OS X :: Can't Launch IPhoto Since Restoring From Time Machine

Apr 18, 2009

This is like my 4th thread since I've tried to update my hard drive. I got everything restored from Time Machine. BUT! Now, when I go to launch iPhoto, it just says the application quit unexpectedly. I've tried restarting and resetting. It's quite like 12 times.

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Intel Mac :: Restoring IPhoto From Time Machine?

Apr 26, 2012

I saved my iphoto library to an external hard drive because my memory on my macbook was almost full. That hard drive became corrupt and now I can't get anything off it. I have a time machine and I was wondering how I restore my iphoto library and save it to an external drive because I do not have enough room on my laptop so I can't restore it there.Also how do I look at the different version to find the latest version of the iphoto library before it was deleted. 

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.7)

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Applications :: Restoring IPhoto Library With Time Machine?

Apr 12, 2008

I was just thinking -- just in case it comes down to it -- if I somehow lost my iPhoto library, how would I use Time Machine to restore it? Is there an option within iPhoto to do this, or would I just do a search in Time Machine for the entire iPhoto folder and just restore it like that?

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Software :: Restoring IPhoto From Time Machine Backup

Jan 26, 2010

I did something with my iphoto and when I went to look at my pics they were all gone except the black screen had white outlines of every pic but I couldn't see the pictures. It wanted to build my thumbnail and for whatever reason I didn't choose yes. I think I should have. So, I thought time machine would pull all those photos back. I restored from earlier in the day when it was fine. I had about 4000 photos and after restore I ended up with over 40000 photos. It had put all the clipart and all kinds of photos in there from programs.

Also it duplicated every picture I had at least 3 times. I did go in a delete all the clipart pics. Now I have about 35000 pics. The photos now are not all large size when I click on them. A lot of them are really small when I try to open them. I can't even think about going through all of those pics individually. I thought the Time Machine would restore back to what it was previously with my 4000 or so pics. I'm running iphoto 6 so I can't see the pics when I go into the Finder.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Restoring IPhoto From Backup - Cannot Open From Time Machine

Jun 28, 2012

I am trying to restore iPhoto from my backup and it will not allow me to open it from Time Machine. I'm following the protocol from Apple but still get the same "cannot open from Time Machine" message.

mac book, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Leopard

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OS X :: Restoring Itunes From Time Machine After Restoring Factory Settings?

Jan 18, 2010

I just bought and installed snow leopard and when i did i restored to factory settings so i could start fresh. However i wanted to restore my itunes back to how it was, but i can seem to work it out. If someone could tell me an easy way to do

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OS X :: Using Time Machine Restoring On New HDD - Time Machine To Recognize The Backup

Nov 19, 2008

I just replaced my HD on my 15"MBP. The install went well until restoring my data from Time Machine. The apps came over fine but none of my data did. Yes, I checked all the boxes on the "restore from backup" menu.

Of course now when I start up time machine the backup isn't there. How do I get Time Machine to recognize the backup? I have it on two places - a time capsule and a separate external HD.

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OS X :: Restoring Time Machine From Old G4 To New MBP?

Jun 11, 2009

I upgraded my old PBG4 to a new MBP yesterday. On my PBG4 I have an external drive with Time Machine backup. I noticed in setting up the new machine that I could migrate old user data to the new mac, and one of the options was via a Time Machine disk. Does this work, even if you're going between machines?

The old computer is a PowerPC laptop and the new one is Intel. Are there differences in things like drivers and stuff or would all the data and settings transfer over no problems? I always figured that the restore from Time Machine was to restore a backup onto the same machine (i.e. recover from a crash or OS corruption) but don't know if it works from going between an old machine and a new one?

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OS X :: Time Machine / Restoring 10.5 With 10.4 Disks

Oct 1, 2010

I'm running on an iMac and my system recently crashed. I went through the whole process of trying to reboot in Safe mode, then running Disk Utility, then 'fsck'. Looks like my drive should work, but it still freezes upon startup.

So. My last option is to reinstall OS X from my install disk. Not a big deal since I've been running Time Machine backups on an external drive. Here's the problem: my install disk is 10.4.10 but my backups are from Leopard. I upgraded to Leopard online without purchasing a disk.

Is there any way to do a full system restore from my Time Machine backup without the 10.5 disk?

Can I reinstall 10.4, then upgrade to Leopard (or Snow Leopard), and then run my full restore? Would I then need to clone my system to a separate drive before restoring to my internal drive?

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OS X :: Restoring Backup From Time Machine?

Mar 3, 2009

so the restoring backup has left a big folder with all my backup on my desktop. How do I get my pictures into iphoto and tunes into itunes?

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OS X :: Restoring Contacts From Time Machine?

Jul 10, 2009

Somehow I have deleted my contacts from my address book and I have mobile me so it has wiped them out on my iphone. I have a current back up on Time Machine. But I can't remember how to restore the contacts.. I know it is an easy process but...I can't remember..

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OS X :: Restoring Time Machine Data To Different Mac?

Oct 28, 2009

I only own one Mac computer - a MacBook Pro. I use Time Machine to back it up. If I had to send the laptop in for service I would be without my data for possibly quite some time. So I'm wondering - if I owned a second Mac (maybe an iMac), could I plug in my Time Machine drive and access the data? Could I selectively restore files and folders to the iMac?

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OS X :: Restoring MacBook From Time Machine In SL

Nov 24, 2009

Today, I bought a 500gb Western Digital 5400rpm hard drive to replace the 160gb hard drive in my MacBook (a late 2008 2.0ghz unibody macbook). My MacBook has Snow Leopard 10.6.2. on it btw. I took the new hard drive, placed it in an enclosure and formatted it to Mac OS Extended (journaled), and turned off and replaced the old drive with the new one. I then took the disk that came with my mac, inserted it, and chose to restore from Time Machine to copy it to my bigger hard drive. It finished and, as the computer restarted I got this error, which an Apple rep. told me was a "Kernel Panic" or something along the lines of that.

He told me to try clean installing Leopard onto the new HDD to see if it would work. I did and, sure enough, it worked, When I chose though to restore my files from Time Machine when it finished, it said that "Time Machine could not restore the files because the version of OS X on the Time Machine disc is different than Leopard 10.5." Thus, to work around this, I installed Snow Leopard (the $29 upgrade) and it booted into SL fine. It is a clean version of Snow Leopard and I cannot get my Mac restored how it was.

Migration Assistant will only move files but my computer was very personalized and I want to restore it from Time Machine. Apparently though, the only way to do that is through the original disk that came with the machine and I cannot do that as it won't recognize the fact the the Time Machine backup is of an Snow Leopard MacBook and the software to re-install OS X is for Leopard only. What can I do to restore from Time Machine now?

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OS X :: Restoring Laptop From Time Machine?

Apr 16, 2010

I have a Feb 2008 MBP which died and I had some questions about restoring a similar state to a new i5 MBP. I do have the old hard drive (not sure if it works yet) and Time Machine backups.

I was wondering if it is safe to do a complete Time Machine restore because I do not know if any of the files are model specific (and the old laptop does not have the newest version of 10.6.x likely to come on my new MBP). Also, how can I preserve my boot camp partition? Ideally, I would like a slightly bigger boot camp partition on the new laptop, but with an exact clone of the data on the old one. I do know that Time Machine will not restore my Windows partition.

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OS X :: Restoring Files With Time Machine?

Aug 11, 2010

First timer Here so be gentle. I was creating invoices using quickbooks and for some reason decided to exit the program without saving the invoices I just created. Can I recover the work that I did? It was a lot of work I do not want to have to do over again. Does time machine back up EVERYTHING on my computer? PLease help, I am stressing out

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MacBook Pro :: Restoring It With Time Machine?

Mar 14, 2012

Apple replaced my hard drive and logic board. I tried using my Time Machine to restore everything. It appears as though my internal hard drive is full with my old information that was transferred over from my Time Machine, but I can't seem to access the information. I need to know how to get everything back to where it needs to go. Also, when I go to the internal hard drive and look at things like my ical to see if my calendar is there, the ical is blank. If it was transferred from my Time Machine, shouldn't it be full? 

MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Air :: Restoring From Time Machine?

Apr 18, 2012

My MBA Mid-2011 seems to be running hot and it gets hung up on just about every application I try to use. I am current on all updates and clear of any viruses. I was going to restore but wow what a pain and I was wondering instead of restoring to factory I was going to restore from my back up in Time Machine, but if I were to do that wouldnt I just be restoring the same issue I am currently having?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Intel Mac :: Restoring From Time Machine?

Jul 2, 2012

I wanted a clean install of Lion, so I copied over my iTunes library, saved my Mail as an mbox file, and moved all of my critical files to an external drive.  But I completely forgot to save my iPhoto library. I have been running Time Machine for almost a year and I see that I have the file still on my NAS but it says I don't have the permissions to open it up.  I can only open Time Machine backups since I reinstalled Lion. I have kept the same machine name and, I believe, username. It did not create a different Time Machine backup--there are still the same three files for the three different computers I am running Time Machine on. Is there any way I can restore my iPhoto library from the old Time Machine backup? 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Restoring ICal Calendar From Time Machine

Feb 1, 2008

I've had a little bit of an accident; when trying to correct a problem with syncing with my BlackBerry via Missing Sync I reset sync services per a support article. This managed to blank my iCal calendar. No problem thinks I, as I backed up iCal beforehand with "Back up iCal". Problem is that when I restore it's still blank apart from all-day appointments. No problem thinks I, I have Time Machine! So, after a bit of searching on MacRumors I find that a restore of Library/Calendars should do the trick. Trouble is that it's still blank in iCal. When I open ical I get an "Upgrading iCal calendar" message. Weird. Again, no problem thinks I, I primarily use Entourage and sync this to iCal. So, I decide to restore Entourage data. This doesn't work and calendar is again blank. To boot, it gives me a 16008 error message whatever that is. No problem thinks I, the MacRumors folk with all their knowledge will have a suggestion.

So I start to write a post here. As I was writing the above I think I'll try Entourage one more time. I open Entourage and it all seems to be back to normal! Now, I really don't understand all of this, particularly why the iCal restore from a backup file didn't work. I was fretting I would have to ask IT to restore my mailbox from a tape backup (my calendar is on Exchange server at the office). I think before I turn on iCal-Entourage syncing again I'll take a backup from Outlook in the office. Just switched to inbox and back to calendar in Entourage and it's all blank again! The (now) blank Exchange cal must be overwriting it. So, any ideas how to successfully restore iCal from Time Machine? It seems events before today are back in iCal (and all-day events after today are there).

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OS X :: Restoring Just ITunes Library From Time Machine

Feb 3, 2009

A day ago, for an unknown reason, hundreds of my songs in my iTunes library lost their link location. I painstakingly got about 10% through refinding the location to each song but I got to thinking. Is there a way through Time Machine to just restore my library the way it was 2 days ago? Are there specific files I can copy over?

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MacBook Pro :: Restoring From Time Machine To New Disk?

Aug 28, 2009

I'm upgrading my MBP hard drive - I currently have it partitioned into two 120GB drives (Mac/Bootcamp). My new hard drive will be a bigger size - can I boot off the install CD and restore to a new sized partition? Or does the partition need to be the same size?

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OS X :: Restoring A Brand New Mac To A Time Machine Backup?

Sep 20, 2009

I won't be doing this for a very long time, but I am wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of getting a brand new Mac and either:

a.) Restoring to a Time Machine backup from a four year-old Mac that is showing its age.


b.) Setting it up as a new Mac and manually transferring over all media, data, and applications.

If I restore it to a Time Machine backup, will it perform about as well as the four year-old Mac I'll be restoring it to (not including hardware advantages)? Or would it just be better to set it up as a new Mac and manually transfer everything over?

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OS X :: Restoring From Time Machine - Revert To The Latest?

Nov 21, 2009

I installed somethin on Snow Leopard thats suppose to be installed in Leopard and I have a time machine backup that goes back to 6:22PM.. how do i use the system as it was at that point? If it doesnt work can I revert to the latest?

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MacBook Pro :: Restoring Time Machine Onto New System?

Jul 16, 2010

I've just got a new MBP13 yesterday and was too engrossed in putting every documents and installing every programs that I have into my new MBP13. Until this morning, I just realized that I am hit by this pretty common issue of having a 'wobbly' MBP. Its like, it doesn't seat flat on the flat surface. I've tried a few surfaces from wooden table to glass tops, its still the same.

So, I've called Apple after sales and they are kind enough to do a 1 to 1 replacement, but I have to wait for 4 days without my MBP for them to turn it around. Seems abit long for me to be frank, but AppleCare starts afresh. Alright, long story aside, as I am too lazy to reinstall and putting all my important documents back to the even newer MBP13 that is coming, is it possible for me to do a Time Machine backup from here, then just restore everything to the new MBP13 without any problems? Specs wise its 100% the same.

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Applications :: Reinstalled Mac Osx - Time Machine Not Restoring

Aug 14, 2010

i just put a new hard drive in and reinstalled mac osx. when i tried to back up from a time machine back up it didnt put any of my contacts, book marks or anything back in. further more, i only have 120 gigs of my 320 gigs free.

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Software :: Restoring From Time Machine Flawless?

Feb 27, 2010

After messing with an installation in my hard drive today, I decided to perform a full restore through Time Machine, so as to be sure that everything would be just as it was before. I therefore put my Startup Disk, and chose to restore from a previous location in time during which everything in my disk was just as I wanted it to be.

After the restore, my first surprise was that my desktop wallpaper had switched to Apple's default: Of course this was something that could be easily corrected, but still, the fact contradicted with my impression that my machine would be just as I had left it.

My second bad surprise was that iTunes didn't run, and asked me to re-install it it. I did so, and thankfully my songs, iPhones apps etc. were still there...

Then, when I tried to run Mail and Spotlight, they both had to rebuild their databases before launching; again, it proved to be a temporary issue, since after doing so they launched correctly.

However, all these issues have made me a bit nervous: Does the full restore of the TM really restore the system flawlessly, or one might encounter nasty surprises? In other words, should I trust my system to be EXACTLY like it was when this backup was made?

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Software :: Looking For Restoring From Time Machine Backup.

Jan 24, 2011

So my old macbook pro got damaged and I had a best buy extended warranty, they did a 100% backup of my hard drive, including system folders, and just gave me a new computer with the external hard drive. Now, they didn't do a Time Machine backup, so I just have an external harddrive with everything on it, Library, my home foler, etc. Is there any way I can 100% restore my new macbook from this? I opened migration assistant and selected restore from another disk but it isnt finding the external hard drive (but finder does find it.)

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MacBook Pro :: Install New By Restoring With Time Machine?

Mar 22, 2012

I own a MBP 2009 and assuming I get the newest one 2012 ... will the installation be as straightforward as running Time Machine restore against the new one? or will it get a bit more complicated given the hardware differences? 

MacBook Pro 17'' Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 June 2009 w/ Crucial M255 SSD 256GB, Mac OS X (10.6.2)

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OS X Yosemite :: Time Machine Not Restoring When Required

Dec 1, 2014

When I try to restore to an earlier time time machine gives message, 'time machine cannot be altered or deleted as it is being used by yosemite OS X.  

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IMac (Intel) :: Restoring From Time Machine?

Sep 12, 2014

My iMac would not start. i had to do PRAM, now I have OS X Utilities. Do I risk losing my files on hard drive if I restore from Time Machine backup, or are all my files saved by Time Machine?

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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