Applications :: How To Convert A Youtube Video To A Playable Mpg

Sep 24, 2010

So basically, I know how to convert a youtube video to a playable mpg for a keynote/powerpoint. I was wondering if there was any way i convert the clips from the Daily Show website to mpg or another playable on keynote format.[URL]

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Applications :: YouTube Video On Site Not Playable On IPhone

Jan 31, 2009

I have an family site I put together. I put a you tube video there for those who dont have QT it should still play. I try to access it via my IPhone and the YouTube video wont play. I get the play button with a circle and line through it.

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Applications :: Streaming Video Capture / Saving Video In Playable Format

Mar 10, 2009

Anyone know of a Mac OS X software that will capture streaming video and save in a playable format in Mac OS X? Kind of like Download Helper for Firefox captures FLV, MP4, MP3, etc... and saves it to your hard drive.

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MacBook Pro :: Convert A Powerpoint Presentation Into A Video Can Upload On Youtube?

May 3, 2012

how do I convert a powerpoint presentation into a video I can upload on Youtube? I do not have Quicktime Pro. Is there another way to do this?

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Applications :: Converting Any Video File To Format Playable On DVD Player

Mar 31, 2010

I have many videos that I have downloaded, ripped, and captured overtime. Some of which I would like to be able to burn to a DVD for personal use or to give to family and friends. My problem comes when trying to burn a certain video file formats to a DVD, one especially that will playback on a standard DVD player. The types of files I am interested in converting to DVD-playable are: .m2ts, .avi, .mp4, .mpeg, .mkv. Again, I would like to convert these movies, then burn them to a DVD to easily watch them on my home theater system's DVD player. So I beg the question, "Is this all possible?", "What file formats are commonly used to play from DVDs on a DVD player?" and "Are there any freeware based applications to get this job done?"

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ITunes For Mac :: How To Convert Old Audio Files To A Format Playable On OS X

Aug 26, 2014

I have some old audio files going back to OS 7 or OS 9.   There is no file extension.  

Kind:  Unix Executable File 

How can I convert these into something OS X will play.

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Applications :: Won't View Posted Video / Can Watch Video On Youtube

Jan 16, 2010

It must be some ad blocker or something, but I can't view videos. I can't seem to find what's causing it. I can go to YouTube and watch a video, but when someone posts a link, I am unable to make it play. I'll get a site with a black rectangle where the video is supposed to be. Happens on links from tweets too. Safari and Firefox both. I tried the Flash uninstall/reinstall/disc permission/restart routine twice.

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Applications :: Finding Program To Convert Video To HDD Video

Feb 21, 2009

I have been searching forever for a program to convert .avi and other types of files to high def.

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OS X :: AVI Video Not Playable?

Apr 19, 2009

Okay, so I have a movie on my PC in AVI format. It plays fine, no problems. When I put it on my USB, then open it on my Macbook, it only plays about the first 20 seconds. It shows that as being the whole video. I have done this plenty of times before, and never had a problem.

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Intel Mac :: Create A Mp4 Video That's Playable On A Regular Dvd?

Apr 8, 2012

How do I create an MP4 video thats playable on a regular dvd player?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Trying To Convert .3pg Video?

Oct 2, 2010

I just wanna convert my .3pg videos from my phone to .avi or .mpg so i can upload them to my blog. I'm looking for a free application (not a trial with their watermark on the video) to make the conversion.

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Applications :: How To Convert The Resolution Of A MP4 Video

Nov 22, 2010

I downloaded a YouTube video via Evom and converted it into MP4, which is supported on my cellphone (Samsung S5603 Touchscreen). However, when I sent it to my phone via bluetooth it said it was an unsupported resolution. How can I change the resolution of the MP4 video to a common phone res so it'll work on my phone?

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Applications :: How To Convert Flv Video To IPod

Nov 29, 2009

I'm not a computer tech person, but I want to be able to watch videos on my iPod that I currently have on my computer in the flv format.The video plays perfectly using VLC. I tried using VLC to export the flv files as mp4 or mov, but when I play the file on Quicktime, only the audio works. When I export the file to iTunes, the file goes to Music, not Movies, and only audio plays. How can I fix this without having to download anything new?

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Intel Mac :: Can Make A Playable Video DVD Then Add A Folder Of Jpeg Photos On The Same Disc

Jul 3, 2012

I'm able to make DVDs from iPhoto or IMovie & I've mastered IDVD's Menus pretty well. The DVDs play ok in DVD players to that's a plus. Now, what I want to do is somehow put folders of photos .... mainly those I've used in the slideshows...... if possible, on the same DVD. The idea is I can gift a DVD with a video/slideshow & if the recipient wants the photos they can insert DVD disc into their own computer (not necessarily Apple) & download the photos.

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Applications :: Way To Put A Youtube Video In IMovie

Aug 9, 2007

I would like to take a video off youtube, put it into iMovie HD 06', and edit it.

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Applications :: Download Video As Mp4 From Youtube?

May 13, 2010

Can anyone recommend a good app to download video as mp4 from youtube? I want to download them and then put it in my iphone.

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Applications :: What Software Should Be Used To Convert MP4 Video Files To SWF

Sep 22, 2010

What FREE Mac Application should I use to convert .MP4 video files to .SWF video files? I doesn't matter to me if they are good quality in the end because all of the videos are going to be on my MP3 player's screen.

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Applications :: Convert .flv Video Into .mpg Or Any Other Movie File

Jun 27, 2007

I have a couple of .flv video files and I was wondering how I can convert those to .mpg or any other movie file.

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Applications :: Convert Series Of Still Images Into Video Possible?

Aug 18, 2010

Does anyone know of an app that will do this? I'm struggling getting iMovie 8 to work right. Apple no longer provides a free download of iMovie HD 6 (*sob*) on their website. QuickTime Pro is no longer available. What can I use to process a long list of image stills into a movie file?

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Applications :: How To Make A Youtube Music Video?

Dec 11, 2008

Very simple. I just want to be able to upload a photo to a song and upload it to youtube. i want people to listen to the song and have the album art cover.

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Applications :: Capturing Flash Video - Not Youtube

Mar 10, 2009

I desperately need to capture some video from the below site: [URL:...] does anyone have any idea how to capture it, not sure if the standard youtube focused ones will do it?

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Applications :: Converter That Will Convert WMV File Video Into IMovie?

Dec 5, 2010

I need a free converter that will convert a WMV file into a file that iMovie will recognize. Also, an application that won't leave a watermark on the video.

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Applications :: Bulk Convert 1080p To 720p Video

Nov 24, 2009

I've got a bunch of 1080p video files that I want to convert to 720 before I start working on them in iMovie. Does anyone have any suggestions for software that can do this?

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Applications :: IMovie Says It Is Uploading To YouTube, But The Video Never Shows Up?

Jun 29, 2008

I uploaded 3 videos yesterday at noonish and they still don't even show up as processing. I logged in to YouTube and manually uploaded the videos and it worked. Is there anything I should be doing that I'm not?

For the record, I had a DVD, converted the vob files to one big .dv file with MPEG Streamclip, imported that into FCP, cut up the video into pieces and synced video audio to cd audio of the same source, did Export to Quicktime, imported them into iMovie, added titles, then uploaded to YouTube.

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Applications :: Adding YouTube Video In Slide On Keynotes

Jan 12, 2009

I have a presentation tomorrow, which we found out was due then today, teacher was sick and blamed us for not being ready, but whatever. I just need to get this done and it's finished. I need to get a video to use but our school blocks youtube, so how can get it in a slide on keynote?

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Applications :: Quality Uploading IMovie Video Onto YouTube

Jan 27, 2009

I have tried uploading directly from iMovie to YouTube using the preset and it looks absolutely horrendous. I have also tried exporting into NTSC quality and the "large" preset and they both still look terrible. The video I am using is imported DV from a Sony Handycam, it's not that great of camcorder but when I watched the videos on my TV it looked fine. What is the root of this problem and how can I fix it?

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Applications :: Easiest / Nicest YouTube Video Converter

Jan 30, 2009

If you use YouTube and own a Mac, you need TubeTV! It's hard to find a layman's application that downloads and converts YouTube videos into a format your computer and iPod can easily play. All you do is copy the link, click the download button, and TubeTV instantly downloads and converts the video. Best of all, it's free; 100% freeware that's powerful, simple, and exactly what I needed. Get this App! I'll see how I like it over the next couple weeks, I'd def. be willing to donate to the developers of this app.

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Applications :: Software To Slow Down Youtube Video For IMac

Apr 11, 2009

I occasionally need to slow down a youtube (or generally, any on-line) video. I am not able to locate software that will do this for my iMac. I did come across something for Windows called Enounce.

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Applications :: Won't Import All Pieces Of Video From Youtube To IMovie

Nov 30, 2009

I have a 3 part video from YouTube that I got with DownloadHelper, in mp4 format. I want to stitch the three pieces together in iMovie, so I have one video instead of 3. The first part seems to import normally. It copies the file over, and spends some time generating thumbnails. Then it duly places the video in an event. The other two parts take maybe 5 seconds to import. No thumbnails, no nothing. All three files are in the iMovie folder, but the last two refuse to appear in iMovie itself. The video codec is the same as other clips that I imported successfully some time ago: AAC, H.264.

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Applications :: Safari Starts Downloading YouTube Video As MP4

Mar 2, 2010

Recently I started have this issue on Youtube where I'm on a vid page and when I try to back out for some reason safari starts downloading the vid in mp4 format! Sometimes so fast I cannot stop it! Also when I just click on a vid thumbnail this will sometimes happen.

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