MacBook :: White Screen With File Folder Flashing?

Mar 12, 2012

I was given a MacBook 13" laptop, new to apple computers though. At first I was told the laptop itself did not power on. I charged it overnight, and it will come on, however, only to a white screen with a file folder in the middle with a ? mark in the file folder.  I googled the screen and got several choices, start in save mode, did nothing. I called apple, since it is a 2006 model computer, it is of course out of support, but she emailed me articles to follow directions.  None of them did anything, since it was given to me I do not have the start up disks, just the laptop  and the charger.  I did notice that out of all the steps the only thing that did anything different was the "reset NVRAM/PRAM"  it made speakers make a sound as it was starting up. Thats all it just still went to white screen and file folder. 

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MacBook :: Unable To Complete Boot - White Screen With Flashing Folder Appears

Sep 13, 2010

I woke up to my MacBook fan going nuts. Had an error message on the screen that said something about a disk error. The machine wouldn't do anything (force quit, launch app) so I hard powered down. Now.....NOTHING. All I get is the white screen, followed by the flashing folder. Here is what I have tried so far.

I already booted from the restore cd that came with it and opened disk utility. The hard drive shows up as something like disk1 but not "Macintosh HD."Tried to repair permissions and got an error message. Thought then to do an archive and install......and the HDD isn't even a viable option to install the OS on.

I had the original (but smaller) HDD that came with my MacBook, so I put it back in and everything booted up just fine and is back up and running. (Thank God for MobleMe that had all my contacts, etc on it). But I still have some info on that other HDD that I need. I ordered a usb enclosure for the drive to maybe try some recovery, but it seems to me that the HDD failed or something. Is there anything else I can do?

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Intel Mac :: Getting A White Screen With Flashing File Icon With Question Mark Inside The File?

Apr 6, 2012

We are getting a white screen with flashing file icon with question mark inside the file. 


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OS X Mountain Lion :: MacBook Pro Showing White Screen With Flashing Folder And Question Mark

Jun 3, 2014

My almost new macbook pro was showing a white screen with a flashing folder with a question mark. I was able to do the internet recovery, installing OS X on my external harddrive, but how do I use my mac without the harddrive plugged in?

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Mac Pro :: Get A White Screen With A Flashing Folder Showing A

Jul 6, 2012

When I log on to my Mac I get a white screen with a flashing folder showing a? What is wrong with it and what can I do.


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Intel Mac :: Does A White Screen With A Flashing Folder Icon?

Apr 9, 2012

My computer seemed locked up, nothing would open.  I had to force quiy everthing.  I tried to normally shut it down and it wouldnt shut down.  I held the on off power switch.  When I tried to turn it back on It stays tuck on the white screen with a flashing folder icon with a question mark in it .  Has my hard drive gone bad? 

iMac (24-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: Start Up To White Screen With Flashing Folder?

May 25, 2012

I have not been able to startup my iMac for 3 days. When I turn it on all I get it is a white screen. After about 10 minutes a folder with Question mark inside apears in the middle of the screen and it just stays like this. I unplugged everything from the computer except for the mouse and keyboard. I had this computer since 2008 and never had a problem until now.Please help

IMAC 24 2.8, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2 GB RAM

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Intel Mac :: White Screen With Flashing Grey Folder?

Jun 6, 2012

We did the most recent update that Apple produced and our iMac has yet to turn back on properly. We get a white screen with a flashing grey folder that has a question mark on it..

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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When Turn On IMac Got White Screen With Grey Coloured Flashing Folder Sign

Jun 6, 2012

when I turn on iMac I got white screen with grey coloured flashing folder sign,a question mark on it, that's it.

iMac, 2006 model

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OS X :: Unable To Reboot System After Installing Tiger / White Screen With Flashing Folder Appears

Jun 9, 2009

I have a macbook intel(black) it originally came with tiger, i installed leopard on it a while ago. How ever i dont like leopard i want tiger back. I lost the original grey cds that came with my macbook so i hooked it up to my imac with target disk mode. I erased the disk using disk utility. Then i installed tiger with an original copy of tiger bought in a mac store. My imac rebooted i follow the installation menu and it installed. the internal drive of my macbook booted on my imac asif it were an external drive.

I rebooted into the internal drive of the imac and ejected the macbook drive. I disconnected the firewire cable and rebooted my macbook. The problem is that it wont boot properly it just goes to the white screen make the startup sound and starts flashing a folder with a questionmark in it. ive tried resetting the pram etc but it doesnt seem to work. i tried holding alt at boot up all i get is the cursor and nothing happens. i can still connect it to my imac but that it. how can i get my macbook to reboot properly again?"

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MacBook Pro :: Flashing White Screen?

Sep 3, 2014

When I turn my MacBook Pro on, the colorful pinwheel shows up and then the screen flashes white and goes back and forth from my screen saver to the white screen andI can't get it to stop.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Flashing Folder File On Boot Up?

Mar 19, 2012

I have a flashing file folder wheni boot up my MacBook pro

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MacBook :: Won't Start, Instead A Picture Of A File Folder With A ? On It Keeps Flashing?

May 6, 2012

my macbook won't start, instead a picture of a file folder with a ? on it keeps flashing

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OS X :: Flashing With White Screen?

Oct 11, 2009

I don't know what else to do... Started sounding like a cd was running o something when nothing was in there, now that stopped, but im just getting a white screen with a flashing folder with a ? Its flashing between the finder icon and a ? and will not do anything else.

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IMac :: White Screen With A Folder On It / Start Up Screen Just Stays White

Feb 15, 2010

My step mom has an iMac. The first gen intel one and the other day out of nowhere there was a white screen with a folder on it and now when you go to start up the iMac the screen just stays white.. What would be the cause of this and what should I do to fix it .. thank you

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OS X :: Black Screen With A Flashing White Line?

Aug 8, 2009

I have an iMac 2.8 24 inch, about Two years old running 10.5.7 , when I start the computer it shows the normal Gray screen for about 30 seconds, then the screen goes all Black , but with a small flashing white line ( _ ) in the top Left hand side corner.

It just stays all Black for ever , I then hold down the On / Off button and turn off the computer, I then hold down the keyboard '' option key '' and press the on button at the same time , then I get the option to start from the main HDD , I click the Icon and the computer then starts normally , and every thing runs ok.

Can some one please tell me what I have to do to get my iMac to start up normally again , Ive run Repair Disk permissions but the problem still occurs . Over the last few day's Ive been trying out a few new applications, so not too sure if this has any thing to do with this current problem

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IMac (Intel) :: White Screen With Flashing Question Mark?

Jun 21, 2014

I get is white screen with flashing question mark.  I've inserted OS disc but it won't run. 

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MacBook :: All Of A Sudden Screen Stays Gray And Flashing Folder With '?' On It

Apr 11, 2012

All of a sudden screen stays gray and flashing folder with "?" on it


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MacBook Pro :: Grey Screen With Flashing Folder / Question Mark?

Jun 17, 2014

My computer froze on me and the rainbow cursor appeared.  I forced my Macbook Pro to shut down and when I restarted it, a grey screen appeared with a flashing folder that has a question mark inside.   

I tried the following:

1) restarting it holding down the "shift" button and nothing changed

2) restarting while holding down opting+command+p+r until I hear it ding 3-6 times - nothing changed 

AND what causes this?  This is not the first time I have heard of a Macbook Pro doing this... 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion

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PowerPC :: Flashing File Folder With Question Mark?

Feb 25, 2009

about a week ago my hard drive died. i took it in to be diagnosed... I purchased a new 250GB hard drive and decided to install on my own. I followed the detailed instructions on [URL], it was a breeze... but, now the problem is installing OS X onto my laptop. I can't find the original start up disk for the iBook G4, so I tried using Mac OS X Tiger, V10.4. The installation DVD loads up fine, but when it arrives at the "Select a Destination" step no Icons appear on the screen... my new hard drive seems to be hidden.

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Intel Mac :: During Turn On Monitor Displays A Flashing File Folder?

Apr 23, 2012

During turn on monitor displays a flashing file folder with a question mark

iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)

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MacBook Pro :: White Screen With Folder

Mar 14, 2012

So i turn on my computer and the screen goes white. The only showing is a blinking folder with a question mark in it? Virus?

MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro :: White Screen With Empty Folder?

Aug 23, 2014

Macbook pro: After my screen froze, I did a hard shut down by pressing the start button a couple of seconds. After that, my screen open up on a white screen and after a couple of seconds, a grey folder with a "?" in the middle started to flash.  After a while it shut down automatically. 

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Intel Mac :: 2009 Won't Boot, Only Shows File Folder With Flashing Question Mark

May 4, 2012

My imac from 2009 won't boot up. It just keeps flashing a grey file folder with a question mark. Of course now I do not know where my start up cd there anything that I can do???


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MacBook Pro :: Shows Only White Screen With Folder And Question Mark?

Sep 6, 2014

My MacBook Pro is showing only white screen with a folder and a question mark. What will I do?

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MacBook Air :: Not Able To Close PowerPoint File - Screen Goes White

Dec 12, 2014

I have not been able to close any powerpoint files. I have 6 open and when I try to close any of them, the screen goes white and the only way to get out of the application is by Force Quitting. When I open the application again, all the files get opened, even though I've already disabled opening last files in powerpoint preferences. 

I recently installed Yosemite 10.10 and the Powerpoint version is 14.4.6.

MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite (10.10)

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Intel Mac :: Won't Boot And Has Flashing Folder With Question Mark On Gray Screen

Jun 17, 2012

I just bought a new iMac. I have been trying all week (with no success) to transfer files and apps from my previous iMac. The last time I tried to transfer, I used target mode on the old computer. It looked as if it was finally working, so I left with 2+ hours remaining on the transfer. When I returned, the computer was frozen and nothing would work. So I held the power button to turn it off. When I tried to turn it back on, there was only a gray screen with a flashing folder with a question mark. I feel like I have tried everything listed in other discussions. The only thing I am not able to try is to reinstall Lion because the new computer did NOT come with an OSX disc of any type.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: White Start Up Screen With Blinking Documents Folder Symbol With Question Mark

Apr 11, 2012

Just came back from the Genius Bar at Apple Amsterdam. Both iTunes and iPhoto had problems launching and libraries were not loading. Ruled out hardware problems so they tried installing OS Snow Leopard over my 10.5.8 in a way to keep my documents safe. All went well until halfway it said it couldn't install succesfully. Made a new appointment for in 3 days from now. They would then overwrite the current OS with the new one so i should go home and make sure to back up all my files in the meantime. Problem is that when i came home and started my laptop i got a blank/white screen with a blinking documents folder symbol with a question mark in it! Does anybody know what it means and will i be able to ever make a back up of my documents?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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PowerPC :: Dead IBook - Flashing - Folder On Gray Screen Back Ground

Jul 11, 2009

I have recently come across an extremely cheap ibook (free) which i was able to keep if I got it too work. Well I've been successfully fairly by using it for a few weeks, then it just died. Not sure how it did but it did. The problems seem to be with the flashing (Finder/?) folder on a gray screen back ground. I've already run through the [URL] tutorials of what's wrong and have successfully done a PRAM and a PMU reset with no result. One of the times that I restarted the iBook and after the flashing folder got two new separate folders. One with an arrow turning clockwise on the left, and another folder with an arrow pointing right on the right. Both in blue folders as the flashing folders. Now I believe the problem is that the iBook is unable to find and utilize the Startup Disk. Forums I have read state to put in the reinstall disc, which I don't see how that will work on account of the CD tray not responding to anything I've yet put in there. Not trying with disc until i know that is the only possible solution. Don't want to loose my disc. Maybe some of you have come across this situation and know of a sure fire way to fix it. If not, Ill have to just send it in to some site.

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Hardware :: IBook G3 Booting - Blue Screen And Mouse Cursor - Flashing Folder With Question Mark?

Apr 28, 2008

i just upgraded my ibook g3 hd to 20gb. i put in my tiger install disc 1 and i let it go while i was out of the room. i heard the startup chime from another room, later i went to see it with a blue screen and mouse cursor. it wouldn't do anything. then i restarted it with the install disc again, holding C down, and it booted to a grey screen which after about a minute went to the flashing folder with the ? mark.

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