IMac :: Colored Lines Running Down Screen?

Nov 26, 2010

I have a 3.5 year old 17" Imac. About a month ago a pink vertical line appeared on the screen. Today its been joined by a blue one and a yellow one. I don't have applecare and I'm out of warranty.

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MacBook :: Colored Lines Down Center Of Screen

Nov 15, 2009

I turned on my macbook today and found these colored lines down the center of my screen: (sorry for the bad quality, but you get the idea) Is this from a crack in the LCD screen, and would it be possible to replace this myself so I don't have to spend a few hundred dollars on it at the Apple store?

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IMac PPC :: Why Are There Vertical Colored Lines On Desktop

Jun 29, 2012

This just started today. My computer started to get weird vertical colored lines on the screen. At first, I thought it was just the website I was on, but more and more began to appear everywhere. I unplugged my computer and plugged it back it, turned it on, and when the white screen witht he Apple logo came up, the lines were everywhere. They weren't just making vertical lines, but also squares. Later, the weirdest thing happened. I was opening a new window on Safari, and suddenly, these pyramid-shaped objects covered the screen. They were red, with a little with of blue and a tiny bit of white on them. they pointed in all directions, and the minute I moved my mouse, they dissapeared. When I hold down on the left button on the mouse and hover it over the squares and lines, about 65% of the dots dissapear. My computer is an iMac G5 from 2004 with no iSight, the model number is A1058, the software is Leopard (10.5.8), and the processor is 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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MacBook Pro :: Froze Halfway With Vertical Colored Lines On Half Screen

Sep 1, 2014

today while I was working on my dissertation the screen on my MacBook Pro suddenly froze halfway with colored vertical lines covering the right half of the screen.  The computer is only 1 year and 1 week old. 

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), iOS 7.1.2

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MacBook Pro :: Display Has Colored Vertical Lines And Can't Get Computer To Do Anything

Jun 30, 2014

My display has colored vertical lines on it and I can't get the computer to do anything. Powering it off and then on again the lines just come up again. This computer is about 2 months old so this shouldn't be happening.

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PowerPC :: Appliance Recycing Center - Lines Running Down The Screen?

Sep 20, 2006

I just bought an eMac from an appliance recycing center. It works great except for the lines running down the screen well it's kind of more like shaky. It's a G4 800 mhz I took it through the rain to my truck to get it home. But even then it didn't get too wet.

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Software :: Macbook Pro 2.0 CD Running 10.5.3 - Color & Lines Bars On Screen

Jun 4, 2008

I have a macbook pro (2.0 CD) running 10.5.3 my problem is that a few times a day, a bar or line appears on my screen with random color pixels. They go away after a few minutes or if they appear on the desktop, a simple killall Finder command clears them away. Sometimes they appear on apps and will minimize/maximize with them. They also appear on the menubar quite frequently. I have restarted many times, but eventually they always come back. This has been happening since at least 10.5.2 has anyone ever experienced this or know what is causing it?

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Intel Mac :: 2 Vertical Lines, Running From Top To Bottom, Have Appeared On My Screen?

Feb 9, 2012

2 vertical lines, running from top to bottom, have suddenly appeared on my screen. On a white back ground they appear blue and green. they have a wide space between them. I switched off and on but they are still there. Whats happening?


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PowerPC :: IMac G3 Monitor - Slight Red Color On Right Side And Light Colored Box On Screen

Sep 24, 2006

I just got an IMac G3 running OS X and OS 9.2.2. I am having monitor problems with it, the monitor has a slight red color on the right side and if there is a light colored box on the screen I get almost a run effect going to the right. This happens in OS X Tiger with all the updates, OS 9.2.2. I also have all the firmware updates, an external monitor looks great.

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IMac :: 24" Screen Weird Hatched Lines On Screen?

May 24, 2009

First of all I'm new here so just wanted to say 'Hi', its been great to see all the discussions on these forums and they help a lot with buying tips and troubleshooting so thanks.

Problem #1 I purchased a refurb 24" 2.8GHz imac early May and have been using it since then and so far other than the "normal" gradient issue and a brownish tinge around the edges of the screen it has been good.

Lately I've been using Aperture a lot and first started to notice that in some pictures especially ones with quite a bit of highlights like clouds that there are small hatch like patches in all the pics. I know it isn't the pictures but the imac screen itself as you can see it on the desktop as well. It only seems to be centralized in the upper left hand section of the screen and they seem to be lite purple/blue in color. And like I said its only in patches in certain spots on the screen. Don't know if I'm being over anal about this or is this a problem?

Problem #2 I switched to a solid blue background to check the above problem and notice that there is screen burn in of the top and bottom header in the outline of my firefox window on the blue screen. Between switching windows often and applications very frequently and not leaving the computer at all... what the heck? Not normal for imac screens is it? Heat issue causing burn in? Hasn't been an issue with any other LCD I've ever used.

By the way the imac came in a new white box and was wrapped like new in perfect condition but I popped it open without ever starting it once to make a hard drive swap and the thing was definitely a bit dusty inside so in now way was it just used for a couple weeks before being given back to apple.

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Intel Mac :: Getting Spinning Colored Ball A Lot - Running Slow

Jun 23, 2012

My 24" iMac seems to gets the spinning colored ball a lot, seems it is running slow a lot more than it did before?

IMAC, Mac OS X (10.5)

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IMac :: Screen Has Vertical Lines On It?

Jan 6, 2011

i have an intel based 17" White imac.

it has over the weeks had and increasing number of vertical white lines appearing on the screen.

does any one have any idea of what is causing the problem, and the solution?

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Mac :: IMac Screen Lines Of Dead Pixels?

Jun 4, 2009

I use an Intel white iMac 2.0gHz as my primary computer. So far, it has given me no trouble. However, lately I woke the computer to discover a yellow line of dead pixels all the way to the right of the screen. It was discouraging but since the line was out of the way, it wasn't a great deal. However again, later today, I woke the display to find another line running down the middle of the computer. Oh gosh! Anyone know what is going on? Is it the display or the graphics card?

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IMac :: Strange Black Lines On Screen?

Apr 18, 2010

See the pictures. They look almost like ink but no ink has been near the screen.Tried cleaning the screen but with no luck. It lies on top of any open window.

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IMac (Intel) :: Horizontal Lines On Screen?

Dec 6, 2014

when I start up in Safe Mode and only in Safe Mode in my iMac (mid 2011- HD 6970M 2048 MB) appears white horizontal lines. I changed already the graphic card almost before a year.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

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PowerPC :: IMac G5 (First Gen) Screen Fills With Bunch Of Lines

Mar 30, 2009

I'm looking for some information and possible repair tips for my cousins iMac G5 (First Gen) 1989. I don't know anything about mac's, I've always been a PC user. But, I recently fixed both my aunt's laptop and desktop (both pc), so my cousin asked if I would take a look at her mac, as well. Basically, when the iMac is turned on, the screen goes weird. It fills with a bunch of lines (both horizontal and vertical), some spanning the entire length of the screen, and some being only about half an inch long. The lines don't stay stable, they flicker and change positions every few seconds. Behind the lines, you can see the black screen with the apple on it.

It doesn't seem to get past this point though, it seems to freeze and never leave the apple screen, although the flickering lines continue to change. I tried jiggling and moving the power cord around, and whenever I moved it the lines on the screen seemed to change positions. I also tried taking hold of the sides of the monitor (machine? I have no idea what mac-speak for anything is) and very gently pressing and "twisting", and this changed the lines as well, at one point it turned to all vertical lines spanning the entire length of the screen. We opened it up to see if any wires were loose inside or anything, but there really weren't any exposed wires that I could see that I could even try to tighten/adjust. Right now it's not even usable.

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IMac :: LCD Screen Is Cracked And Forming Blue Lines

Jul 24, 2009

My iMac (which was bought in september of 2006) fell around 2 months ago and cracked on the left side of the screen. It wasn't such a big problem until blue vertical lines began forming around the crack and now spreading. Now I don't know what to do, would it be cheaper to get it fixed at an Apple store or can I replace the screen, and if so where would I be able to buy an LCD 15" screen?

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IMac :: Display Got Black And White Lines / On Starting Screen Goes Blank

Jul 22, 2008

So for the first time in over a year since I purchased it, my iMac crashed twice.The first time was this morning, i went to do something and the screen went black, and my secondary display got black and white lines. I had to restart. And the boot screen with the apple logo hung around for a while.

Then, later on the screen went whacky after trying to wake it from sleep (not full sleep just display sleep) and had a bunch of moving lines and then I couldn't see anything. So luckily I got a picture. After restart, it seems fine.I'll call apple care in the morning, but thought i'd try my luck here.

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MacBook :: Colored Dots On My MB Screen - How To Know About It

Apr 11, 2008

I have some strange colored dots on my screen that will not go away.

The weird part is that they are not stuck in place but seem to be shadows that are not coming through the right color.

I am new to macs so if someone could tell me how do take a screen shot I will put it up so you can see.

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MacBook Pro :: Different Colored Boxes On Screen Display?

Aug 23, 2010

I was just working on my MBP a few minutes ago when all of a sudden the screen messes up and the desktop is jumbled up in little colored boxes. I tried restarting, with no luck. It's a few years old, and I had AppleCare, but it has expired. I'm on my iPad now (it's all I have), so I took a picture and uploaded it to my Facebook so you all can see what I'm dealing with. [URL]

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Intel Mac :: Light Colored Screen And Beeping Sound Every 5 Seconds

May 21, 2012

I tried starting my iMac and all I get is a light colored screen and a beeping sound about every 5 seconds. No sound from the drives. How can I get it to turn on?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)

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IMac Intel :: Continuous Spinning Colored Wheel?

Apr 30, 2009

My iMac is really slow when I turn it on. The internet starts to come up but I get the dreaded spinning colored wheel. I have another Windows computer that hits the internet immediately. I am seeing the spinning wheel more and more all the time.

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PowerPC :: Ibook Hardware - Goes Black Or Gets Small Lines Running

Jun 3, 2007

My friend gave me his ibook 900mzh that was not displaying because he did not know how to fix it so I took a stab at it. I am not new to fixing computers as it is my profession but I'm new to Apples. Anyway, the first time I turned on the laptop the lcd displayed without any problems, every time after that it turns on randomly. After taking it apart about 3 times for various reasons and mistakes the laptop now displays every time I turn it on, but if I apply any type of pressure to the lower left side if the laptop the screen either goes black or gets small lines running through it. From what I have learned the only possible conclusion that I could come up with is the magnet that tells the ibook if it is open or closed has something wrong with it. It feels almost as if whenever there is any pressure around the hard drive the screen goes black. Any ideas, or tests I could do to fully determine the problem?

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IMac :: Screen Has A White Line Running Down It?

Jan 19, 2009

I bought my Imac at the beginning of '06 and it's been great but today a small white line appeared running vertically all the way down the screen and over the dock and menu bar. it's white during boot up and then yellow after everything is loaded..does anybody have an idea what this is or how to fix it?

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IMac :: Screen Freezing When Fullscreen Video And When Running?

Jan 4, 2011

I purchased a new 27 inch 2.8 imac 2 months ago I'm having problems with the computer/screen going black (sometimes grey with vertical lines) and freezing.

This happens frequently when I'm playing World of Warcraft but has recently started to happen when I'm watching youtube videos in full screen. (Do you think its the graphics card?) I originally ran WOW in bootcamp but I had this problem in Windows as well. The only thing I can do when this happens is force the computer off. This happened so often that something got damaged and I had to reinstall OSX. Since this incident I have not reinstalled Windows via bootcamp.

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OS X :: Running Leopard On An Intel 17 In Imac - Blue Screen

Mar 11, 2008

My Imac has been acting up. When I restart the mac it takes forever to start up. It goes to the blue and stays there for several minutes and then will finally boot up. I am running Leopard on an Intel 17 in imac.

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IMac :: Fan Running Super Loud And Screen Turned Off

Sep 14, 2009

I just bought my new IMac on friday. Worked great for a day and then I had a problem. The fan came on really loud for about a good 10 secs and the screen turned off. I hit the power button and the screen came back on quickly like it had went to sleep. However, the fan came right back on very loud and the screen went black. I did this a couple times until I just let it shut down for an hour because I thought it overheated.

The next time I turned it on it worked fine for about 3 hours and suddenly the fan came on super loud. This time the screen didn't shut off and I was able to continue but it was abnormally loud. This morning I turned it on again and within a minute the fan came on AGAIN. I have to mention that I'm not using any intensive application or anything. The last time I think I only had safari up. Also, this is my first mac and it's not looking promising...

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IMac (Intel) :: Red Line Running All Way Vertically Through Screen

Dec 2, 2014

I have a red line running all the way vertically through my screen.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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IMac (Intel) :: Screen Has Gone Black Running OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)?

Jun 3, 2014

My imac screen has gone black?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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Intel Mac :: Screen Has Developed Multicoloured Horizontal Lines In Random Spots Across Screen

Apr 29, 2012

My iMac screen has developed multicoloured horizontal lines in random spots across the screen..Is there a fix for this?

Imac intel, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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