OS X :: Small Gray Button Left Side Of Macbook Pro?

Dec 24, 2009

Maybe this is a noobish question, but what does the small circle button the the left side of a macbook pro do?

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MacBook :: Speaker On Right Side Louder Than On Left Side?

Jan 10, 2009

It's only today that I noticed my MacBook's right speaker is considerably louder than the one on the left. I opened Sound panel in System Preferences to see if the balance was off, but it was set at dead center. Then, I dragged the balance slider all the way to the left to see if the sound coming from the left speaker was okay at all. Well, it sure isn't. Very muffled, muddy sound. No highs at all. Dragging the slider to the right side reveals a very different sound texture. Very crisp, as it should be. Really weird. Anybody else experiencing this odd speaker behaviour?

I googled for this problem and found this thread, right here on Mac Forums. It's a thread for the MacBook Pros, though. The people with a MacBook Pro think it's because there's a subwoofer on the right side. Well, the MacBook doesn't have a subwoofer, so it can't be that. Any ideas? Is it repair time?

By the way, I have a late 2008 unibody MacBook, the 2,4GHz model.

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MacBook Pro :: Lid Uneven On One Side And Small Nick

Aug 12, 2010

Got my Macbook Pro i7 back from Apple today. First thing I notice is that the lid is uneven on one side. Second, I also have a small nick on the lid. (extremely small but none the less.) This is outrageous. This is there store you would think they would know how to treat their products perfectly. What should I do?

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Macbook Pro Has A Small Crack In Bottom Left Corner

Jul 5, 2012

The display bezel on my 2008 Macbook Pro has a small crack in the bottom left corner.The screen itself is undamaged.I don't want to repair it myself.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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OS X :: Two Small Black Dots Near Bottom Left Of Macbook Pro Screen

Sep 13, 2009

I just bought my macbook pro 13 inch about a 40 days ago and I have just noticed two small black dots on the on the bottom of the screen near the left side of my dock. I have done some research and they seem to be "dead pixels" They're really small but for the price I payed i didnt expect any problems. What are some suggestions to get rid of them or if i should contact tech support? Here are two pictures of the dots: They kinda change colour when i move my head around.. Not sure if theyre dead pixels or not.

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MacBook Air :: Magnet On Left Side When Closing Lid

Mar 3, 2008

I just realized that I only had magnets on the left side when closing the lid. Is it normal? Do you have the same thing?

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MacBook Pro :: SMC Control Shows Only Left Side Fan

Nov 19, 2009

I have a MacBook Pro, 15 inch (the cheapest one). Just got it a few months ago from best buy. I got SMC Fan Control app for it, helps cool it down when I play games. I noticed that....on SMC Fan Control...it only shows that I have a "Left Side" fan. Are Macbook Pros suppose to have only 1 fan ? Or is mine not functioning? Here is a screenshot [URL].

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MacBook Air :: Something Covering Left Side Of Display?

Jan 5, 2010

My rev. A MBA has been having this little issue in the picture for a couple of days now. Most of the time at the top, and sometimes covering the left side. It does it on both my cinema display and the built in.

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MacBook :: Screen Gone On Right Side And Doubled On Left?

Apr 26, 2010

I have a MacBook Pro and need it for work (music & film) but I've been using my sister's MacBook for school and it started acting up this morning.


That's the computer. The right side of the screen is black and the left side is doubling. I'm really upset and want to take it to the Mac store but we don't have AppleCare so I'm hoping I could atleast find out what's wrong?

Version 10.6.2
Processor - 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

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MacBook Pro :: Left Side Doesnt Feel As The Right / Gets Very Hot?

Jun 3, 2010

Ive got my MBpro since May. The first thing is noticed is when the computer is using or charging the battery, that the left side gets hot and feels different then the right side. on the edges. Someone has this to? I have it on my 13'' aswell

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MacBook Pro :: Lid Overhang Slightly Over Left Side

Jul 18, 2010

My lid seems to overhang very VERY slightly over the left side of the case. I got some people in my family to look at it, and they honestly don't even notice it. The distance is the thickness of a piece of paper. So small it is barely noticeable when looked at, but you can feel a slight difference when you rub your finger over the edge. Should I be concerned about this? I would take pictures of it, but the Macro mode on my camera isn't good enough to properly show this issue. Go Figure... Will this affect hard shell cases? I've also learned something. People that are O.C.D. really have a hard time enjoying their Macs. Seems like we spend more time scrutinizing every square inch of our equipment that we actually spend enjoying it.

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Is Brighter On Left Side Than On The Right

Aug 21, 2014

MacBook Pro Retina 13" screen is brighter on left side than on the right. Entire screen is readable, but not uniform.

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook :: Glass Trackpad - Right Side Is Lower Than Left ?

Dec 5, 2010

My macbook has the glass trackpad (7,1).The ride side is lower than the left after 1 month of use?

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MacBook Pro :: Bottom Panel Loose On Left Side?

Sep 13, 2009

I just purchased a 13" MacBook Pro. It's the unibody one, from June. The Bottom panel, on the left side, under the wasd keys, for example, if I press under there, it makes a clicky noise, like the panel is loose. Does anyone else have this? Just want to make sure it isn't bad, that it's normal.

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MacBook Pro :: Down / Left / Right / Right Side Shift Keys Don't Work?

Sep 20, 2009

I've tried to look everywhere for answers but nothing works. System is updated with the latest updates (10.5.8) This happens with every program I use.

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MacBook Pro :: Left Side Trackpad Stop Clicking?

Sep 28, 2009

My left side of the trackpad has suddenly stopped clicking.

what do i do?

i cant take it to apple store till wed.. as i have to work on a project

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MacBook Pro :: Sound Coming From Left Side Of Keyboard

Oct 7, 2009

i reinstalled snow leopard and i went to pick my mbp off my desk with the screen open .. and when i picked up pretty quick i heard this sound coming from the left side of the keyboard .. it was really weird .. and i can recreate it everytime if i lift it fast with the screen open .. if i do it slowly no sound i tried this on my mother's 15 mbp and no sound at all .. anyone else get this on a 17inch mbp?

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MacBook Pro :: Noise Heard From Left Side Of Computer

Jan 6, 2010

My girlfriend recently bought a 17" Unibody MacBook Pro (the one with the built-in battery). Yesterday, we noticed that the computer was making a noise from the left-hand side. It sounds like the hard-disk accessing information. Pretty much the sound all PC's make, however, we had never heard the machine make the noise before. She has had the computer for about 2 months. Our concern is primarily because my older 15" MBP Unibody is virtually silent and never makes a similar noise.

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MacBook Pro :: SMCFanControl Only Display Left Side Fan Info?

Feb 18, 2010

Just bought a new base 15" MBP, running 10.6.2. At a glance, everything runs just fine. However, SMCFanControl 2.2.2 can only read "LeftSide Fan". As if the Right Side Fan doesn't exist.

Well, it could be that the app is at fault, but I worry if there is a hardware problem. Is there any quick way to check whether the right side fan is ok? (while running apple hardware test, I can hear both fans working). I don't live anywhere near Apple Stores or their related service center, so if there's any app to verify the right side fan,

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MacBook Pro :: It Has Been Making A Static-y Sound From The Left Side?

Mar 20, 2012

I know this question or thread has been asked a lot, but I started noticing yesterday that my mbp has been making this weird ticking sound.  It was a light clicking sound, and it happened on and off.  However, it was bothering me so I went to best buy (where I bought my macbook) and told them about it; they said they couldn't do anything for me because it probably wasn't my hard drive. They told me to wait until my computer slows down and then bring it in. But today the sound got worse, it sounds like white noise from the tv or some static from a really bad connection.It usually happens when I turn it on and while I'm using it.  Some of my friends think it's over-heating but I doubt that's the case?

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MacBook :: Brand New White - Small Nick On The Top Left Corner Of The Casing Of The Screen

Feb 26, 2009

I just bought a brand new Nvidia Macbook White from Amazon. Love it so far. One problem,and I will post a pic, there is a small nick on the top left corner of the casing of the screen. Its noticeable but otherwise the computer is great,no keyboard flex that I can see or any other cosmetic issues. Would it be worth it to go through the whole Amazon exchange for just this issue with no guarantee that the replacement would be any better?

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MacBook Air :: Use IPhoto But When Put Cursor Over Photo It Has Small Flag Over Left Hand Corner

May 11, 2012

I'm trying to use iphoto but when I put my cursor over a photo it has a small flag in the upper left hand corner and a downward arrow in the lower right corner.I've used it lots but it just started doing this. My events pull up just not a single photo.

iPhoto '11, iOS 5.1.1

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard Backlight Brighter On Left Side Compared To Right

Jul 17, 2009

I have a 13" MBP. I just realised that when I use my macbook in the dark the keyboard light is brighter on the left side compared to the right side. When I look at my keyboard any key on the left side of the 5, T, G and B keys are brighter than those on the left. It is more evident when I have my moshi clearguard on.

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MacBook :: Unibody Runs Hot On Left Side After Logicboard Replacement?

Sep 11, 2009

I had my logicboard replaced, and now I notice that the left side of my unibody macbook late 2008 runs hot on the left side, right under the mag safe.

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MacBook :: Trackpad On It (left Side Click-opens App) Does Not Function?

May 9, 2012

I have a two year old Macbook (lion os) ,  the on board Trackpad does not respond when I click in the lower left window to open an app.  I have cold booted the system with no success.   

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2), launching an app via terminal.

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MacBook Pro :: Headphone Jack (audio Out) Volume Low On Left Side

Jun 29, 2012

No matter what headphone I use (Apple, Bose, Beats, AKG), the volume on the left side is weak and dying as compared to the right. Right side of any headphone works great.Macbook Pro 2011, came installed with Lion OSX, 13inch, i7.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Upper Left Side Producing Loud Scratching Sound

Nov 4, 2009

My macbook pro has never made weird sounds. It is 2 and a half years old. It has been dropped twice, but not recently at all. Upper left side of macbook pro made very loud scratching sound as I opened it from sleep. It only did it when I had the laptop at a certain angle. It is still doing it. Im currently backing everything up to an external hard drive. I'm very worried. It was very loud, not the fan, not the usual disc slot movement, not the speakers.

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MacBook Pro :: Just Started Getting A Green Line Down The Left Hand Side Of The Screen

Jul 5, 2012

what does it mean to have  green line on your screen?

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MacBook Pro :: Hearing A Grinding Noise Intermittently On The Left Side Of Laptop

Nov 30, 2014

Hearing a grinding noise intermittently on the left side of my laptop.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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IMac :: Small Slot On Side For SD Cards - Info?

Mar 3, 2010

The small slot under the cd/dcd slot, is that for picture cards? Just noticed it. Is there someplace I can go to read up on general things about this computer, seeing as it came with little info?

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