Mac Pro :: Move To A RAID Card / Will I Need To Recreate My Entire RAID?

Sep 13, 2009

I'm using the software RAID right now. Everything is set as RAID 10. I want to move to a RAID card� if I keep it as RAID 10 will I still need to redo everything?

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PowerPC :: Internal RAID Card To Create RAID 1 Mirror Of System Drive For G5

May 16, 2007

I have a PowerMac G5 and need to purchase an internal RAID card to create a RAID 1 mirror of the system drive... one that will allow me create a Hardware RAID 1 mirror, not software RAID through OS X.

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OS X :: Possible To Move RAID 0 To A Single Drive In The RAID?

Nov 16, 2009

I have a RAID 0 set up with two 1.5TB HDs. I am doing some reorganizing and want to take all the data on the RAID 0 and move it to one of the hard drives in the RAID 0 and create to single drives. Is there any way of moving all the data from a RAID 0 onto one of the HDs?

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Mac Pro :: Setting Up RAID 1 Without RAID Card?

May 15, 2009

I have never setup RAID before and this question may be totally stupid for that matter.

Can I setup RAID 1 (or call it mirroring) without the RAID card? I have two 1TB internal drives in my Mac Pro and I want to mirror them. I don't want to spend another 700 bucks just to setup a mirror.

Disk Utility shows some RAID options, but I am not sure how to use them, or if they will work at all without the RAID card.

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Hardware :: Can A RAID 1 Guardian Maximus Rebuild Easily / Have Partitioned The RAID Set

Dec 2, 2009

I just bought a Guardian Maximus RAID1 kit and I have two 1TB drives in it. I'm using it over Airport Extreme as an airdisk (mac osx 10.6.2)

My question is simply: am I running a risk by partitioning it into two partitions? Should I ever have to rebuild the failed disk (which I understand is really simple with the Guardian Maximus) - will it have trouble doing two partitions? I'm using one 500gb partition for time machine and one 500gb partition as redundant itunes/media.

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Hardware :: Lacie RAID Shows Up As Two Separate HDs Instead Of A Single RAID HD?

Jan 28, 2009

I have a Lacie ext hard drive with 2 x 250gb HD that were one RAIDed into a single 500gb HD. I ran this update Lacie firmware update: And now my HD will only show up as two separate HDs of 250gb instead of a single RAID HD of 500gb.

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Mac Pro :: Get A Highpoint Raid Controller And Put Those 4 Drives In A Raid 5 Array?

May 1, 2008

I have a macpro with 4 x 1tb drives

Is it possible to get a highpoint raid controller and put those 4 drives in a raid 5 array (and then create partitions inside that array) - or do you need to have 1 drive by itself for the operating system, and then create a raid array using the remaining 3 drives?

Lastly, are the highpoint 3500 series a decent card? and fully compatible?

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Mac Pro :: RAID 5 Volumes - Create In RAID And Disk Utility?

May 20, 2009

I have a new Mac Pro Quad 2.93 with the Mac RAID card installed with four 1TB drives setup in a RAID 5 array. When creating the volumes in the RAID utility, you can not edit them, resize, etc. If one large volume is created in the RAID utility, you can then partition that one volume using the Apple Disk Utility, which then allows you to resize if needed.

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Mac Pro :: Raid Speed ... Raid 5 Vs Straight Sata HDs

Jan 28, 2008

ive put 4 of the hitachi 1tbs in my new mac pro.. and i really want to do Raid on them eventually.. and buy the pricey apple raid card.. i'll do it.. but speed wise:

How fast is a Sata connection straight from HD>Motherboard... ~75mb/s?
Is the Raid 5 config with all those drives much faster... around ~110mb/s?

Do you know if there is anyway to get a 5th drive into the raid 5 array? using the ODD space.. or some externals too... i need as much as space as possible...

And boot camp wont work with raid card anymore? I was thinking to have the startup disc be a raptor to increase speed on the apps, how would it integrate with the raid card, etc

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Mac Pro :: Software RAID Versus Hardware RAID?

Apr 20, 2010

I am planning on getting a 2010 MP when they come and have a question about it. I am 90% sure that with my budget, I will not be able to after a RAID card. I am wondering if software RAID would be alright or if it's so bad it's not worth doing. Also, there is small chance that I could buy a RAID card later on, how would I install it? I will be using it for 3D animation with Maya and some zbrush modeling. Also I will be doing some Photoshop and illustrator and maybe some gaming on win 7 boot camp. Feel free to list any other pros and cons about either a software RAID or hardware RAID, I wana make sure I have all the details before making a final decision on it.

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Mac Pro :: Possible To Move Boot Drive RAID?

Aug 28, 2008

2x160 GB drives in a RAID-0 holding my boot driveI want to move it do: A) Ideally 2x250 GB drives in a RAID-0 or B) A 400 GB drive.I've tried:Straight up copying/restoring in Disk Utilit Carbon Copy Cloner File-levelCarbon Copy Cloner Block-levelI can copy everything, but I wind up not having the system recognize the new drive(s) as a boot drive.

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Mac Pro :: Mirror RAID Or A Stripe RAID?

Feb 14, 2010

On my 2009 Mac Pro, OS X's disk utility seems to allow the provision of making a mirror RAID or a stripe RAID.

Is it possible to shove in 2 drives, make a RAID 0 for two of them, and then add in 2 more drives to make a RAID 1 out of that RAID 0? (a RAID 0+1?)

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Mac Pro :: How To Sleep With Raid Card

Oct 9, 2010

I'm running my MP all the time because the Areca Raid card will not allow me to sleep it. It is actually a bit annoying because I sometimes sleep in the room and the MP 4.1 has relatively loud CPU heat sink fans.

Has anybody figured a way to make the Areca cards sleep?

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Mac Pro :: How To Find A SAS RAID Card

Dec 15, 2010

finding a SAS RAID card

2010MacPro, now need to support 2XminiSAS 6G / s of RAID Card

Need to support Mac os boot, and BootCamp windows boot

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Mac Pro :: How To Find RAID Card?

Apr 16, 2008

I have a question about Apple's Mac Pro RAID card that I couldn't find an affirmative answer to by searching.

I know that the Apple support documents state that only Apple hard drives are supported by their RAID card. But by that, are they implying "official support" in terms of warranty or "not gonna work at all?"

The reason I ask is obviously that I'm in the market for a new Mac Pro. I need a workstation platform for video editing.

But I don't necessary want to pay significantly higher prices for Apple-supplied hard drives if I don't have to. Further, it's impossible to tell what drive make/model you'll actually get going this route.

So I guess my question is aimed towards anyone who has successfully configured 3rd-party hard drives on the Mac Pro RAID card, if it's even possible.

I like the idea of keeping the cable runs neat and clean while still having hardware RAID functionality and not having to worry about finding a 3rd-party bootable RAID card with Mac OS X drivers.

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Mac Pro :: No Raid Card For 2012?

Jun 12, 2012

No Raid Card
No thunderbolt
No USB 3
Old GPUs 

... after such a long wait, I was really expecting something special. As a professional photographer I feel a little deflated. I have been a fan of Apple's extraordinary innovation for as far back as I can remember ...

MacPro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)

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Mac Pro :: Remove Raid Card From It?

Jun 28, 2012

My Raid Card battery is dead and I'm wondering the point of keeping it. I only used it to raid together 2 hard drives to act as one in my computer. If I take it out will the 2 hard drives I raided cease to function or go on just fine? I did it for the performance boost for read speeds. My PCI slots are maxed and was thinking of opening up the raid card slot to add USB 3.0 ports but I'm also not sure if I can add a normal PCI card in that larger slot.

Info:Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Logic Pro

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Mac Pro :: RAID Card Installation Complicated?

Nov 9, 2007

I just received my controller via FedEx Overnight. I figured I'd post the unpacking pics before I started the install. [URL] It looks like the install is a bit complicated. All of the shrouding needs to be pulled out, and the iPass cable needs to be pulled from the motherboard and attached to the card. I'm going to take the time to connect an external SATA while I'm in there. I'll try and get some benchmarks for you guys too. Nothing too fancy, just going to compare RAID 0/1/1+0, Sorry, not on a full install, that would just take too long.

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Mac Pro :: New RAID CARD Cannot Detect SAS Drives

Oct 1, 2008

I just got the apple mac pro raid card today, but after I connect it and all 4 SAS drives, the MAC OSX Installtion program can not detect the SAS at all, I open the RAID Utility but no dirve there, the battery is in charging status.

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Mac Pro :: New RAID Card - No Windows Support

Mar 3, 2009

I see that Apple has announced a new Mac Pro RAID card, the price has dropped to $700. It still only supports OS X, no windows driver. The bandwidth limitation of 320MB/sec seems to have increased to over 500MB/sec. Anyone know if this compatible with older Mac Pros? Is the previous card discontinued? Apple is not even offering the SAS drives when configuring a Mac Pro to buy as shown in the benchmark configuration performance example.

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Mac Pro :: RAID Card For A MP That Will Also Let Me Get Into Boot Camp?

Jun 23, 2009

Can anyone please suggest a RAID card for a MAC Pro that will also let me get into Boot Camp.

I have a Rocketraid 2644 connected to an external box with a RAID 0 array but it forces me to boot into OS X and nothing else

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RAID Card Compatibility With 'new' Mac Pros

Jun 14, 2012

I'm looking to purchase a Mac Pro as a file server for a client and wanted to spec 4x 1TB HDs and hardware RAID 5 via the Apple RAID card as we have done many times before. However I've noticed that the RAID card is no longer a build to order option although the card is still listed within the Apple Store.Does anyone know if it is still compatible with the new Mac Pros? This would seriously dent it's use as a file server if not.

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PowerPC :: What Step To Take Raid Two 300gb Drives And Move Everything Back

Nov 9, 2006

i am considering running a Raid 0 configuration on my Powermac 2x300gb drives. Right now i have duplicated everything onto a 250gb drive and have successfully booted with this drive. Does anybody know what steps i need to talk to Raid the two 300gb drives and move everything back onto them?

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Hardware :: Need Advice For Raid Card On 2008 Mac Pro

Mar 22, 2009

I could use some advice on seeking out a good and reliable Raid card for my 2008 Mac Pro. What I want is to make a Raid 0+1 configuration in the Mac Pro using 4 1TB hard drives, which would break down into 2TB of storage that is mirrored on the other 2 internal drives. The Apple store really didn't help and it seems like they make it rather difficult to find items like this. Of course I could do something like a Drobo, but why waste what the Mac Pro was built to take advantage of.

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Mac Pro :: Caldigit Raid Card Install Running

Feb 19, 2010

I'm trying to install a Caldigit Raid card. My Current setup pre Raid is:

1st Drive -150GB 10k rpm - OS X
2nd Drive - 150 GB 10k rpm - WINDOWS OS
3rd Drive - 1T - Library - About 800GB used
4th Drive - 1T - Backup - using Super Duper to back the library up every night.

The way I want to have it setup is 4 x 1.5T in RAID 5. Get rid of Windows and only have OS X running in there.Caldigit raid card won't let you do a fresh install in a new drive. You must have a a drive with OS in the first bay with Caldigit drivers installed in order to run successfully. That means that I have to install drive 1 and 3, install the drivers on there, clones drive 1 and 3 (which my understanding is not possible), boot from external build the raid, and clone it back to internal drives. Drive 1 hold OS, but since 3 has all the files, my credentials are all in there. The computer won't let me just boot with only drive 1 in there, thus the reason why I need to clone both drives.

So I tried, doing a fresh install on a new hard drive w/o the caldigit card in the computer I'm getting the multi langague screen before the cd fully loads. I am 99% sure that I have the 10.5.2 cd trying to do the fresh install. Doing a fresh install is now out of the question.I've tried the CMM+OPT+P+R and CMM + OPT + O + F as well, but nothing happens. Meaning that I think those commands are not working at all in my PC. This is with fresh drive and os 10.5.2 in the cd tray.What are my choices here?Can I make a new credential in my OS drive and point it to the OS HD, clone that, and build my RAID?

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Mac Pro :: Vanilla PC RAID Card For Boot Camp?

Jun 5, 2010

Can you just install a vanilla PC raid card into a MP, stripe a few empty drives in a RAID 0 config, and make OS X ignore both the RAID card and the NTFS striped drives when switching to and from Leopard?

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Hardware :: Finding SATA RAID Card For G5?

Feb 21, 2008

Can anyone recommend a SATA RAID card for a G5? I'm looking for a hardware solution as opposed to using a software RAID controller.

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Mac Pro :: Cal Digit Raid Card With HD Element - 8TBs Report

Sep 13, 2008

I am now testing the CalDigit Raid Card with their HD element - for a total of 8TBs in Raid 5 (6.7TB usable)I am reporting that the speed is phenomenal.I am using about 60% capacity on the array and the speeds areThey are still having some issues with expanding your array from 4TBs to 8Tbs.. Mac OS Disk Utility problems. and also fine tuning the HD Element to start shipping outbut creating the array from scratch 8TBs, Raid5, and then repopulating all of the data onto it... Im reporting that its working amazing for photo and video editing

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Mac Pro :: Finding Difference 2009 RAID Card In 2007

Mar 9, 2009

Apple states that the new 2009 RAID card "Requires Mac Pro (early 2009) and Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later." Why? Is there any reason it won't work in an older Mac Pro (2007)? Aside from the increase in cache size (256MB-->512MB) what is the difference?

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Mac Pro :: 09 Final Config - RAID Setup - Graphics Card

Feb 23, 2010

Meeting with my IT dept this afternoon to go over final configuration options for the 09 MP I'm getting. I've monitored these forums for the past month, and I think I'm close but have a few more questions. Note: This will be the first Mac in an all-PC environment. No one at our help desk is trained to support Macs.

1. RAID setup - Based on another thread I started, it seems to make sense to go with the 640 GB system drive, an Areca ARC-1212 card, and 3 x Western Digital 1TB RE3s. By my calculations, this would be a better setup for half the cost of going with the Apple RAID and their 3 x 1TB drives.

My IT dept realizes this, but no one here has much experience setting up RAIDs, let alone on Macs, which they will be learning to support on the fly. Because of this, they are leaning toward the Apple RAID card, if only for Apple support reasons. Can anyone who has experience with Areca vouch for their quality of tech support and/or the ease of setting this up? Does going with a non-Apple option for a RAID have any effect on the Apple Care warranty?

2. Graphics Card - To use my existing (PC workstation) setup of 2x24� dell monitors plus a 19� preview monitor, the Apple rep said I would need the 2xNVIDIA GeForce GT 120 option (plus the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter option) to run a non-Apple display for the third monitor. He mentioned they do sell more powerful cards to handle my same monitor setup, but they would have to be purchased separately and we�d still have to get the one I just mentioned.

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