MacBook :: Late 2006 Battery Need Replace At 103 Cycle?

May 22, 2012

I have my Macbook late-2006 and suddenly the battery do not charge at cycle 103. I tried to talk to guys at Apple Store but the only thing they can do is to sell me a new battery. In fact, the battery was in recall before 2009 but I was not be able to send it back at that time. If the battery die only at cycle 103, is this normal?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: How Much Ram Can Put On Late 2006?

Feb 1, 2010

I purchased my macbook in 0ct. of 2006, and was wondering how I could tell how much ram I could put in it. I currently have 1gb of ram installed. My macbook is 1.83 ghz intel core duo.

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OS X :: Recharge The Battery Till The Battery Meter Hits Red An Counts 1 Cycle?

Apr 26, 2010

i have a 13" mbp with 130 cycles an i use it extensively.its been about 6 months since i bought it and i noticed tht apple will cover my battery in warranty fr one year only if it has less than 300 cycles on it.

my problem is tht i typically use my laptop fr no longer than 4 hours at a time. which means i recharge the battery jus before the battery meter hits red an counts 1 cycle as complete.thts why i got less number of cycles on the battery

cn i continue doing this without any adverse effects to my battery and its life ??

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MacBook Pro :: Memory In Late 2006

Jun 26, 2009

I know they are technically different (speed) but can I put my Macbook Pro memory (default of 2GB RAM) in my wife white Macbook (default 1 GB RAM)? Probably not but I wanted to know if anyone has tried anyway.

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Will Not Turn On

Dec 1, 2009

I turned my computer on in school, and it would not start up past the white screen. I turned it on when I got home, and it gets to the blue screen, and then hangs. I turn it off, and when i turn it back on, the screen flashes and it goes off. I take out the battery and run it off the adapter. It flashes and nothing happens. However, I can hear it churning, but I see nothing on the screen. The sounds are still being made, and they stop after I take out the power cord. I have backups and my new computer that i ordered left week, is on the way.

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MacBook Pro :: Late 2006 Vs 2009

Dec 7, 2009

What are the differences and pros and cons? Can you switch out the keyboard on one? Switch harddrive? And just general differences. I'm still on windows but thinking about switching. So a little help would be much appreciated.

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MacBook :: Topcase V3 Fit On Late 2006?

Jun 6, 2010

I need to replace topcase on late 2006 macbook (MA700ZH/A A1181 late-2006 C2D 2.0ghz). What I see the most is version 3 topcase on ebay etc. I don't mind to have a bit more modern part on my macbook Will this v3 topcase fit/work at all? Can somebody confirm? I heard that media control buttons will work only with 10.6 which is fine.

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MacBook Air :: Replaced Battery - Only One Cycle Available

Jun 25, 2009

I just got my battery replaced and after a full charge both istat and mac osx shows that there is only one cycle available. I remember that my previous battery used to have at least 60 cycles. Is 1 cycle normal for new batteries or?

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Not Start Fully

Sep 18, 2010

It's from late 2006, but the RAM (3GB) and HD (Western Digital 595GB) are not original. That said, I'm confident neither of these are the cause, as I've had 'em installed for 2 years and 4 months, respectively. The problem: I press the power button. Computer makes the starting sound. Fan whirs on. Grayish-blue screen with Apple logo. Spinning tick wheel underneath. You know the drill. But then, it just suddenly and inexplicably turns off. Fan off, black screen, no HD activity. Nothing. Aaand repeat...nothing seems to change.

This started 10 minutes ago. I'm on a friend's computer now, since I'm at college - this also means that I do not have my installation DVD or indeed any of my wide array of computer-fixing tech components save for my mini screwdriver set. Since I know it's gonna come up - The last thing I did on the computer was shut it down while it installed the latest update for Safari (which I don't use). Seemed everything was going okay - it turned off and I left for dinner, came back all set to write an essay and the darn thing won't make it to the login screen. So naturally, there are no error messages or anything like that. No weird beeps or noises from the HD or elsewhere........................

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MacBook Pro :: Late 2006 - Enabled 802.11n - Only Running At 54 When Others Can Do 130?

Oct 5, 2009

I've got a late 2006 MacBook Pro and installed the Wireless N enabler a while back. I've got Snow Leopard now, and the card still reads as N capable in both Network Utility and System Profiler. I've sometimes been able to connect at N speeds, but not always. For example, right now I'm on my office's wireless network. Another guy has a MacBook Pro (a year newer than mine so it shipped with N enabled), but I can only get 54 speeds, while he can get 130. Any ideas? Could it just be a router setting? I option+clicked on the AirPort menu item and took a screenshot. My coworker is also on Channel 6, at 2.4GHz

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MacBook :: 13" Late 2006 Won't Boot

Feb 25, 2010

I have a 13" MacBook (White 2.0GHz/1 GB/80 GB) that will not boot. I've tried the troubleshooting tips on the Apple website to no avail. When I turn it on, the light on the front stays light, I can hear the HD spin up, etc. The screen flickers as if it is getting power, but no chimes or sounds whatsoever. I've also tried to reseat RAM, used different RAM, but no dice. I'm hoping that there are a few other things I can try before I'm left with getting a new logic board.

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MacBook :: Upgrade 1TB HDD 13" Late 2006

Jun 2, 2010

I want to upgrade HDD for my Macbook and was looking at WD Scorpio Blue 1 TB Internal hard drive. I know its about 2mm thicker than a standard laptop drive and read of people cramming it into MBpros with success.
Has anyone tried a pre-unibody Macbook?

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MacBook :: Will Late 2006 Run Mountain Lion

Jul 19, 2012

13-inch Late 2006Processor  2 GHz Intel Core 2 DuoMemory  2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAMGraphics Intel GMA 950 64 MBSerial Number  W8******WGLSoftware  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: How To Reset Cycle Count For New Battery

Sep 18, 2010

The title says it all. I have a new battery in my 2007 MacBook, but my computer still says it's at 237 cycles. Is there a way to reset the cycle count? It does say, however, the battery is at 100% health.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Check Battery Load Cycle?

Oct 25, 2010

I have searched countless threads about battery health but I feel that each individuals battery health situation is so unique due to the numerous fluctuations.

I have a 2010 13" MBP with battery health of 92%. Load cycle: 13. and Age of 4 months( but i got it 2 months ago)

Should I be concerned with the battery health at this point?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Cycle Switches Over After 85 Percent

Oct 5, 2009

I noticed that my battery cycle (according to istat) switches over at 15%. So as son as it switches over to the next cycle I plug in the adapter to make the battery run a cycle from 100%-0.(I know the cycle in 100%) But it still switches over at 15%, that means that the battery ran only 85% of its capacity. How can that be? Is it possible to reset (delete) battery cycle data?

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Cycle Count 60 In One Month?

Jan 8, 2010

Well I've had my mbp(new model) for just a month now and the cycle count is up to 60 and battery health has gone down to 96%. Should I be worried or is it normal?

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MacBook Pro :: Incomplete Battery Cycle Of Charge?

Jun 12, 2012

I bought a MacBook Pro 3 months ago, despite in the first charge I follow the instructions of the store. The problem is that my battery doesn´t complete the cycle of charge, if I disconnect my computer and the value of the battery decrease at 95% 96% 97% 98% or 99% and I plug again the charger to the MacBook Pro, the battery doesn´t charge at 100%. I followed all the instructions of synchronization but the battery remains the same.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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MacBook :: Late 2006 White Run 64 Bit Windows Vista?

Jan 8, 2009

I have a late 2006 white macbook. I got a good deal for it at the time. It was the day after Thanksgiving. the sales rep convinced me to go with the core2duo chip running at 2.0 ghz. It now has 2 gigs of ram. Here are the graphics specs:

ntel GMA 950:................

I do have Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium which I got for Christmas from a distant relative. I won't be playing any games at all or doing any major processing work. My main OS will still be Leopard. I am just going to run a few Windows app that don't have a similar counterpart on the mac. By the way this machine does have 802.11n. I just had to enable it. Since I have the 64-bit Windows Vista. Can my machine run it smoothly for the basic work I will be doing?

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MacBook :: Will Harddrive Work In Late 2006 System

Jan 12, 2009

if this hard drive would work in my late 2006 macbook.

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MacBook :: Maximum Memory In Late 2006 Model?

Jan 22, 2010

I have one of these Macbooks that I want to pass on to the daughter of a friend for use in college. To try and extend its life and usefulness a little I was wondering if I could add more memory. I'm aware that the Apple tech specs state that 2GB of PC2-5300 DDR2 is the maximum supported, but since I have 2 x 2GB of that memory spare I was wondering if anyone here on the forums know different?

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MacBook Air :: Cycle Count On Battery Rapidly Increasing

Mar 26, 2008

So first off, I absolutely love my MBA. Now that we have that out of the way. Since day 1 I've noticed that the cycle count on the battery seems to be climbing MUCH faster than it should.

- I've had the machine 51 days. I was out of the country without it for 9 days so really, I've had it for 42 days.
- According to iStat and System Profiler my battery's cycle count is 37
- According to System Profiler my battery's health is "Good"
- According to iStat my battery's health is at 98% (It started around 96%, has been as low as 94% but seems to have settled in at 97 or 98% for some time now)
- According to system profiler my maximum charge is 5006 mAh. (It's also gone up a bit since the machine was new).

I thought the definition of a cycle was the equivalent of 100% depletion of the battery -- whether that's one long unplugged stint that sucks it dry or 10 really short ones. A cycle is the same as using ~5000 mAh of battery power. I've been really good about keeping it plugged in while I work (the outlet is conveniently located). I've run the battery most the way down maybe 5 times. I do, however, run it down 10 or 20% almost every day as the machine travels with me in sleep mode or spends the night unplugged in sleep mode at my girlfriend's place).

I haven't done any careful testing but it seems though that if I run the battery down just 20% or 30% or so and then charge it all the way back up the cycle count increases by 1. Considering I've only used it for 42 days, and the cycle count is already at 37, I'm worried that it will hit 200 cycles by the time it's 8 or 10 months old. Isn't the point where battery performance starts to wane? Anyone else out there notice a rapidly climbing cycle count?

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MacBook :: Full Cycle Battery Usage Vs AC Plugged In

Feb 5, 2009

I had some issues with battery drain while sleeping awhile ago but that problem has been solved. However, ever since that incident I could not be paranoid about the battery life etc.I heard people saying that leaving the charger plugged in is simply fine as long as I do the regular calibration once or twice a month or so. Yet, Apple stated that they do not recommend the laptops to be plugged in. I will be going to a college this Sept and I really do want my laptop to last at least the whole 4 years.

Ever since I have contacted Apple customer service about this Battery issue I have left my Macbook charged up and plugged in while using and letting it sleep. One thing I have noticed is that the battery indicator says 99% and doesn't increase or decrease yet the green light is on. Is that normal? Since this is my first Mac ever and also first Laptop I would like some advice on how to treat the Battery( I know how to do Calibration and such). Is it better to do full cycle usage of Alum Macbook battery than leaving it plugged in all the time? (I unplug it when the Macbook is off).

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MacBook Pro :: Older C2D Battery - Cycle Count Pretty Low

Aug 10, 2010

i have an older C2D MBP on its second battery. I don't normally use it on battery power so my cycle count is pretty low. I have attached images. It is telling me to service my battery. Should i be getting a new one? if so, how are the NuPower batteries @ OWC?

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MacBook Pro :: Swap 17" Late 2006 - Logic Board

Oct 30, 2010

I've got a Macbook pro 17" with this generalized problem, distorted video and glitches. [URL] I tried all that stuff, but no luck of resolving the problem at this moment. I thought i could try get a new logic board and ind the case get a higher one, but i don't know if will be possible swap the old one with a higher model.


it's possible to swap the older model that I've got the first one that has a core duo processor with the latest ones with a core 2 duo and faster processor ?? The chip-set looks pretty similar in shape and size.

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Wifi Dying Chip On Board?

Nov 3, 2010

i am about to upgrade my old harddrive and thought while i have it open i might have a look at the wifi chip on the board? but where is the chip? for about 1 year now my wifi just wont connect to the router unless im like standing right next to it, even sitting on the couch which is litterally just about 2 meters away it still will not connect, at the moment im using a wireless dongle and all is dandy, but if i can just have a look at the board when i have it open i could tinker and see if anything has come loose a bit. Is it possible for something like this to even come loose?

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Bottom Half Of The Case Cracking

Aug 16, 2009

I have a late 2006 macbook and had the issue with the cracking case repaired today, however, Apple only repaired half of the issue. The 'top' half of the case was fixed (new keyboard, trackpad etc) was replaced and I am more than happy with it. The bottom half of the case (section with USB ports, bottom of the MacBook etc) still has cracks in it and clearly hasn't been replaced. Is this something that should be replaced as a manufacturing fault as they have done with the keyboard, palm rest, trackpad etc?

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MacBook Pro :: Late 2006 Keyboard Versus The New Unibody Models

Nov 1, 2009

What's the difference between the two? Is the new one thinner than the old? Is the connections the same? Etc, etc, etc? What I would like to do is maybe take out the original keyboard and replace it with the newer model, along with the new trackpad. Is this possible, or no? I don't care if the material is different, but I'm just wondering if it'd actually work?

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MacBook :: Late 2006 Wireless - Connection When Close To Base

Mar 9, 2010

I just got a macbook from somebody and it's great. it's my first mac and i'm learning. i've got a question for you pros however; my airport express 802.11g i believe it is. seems to only get a connection when close to the base. is there any update i'm missing or something?

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MacBook :: Upgrade The Graphics Card In A Late 2006 (original)?

May 27, 2012

I have this Late 2006 Macbook, that still runs great and everything, but the only problem iv been running into, is video. So when i watch a video in QuickTime Player, or QuickView, or even YouTube, the video just randomly starts to flip out. So, is it possible to upgrade the Graphics Card?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Snow Leopard, Original MacBook.

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