Applications :: ITunes Doesn't Open - Message "Itunes Quit Unexpectedly"

Oct 24, 2010

The last 2 days i have a problem with iTunes. Everytime I try to open it, i get the message "Itunes quit unexpectedly". I deleted iTunes and installed it again, but the same thing happens. I am new in Mac so i may have made some mistake in deleting it.

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ITunes For Mac :: Whenever Try To Open / Get This Message Saying That It Quit Unexpectedly

Jun 21, 2014

Whenever I try to open iTunes I get this message saying that iTunes quit unexpectedly while using the libcrypto.0.9.8.dylib plug-in. It did this a few days ago so I tried re-installing iTunes and it worked after rebooting but it didn't work this time.

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Applications :: Itunes Unexpectedly Quit And Won't Open

Nov 21, 2009

My itunes randomly, even after several restarts and re-installations, won't open and always says that itunes has "unexpectedly quit". I don't know what to do. This is what the error reads:

Process: iTunes [595]
Path: /Applications/
Version: ??? (???)
Build Info: iTunes-9022501~2
Code Type: X86 (Native)
Parent Process: launchd [98]....................

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Software :: When Open ITunes It Wouldn't Open, Instead An Error Popped Up Saying It Quit Unexpectedly?

Jul 13, 2010

I know that there are most likely a lot of these threads around, but I feel like I've tried about everything. This all happened this morning when I was about to open my itunes. It wouldn't open, instead an error popped up saying that it quit unexpectedly.

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Applications :: IDVD Refuses To Open - Quit Unexpectedly

Jul 18, 2010

So I went to start up iDVD today, and it won't even launch. Nothing. I click it, it just says "iDVD quit unexpectedly" every single time.

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OS X :: Itunes And Adium Unexpectedly Quit?

Sep 10, 2009

I've been having some issues with my itunes AND adium...for some reason they won't launch, they load for a second and then immediately go to the "....quit unexpectedly" message, when I try to send an error report, it fails as well...I feel like I'm being hacked or something... Has anyone experienced this, more importantly does anyone know how to fix it?

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OS X :: Itunes Quit Unexpectedly - Hen Tried To Install Limewire It Cannot Loads Up More Than 6%?

May 13, 2009

i'm new to the forums and new to macs so i really have no clue how to fix any problems on the mac growing up i always used a mac but for the past 6 years i have been using a pc. so long story short i bought a used mac to kind of dink around with and for some reason Itunes keeps quiting unexpectedly. I also tried to download limewire and it loads up to 6% then it just sits there. Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone give me some tips I cannot figure this out.

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Software :: Safari And ITunes Won't Launch - Application Quit Unexpectedly?

Aug 22, 2008

I did a software update, and now Safari, iTunes, and just about every other application (software updater, pages, etc.) won't launch!When I click on them I get an error message "The application quit unexpectedly".I just got my macbook, and it doesn't work

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MacBook Pro :: Keep Getting A Message Saying Image Quit Unexpectedly?

Jun 17, 2012

I keep getting a message saying image quit unexpectedly. Every time I click ignore, reopen, and report it keeps coming back.  How can I fix this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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ITunes :: Error "ITunes" Unexpectedly Quit While Trying To Restore It's Windows"

Mar 12, 2012

how do I get ITunes back when I get the error message : The application "ITunes" unexpectedly quit while trying to restore it's windows.  Do you want to restore it's windows?  I already tried reloading ITunes and it still doesn't startup.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), I Tunes will not startup

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OS X :: Preference Sync Client Quit Unexpectedly Message ?

Sep 19, 2009

Have re-installed 10.6 and migrated stuff from a backup made on a external drive - any ideas what this messahe means? keep getting it pop up every hour!

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Software :: Keep Getting The Error Message That Safari Unexpectedly Quit - Using OS X 10.4.11

Jul 27, 2008

I can't get Safari to launch. I keep getting the error message that Safari unexpectedly quit. I am using OS X 10.4.11 and Safari 3.1.2. Firefox works. I tried launching Safari with another user and the same thing happens. Do you know what the problem might be?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Hlutil Quit Unexpectedly Message At Startup

Mar 16, 2012

At startup of my macbook pro with all latest updates installed I keep getting a message that "hlutil has quit unexpectedly".How can I troubleshoot this further?

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ITunes :: Opens For About 5 Seconds And Quit - Restoring Windows Message

Mar 20, 2012

I cannot open iTunes. Message "iTunes quit unexpectedly". It only opens for about 5 seconds where there is a message about restoring windows, which makes no sense. I have shut down, restarted, checked for software updates. I am running OS 10.7 (lion).

I get this massive error message:
Process:iTunes [1312]
Path: /Applications/
Version: 10.6 (10.6)
Build Info: iTunes-10604001~1
[Log] .....

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Keep Getting "ITunes Quit Unexpectedly"

Mar 27, 2012

My iTunes keeps crashing. I have verified the disks and disk permissions and reloaded/installed iTunes. I keep getting "ITunes Quit Unexpectedly". I am on MAC Lion 10.7.3 with iTunes 10.6?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: It Quits Unexpectedly When Try To Open Playlists?

Mar 25, 2012

In the past week i have noticed that iTunes quits unexpectedly when i try to open my playlists. I have a MacBookPro that is less than a year old.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: IPhoto Unable To Open - App Quit Unexpectedly

Jul 31, 2009

It only bounces once in the dock and says "App Quit Unexpectedly.."

I tried to reinstall it with a .pkg but it's the same result...I can restore the application with the restore disk if I have to...But all the other iLife apps work...

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Safari :: When I Click On This It Won't Open And Comes Up With 'quit Unexpectedly'

Jun 12, 2012

When I click on this it won't open and comes up with 'quit unexpectedly'


Info:MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X Yosemite :: Many Of Apps Will Not Open - Quit Unexpectedly

Dec 3, 2014

The icon starts to open and then I get an error message.  Some of the apps are Adobe Reader and various Garmin apps.  The message is "<name of app> quit unexpectedly" and then it gives a long list of computer info.  This happened suddenly and I don't know why.  I have used the Disk Utility App but it has not worked.

MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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Intel Mac :: Keep Getting "ViewNX Quit Unexpectedly" Error Message

Jul 6, 2012

I keep getting this message can't open my view nx and get this huge list of "problem details and system configuration"


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Just Loaded ITunes Data Into ITunes In Lion / Getting Message 'iTunes Will No Longer Sync Photos'

Jul 4, 2012

Just transferred my iTunes data from Snow Leopard to Lion ( Both same version of iTunes} and I am getting a message saying the iTunes will no longer sync Photos to my iPhone. Has something been changed as far as photo syncing?

MacPro 2.66, Mac OS X (10.6.7), GB ram.. iLife 08 /Aperture / CS 5

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OS X :: All Applications Quit Unexpectedly When Printing

Apr 29, 2007

All applications quit suddenly when I click on print or press command+P. I tried everything to solve the problem including:

1) Uninstalled and reinstalled printer driver software.
2) Removed and readded the printer in printer setup utility
3) Reinstalled the whole operating system (Tiger) and installed all the updates.
4) Then it occured to me to test the printer using other user accounts in my computer and it works fine on other accounts! So the problem is just in my user account!

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Applications :: Safari Quit Unexpectedly?

Jan 3, 2008

My Safari always quit unexpectedly. At least once a day. Do you have similar problem?

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Applications :: Sims 2 Quit Unexpectedly On New MBP

Mar 26, 2009

I have the new MBP. I'm running OS 10.5.6 2.53 ghz intro core 2 duo 4 gigs of ram. I have enough to run it. I had issues installing it. It told me I needed 1 mb to run it. so I drug the folder into the mac HD. When the base game works perfectly. I have all the expansion games. Which works on my IMac running the same thing & my old MBP. When I install the first expansion pack & launch it the error reads. The application the sims 2 quit unexpectedly & it says the same thing when I want to relaunch.

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Applications :: ITunes On Windows / Cannot Open - ITunes Just Running In The Background?

Apr 2, 2010

After I updated my iTunes, which previously have been working with no problems at all, it suddenly began not working.

The problem I have is, that when i open iTunes, nothing happens. I can see it's running in the Task Manager, but I can't get it to open.

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Applications :: ITunes Pauses Songs Unexpectedly

Sep 28, 2007

last updates of iTunes there seems to be a problem with playing music: iTunes just randomly pauses and continues playing after a while.I believe this all started after updating to 7.4.1 it was really bad then, iTunes would pause like 20 times during a song and it would take very long for a new song to start.

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Applications :: Adium Quit Unexpectedly And Crash Again And Again?

Dec 7, 2010

one day i open adium, pass 10 seconds and quit's now happend all the time i download adium again and the same thing happendseems when i connect my facebook account to adium, Crash, here it's the report of the crash

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Applications :: Adobe After Effects Quit Unexpectedly?

Oct 5, 2009

Installs fine, box pops up in the middle of the screen & gets as far as "loading interface" then quits.

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MacBook :: OS X Quit Unexpectedly? - Lot Of Applications Get Crashes?

May 11, 2010

I just got the screen that says you need to hold down the power key and restart your computer. Anyone know why? I'm running tiger. I had about 12% battery left and I am "borrowing" my neighbors internet because mine is down right now (I'm a broke college student). I had about 1-3 bars of internet but those go in and out and fluctuate often. I've noticed my computer seems to lag because of that, I've had a lot more applications crashing.

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Software :: My Applications Unexpectedly Quit After Installing Mac Os X 10.5?

Aug 9, 2009

I recently got a powerbook g4, and it was running on Mac OS X 10.4. I knew that wasn't the latest version, so I bought a mac box set. My applications were fine they all open and were fine. I installed mac os x 10.5 the next day and it took a few tries to install. When it was done I installed ilife. I have had so many problems with my computer ever since I installed those programs. My ichat, iphoto, mail, address book, and ical won't open. I get the message " the application.... unexpectedly quit." This is my first mac computer and I'm not sure what to do. I also get that message when I'm in the middle of the software updates. I have to find them on the apple website to download them.

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