ITunes For Mac :: How To Delete ICloud Movie To Clear Space On Computer

Jun 28, 2014

My computer says that the storage disk is almost full, and when I looked at my storage information it says I have too many movies.  So I went back into iTunes and I try to delete my movies (which are all under iCloud) and they aren't removed from my computer nor does space clear on my computer.

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ITunes For Mac :: Downloading Movie (not Enough Space)

Jun 3, 2014

I do not have enough space to download a moovie however when i go into parameter i have still 4.7G free out of 5G I don't know what to do?

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MacBook Air :: How To Delete Files To Free Up Computer Space

Jun 20, 2014

My mac storage shows that I have 7.55 GB of movies on my computer, but I cannot find these movies anywhere.  When I search ".mov" on my computer, it shows that there are movies and it looks like they are in iPhoto.  When I open the iPhoto application, though, I do not see the movie files in there. So, I'm confused as to where exactly the files are and how to delete them off my computer to free up the 7.55 GB of space. How I can find and delete these files?

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ITunes :: Downloaded Movie Takes Up To Much Space

Feb 17, 2012

I purchased my first movie in iTunes on the iPad 2 and I didn't realise how much space this would take up - this was only showing when I was already downloading it - it took up over 6GB of space and I have no idea how to get rid of it again or archive/move it somewhere else?

iPad 2

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ICloud On Mac :: Delete Some Items From Account To Free Up Space?

Jun 21, 2014

My icloud account is full. How, can I delete some items to free space? How can I do this? 

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ITunes For Mac :: Move Movie Files Only To External Hard Drive To Free Up Space

Jun 21, 2014

need to free up space on my hard drive wanted to move just my movie files to my external hard drive and leave my music on computer

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ITunes :: Authorize A Movie Rental On Another Computer?

Jun 7, 2012

I tried to order act of valor as a rental, but did not work the first time.  So i switched to my roommates computer and it began downloading on the same account.  However, an error occured while i was downloading it but it still said i was being billed for the movie and had 24 hours remaining to view it.  So i switched back to my original macbook pro to see if the download would work the second time.  It is downloading but wont let me view the film because it was authorized to be viewed on the other computer as well.

MacBook Pro

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Applications :: Downloaded Handbrake To My Hp Computer - How To Get The Movie In To ITunes?

Sep 8, 2010

I downloaded handbrake to my hp computer running windows vista. I tried to "rip" a couple of movies. That worked...I think (m4v file format) But I cannot figure out how to get the movie in to iTunes, so that I can put the movies on my iPhone or iPad. I tried dragging the file in to the movie section, and also going to the menu and opening "add file" (or something like that). Nothing happens! When I ripped the movie, I selected "iPhone Ipod touch". I also should mention that when I double click on the file, and try to watch the movie on my computer I am unable to watch it on any program. For example it says that it is a file type that QuickTime does not recognize. I am completely new to this and simply don't know what im doing!

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ITunes :: Get Rented Movie Back Onto Computer From IPod Classic?

Mar 12, 2012

I just put the movie i rented on my iPod, but I decided I wanted to watch it on the computer. How do I get it back on the computer?

iPod classic 160GB (Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.4.11)

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OS X :: Cannot Clear Hard Drive Space?

Jun 15, 2009

When I bought leopard and installed it I was left with about 3 gigs on my hard drive so I deleted final cut studio 2 and Adobe Photoshop, however when I did this I checked my free space on my hard drive and it didn't free up anything and I know that it should have given me over 60 gigs of free space.

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MacBook Air :: How To Reset Or Clear Space

Jun 2, 2014

I'm looking to clear up space on my computer or even reset it to factory settings. Since i have a Macbook Air i do not have any discs to reset.

MacBook Air

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MacBook Pro :: Losing Disk Space - How To Clear It

Mar 8, 2010

I have a 2009 MacBook Pro running Leopard with a 500 GB drive.

I seem to be losing hard disk space for no reason while web surfing in about 500 MB chunks. I tried emptying the trash, clearing the safari cache and history, and all that returned was about 200 MB.

Since I noticed this a week ago I've been keeping track, and have lost 4.5 GB of space for no reason.

I'm not adding files nor running time machine or some other backup that's constantly creating a disk image.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Clear Hard Drive Space

Apr 29, 2012

I have a 500GB hardrive with 400GB being used. I can account for around 100GB for videos, movies, pojects, and applications. So basically there is about 300GB of taken up space thats unaccounted for. I don't know what could be taking up the space. If anyone can help me locate the data or know of a program to do it that would be awesome.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Clear Up Space On My Hard Drive?

Jun 25, 2012

how do I clear up space on my hard drive

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Clear Space On MacBook Air 2012

Dec 2, 2014

how to i clear space on my mac hard drive its at 59 out of 60 gb and i don't see where the space is going i don't have that much on my mac apart from music

MacBook Air (11-inch Mid 2012), iOS 8

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MacBook Air :: Clear Space (old Backups) WD My Passport For Mac HD

Sep 2, 2014

I have purchased an external hard disk WD My Passport for Mac in order to backup my MacBook Air regularly (with time machine) and store films and pictures to save space from my mac. I have just realised that I have several old backups from my MacBook air stored in the hard drive which are taking quite a lot of space. I have tried deleting the old backups manually (I only need the last one, why would I need a backup from January?), however, the folder disappears but the space doesn't clear up, I'm guessing it's not possible to fully delete back ups this way.  

I have read that it's possible deleting those old backups connecting the hard drive to a Windows PC but I do not have one (or any of my family or friends for that matter), surely there has to be a simpler way to clear up space from the hard drive, right? I have read to save the backup and files on my computer and then delete everything through disk utility, but I don't have enough space to keep the old backup and all the media I have stored on my HD in my mac (or another HD) in order to delete everything.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)

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Intel Mac :: Clear/make Space On Start Up Disk?

May 13, 2012

I am a new apple user and am having trouble learning how to use it. My first problem is how do I clear/make space on my start up disk?


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MacBook :: Deleting Files Does Not Clear Disc Space

Dec 10, 2014

Early 2011 Mac book pro running 10.9.4. Deleting iPhoto files does not create additional space.  iPhoto is about 160gb, iTunes which I use for viewing slideshows remotely is about 135gb. 

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Applications :: Want To Move All Files To The External Drive To Clear Up Space?

Jan 2, 2010

I just recieved an external hard drive for Christmas, and so far have only put my videos and some other folders on the drive. I would like to put my itunes library on there, but have NO idea how to go about doing this.

I have an ipod (8g) and want to be able to still sync and not lose any of my songs during transfer. I actually have more APPS than I do music, but I just want to move all those files to the external drive to clear up space on my mac (Powerbook G4, 10.4.11).

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MacBook Air :: Startup Disk And Hard Drive Are Full - How To Clear Space

Aug 26, 2014

How do I clear space on my startup disk and hard drive?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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ITunes :: Delete Icloud From My Iphone?

Mar 1, 2012

How do delete icloud from my Iphone?

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ITunes :: Can Delete Library On The Mac As Have ICloud

Jun 17, 2012

Do I actually need to keep the iTunes files on my macbook now that they are in the cloud, will sync to iPhone and the rest work?

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ITunes :: Deleting Movies From Computer To Free Up Space But Have Them Backed Up On Time Capsule?

Feb 3, 2012

I have all my movies backed up on my time capsule and want to free up space on my computer.  How do I delete movies and still be able to stream the movies from the time capsule to apple tv. 

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)

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OS X :: Delete Search Engine - Clear History?

Mar 27, 2010

Every time I go on yahoo answers and look up something all my questions pop up. How do I get rid of them? I already went to "history" and clicked "clear history" but it still stays on yahoo answers.

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ITunes :: Delete Songs From Device After Save Them To ICloud?

Apr 1, 2012

How do I delete songs from my device after I save them to iCloud?

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ICloud :: How To Delete (not Hide) Apps In ITunes Saved On It

Apr 15, 2012

I want to delete some apps that have been previously downloaded, and apparently saved on iCloud. I'm able to "hide" them, but i want to just delete them completely. Is there a way to do this???

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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ITunes :: Restore It On A Computer From ICloud?

Apr 6, 2012

My external hard-drive crashed recently, and all of my music went with it. I have everything on my iCloud account, and can get to it all on my phone and ipad, but is it possible to get it from iCloud to my laptop? 

iOS 5.1

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Intel Mac :: Clear Old Info From This Computer?

Apr 14, 2012

I just bought used mac ,and need to clear old info from computer

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Clear A Hard Drive Before Selling Computer?

Feb 13, 2012

I am selling the first MAC eer purchased, a Macbook pro. It is backed up useing Time Machine. Before delivering it to the buyer, how do I clear the hard drive of all my files and information?

Info:mac book pro/ imac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Clear Computer Of All Personal Information And User Id

Apr 9, 2012

I need to clear my computer of all personal information and user id etc. so i can give to someone else?

Mac Pro

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