13-inch model also includes faster Core 2 Duo processors, reaching speeds up to 2.66GHz and featuring a 1066MHz frontside bus with 3MB of shared L2 cache.

Featured on the 15- and 17-inch models is the 330M, which Apple said is more than twice as fast as the low-end 320M. Apple said the GT 330M "provides smooth, crisp on-screen graphics for the most demanding 3D games, creative software and technical applications."

The 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros also include automatic graphics switching, which Apple has dubbed a "breakthrough" technology. It allows the system to switch graphics processors on the fly, giving users performance when they need it and better battery efficiency when they don't. AppleInsider first revealed Apple was planning dual graphics technology in its future MacBook Pros in February.

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MacBook Pro :: NVidia 320m Versus NVidia 9400m?

Apr 14, 2010

So, I bought myself new Macbook Pro exactly 21 days ago, and was disappointed to find out that they refreshed it today.

However, I am heading to Apple Store Friday afternoon to find out what I can do to get that refreshed one. (I waited 7 month, until the last day of the presentation)So, to people with 320m graphics, are there any big difference? Does the battery lasts longer?

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MacBook Pro :: Playing Starcraft 2 With NVidia 320m?

Apr 15, 2010

Yes, and as you can see in my signature, I have the previous model which I have bought less than 25 days ago. I will go to Apple store this friday (Japan, and these people should be nice) and try to convince them that they shouldn't have given me the inferior ones.

Back to the point, will Starcraft 2 work well with nVidia 320m? Apple's website says there will be a 80% boost, but what about Starcraft 2?

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MacBook Pro :: Intel Hd Versus Nvidia 320m?

Jun 22, 2010

which is better and why?

I'm wondering because i currently have an hp laptop, and the only thing i am not satisfied with is my graphics performance.

i would like to upgrade to a macbook pro, but i don't want to buy the very expensive 15" model.

i use the graphics for GIMP mainly.

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MacBook Air :: Latest NVidia 320M Drivers On MBA 11.6"?

Dec 2, 2010

Does anyone know how to install the latest NVidia drivers from their website?

The installation breaks of because the correct hardware couldn't be found (when indeed I did download the correct 320M drivers).

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MacBook :: NVIDIA GeForce 320M Versus 9600M GT

Dec 2, 2010

I have a late 2008 15" MBP with an NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT w/256MB of RAM. I am thinking of trading it for a current 13" MacBook with a GeForce 320M w/256MB.

Am I right in assuming the new MacBook's GPU is inferior to my current's? If so, how much of a hit would I take in games like Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, etc.. ?

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MacBook Pro :: Steam On MBP/nVidia 9400m Versus 320m

May 13, 2010

Before you all start attacking me for having a second Steam thread, I get it. There's already a steam thread. This one is specifically for those of us who have MBPs (from any generation) that use integrated 9400m and 320m graphics. This is a great way for us to compare the two Core2Duo graphics cards.

Please report any info about frame rates, settings, how well or poorly games run etc. Feel free to re-post information about this stuff from the other thread so that we can consolidate the info.

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Mac Mini :: NVIDIA 320M Blacks Are Crushing/How Do I Fix?

Nov 22, 2010

At the moment I am testing with my 2010 Macbook Pro with a 330M hooked up to a Denon AVR-3806 receiver via HDMI. The Denon is hooked up to a plasma via HDMI.

I assume that the 320M in the Mini and the 330M are very similar, which is why I am posting here in the Mini forums, since I think I will get more visibility in here where people hook up their Macs to TV sets.

When I plug in the HDMI to the Macbook Pro using a mini displayPort to HDMI adapter, it automatically creates some generic DENON_AVR color profile or something like that. Things look ok, but everything is too dark for my liking. All shadow detail is lost.

It seems like I am getting better results when using the s-RGB color profile or even the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile, but i'm still not happy.

How do I get this video card, the 320M or the 330M, output just 'raw' or default, without having to calibrate the color profile? I tried calibrating using the Color menu on the Macbook Pro, but it just didn't work out. I would like it to just output the default or something so that I can just use the TV to control the final result. I have a few Popcorn Hour boxes that I currently use and I don't have to mess with any sort of color profile on those boxes. It just outputs a great picture. And I can leave the HDMI input on my TV with the same picture settings that I use for my DVR. Since I am using the AV receiver to do the HDMI switching, only one HDMI input on the TV is being used, so I have to leave the picture settings alone. The HDMI input is set on the Pioneer 6070 to accept RGB.

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Hardware :: Differences Between NVidia's GeForce 9400M And 320M?

May 7, 2010

I'm interested to learn the differences between these video cards : NVidia's GeForce 9400M and GT 320M used by Apple.

Is the GT 330M supposed to be better/faster than the 9400M ? Any benchmarks and comparison stats ?

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Mac Mini :: Finding Nvidia Geforce 320M Drivers?

Jan 3, 2011

How can I update my nvidia geforce 320M drivers, I downloaded the drivers from nvidia site, however, i get an error that says "this computer will not support this nvidia graphics solution" - I downloaded this file "NVIDIA Retail Mac Driver 256.01.00f03", I'm using LG 22" TV/Monitor with Res at 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz which is causing regular text appear blurry.

the 1680x1050 seems to be the best Res setting but text is blurry ..

I tried different HDMI cables, same conclusion ...

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Windows On Mac :: NVidia 320m Updates Cause Increase In Performance?

May 27, 2010

I have bought Macbook pro 13 , 2.4 GHz 2010 model with nVidia 320m graphics, Now my question is that I have installed win 7 on bootcamp and windows experience index scores 5.2 (win aero ) and 6.0 (gaming) , these both scores are same as friends 9400m macbook white, so is it ok ??? or future driver updates may increase these score??

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Mac Pro :: Flash Nvidia 8800 GT (made For 06) To Work In 08?

Feb 11, 2010

This is my first post here, hopefully i can begin posting a bit more and learn more about my mac pro. I just got a hold of an Apple Graphics Card Upgrade. The part# is MB560Z/A. It's an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, but it's the 2006 version with EFI32 firmware (or do i call it BIOS or ROM?) and won't work with the 2008 Mac Pro... and of course my dilemma is i want to use it in my 2008 Mac Pro. So is it possible for me to flash it (which i'm pretty sure it is) and more importantly is it easy to do and could someone tell me how (or point me in the direction of simple instructions) of how to go about doing it? Also, I understand there's always some risk doing these type of things, but would the chance of me screwing up the card be considered minimal? Is it easy to restore to the factory default if i want to place it back in a 2006 mac (i have no plans for that, but it'd be nice to know i have that option).

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MacBook Pro :: : Windows 7 Not Realizing Or Loading NVIDIA Drivers (13 Inch Macbook Pro)?

Dec 22, 2010

I recently installed the 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate operating system onto my MacBook Pro 13 inch. I have the most basic Macbook Pro 13 inch with nothing fancy added.Whenever I load up the Windows 7 OS on my Macbook, it never utilizes or even realizes that I have the NVIDIA graphics card in my laptop. It instead believes I have some integrated graphics card that cannot even run the most basic of PC games.I know my laptop can run these games because on OSX it runs multiple games with higher requirements than these games I am trying to run on Windows.Basic question: How do I get bootcamp or whatever else to make Windows 7 realize I have a NVIDIA card and drivers. Sorry if I am coming off as stupid or confusing.

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MacBook :: Latest Apple Update Made Web Browsing Slow

Jun 21, 2012

A coworker asked me to take a look at her Macbook because after the latest Apple update, browsing Yahoo and Google have become unbearably slow. What's weird is that it's only those two websites that are slowed.   

She has a 2008 Macbook with 4GB RAM running Snow Leopard  

I've tried the following:Reset SafariTried other browsersCheck/repair disk permissionsReset PRAMGot a new router and cable modem from Time WarnerUpgraded RAM to 4GB (had 1GB before) 

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Apple Products Not Made To Last

Dec 21, 2009

Has anyone else experience a problem with apple products, where it seems just over the year warrenty, your ipod, or mac starts to play up?

I bought a Macbook in September 2007, I was always extremely careful with it, only used it for home use (barely ever took it out to uni or friends), and used the disc drive only when putting cds onto itunes, or watching installing software. Yet, by December-January of 2008, the Disc drive was making funny noises, and stopped working. Again, I never overused it, nor did I underuse it, I was always careful with my macbook, and yet the drive just went. I can't afford to replace the drive, nor can I afford to purchase a new computer, so I've continued using it.

My ipod 120g, which I got for Christmas last year, has recently started to play up. It frequently freezes, sometimes doesn't show up on the computer, etc. Now for both of these products, the warrenty expired either days or a couple of months after these problems occured, so I have no help from apple.

My question is, has anyone else experienced this phenomenom? To me it seems almost as if Apple only design their products to last a year, expecting people to upgrade and thus fork out more money. Let me make this clear that I love using Mac OS x, it's pure quality, fast and efficient, but the hardware just doesn't match it's quality. I really wanted to continue to be a mac owner in the future, and yet, I refuse to fork out yearly for an upgrade.

I know there is the option of a 3 year warrenty with apple, but it costs an absolute bundle, $400 if I were to buy the $2000 (aussie dollars) macbook pro, so I won't be doing that. Also, I don't think it's ethical to expect your customers to fork out approx. 20% of the cost price for a guarentee that your machine won't break down for 2 extra years.

To me, Apple is, Apple has become, the Microsoft of the 21st Century.

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ITunes :: How To Transfer ITune Purchases Made Under A Different Apple ID

May 19, 2012

have just purchased an I-Pad and downloaded Pages from I-Tunes account onto my MacBook Pro, with the intention of syncing documents between the Macbook and my I-Pad via the Cloud... however, without noticing it at the time, I must have had a different user ID when I first registered in I-Tunes a couple of years ago [on the Macbook pro].When I bought my I-Pad a few weeks ago, I registered in the Cloud with a nice shiny new ID and now, of course, when I want to download the Pages App I've just purchased on from the MacBook onto my I-Pad, it won't recognise on the I-Pad interface that I've already bought it [under my old ID].

I-Tunes, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Final Cut Pro X :: Modifications Made To Duplicate Projects Also Made To Original

Jun 21, 2014

I'm basically trying to make a "save as" version of a project so I can change what I have without risk of losing everything I've done. But every time I save a new version of the project (and even rename it, store it on another drive, etc.), the changes I make to the new version are also made to the original.I'm also not getting the popup "duplicate project" window (which should give me a choice of where and how to save the project) I'm supposed to get when I click on "Duplicate Project." How can I simply save a fixed version of my project? 

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Hardware :: 24 Inch Apple Display With Older Macbook

Sep 2, 2009

im looking to get one of those new(er) 24inch apple displays and it says it connects with a mini displayport connector which is in the newest revision of the macbooks. problem is, I have one of the "older" white macbooks, which doesn't have this connection. what can i do ? is there a converter available?

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ITunes :: How To Get Home Made Movies (made With Final Cut )

Mar 22, 2012

How do i get my home made movies (made with final cut ) into iTunes

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Software :: Apple MacBook 13.3-inch 2GHz Does Not Continue To Boot Up.

Apr 5, 2009

My friend has an Apple MacBook 13.3-inch 2GHz (model number: A1181). When I boot up the computer, the screen is gray and does not proceed to show the Apple logo. The MacBook continues to show the gray screen for quite a while. What can I do to identify some of the problems with this computer? The one caveat: I am in La Habana, Cuba and there is no concept of an Apple Store or Mac support.

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Mac Pro :: Will Apple Be Updating It With Updated Graphic Cards Such As The Nvidia GTX 680

Mar 24, 2012

I'm looking to buy my first Mac Pro and I'm very excited about it! I haven't bought it yet because i'm waiting for Apple to upgrade their current graphics cards that are available in the current line up. The ATI Radeon HD 5770 or the ATI Radeon HD 5870. Altough they are very good graphic cards,I feel that they are very outdated. Would there be any chance of Apple upgrading their current line up to Nvidia GTX 680? 

Mac Pro

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Hardware :: Apple Introduces 13-inch MacBook Pro Cheaper MacBook Airs

Jun 8, 2009

Apple at its developers conference Monday unveiled plans to transition its 13-inch unibody MacBooks into a more premium offering by announcing plans to rebrand them as 13-inch MacBook Pros alongside more affordable pricing. MacBook Airs were also updated with cheaper pricing.

Apple said it will retain the "MacBook" moniker for its white $999 MacBook which ships in a polycarbonate enclosure. The new unibody models include a 2.26GHz model for $1199 and a 2.53GHz model for $1499, down from $1299 and $1599.

13-inch MacBook Pros

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro is a significant upgrade at a lower price than the original aluminum MacBook it replaces. With the same unibody design popular with consumers, students and professionals, all 13-inch MacBook Pro models now include a seven hour built-in battery, an SD card slot, a FireWire 800 port, an illuminated keyboard and an improved LED-backlit display with 60 percent greater color gamut.

Also featuring NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in two models: one with a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive priced at $1,199, and another with a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive priced at $1,499.

"Across the line, all of our new MacBook Pro models now include Apple's innovative built-in battery for up to seven hours of battery life, while staying just as thin and light as before," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "Starting at just $1,199, the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro is more affordable than ever and sets a new standard for environmentally friendly notebook design."

The 2.26 GHz, 13-inch MacBook Pro, for a suggested retail price of $1,199 (US), includes:

*-- *13.3-inch widescreen LED-backlit 1280 x 800 glossy display;
*-- *2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3MB shared L2 cache;
*-- *1066 MHz front-side bus;
*-- *2GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, expandable to 8GB;
*-- *NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics;
*-- *160GB serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;
*-- *a slot-load 8X SuperDrive(R) with double-layer support (DVD+/-R DL/DVD+/-RW/CD-RW) optical drive;
*-- *Mini DisplayPort for video output (adapters sold separately);
*-- *built-in AirPort Extreme(R) 802.11n wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR;
*-- *Gigabit Ethernet port;
*-- *built-in iSight(R) video camera;
*-- *two USB 2.0 ports;
*-- *one FireWire 800 port (FireWire 400 compatible);
*-- *SD card slot;
*-- *one audio line in/out port, supporting both optical digital and analog;
*-- *glass Multi-Touch trackpad and illuminated keyboard;
*-- *built-in, 58WHr lithium polymer battery; and
*-- *60 Watt MagSafe(R) Power Adapter.

The 2.53 GHz, 13-inch MacBook Pro, for a suggested retail price of $1,499 (US), includes:

*-- *13.3-inch widescreen LED-backlit 1280 x 800 glossy display;
*-- *2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3MB shared L2 cache;
*-- *1066 MHz front-side bus;
*-- *4GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, expandable to 8GB;
*-- *NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics;
*-- *250GB serial ATA hard drive running at 5400 rpm, with Sudden Motion Sensor;
*-- *a slot-load 8X SuperDrive with double-layer support (DVD+/-R DL/DVD+/-RW/CD-RW) optical drive;
*-- *Mini DisplayPort for video output (adapters sold separately);
*-- *built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11n wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR;
*-- *Gigabit Ethernet port;
*-- *built-in iSight video camera;
*-- *two USB 2.0 ports;
*-- *one FireWire 800 port (FireWire 400 compatible);
*-- *SD card slot;
*-- *one audio line in/out port, supporting both optical digital and analog;
*-- *glass Multi-Touch trackpad and illuminated keyboard;
*-- *built-in, 58WHr lithium polymer battery; and
*-- *60 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter.

Build-to-order options for the 13-inch MacBook Pro include the ability to upgrade to 8GB 1066 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, a 250GB 5400 rpm, 320GB 5400 rpm or 500GB 5400 rpm hard drive, a 128GB or 256GB solid state drive, Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter, Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter (for 30-inch DVI display), Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, Apple Remote, Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter and the AppleCare Protection Plan.

MacBook Air

Apple today also updated its thin and light MacBook Air, making it more powerful and more affordable. Measuring just 0.16 to 0.76-inches thin and weighing just three pounds, the MacBook Air is available in two models starting with the new entry price of $1,499 for a 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system with a 120GB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics, and a 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo system with a 128GB solid state drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics for $1,799.

Every Mac notebook achieves EPEAT Gold status and meets Energy Star 5.0 requirements, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly notebook design. Each unibody enclosure is made of highly recyclable aluminum and comes standard with energy efficient LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made with arsenic-free glass. All MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models contain no brominated flame retardants and use internal cables and components that are PVC-free. The built-in battery design results in less waste and depleted batteries can be replaced for $129 or $179, which includes installation and disposal of your old battery in an environmentally responsible manner.

Availability and upgrading to Snow Leopard

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are available immediately through the Apple Store, Apple's retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be shipping in September 2009, and any new Mac system purchased without Snow Leopard from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller between June 8, 2009 and the end of the program on December 26, 2009, is eligible for the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Up-To-Date upgrade package available for a product plus shipping and handling fee of $9.95 (US). Users must request their Up-To-Date upgrade within 90 days of purchase or by December 26, 2009, or whichever comes first.[ View this article at AppleInsider.com ]

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MacBook Pro :: Apple's Dead Pixel Policy For MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2011?

Jul 3, 2012

I have just noticed a dead pixel in my MacBook Pro 13 inch. Is it possible that i could have my Mac replaced? If not, what do I do and what is the policy? I do have Apple Care.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Hardware :: Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air Comparable To MacBook Pro

Oct 26, 2010

Performance of Apple's new thin-and-light 13-inch MacBook Air is comparable to the notebook's 13-inch MacBook Pro counterpart, according to a new series of benchmark tests.

Macworld this week published the results of a thorough benchmark of Apple's new line of MacBook Air notebooks. Testing with Speedmark 6.5 found that the new models, despite having slower clock speeds than their predecessors, have significantly improved performance due to their reliance on flash storage.

Even when compared with the MacBook Pro, the flash storage helped the new 13-inch MacBook Air achieve a Speedmark 6.5 score higher than the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.4GHz processor, released in mid-2010.

The new 1.86GHz 13-inch MacBook Air doubled its Speedmark score to 108, up from the score of 64 that the 2009 1.86GHz 13-inch MacBook Air achieved. Many of the gains came in drive tests, where it was found that the new lightweight notebook took 13 seconds to copy a 1GB file, compared with the 69 seconds that the 4200rpm hard drive of the previous model took.

Graphics performance was also improved, thanks to the nVidia GeForce 320M integrated chip. A test of Call of Duty 4 found that the new MacBook Air displayed more than three times as many frames per second as the nVidia GeForce 9400M found in the 2009 MacBook Air.

"Interestingly, the new 1.86GHz MacBook Air outperforms its predecessor in processor intensive tasks as well, even though they both use a Core 2 Duo processor with the same speed rating," author James Galbraith wrote. "iTunes encoding, Photoshop, HandBrake, MathematicaMark, and CineBench CPU tests were markedly faster on the new system. The new 1.86GHz MacBook Air was even faster than the previous 2.13GHz MacBook Air in all of those same tasks, despite the older system's supposedly faster Core 2 Duo processor."

The tests also found that the new 13-inch MacBook Air with a 1.86GHz processor is about 27 percent faster in the Speedmark 6.5 performance when compared to the smaller, 11.6-inch model with a 1.4GHz processor. The larger notebook was faster in all tests except for duplicating a 1GB file -- in both cases on that test, the integrated flash storage accomplished the task in just 13 seconds.

And the mid-2010 13-inch MacBook Pro, with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor from mid-2010, reached a score of 106, two points less than the 108 that the 13-inch MacBook Air with a 1.86GHz processor received.

The MacBook Air does not stand a chance, however, when compared with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 processor. In tests that could take advantage of the faster processor's HyperThreading technology, the 15-inch MacBook Pro earned scores twice as fast as the 13-inch MacBook Air, and nearly three times as fast as the 11-inch MacBook Air.

The mid-2010 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i5 processor earned a Speedmark 6.5 score of 132, making it the best of the Apple notebooks tested.

Macworld also did a stress test on the batteries of the new MacBook Air notebooks. It found that the 11-inch model looped a movie at full-screen full brightness and volume set at 1 for 3 hours and 40 minutes. The larger 13-inch model ran for 4 hours and 25 minutes. Both of those totals bested the 3 hours and 5 minutes achieved by the 2009 MacBook Air.

The latest benchmarks paint a slightly different picture than a separate set of tests published Monday. In those benchmarks, the new 13-inch MacBook Air was found to be slightly slower than the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The new 11-inch MacBook Air was also portrayed as a "smaller but slower MacBook Pro, or a much faster but larger iPad."[ View this article at AppleInsider.com ]

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MacBook Pro :: Apple Are Replacing Faulty Nvidia GPU With Another Faulty GPU

Apr 21, 2012

Apple are replacing the faulty Nvidia GPU with another faulty GPU...

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Mac Pro :: NVIDIA Quadro 4000 For Support Apple Cinema 30" Display?

May 19, 2012

NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac support Apple Cinema 30" display?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Air :: How Does The 320M Compare To The ATI X1600

Oct 26, 2010

I currently use a 4 year old MBP with an X1600 GPU. Thinking about going for an Air, and wondering what the 320M is like in comparison.

I play the occasional game but principally would use the machine as a holiday / travel laptop and would hope to be able to do light 3D graphics work on it. I know it's never going to replace a desktop machine but I'm quite good at working within hardware constraints.

Is the 320M a much better GPU? If so by what order of magnitude?

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MacBook Pro :320M Is Not More Powerful Than The 8600M?

Apr 15, 2010

a bunch of people are using the notebookcheck.net 3DMark06 score of 3300 as the average score for the 8600M GT. Due to this, a lot of people are getting the wrong impression that the 320M is faster than the 8600M GT, and that the 330M is 2x more powerful.There are several consistency issues which need to be addressed: 1) 8600M GT (DDR2) vs 8600M GT (GDDR3)While they both have the same name, there are actually 2 different variants of the 8600M GT card. One with DDR2 memory and one with GDDR3 memory. (Note: this is NOT the same as system memory) The GDDR3 variant is between 20% - 30% faster than the DDR2 variant. Majority of the 8600Ms tested used DDR2 memory, while all the 8600Ms in Apple notebooks use GDDR3 memory.

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MacBook Air :: Overclocking The 320m - 20% Increase In Performance?

Nov 1, 2010

Wanted to let you know that I had great sucess overclocking the 320m in the Air. I used the same procedure found in this thread.


This might help you starcraft junkies out there as it may give a 20% increase in performance. I played MW2 for two solid hours tonight without lockups at 625 / 1340. (11" 1.6 4GB) Thanks go to all in the refrenced thread that contributed to these findings!

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MacBook Air :: Battery And Noise Comparison Between 11 Inch And 13 Inch?

Nov 16, 2010


I had a 11 inch air 1.4GHz/4GB/128GB for two weeks. I usually set the brightness to 75% and for consistent web browsing (no heavy flash) I can get about 5h15min battery life. I noticed someone here claiming 8+ hours battery on 13 inch so I decided to give it a shot.

I got a new 13 air with 1.86GHz/4GB/128GB yesterday and start to run on battery immediately. I was disappointed. The brightness was also set to 75% and I start to count the time from 25% while browsing MacRumors.com. And it only took 1h38m for battery descending from 25% to 0%. Again, pure web browsing and no heavy flash.

So here is my conclusion: On 75% brightness, 11 inch air's battery performs beyond advertised 5 hours and 13 inch's battery performs fair and normally should give you around 6h30m~7h.


I don't have equipments for measuring the noise, but while copying the same 10GB files from external drive to the machine, the fan noise from 13 inch is much louder than 11 inch.

Now I like my 11 inch more in general, although I really hate the 1366 x 768 screen. I don't know if I should sell the 13 inch or 11inch...


On my 11 inch air: battery capacity 4664

On my 13 inch air: battery capacity 6634


I will do another test to see how long exactly my 13 inch can last after a full charge

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