Software :: How To Save / Upload Just A Portion Of An Ical Calendar

Sep 8, 2008

I need to upload just the months September 2008-June 2009 to a website. Actually, I'd prefer to save this file in some way to send to someone else to upload. I can't seem to find a way to do this! Can this be done w/Ical? If not, does anyone know what software I can use to do this (Word now uses Entourage when I try to make a calendar with it & I have the same problem w/Entourage!) We don't need/want to upload the whole calendar.

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OS X :: Unable To Upload Ical Backup File / Not Exporting ICal To Google Calendar

Jul 22, 2009

Everytime I upload that ical backup file... nothing happens in google calendar. It does nothing in Firefox... and safari I just get 0 was transferred. I just want to bring over my calendar to google. Does anyone know what is going on? Anything I am missing?

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ICloud :: Cannot Upload A Local ICal Calendar

Mar 13, 2012

I have encountered a problem with consolidating and migrating my calendars to iCloud.  Previously I had been using MobileMe, but like a lot of iOS device users, I had made the mistake of also synching calendars and contacts locally.  This had the effect of creating an "on my mac" calendar, which I did not realize for quite some time that I had been using. 

In the process of migrating my MobileMe account to iCloud, I realized this and set about uploading the local calendar to iCloud.  I used the following procedure: 

1. Highlight the "on my mac" calendar and export it to an ics file.

2. From iCal, select File>Import and select the ics file I had just created

3. In the window that opens, selecting one of the iCloud calendars to import the events into 

However, what I find is that the calendar hardly imports any of its hundreds of events.  I rely on this calendar to keep track of events that I attended in the past, but it seems like no events in this local calendar prior to January 1, 2012 got imported into iCloud.  I don't want to try and re-import it, since that might create duplicates of the events that have already succesfully imported. 

Is iCloud not allowing me to import old events?  Is there a way I can import the entire calendar to iCloud? 

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Calendar & Reminder Data Removed From Calendar And Reminders / ICal When Disabling ICloud Calendar

Jun 12, 2012

Apparently I allowed iCloud to delete all of my calendar and reminder information from my Mac.Can I restore it from iCloud, if not can I restore it from Time Machine?

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OS X :: Unable To Update Ical Into Google Calendar / Exports From Google Calendar Into Ical

May 12, 2009

I've downloaded CalDav. It will export from Google Calendar into Ical, but not the other way.Any tips on how to get information onto Google Calendar from Ical?

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OS X :: How To Recover ICal Calendar

Sep 15, 2009

I've accidentally deleted two Calendars on iCal. Is there any way I can recover them? I've been backing up my Mac with Time Machine.

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OS X :: How To Print ICal Calendar

Jan 10, 2010

I've made a calendar in iCal organizing the shift roster for 4 people at my work. Its a security job, so there are 'Day' shifts and 'Night' shifts. Starting at 5.00AM and 5.00PM respectively and running for 12 hours.

The problem I am running into occurs when I go to print. Instead of having the nice layout that it does in the actual editable calendar where it just says Day and Night (image 1), it is adding the times of the shifts (image 2).

What I am trying to be able to do is simply print out the calendar as it appears in the program in the first place. Anyone know how to do this?

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OS X :: ICal - Can't Change New Calendar Name

Mar 21, 2010

When ever I go to make a new 'calendar' in iCal (4.0.1) it wont let me change the name from 'Untitled' to anything else.

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OS X :: Personal ICal Calendar - Nothing Is Showing Up

Jan 3, 2011

I've used iCal for several years and love it. I have a moblileme subscription. I sync among an ipad, an iphone and two macs. Usually everything works great. Latest version of everything.

This morning I notice that on my MBP, only my business calendar is showing in ical. The personal one is there, and its box is checked, but none of the events are showing up.

The personal events are still there on my iphone and on [URL]. I just opened up the Calendar app on the ipad, and I watched some new personal events for today appear. So they are "out there." How do I get them to show up on my MBP?

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OS X :: Syncing Calendar From IPhone To ICal?

Aug 5, 2009

How would I go setting this up, so all my appointments from my phone could be synced into iCal? I'm afraid if I just set up calendar syncing, it will import the blank calender from iCal and erase all my appointments I already have on my iPhone.

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OS X :: ICal Exchange Shared Calendar

Mar 26, 2010

One of my customers is experiencing an error with one particular Exchange 2007 shared calendar in iCal. The shared calendar he has access to is in the Delegation tab of the Exchange account as Read Only, which is his correct level of access. The calendar will initially load correctly, but over time it starts to display an error with recurring events similar to this -- "iCal can't save the event "office time - do not disturb" to the exchange server. The account can't be modified. To discard your changes and continue using the version of your calendars that's on the server, click Revert to Server. To save your changes on your computer until the problem is resolved. click Go Offline." After selecting both Go Offline or Revert to Server, it cycles through all the recurring events on an infinite loop. If you select Go Offline, the errors will stop, but taking the account back online to get calendar updates will result in the error immediately returning. Removing and re-adding the account in the delegation tab will refresh the calendar without error for a short period of time, but the errors will eventually pop up again.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Where's Mini Calendar In ICal

May 2, 2012

really not impressed at first with lion. had to move because of loss of mobile me. where's the mini calendar in iCal?

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ICloud :: Ical Calendar On Mac Not Syncing?

May 8, 2012

icloud calendars is checked in system preferences, however my ical appears empty on my macbook pro. Why is my iphone calendar not synching with ical in macbook pro even though icloud preferences are properly set up?

MacBook Pro

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ICloud :: Share One Calendar In ICal?

Jun 25, 2012

My wife and I both have our own Apple ID's but would like to share one calendar in iCal in the iCloud so we can add events on our iPhones and we both can see them?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Applications :: Sync Outlook Calendar With Ical?

Mar 3, 2006

I know their have been threads in the past that delt with syncing outook with OS X but I thought I would create a thread concerning iCal. Like many of you, I have to use a PC at work. I can access outlook on said PC either through webmail or Remote Desktop Connection but what I would really like is an automated way to sync my oulook calendar with iCal. I thought AddressX would work but it requires ananymous connectons to the exchange server which is apparently a no no from a security perspective. How have you sync'd outlook calendar with iCal?

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Applications :: Finding Print A Calendar In ICal

Oct 11, 2006

I track them in iCal, figuring I can just print out a list of when I get them and for how long.

I have a calendar in iCal labeled "headaches"

I go to print, select list, tell it to start at june 2005 and continue through today. Wwhen I tell it to print, it prints out EVERY SINGLE DAY, not just the days that have headaches.

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OS X :: Restoring ICal Calendar From Time Machine

Feb 1, 2008

I've had a little bit of an accident; when trying to correct a problem with syncing with my BlackBerry via Missing Sync I reset sync services per a support article. This managed to blank my iCal calendar. No problem thinks I, as I backed up iCal beforehand with "Back up iCal". Problem is that when I restore it's still blank apart from all-day appointments. No problem thinks I, I have Time Machine! So, after a bit of searching on MacRumors I find that a restore of Library/Calendars should do the trick. Trouble is that it's still blank in iCal. When I open ical I get an "Upgrading iCal calendar" message. Weird. Again, no problem thinks I, I primarily use Entourage and sync this to iCal. So, I decide to restore Entourage data. This doesn't work and calendar is again blank. To boot, it gives me a 16008 error message whatever that is. No problem thinks I, the MacRumors folk with all their knowledge will have a suggestion.

So I start to write a post here. As I was writing the above I think I'll try Entourage one more time. I open Entourage and it all seems to be back to normal! Now, I really don't understand all of this, particularly why the iCal restore from a backup file didn't work. I was fretting I would have to ask IT to restore my mailbox from a tape backup (my calendar is on Exchange server at the office). I think before I turn on iCal-Entourage syncing again I'll take a backup from Outlook in the office. Just switched to inbox and back to calendar in Entourage and it's all blank again! The (now) blank Exchange cal must be overwriting it. So, any ideas how to successfully restore iCal from Time Machine? It seems events before today are back in iCal (and all-day events after today are there).

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OS X :: Could Wirelessly Sync Calendar (iCal) To It Via Bluetooth

Oct 29, 2008

I bought a Blackberry Pearl so that I could wirelessly sync my calendar (iCal) to it via bluetooth. However, unlike Outlook in Windows, I cannot do this. I have paired the phone, and can send files to my MBP from the Pearl, but cannot sync it.

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Applications :: ICal Duplicating Calendar Items?

Feb 27, 2009

I am trying to duplicate calendar items while preserving their calendar settings + color, and mass move multiple events to another week without manually selecting everything by hand and manually resetting the calendar settings. How can I duplicate and move without doing everything manually?

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Applications :: How To Sync ICal With Google Calendar

May 25, 2009

I set up the syncing through CalDav but in iCal it creates a new calendar (which is the Google Calendar). Would I have to delete my original calendar called "Home" and just make the Google Calendar (in iCal) my main calendar? Does it do a good job of syncing both ways? Also, if I do this, does it also sync through MobileMe?

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Applications :: ICal View All Items On Calendar?

Dec 4, 2009

I swear I did this before, but I cannot figure out how to repeat. Is there a way I can get a list (of historical) items that were included on a calendar I created?

I have like 4 calendars that I would like to delete, but want to make sure I don't any tasks in the future on them, or anything historical I would need to keep a record of.

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Applications :: Publish ICal Calendar Online

Jan 29, 2010

Where or what is the easiest way to publish your ical calendar to a public area for others to view.

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Applications :: Using ICal Sync With Google Calendar?

Feb 26, 2010

I've followed the tutorials online to sync my Google Calendar with my iCal.The problem however, is that, after doing so, only the calendars that are in Google Calendar are synced.What I mean is that lets say I create a calendar called Birthday in iCal. This would not appear in my Google Calendar! To fix this, I actually have to create the calendar in Google, then sync it!

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Software :: Entourage Calendar Lost In Ical?

Jan 16, 2009

I have Entourage 2008 and have since long enabled the sync feature to sync with ical and address book. I use Entourage mainly as sync engine and do my daily work in the standard MAC applications (mail, adressbook, ical).

Since a couple of days I noticed that events did not sync between Entourage and ical. I tried to disable and enable the sync option i Entourage to get it working again. Nothing happened.

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ICloud :: Cannot Sync Calendar With ICal On IMac

Feb 26, 2012

I think I have set it up as directed, but I get this message on the ical on my Mac. The server responded with "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Calendar In Icloud Is Empty / How To Import From Ical

Feb 28, 2012

I used to be able to use my calendar in icloud and it was synced with the ical on my computer and my iphone. All of a sudden there is no info on icloud. I really prefer the cloud as it functions so much faster than the one on my computer. I figured out how to export my calendar from ical but how do I import it into the cloud? And why did this happen in the first place?

imac i7

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Share ICal Calendar To Any One?

Apr 2, 2012

is it possible to share a server calendar (read only) to a person that is not in the LDAP directory of the iCal server?

I can't find a way. Either in the sharing options I get a "?" at the user, or, if I take the complete URL I've to log in.

But I want to show this calendar to someone not inside the LDAP users (i.e. instead of 

My setup: iCal Server 10.7 connected to a LDAP masterserver. 

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Synchronize ICal With ICloud Calendar?

Apr 3, 2012

How can i synchronize my iCal with iCloud calendar??

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ICal Calendar Duplicates Created By ICloud

Apr 28, 2012

Two weeks after I migrated to Lion, I stopped syncing my iPad and iPhone through iTunes and turned on iCloud.I had 15 years of calendar data, and after the iCloud syncing, most of the entries were duplicated or even triplicated.It took me 5 days and about 5 hours with Apple tier 2 advisors to resolve the problem.The support communities had useful info, but it was scattered around.I am consolidating the useful stuff in this posting so that it may help others.

1.The important thing to understand about iCloud is that it considers itself the "master repository".Its primary purpose is to backup your data, but it cannot distinguish your data if it originates from multiple sources.My 3 devices (mac, iPad, iPhone) synced fine via iTunes.But when I connected the 3 devices to iCloud, iCloud did not continue from where iTunes left off.Instead, the calendars on the 3 devices were Merged in iCloud, resulting in duplicates.However, many repeating events (events that spanned multiple days) were not duplicated.

2.At this point, your calendar is corrupted.Don't try to fix a calendar while you are connected to iCloud (see why below).Your best choice is to delete the calendar from all platforms and then restore your pre-iCloud calendar from your archive or from Time Machine.  First, disconnect your calendar on ALL devices (Apple->Preferences->iCloud->uncheck the calendar).This will delete calendar from those devices.Then go into iCloud and delete the calendar there (click the Edit button at the top of the calendar list and then click the minus button).

3.Restore your pre-iCloud calendar to your mac.Because this is pre-iCloud, all your calendars should be under the "On my Mac" section.Go into Apple->Preferences->iCloud->check the calendar.iCloud will start syncing immediately and your iCal will say "iCal - Updating" in the title bar.When it stops Updating, check your data.You will see that all of your calendars in the Mac are now in the iCloud section.

4. Add a test event and see how it updates on iCloud.Now go to your iPad and iPhone If you did step 2 correctly, both of their calendars should be empty.Turn iCloud back on on those devices through Preferences, and the data will sync to your devices.By default, the mobile devices only sync I think 2 weeks of data.I discovered that even tho I could get 15 years of data to sync to my iPad, the iPad could not display it.So I am going to have to tolerate having only a short period of data on my mobile devices and keep the whole archive only on my mac.TIPS I LEARNEDBackup your calendar and address book BEFORE you go to iCloud.Use the File->Export menus to export an archive of the whole calendar (.icbu) or whole address book (.abbu).In addition, you might want to export each of your calendars and address book groups as individual .ics files and .vcf files.This way, if you need to combine calendars, you can simply import a .ics file into an existing calendar in iCal.Why can't you delete duplicates while you are connected to iCloud?I tried to do that, and just when I got close to the very end, iCloud seemed to get confused, and then it suddenly put all the duplicates back.Several hours wasted.If you delete the calendar from iCloud and then try to restore it to your mac, it is very important to disconnect iCloud first. Otherwise, iCloud syncs the deletion back to the mac and deletes the calendar you just restored.Just remember, everytime you disconnect from iCloud, it deletes the calendar on your device.So the sequence must be:disconnect iCloud first, and THEN restore. When you turn iCloud back on, iCloud sees this as a whole new calendar.I was used to the replication idea of Lotus Notes, where the newest time stamp determined which event to keep in a sync conflict.iCloud does not work that way.It doesn't use timestamps and has no idea of latest event.It just merges everything.When you first turn iCloud on, if it asks you if you want to merge your Address Book, realize that iCloud will merge at the field level.So for a contact, if you made changes in work phone on two devices, that contact will now have 2 work phone fields.How to restore a Lion calendar from Time Machine:  In Finder, go to the Go menu.Press the option key, and Library shows up in the dropdown menu.Select Library and then open the Calendars folder.Copy everything in it to a safe place and then delete the originals.Now, open Time Machine, and it will navigate to that hidden folder.Restore everything in the Calendars folder.How to restore a Snow Leopard calendar from Time Machine:If you have since migrated to Lion, use the method above to get to the Calendars folder and clear it out.Now open Time Machine and go to the Library->Calendars folder and restore everything in that folder.

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Air :: Sync ICloud Calendar With ICal On It?

Apr 29, 2012

I would like to sync my iCloud calendar information with the iCal application on my MacBook Air - running system 10.6.8.  How do I do that?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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