MacBook Pro :: Expresscard 34 Reader - Leave In Computer?

Feb 4, 2010

I just ordered a sonnet express card 21in1 card reader for my early 2009 MBP 15" (the last one with the express card port) anyhow I chose this one because it sits nicely flush with the MBP body. My question is would it be ok to leave the reader in the computer all the time? (without the card) i have my computer sleeping like 97% of the time. I would like to just leave the expresscard in there but dont know if this would be ok.

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MacBook Pro :: All In One ExpressCard / 34 Card Reader?

Aug 4, 2009

I used to do DSLR photography with CF, but fell out of love with it and sold it, so now it's back to regular old SD for my point and shoot. I'm looking for a card reader that obviously supports SD, but I'd like some type of all-in-one so I can throw most anything at it. I'd also like it to be flush with the computer when inserted.

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MacBook Pro :: Expresscard SDHC Card Reader?

Aug 12, 2009

Is there one that works?

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MacBook Pro :: Expresscard Memory Card Reader - Starting To Sleep

May 4, 2009

that doesn't cause sleep issues? I just bought a Startech 12-in-1 because it said it was mac compatible and couldn't find any reports of interfering with sleep, and yet on my 2009 MBP it does the apparently usual trick of starting to sleep then blipping the super drive and waking up again asking for a password. Are there cards out there that work flawlessly, or is it just a problem with the expresscard slot as a whole?

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Hardware :: Expresscard 34 - SDHC Card Reader

Aug 20, 2009

I really need to get hold of an Expresscard 34 - SDHC Card Reader for my MacBook Pro 15" late 2008. My Mid 2009 MBP has it all built in which is great. I have had a look on the net and they seem scarce. All of my SD cards are over 2GB in size, mostly 8GB so I need it to support SDHC. I would also love it to fit flush with the MBP and maybe be grey in colour! Please can someone help and let me know what model to 'google'

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MacBook Pro :: Keyboard Leave Traces On Screen Surface / Having High Pressure On Computer

Dec 16, 2010

I'm planning to buy a 17" matt MBP 2010. So far I've used a few laptops which I carry in a backpack (Lowepro Computekker Plus AW) together with cameras and lenses. Each one but the last one - Lenovo Thinkpad - had the same problem; beacause there is high pressure on the computer (glass weights over 12kgs), the keyboard keys left traces on he screen surface - not just dust - the plastic from keys was on the screen for good. The Lenovo is the firsts one not affected by that.

Can anyone who uses this MBP 17" matt 2010 (and treats it as bad as me) tell me how it looks in this case?

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IMac :: Leave Computer On All Time?

Jan 12, 2010

I used to leave my other computer on all the time, should I do the same with my iMac?

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Applications :: Adobe Reader Not Working / Changing The Default PDF Reader To IArchiver

Aug 27, 2010

I'm running osx 10.6.4 and Adobe Reader is giving me fits. It doesn't play well. How do I change the default PDF reader from Adobe to Preview or iArchiver? Adobe Reader just grabs hold of the download and won't let go.

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Applications :: Firefox Reader Beats Safari Reader?

Jul 14, 2010

I was looking for a Safari Reader-like add-on for Firefox and finally stumbled on Firefox Reader, which seems to have more customizations, and options. Has anyone else tried it? What are your impressions?


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MacBook Pro :: Activating Expresscard?

Aug 24, 2010

So I just got an Express SD reader, but it the SD cards don't show up. I guess I need to activate the Expresscard reader then?

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MacBook Pro :: What To Keep In ExpressCard Slot

May 27, 2009

Figured I might as well put that slot to use. What do you keep in yours?

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MacBook Pro :: Removing Flush ExpressCard?

Jul 4, 2009

How do you remove an ExpressCard that sits flush?

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Applications :: Looking For A Mac RSS Reader Like An Offline Google Reader'!

Jun 2, 2010

I just tried NetNewsWire, and Vienna, NNW is nice but Google Reader has a great feature that these both are without.

In GReader, when I mouse over or scroll down it marks that one article as read. No pushing buttons, clicking next, nothing. Just read.

I want to be able to pre-download all of my current unread items, AND the pictures. Gears for GReader does NOT download the pictures. I have a lot of picture only feeds, like lolcats, that I would like to let build up for a week and then on my long plane ride home, check out.

In NNW I can smash the space bar and get this accomplished, but I'd rather just scroll through, or at least have the option to.

I don't really like the look of Vienna, it's too unpolished, NNW is a tad better and has better options for like the prefs.

It would also be interesting to be able to give specific instructions, or adjust certain settings on a per-feed basis. Such as filter out cartain keywords (Without using a service such as feedrinse).

I hat vienna because once I click on a feed, it marks everything as read. That's bad for me as I sometimes just open a mega feed and read one or two items. I have maby 20 or 30 feeds, but usually get 2-300 new items a day. Most are junk like Joystick, but I like to sit down and go through the important ones while im taking a break or eating lol.

I know you can't but it'd be interesting to allow some feeds to auto queue an embedded movie, let me view it offline (or off my VPN.

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MacBook Pro :: USB 3.0 ExpressCard / Intensity Shuttle Capture?

Dec 13, 2010

I've got a "little" problem here. I've been wanting to buy a good Capture Card that I can use for my 360 all year long, and I recently found out about the Intensity Shuttle.The Intensity Shuttle requires a USB 3.0 Port which I don't have on my Macbook Pro. I was wondering that if I used an express card, would I be able to capture video via the Intensity Shuttle?

Intensity Shuttle:[URL]I would love you if you could find a way for me to use this.

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MacBook Pro :: Expresscard 34 Dual Flush USB Card?

Dec 31, 2008

There's enough external space for two USB ports in the expresscard 34 slot. Is there a card that has two USB ports and is flush with the edge of the laptop? All I can find are dual stacked ones that stick out like this:

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MacBook Pro :: Which Expresscard ESata Adapter Actually WORKS

Jul 7, 2009

I just did a search and found nothing but an extremely lengthy thread that makes no sense and doesn't even answer the question. I just want a simple answer here: I have a new 17" '09 uMBP. I want to use my eSata external hard drives. What expresscard adapter should I buy? I was transferring stuff over via USB and was horrified: 25 minutes to transfer 20 gigs of pictures! 20 gigs should take no more than 5, maybe 10 minutes tops over eSata (as it did on my old laptop). So which eSata-Expresscard actually works for the uMBP's?

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MacBook Pro :: Can Boot From 3rd Party Expresscard SD Adapters

Aug 19, 2009

Does anybody know if it's possible to boot from these 3rd party Expresscard SD adaptors that operate as a USB device?

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MacBook Pro :: ExpressCard Missing - CF To SD Card Adapters?

Apr 25, 2010

ExpressCard missing in the last 2 MBP 15" update. i've a great CF reader adapter for that slot. so any CF to SD card adapters if i decide to upgrade to 15" i7 ? i use pro DSLR and that's all CF world.

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MacBook Pro :: ExpressCard SSD Or 6GB RAM Upgrade For Late 2007?

Aug 5, 2010

I've been following many threads on Mac Rumors for a while and thought I finally post something (hopefully) useful for others and in hopes that I can get a meaningful answer. So please don't flame me if this may be a newbie question... here I go:

So I have a MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz Late 2007 computer, equipped with a 500GB WD Scorpio Blue HD and 4Gb of RAM. What I do with this computer primarily is graphic design and editing (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, etc...) and some amature music production (Reason, Garageband, Djay...)

I've followed the 6gb/8gb RAM upgrade forum for a long while for Mac products and finally bought myself a 6GB upgrade kit from Other World Computing. My package arrived today, and I hate to admit but I'm afraid to upgrade the RAM because of the slight hit/miss ratio I heard about using it. It's usually a good thing to upgrade to something higher I know, but I read that even if I did upgrade, I would only be using about 3GB worth of memory on it and not the full 6GB. Plus, I would lose the dual channel architecture doing this... if that did make a big difference to my heavy use of RAM.

Just today I learned about ExpressCard SSD's and how they can act like a separate HD in themselves. I'm highly interested in a very economical 64GB ExpressCard I researched. They're super fast and sound like a better alternative to RAM upgrading, especially if I can only use a max of approx. 3GB of RAM on my model computer.

So after all of my gibbering and jabber, here's the question:

From your experienced perspective, what's a better option for me to take...

1) Use the 6GB RAM upgrade?

2) Buy an ExpressCard SSD and use memory intensive programs on that?

3) Use the 6GB RAM and buy the ExpressCard SSD together?

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MacBook Pro :: ESATA ExpressCard Adapter Failed To Install

Oct 22, 2008

I tried installing a Dynex eSATA II ExpressCard Adapter that I bought at Best Buy. I downloaded the drivers off of the website and tried to install them and got an error message: the following failed: run preflight script for Sil3132 Mac OS X Driver. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

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MacBook Pro :: Better Understanding ESATA Via ExpressCard And Pro Storage Options

Oct 27, 2009

Recently upgrading, I bought the newest MBP 17" specifically because it still had the expresscard slot (thinking having eSATA capability would make it the only pro laptop in the new lineup). I don't need my storage to be portable, I edit at home. Being new to RAID I've been researching and asking questions. I want to get the best setup for my money. People have recommended FW800 but that doesn't help me need to get the most speed possible, I feel eSATA is faster. I also want the redundancy in case a drive crashes. But the MBP only has one expresscard slot.

Does this mean my bandwidth is limited to one 300Mb/s channel? i.e. Should I not even consider RAID0 on a MBP since the bottleneck is 300MB/s? Barefeats recommends this adapter saying it's the fastest they tested at only 200MB/s! So what advantage will stripping give? It seems with only one available eSATA channel the MBP doesn't have many options for professional storage (although still faster than FW800). What would people recommend?..........

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MacBook Pro :: Unable To Use Verbatim Expresscard Ssd / Can't Use The Wireless Network

Nov 13, 2009

Anyone using a verbatim expresscard ssd? I have a 32gb one, and it clashes with my wifi. If I have the card plugged in, I can't use the wireless network, and if I use the wireless network, I can't access the card (and any attempt to do so will automatically crash the wifi as well).

This is on a late 2008 macbook pro. The problem is there on both 10.5.8 and 10.6.2. Would be interesting to hear if anyone else is having the same issues, or if the card is somehow broken (i.e. if I should exchange it for another, or just get a refund).

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MacBook Pro :: Do The New 17" Allow The ExpressCard Slot To Be Used With Windows 7/Vista

May 7, 2010

Neither the 2008 nor the 2009 models allowed the ExpressCard slot being used with Windows 7/Vista.

Three weeks ago I asked Apple about this simple question and got escalated three times just to get no answer (1. Called shop line -> got connected to tech support -> tech support ask her boss -> boss send the question on to Apple engineers and promised to send the answer per email).

Meanwhile I read on the RME Audio forum that the RME Madiface can be used with Windows 7 on the 2010 Macbook Pro 17".

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MacBook Pro :: External Storage And Backup - Get Expresscard / Enclosure?

Aug 15, 2010

I just bought a MBP 2010 with the i7, and I'm trying to figure out what to do for external storage and backup since this is my first Mac ever. I have an Icy Dock with a 1TB harddrive in it, but it only has eSATA and USB ports. USB would not be preferable for trying to back up stuff. I was reading these forums about eSATA ExpressCards, but they seem really suspect (kernel panics sound terrifying) and a lot of work to get going. I was thinking about just getting another enclosure with FireWire 800, but can't seem to find any advice on good ones. I was wondering if I should just get a new external harddrive. I would like to get out of this without having to buy too much new stuff. Can somebody give a recommendation regarding whether I should get an expresscard, new enclosure, or new external?

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MacBook :: Bad To Leave Plugged In 24/7

Mar 16, 2008

Of course i'll unplug it 2-3 times a month and run the battery down to condition it, but other than that, is it bad to leave it plugged in 24/7, including when not using it and it's turned off?

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MacBook Pro :: Add ESATA Expresscard - Get Extra Speed For Data Transfer?

Jul 28, 2009

I have a 15" MacBook Pro from a couple of years ago (2.0 GHz) and I am about to upgrade my harddrive from 75 GB to 500 GB (and from 5400 to 7200 rpm). I think I am going to simply clone my harddrive, so I bought an enclosure for my new drive to use when transferring all my data. The enclosure I purchased works with usb 2.0 or eSATA.

My question is, should I take advantage of the eSATA speeds? Do you think it's worth it? For another 50 bucks I could by an expresscard and a cable that will allow me to do the transfer via eSATA. Should I bother or should I just stick with USB 2.0? I hear USB 3.0 is coming out early next year, so I was thinking I shouldn't bother with eSATA (though 50 bucks isn't much of an investment). But I'm not about to wait for USB 3.0 to come out. Do you think it would be worth spending the money to get the extra speed for this transfer? My 75 GB drive is almost full.

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MacBook Pro :: Leave MBP To Encode Over The Weekend?

Aug 27, 2010

so basically, what are you guys thoughts on leaving a 17" i7 MBP to encode videos over the weekend, while I'm gone?

right now my fans are in default mode running at 4k RPM and my CPU is hovering between 85˚ and 90˚

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MacBook :: Better To Leave Plugged In All The Time?

Feb 14, 2009

Is it better to leave the Macbook plugged in all the time or plug it in only when the battery is low to charge it up again?

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Software :: Okay To Leave MacBook Plugged In 24/7

Jan 6, 2009

I know it's okay to leave it plugged in 24/7 as long as I complete at least one battery cycle a month, but should I unplug it when i turn it off, or does it matter?

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MacBook Pro :: Leave Secondary HDD Powered Off Until I Need It?

Apr 25, 2012

Like many others, I'm thinking of replacing my HDD with an SSD and replacing my optical drive with the original HDD. I plan on using the SSD as my boot volume and the HDD for storage. Part of the reason I am switching to an SSD is that I carry my laptop around quite a lot and don't feel confident that the HDD won't fail because of all the motion. 

My question is: Can I leave the HDD powered off until I want to use it? Thus saving battery life and reducing the risk of HDD failure from being moved around too much. I would like to be able to mount the drive when I want to access the storage and unmount it when it is not in use. Is this possible?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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