Windows On Mac :: Unable To Right-click In Excel 2007 / What's Causing This?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm using my 13" MBP for running Windows 7 right now. I'm in Excel 2007 and I'm unable to right click. When I right click the menu pops up with the options that are usually available once someone right clicks, but it disappears after a tenth of a second. Any idea what's causing this?

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OS X :: Microsoft Excel 2007 Windows Versus 2008 (Mac)

Sep 14, 2009

I'm taking a class with a professor who uses Windows. We're using Excel (2003) tomorrow in class, and I'd like to use my Excel Mac to do the class.

Is there a big difference with the Mac version versus the Windows counterpart? Enough to make a significant difference?

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MacBook Pro :: Sudden Motion Sensor Causing Click And Beep?

Jul 10, 2009

Some hard drives have a motion sensor in them. These are NOT supposed to be in MacBook/Pro's as the Macs have its own Sudden Motion Sensor. If your MBP has both, they could be conflicting with each other. Try this simple test to see if the problem goes away: (if you're not adventurous, don't proceed)


<<To disable the Sudden Motion Sensor:

Find the current status of Sudden Motion Sensor:

(log in as administrator)

1. From the Finder's Go menu, choose Utilities.
2. In the Utilities folder, open Terminal.
3. When the command line appears, type sudo pmset -g and press Return.
4. Type in the administrator password when prompted and hit Return. This command queries the computer for the current setting of the Sudden Motion Sensor, which you can determine by locating the ams entry (in Mac OS X 10.3) or the sms entry (in Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5) and looking to the right to determine its value. The default setting is "1" (turned on). 0 means off.

Disabling the Sudden Motion Sensor in Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5:

1. In Terminal, which should still be open from the previous step, you can disable the Sudden Motion Sensor by typing sudo pmset -a sms 0 and pressing Return (changing the setting to a zero disables the module).
2. Type your administrator password when you are prompted and press Return.
3. Type the sudo pmset -g command again to be sure that the setting has been applied.

Any changes that you make to the Sudden Motion Sensor setting remain in effect even after you restart the computer. If you choose to disable the Sudden Motion Sensor, Apple recommends that you re-enable it as soon as possible in order to take full advantage of the feature.

To re-enable the Sudden Motion Sensor:

Find the current status of Sudden Motion Sensor:

1. From the Finder's Go menu, choose Utilities.
2. In the Utilities folder, open Terminal.
3. When the command line appears, type sudo pmset -g and press Return. Type your administrator password when you are prompted and press Return. If you have the Sudden Motion Sensor turned off, the value of the ams entry (in Mac OS X 10.3) or sms entry (in Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5) will be a zero (0). >>

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Hardware :: Unable Right Click/Left Click On Wireless Mighty Mouse After Disassembling

Aug 9, 2010

I had to dissassemble my wireless Mighty Mouse to clean it properly, as the trackball was unable to scroll up and down. As I had cleaned the trackball, I attached the two internal cables to their respective "slots" again and assembled the mouse.

Now my right button does the same as the left button (right click = left click). I tried dissassembling the mouse again, but I cannot see what I could have done wrong. After all, there are only two cables to attach and de-attach inside it.

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Applications :: Click 10 - 20 Times In New Cell - Excel

Jan 30, 2010

In excel, whenever I try to type in a cell, I must press the first key 10-20 times before it shows up. It doesn't show up delayed, as in it shows up with 20 a's, it just shows one. Once the first key shows I can type anything else in that cell, but when i hit an arrow key or click to go to another cell, I have to hit the first letter 10-20 times again. I have to click 10-20 times to click into a new cell as well. This just started today. I've tried restarting excel a few times, but It didn't help.

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MacBook Pro :: Windows 7 Microsoft 2007 And Microsoft Office Project 2007

Jul 6, 2010

This is my first post and I've a couple of questions and did searched for it on the internet but unfortunate ...For my study Multimedia designer, I am planning to get a Mac Pro but my school wants us to get a D*ll V laptop, windows 7 with these software:Adobe CS4 Master CollectioMicrosoft Office Enterprise 2007Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007I didn't choose for this D*LL laptop because its a 17,3" one and with my schoolbooks and etc in my bag, it would be pretty heavy for me.I hope that someone in this forum knows the answers on my questions and I really appreciate your help cos I even asked my friends and family about it but unfortunate, no luck so far

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MacBook Pro :: How To Use Tables On Word When Click On Them Open Excel To Put Formulas And Text

Jun 4, 2014

I write reports and I use office for mac because at work I need to read the reports I write at home with macbook. I use tables on microsoft word that are connected to excel. When I click on them the excel opens to may introduce formulas and text. If I close excel the table I modified on excell lays on word with the rest of the text of the report. My doubt is when I add cells to the table on excel....I can't visualize them on word...

MacBook Air, office for macbook

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Applications :: Using Mac Excel To Windows Excel?

Nov 10, 2009

When I send my .xls files from my Mac (Office 2008) to my boss's Windows machine (Office 2003), he gets an error message when he attempts to open the excel spreadsheet: Excel has encountered an error and must shut down. I've sent files to other computers and not had a problem, and my boss has received other excel files and been able to open them. So it must be something between these two machines/softwares that is affecting it. Any suggestions or ideas? I can add any additional info you need.

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Windows On Mac :: F2 Key In PC Excel Missing In Excel For Mac?

Mar 24, 2010

Recently switched from PC to Mac, I really miss the F2 functionality in Excel for Mac

Or, more specifically , I am missing the possibility to place the cursor in a cell and hit F2 to edit the formula as well as Excel color-coding all cells that are referred to from the current cell.

I know I can do the same by clicking in the "formula builder toolbar" but I don't wan't to have to reach for the mouse each time... does anyone know if Excel for Mac has a similar feature / keystroke to use

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OS X :: Dual Booting With Windows Vista Is Causing A Time Fluctuation?

May 3, 2009

Hey everybody; I use both Mac and Vista. I need the time for Vista to be correct for it is what I use for main business purposes at work. At home I use both...However when I fix the time on Windows Vista that makes the time on Mac OS X wrong...I know this is a dual boot there any fix for this? Or is there a third party app I can use to display my manually set time in the mac task/toolbar?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 And Office 2007 On 13.3 MBP?

Dec 4, 2009

i recently bought a 13.3" MacBook Pro in its most basic configuration (2GB RAM, 2.26 Ghz processor). I was wondering if it would be possible to adequately run Windows 7 and Office 07 Ultimate through Parallels with my 2GB configuration. I won't be doing anything crazy like running Office and Photoshop at the same time, but I don't want Office 7 to run so slow that it is unusable.

So, do you guys think I can run it adequately with 2GB RAM? I do plan on upgrading my RAM to at least 4GB in the future but that probably won't happen right away.

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Mac Pro :: How To Install 64-bit Windows 7 On 2007

Oct 19, 2010

Work have recently asked me to investigate the potential to put 64-bit windows 7 on our 2007 mac pro. It currently runs xp 32-bit but require to use more of the ram that the machine has. I am new to macs (my experience is windows and linux machines) so am struggling to come up with an answer. Apple seem to say windows 7 64 bit isn't supported on boot camp on a mac earlier that 2008. However, it appears people say it can be done. Could someone point me in the right direction to an article or provide me with some advice on how to go about it.

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Mac Pro :: Late 2007 - No Audio Under Windows 7?

Apr 25, 2009

I've tried installing Boot Camp from my Leopard DVD (Win 7 didn't like either of my Mac Pro's discs), installing the Boot Camp 2.1 update, and removing all audio devices and forcing Windows to search for new drivers.

Anyone know what's going on? I was previously running Vista, but I heard games run better under Windows 7, and it was time to wipe the drive fresh anyway, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Any help so I don't have to roll back to Vista would be much appreciated.

Update: This is even stranger. Turns out audio *is* working, but it is incredibly faint. I'm cranking volume up on my external speakers far beyond anything I would regularly listen to, and I can barely hear streaming music from sites like Lala or I checked the volume mixer and all my levels are up at 100, it's like there is some kind of extremely low audio level limit being enforced before it gets out to the hardware.

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Mac Pro :: Installing 64-bit Windows 7 On 2006-2007

May 17, 2009

I know I posted this in several threads, but I'd thought I'd start a new one. I have a 2006-2007 Mac Pro 2.66 Quad-Core Xeon w/4GB of memory and 1GB ATI Radeon 4870 video card. I'd like to install 64-bit windows 7 on my system. However, because of the EFI32/64 limitation, and Apple stating that 64-bit isn't supported on anything less than 2008 model mac pros, can someone confirm that they have indeed installed 64-bit windows 7 RC on their mac pro? Also, provide a detailed set of instructions on how to do it.

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Windows On Mac :: Wants To Use Microsoft Office 2007?

Jul 27, 2009

I need to use Microsoft Office 2007. I have boot camp installed, but I hate having to restart to Windows just for the sole purpose of using Microsoft Office 2007, which also keeps me from multi-tasking with other stuff. What programs are available? I don't want to install windows again.

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Windows On Mac :: 2007 Mac Pro Drivers Not Working

Jan 21, 2010

I think I've installed all the correct drivers.. However, while I'm seeing no errors in the event monitor in Windows 7, I also have no audio from the headphones OR internal speakers.

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Windows On Mac :: How To Install 7 64-bit Supported On Mid-2007 MBP

Feb 9, 2010

Just thought I'd let all you out there know I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my Mid-2007 MacBook Pro (2.4Ghz C2D[Santa Rosa]; 2 GB DDR2; 160 Gig HDD) - and I did it all for about 40 bucks. It was a bitch, but after two days of messin' around and countless Google searches later (gotta love the Touch), viola: full 64-bit Windows 7 on my "unsupported" Mac.

First thing I had to do was get rid of that old Tiger. Snow Leopard for 30 bucks is a great deal, and installing is easy. My original intention was to do a clean install, but I actually accidentally upgraded directly from Tiger to SL, which I didn't think was possible. I went with this at first, but ultimately opted toward the clean install for various reasons. Now, with the easy part behind me, it was time to install 7...

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Windows On Mac :: PowerPoint 2007 Presenter Tools

Oct 2, 2008

I have Office 2007 Home and Student installed on Win XP pro through Bootcamp/Parallels. Everything works great except the dual screen presenter tools in PowerPoint. When booted into Windows on my MBP, no matter how I configure the second display in the control panels, PowerPoint refuses to present the slides on the external display, going to the projector. It always presents on the laptop screen, leaving the desktop image on the external output.

I know the second monitor is set up correctly, I can drag windows over to the other screen. The only way I can present is if I mirror the displays, but I'm so used to using the presenter tools in Office 2008 on the Mac side, and I need to be able to jump quickly to specific slides without the audience seeing it. Choosing the second monitor in the ribbon does nothing, and even weirder is that when I check "use presenter tools" it un-checks itself immediately.

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Windows On Mac :: Office 2007 1 Computer Restriction?

Feb 17, 2009

I currently have XP installed on a external drive with VMware Fusion and it looks like having Access for school is gonna make my life easier. My University store has Office 2007 Pro (not student) for $65 for 1 computer only.

Can I install this on my current setup now (MBP) and then later:

re-install it when I do a clean install of Windows 7.

Go the BootCamp route and install XP or Windows 7, then re-install Office.

In other words: using same MBP, can I go from Fusion, Bootcamp, external drive setup without screwing up my activation of 1 computer only.

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Print In Excel

Feb 4, 2012

Excel 10.1.4 running on OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). I am suddenly unable to print any Excel documents. Nothing happens when selecting print. Under page setup, when seleting options the settings are blank. When using the up/down arrows, page attributes is checked, but upon releasing the arrows, the settings remain blank. this is true of all old douments and any new ones. The printer is a HP930C. All other applications are blank. I understand that this is probably a Microsoft issue but have been unable to access/find a Mac Excel forum or trouble shooting area. (Yes all these applications and the printer are old).

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OS X :: Using Parallels/microsoft Office 2007 For WINDOWS And Install?

Oct 13, 2007

I have been reading more and more on parallels, and I was hoping someone here could answer some questions about its coherence mode.

Does it let you run applications for windows transparently through the MAC OS? As in, I insert the installation disk for office 2007, the setup menu comes up, I install it, and I get to put the word icons on the dock, I can open word/excel/whatever and just runt he applications without having to boot in to some sort of an emulation mode or whatever?

I would appreciate some input from some people here.

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Windows On Mac :: Office 2007 Activation With VMware Fusion?

Mar 11, 2008

I've searched google for hours and not found a workaround for this issue: I have Office 2007 Education and it allows up to 3 activations on 3 separate computers. Currently I have it activated on 2, and I just installed it using bootcamp and activated it successfully. However, I am currently using VMware Fusion and I anticipated being able to load Office without an issue through the virtual machine. Unfortunately, it's now telling me (when loaded in VMware) that I have to activate office 2007 again. Problem is that it has already been activated 3 times, so it's not allowing me. Everything still works fine on bootcamp, but apparently VMware is being treated by office as another physical PC. Has anyone found a successful workaround to this? changing VMware's MAC address to the same as OSX and XP's, but I can't figure out how to do this.

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Windows On Mac :: Fusion 3/Outlook 2007 Out Of Office Errors?

Jan 25, 2010

I'll try to provide as much detail as possible, but keep it simple. Running Fusion 3 (newest update) and XP Pro with Office 2007. Office connects to an Exchange 2007 server. Emails work great. However when attempting to access the OOF settings, I get an error "Your Out of Office settings cannot be displayed, because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later."

Google searches say this is a known issue with Outlook 2007 on an Exchange 2007 setup and that there are errors with AutoDiscovery (or something like that). I have talked to other's with Outlook 2007 and their OOF is working just fine (inhouse or through VPN), so the Exchange server settings are fine.

I think the problem is actually Fusion since it's not communicating with the Exchange server for the OOF settings. I don't quite understand how all of that works, sorry.

One suggestion was to change the network settings in Fusion from NAT to Bridged, however when I do that I lose all connections to the network. I have also set the MAC address on Fusion to that of the Mac with no change either.

As a test, I installed Office 2010 Beta and it's doing the same thing. Outlook 2003 apparently does not have this issue, but I haven't tested that yet on the Mac/Fusion.

Just to be sure, I downloaded every Windows/Office update to eliminate any configuration changes. Anyone else experienced this?

UPDATE: OK, if the system is on the network, the OOF works fine through Fusion, however if connected to VPN (using the built in client) it gives the above errors.

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Applications :: Unable To Download Files Into Excel?

Mar 31, 2010

I'm downloading different files into excel (some tab delimited, some csv, some xls) from different places and they all open in excel with incredibly weird formatting. Basically the separation of each column makes no sense. When other people download the same exact files, their files appear normally, with each category in a different column. So there's something going on with my excel.

When I download a credit card statement, for example, it comes out like this:

"02/03/2010$18""82USPS 35960795520803QPS NEW YORK XXXXXXXXXXXXXX48(Standard Purch)"

With the quotes showing the columns... so the date and half of the price are in one column and the cents from the price and the vendor and the last four digits in the second column.

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Print Excel Document

Feb 3, 2012

Since the last OS X update (yesterday), I am unable to print any document in Excel or Word (2004 or v11.6.2). The print window does not open. It opens in Excel (2011 or v14.0) or any other app.

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Windows On Mac :: Microsoft Office 2007 Issue While Running BootCamp

May 25, 2010

So I have installed Windows XP on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro, and installed teh full Microsoft Office 2007 suite, but in all of the programs, it will not let me right click. In all of the programs, i right click, and the option bar briefly flashes, but then disappears, without letting me choose any of the options. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it?

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Open Emailed Excel Files?

Apr 20, 2012

my excel files change to XLS and can't be opened by the recipient when I email them, I have to send it to my pc at work, open it as excel from the list of applications, save it as an excel file and email it from work which is highly frustrating. I've heard it might be something to do with the recent purchase of Snow Leopard?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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Windows On Mac :: Outlook 2007 Default Read Email Font Size?

Sep 13, 2010

How can I change the default size font that is shown when I try to read an email in Outlook 2007? I know you can hold shift+mouse scroll button, but that is not the answer since it does not save the size you select. I want it to be saved a certain size and always open that size by default.

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Intel Mac :: Unable To Move Or Trash Files On Desktop When Using Excel

Mar 19, 2012

When using Excel "microsoft Office" I find on my desktop files that I am unable to task, move or relocate. How can I clear my desktop?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Microsoft Office

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Software :: Mac/Windows Excel Translation

Aug 21, 2008

A problem occurs with MS Excel 2004 charts that are copied from Excel, pasted into MS Word 2004 as a "Picture", then sent to a colleague to open in MS Word for Windows.

The problem is that, on the Windows machine, some of the lines in the text boxes are truncated along the right side. The only workaround I have so far is to give the text boxes an extra wide right margin on the Mac. They will look odd on the Mac, but reasonable on the Windows machine.

Likewise, with legends in Excel charts, I have to stretch the legend box horizontally to ensure that legend text is not truncated when the Excel chart appears in an Office for Windows document.

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