PowerPC :: How To Use EMac As Monitor For IBook

Jul 29, 2009

My iBook G3 has a black screen (hard drive ok). How can I hook up my eMac to us as the monitor for the iBook? I don't want to run the iBook in target mode, but use it as the primary computer.

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PowerPC :: How To Use An EMac As An External Monitor

Jun 1, 2009

I have an old eMac collecting dust. Is there any way of using any it as an external monitor?

I mean, what I would like to do is display video out from my Macbook onto the screen of the eMac as a secondary display.

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PowerPC :: IBook G4 Run A VGA Monitor?

Jul 14, 2007

Does anyone know if a regular iBook G4 1.2ghz 12" can run a nonApple VGA monitor through a mini vga to vga connection?

I have no idea, but saw a monitor I liked at Fry's and wondered if I could run the larger monitor off the iBook?

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PowerPC :: Finding CPU Temp Monitor For A G3 Ibook?

Nov 5, 2007

The title says it all. I want to monitor the CPU temp of my g3 800mghz ibook. I DLd iStat, but that only tells me the temp of my HDD...

I just want to see what temps the fans turn on around, and stuff.

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PowerPC :: Use Ibook Screen As External Monitor?

Aug 26, 2008

I have screens from 2 dead ibooks is it possible to turn then into external monitors?

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PowerPC :: Connecting An External Monitor To My Ibook G4

Sep 29, 2008

Hi- I have an ibook G4 (mid 2005). I'd like to be able to connect it to my new 22" external display so that I can have dual monitors. However, the external display plug obviously does not fit into the slot in the ibook.

Does anybody know the name of the converter cable I would need to buy in order to connect the external display to my ibook? And roughly how much these cost?

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PowerPC :: How To Use Old Mac (ibook) As External Monitor For Windows

Nov 14, 2009

I was wondering if I could use my old ibook g3 as a monitor for a windows computer.

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PowerPC :: EMAC Leaked "paste" And Now Both Bottom Corners Of Monitor Discolored

Jan 1, 2009

my firends eMAC leaked some "paste" like fluid (came home to it that way) which removed the finish from the desk it was sitting on. Now both bottom corners of the monitor are discoloured (purple and green i believe, left and right respectivley).... is the fluid harmful...ie: is it mercury? or is it simply the coolant? is the coolant harmful? He said there was a few ounces of the stuff under the machine on the desk. Just curious of hazards etc, and if its a sign of a new machine in his future?

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PowerPC :: LCD TV / Monitor With 12" IBook (1024 X 768 Resolution)

Jul 26, 2006

I have a 12" iBook w/ 1024 x 768 resolution. I see that the 23" LCD TVs which also claim to function as monitors have a resolution of 1366 x 768. Given that the screen hack will be used on the iBook, will I benefit from the bigger screen? Am I better off with a 20" monitor?

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PowerPC :: Won't Work With 12" Ibook & External Monitor

Sep 28, 2008

I have a 24" dell external monitor that I use with my 17" MBP. My wife would like to hook up her 12" ibook to the 24" monitor. Is this possible, and what cables would I need?

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PowerPC :: Ibook & Xtra Monitor Are Running Slow

Sep 27, 2009

I recently bought myself an Xtra monitor to hook up to my Ibook. I also used the hack to be able to split up the monitors to have full resolution of my new monitor.

but now my computer is running slower. somewhere in this forum I have found out that because of the hack my Ibook now has to work extra hard to be able to run on 2 monitors.

my question is, isn't there a way to be able to use my new monitor at full resolution and just shut of the original Ibook monitor? so my Ibook does not have to split up his memory? If I mirror them I Can't work on full resolution ...

somebody doing this?

Or... What do I do/buy/download that my Ibook can work on 2 monitors, but doesn't run slower.

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PowerPC :: IBook And Setting External Monitor As Main Display

Sep 15, 2007

I have a 14'' iBook and recently bought an LG 19'' Widescreen monitor. I am testing a Dell 17'' on it right now before I open the LG one, but my problem is that the same screen shows on my ibook and the external. This isn't what I want. I have read you are supposed to be able to close the laptop and then it shifts to the external display but this is not working for me.

This is my goal:
Use my bluetooth keyboard full time
Have my ibook closed at all times
Have my external as my main display
How do I make this work?

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PowerPC :: IBook Monitor "feet"?

Mar 13, 2007

The "feet" (or pads, or whatever) have fallen out of my 12" G4 1.33 Ghz iBook. These are the small rubber parts in the top corners of my monitor. Does anyone know where I can find replacements for these? I was going to simply let it go, but this laptop is about to be passed on to my little sister-in-law and receive at least another year or two of abuse. I assume these tiny parts help keep the monitor away from the keyboard, making the computer look much better.

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Software :: Recording My Voice On My IBook G4 Or EMac?

May 22, 2008

Is it possible to record my voice directly to a file on my iBook G4 or eMac so that I can then make a CD to playback later using the software that is original to the machine? I do have Garageband, do I have to buy a recording program?

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EMac :: Monitor Goes Black - Tap Brings It Back To Life

Mar 26, 2012

Last couple of days my emac monitor will just shut down and go black, just like an old TV tube packing up used to. It won't return on restart, but did return a couple of times after I took out mains lead from side of computer, let it rest, then tried again. However, today, this solution didn't work, but a tap to the side of the computer did get the screen going. I've read a number of different possible explanations for what might be the problem - everything from battery, to airport card to it's terminally ill, get a new computer, so don't really know what to do. Don't want to go and buy a new computer if all I really needed to do was change the battery.

emac, Mac OS X (10.4.11), powerPC G4

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PowerPC :: IBook Display Stopped Working / Boot IBook Via Target Disk Mode?

Aug 13, 2010

I have a G3 iBook and just the other day the display stopped working. There were no signs of the display going bad, it's just went. Am I able to boot the iBook via Target Disk Mode on my PowerBook and run the iBook Hardware Test CD on it? Also, can I reboot my PowerBook and choose the iBook as the startup volume?

I know how to do Target Disk Mode but the latter I'm not sure about.

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Swapping - IBook G3 And IBook G4

Oct 20, 2006

My brother's iBook G4 (800Mhz, First Rev) has completely splattered itself and we're getting a new Macbook for him under insurance. My iBook G3 (White, 900Mhz G3..the last G3 Rev of the iBook) has a failing hard drive.

Now, could I swap out those two drives, at least to recover stuff? And is there a specific method of opening up the iBook G4 so that I don't break stuff (I've already messed with my G3..and ended up with a dozen extra screws ^_^

Mainly the aim is to salvage the hard drive and swap them out; replacing my faulty iBook G3 one with the iBook G4 one which is perfectly fine.

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PowerPC :: Need More RAM For EMac

Mar 6, 2007

I need more ram for my eMac 1ghz. It has 512mb and its a little slow during some things. Like IMovie. What type of ram do I need?

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PowerPC :: Using EMac RAM?

Jan 17, 2008

I have a 1.25 ghz eMac with 1 512 stick currently in. What's the max amount of ram that I can put in? And, do I have to look for anything else except for "DDR SDRAM?" Do I need a certain PC number?

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PowerPC :: How To Use EMac?

May 31, 2010

Im purchasing an eMac in a couple days, but am a little confused about performance. Its a 1 GHZ PowerPC G4 with 256MB of Ram but my last pc blew up (literaly) However the 1GB of RAM that was in still works and will fit in it.

Besides that my Questions pertain to Leopard and Time Machine. I Know that Leopard will run on this Mac, But what about performance? and I heard that the eMacs cant experience the i candy Time Machine offers.

How So? is it true? I really want the Ability to use Time Machine. (Right now i'm just using Genie Timeline for my Windows 7 PC)

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PowerPC :: Cheapest 2GB RAM For EMac?

Sep 26, 2010

So yeah I need 2 gigs of ram for my eMac 1.42ghz model. I found this but I don't know if there is anywhere to get it for less $.

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PowerPC :: Mixing RAM In USB 2.0 EMac

Sep 29, 2010

I just got a USB 2.0 emac for nothing that was going to the recycler. The door specs are: 1.25 ghz/256/40GB/Combo "About this mac" shows that it has 512mb RAM installed in one slot, and it is running 10.4.11 Anyways, it seems to be working great so far. I was able to get one stick of 256mb supported RAM from the only other 1.25 ghz machine in the lot - the rest were 700 - 800mhz emacs. Is it OK to mix the 256 with the 512? I've read many places that it is fine, but will it actually boost the speed of apps and things, or should I just leave it as is? I read somewhere that it might slow down the speed between the two RAM capacities. I don't want to spend any money to buy more RAM.

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PowerPC :: Need DVD Burner For EMac

Jul 10, 2007

I have an EMac g4-255mb(just got 2 (256mb chips) never put in yet)-60gig running 10.4 (just got it) and now just got iLife 06) and then I have an 80gig external hard drive. So its like 140gig of room. But I only have a cd burner and dvd drive. Would it be cheaper to install an new internal drive? Or pay more for the external(cause there is no hard installation). What drives would work? And I have a $200 dollar gift card to bestbuy or futureshop.

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PowerPC :: Looking For RAM For EMac 1.42GHz?

Nov 26, 2007

I have just got an excellent condition eMac 1.42GHz with the Radeon 9600 Card every transition is so smooth! Smoother than my MacBook!

Everything is standard, but it has an Airport Card in it as well which is cool

However, standard also means only 256MB of DDR3200 Memory.

Tiger is installed and everything updated.

Now I am planning to move this thing to Leopard alongside my MacBook. How much RAM shall I get for it? 512MB or 1GB? (bringing it to 768/1.25 respectively) Also what do I need to look out for brand-wise or type wise?

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PowerPC :: Unable To Know About Emac?

Nov 28, 2007

i have some questions regarding the Emac..

1.if i get the raster problem that its known for.. will the image display fine on an lcd with the mini vga cable?

2.is an emac with these specs worth $100 shipped..700mhz""512mb""40gig""keyboard""mouse""cd-rw""geforce2mx..

3.how much stronger in old games is the emac compared to an powermac g4 400mhz with a ati rage pro?? with 512mb of ram..

4.i think thats everything

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PowerPC :: EMac - How To Format Hdd

Dec 6, 2007

I am wondering because of the click sound if it may actually be the hard-drive causing the pausing issues (as processor/loading noise on macs is generally silent). I have done all of the disk utility fixes etc. with no positive results; disk utility can not find any problems with the HD.

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PowerPC :: Using IMac/eMac?

May 31, 2008

my grandfather's dell laptop is horribly slow. I want to buy him a new computer thats runs faster for his emails/videos. I was looking at the old imacs/emacs on ebay (the 2000-2005) versions.

These comps fit in his budget of approx 100$. I was planning to buy an imac/emac with the following specs

500mhz (or faster) Processor (or 600/700mhz)
256mb (or more) Ram (512mb)
20gb Hard drive (adding external memory)
with the newer os x operating system.

My question will these computers fit his needs? He writes emails, he writes a ton of word documents, and he views videos off youtube and off a media player.

My question is that will these spec'd computers be able to run his needs efficiently?

Are there programs that are similar to the windows (which he is used to)?

Can you run microsoft office on these computers?

If not what would be the recommended specs I should look for?

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PowerPC :: New Ram Not Registering- EMAC?

Sep 10, 2008

I went online and baught the following memory that should be compatible with my eMAC:

512MB 64x64 non-ecc

PC133 133Mhz, 168 pin SDRAM
Unbuffered, Non ECC, Non Registered

7.5ns, 3.3v, CL 3 or CL 2

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PowerPC :: EMac Freezing Under 10.4 And 10.3?

Dec 25, 2008

My 5yo eMac (1GHz G4 with 1GB of RAM) freezes intermittently. Sometimes the mouse & keyboard lock up, sometimes a semi-opaque grey 'curtain' covers the screen with a message window in the middle telling me to restart.

Sometimes it restarts okay, sometimes it freezes on the Apple/cog-wheel screen, sometimes the grey curtain comes down again, sometimes the desktop loads okay but then lines of code scroll down the left side of the screen and it locks up again. The RAM is third-party stuff but it's been working fine for over 12 months. The freezing occurs under 10.4 and 10.3.

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PowerPC :: How To Get PS3 Eye To Work With EMac With 10.5.6

Mar 28, 2009

Trying to get the ps3 eye to work with my emac. OS X 10.5.6. I have downloaded the latest macam and installed it, dragged the component over to the folder, and copied the component into the library/quicktime folder. When I open macam it recognizes that I have the ps3 eye hooked up, but the screen is black. Skype and yahoo also recognize the camera, but the cam monitor screen is black. I really want this to work, and have seen many posts from people with the emac/eye/macam combo and a lot of people have said it works.

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