Windows On Mac :: Way To Get The Wireless Mighty Mouse To Work In Windows 7 Running Via Bootcamp?

Sep 12, 2009

Is there any way to get the wireless mighty mouse to work in windows 7 running via bootcamp tried to pair it but no luck.

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Connect Wireless Mighty Mouse To Windows XP?

Mar 13, 2008

i was wondering if it is possible to connect wireless mighty mouse to Windows XP! If so, how?

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Mighty Mouse Sleep In Windows 7?

Jan 28, 2009

I installed windows 7 in boot camp, and the drivers that were necessary for my wireless mighty mouse to work. But i have noticed that after not using the mouse for about 5 seconds, it sort of falls asleep. I have to click the mouse and wait a second for it to be active again. I have looked in settings and not found a solution.

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Windows On Mac :: Mighty Mouse To Work With Windows 7?

Feb 15, 2009

I'm running Build 7000, and I can't get my Mighty Mouse to pair with my computer. Can anyone give me advice as to how things can wind up working?

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless KB And Mighty Mouse Not Working In Win 7

Jun 11, 2009

I just installed the RC of Windows 7 on my iMac using Boot Camp. The OS installed fine and all seems fine (WiFi, sound etc.), except for some reason I can't seem to be able to use my (bluetooth) Apple wireless keyboard and mighty mouse. I am currently being forced to use my old keyboard/mouse that I had on my old PC.

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Kb And Mighty Mouse Is Not Working

Dec 14, 2009

My wirless kb and mighty mouse is not working in W 7x64. I have 27" i5. I remember seeing the soultion somewhere in the Macrumors forum but could not find them now.

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Hardware :: Wireless Mighty Mouse Unresponsive In Windows 7?

Feb 8, 2009

I went through the install process of Windows 7 on my late 2007 MacBook with my Wireless Mighty Mouse and it worked fine. When it was all completely installed, I could use the mighty mouse like perfect (even the right click would work!) until I installed the drivers on the Windows Install Disk. The minute the install of the new drivers finished, my mighty mouse didn't work. I couldn't add it in the bluetooth devices either. I have no idea whats going on.

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OS X :: Wireless Mighty Mouse Suddenly Inoperable On Windows XP?

Jul 11, 2009

I'm completely new to forums, but I've been googling for hours and have restarted several times already... My wireless Mighty Mouse has stopped working (only on my Windows XP partition). It has worked fine for the last year or so, and today, it wasn't connecting. Not a big deal at first, sometimes I have to turn it off and back on... but then it continued not connecting.

I checked the bluetooth preferences and unpaired and re-paired my mouse several times. It was detecting it from my computer AND pairing, but the mouse is still not working. I've tried updating drivers, reinstalling drivers (which is what took me a LONG time to get the "apple bluetooth radio" back. I didn't realize that that could only be installed by reinstalling the chipset).Ok I just keep going and going. I'm just a *little* frustrated with this whole mess.

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Windows On Mac :: Cannot Connect To The Wireless Connection When Running Bootcamp

Apr 28, 2009

I cannot seem to connect to the wireless connection when running bootcamp. It says something like the signal is too weak or whatever, but when I run it on OS X, it works perfectly fine.

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Recommendation For OS X - Parallels - Bootcamp?

Nov 19, 2009

I am looking for a wireless keyboard/mouse to replace my current USB wired to fulfill the following requirements:

1) Must Work with OS X, Bootcamp and Parallels.
2) Work with Windows XP (currently) and Windows 7 in future.
3) Whatever wireless technology, I only want ONE receiver for both KB and mouse.
4) bluetooth or NANO or other
5) Keyboard MUST be high contrast (example-black keys/white letters). This precludes current Apple keyboard.
6) Would like NOT to mix and match brands.

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Mac :: Bootcamp Windows 7 - Magic Mouse Doesn't Work

Aug 31, 2010

I have installed Far Cry on bootcamp (Windows 7), I run Far Cry, it works perfectly except the mouse doesn't work in game, only works when your on the menu.. Keyboard works fine though

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Windows On Mac :: XP Install On Bootcamp - Keyboard And Mouse Won't Work?

Aug 22, 2010

Having a VERY strange issue with my new 27" iMac. I've tried installing XP twice now and everything works fine through the installation and after XP boot initially without any Apple drivers. Keyboard (wired) and my Magic Mouse work just fine.

Then I install the Apple drivers and after a restart XP does not recognize and keyboard/mouse. Even if I hook up a standard USB windows keyboard and wired mouse, nothing. Booting into Mac OS everything works fine, but nothing in XP, including safe mode.

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Hardware :: Cleaned Wireless Mighty Mouse Scroll And Now Scrolling Doesn't Work At All?

Oct 28, 2009

I went ahead and disassembled my wireless mighty mouse, unscrewed the scroll ball from the lid of the mouse and found a ton of lint and cr@p that has been living in here for quite some time. cleaned it all up, put it together, now all of the little rollers spin freely, great.

I go to put everything together, including the 2 ribbon cables, mouse snaps together, fire it up, mouse works fine, i can click, side buttons work, but the scroll does not work at all now. left to right use to be fine, it was just up and down. now nothing works.

any idea what could have gone wrong? did i forget something?

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Windows On Mac :: Open Up Bootcamp Partition (running Windows 7) In VMWare

Sep 4, 2009

So I am trying to open up my bootcamp partition (running windows 7) in VMWare and I get this error message: Cannot open the disk '/Users/brandonquirarte/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm/Boot Camp partition.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. It was working just fine before the upgrade to Snow Leopard but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I had to reinstall Windows 7 after I tried installing the Bootcamp 3.0 drivers so that may be more of the issue. I didn't test to see if would work still when I upgraded to Snow Leopard.

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Hardware :: Mighty Mouse Drivers For Windows XP

Jul 1, 2009

Does anybody have free drivers for mighty mouse to enable horizontal scrolling in Windows XP? Please don't recomment trinityworks drivers.

My OS: Windows XP SP3 without any Mac simulators
My PC: IBM compatible

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Get My Bluetooth Apple Keyboard Or Mighty Mouse To Connect?

Dec 29, 2008

I have the beta installed on my aluminum MacBook and most things are working okay. I can't get the eject button to work for some reason and I can't get my bluetooth apple keyboard or mighty mouse to connect. Is anyone else having bluetooth issues?

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting Apple Mighty Mouse & Bluetooth Keyboard

Jan 7, 2009

I've tried to run the wizard and it's not working for me. Either it fails right from the start or it says it connected but neither work. Anyone who has done it successfully please help. I'm using a new unibody MacBook.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 + BootCamp Media Buttons Don't Work Universally In ITunes?

Sep 13, 2009

Does anyone know or have the same problem where pressing the F7, F8, F9 keys (which are previous, stop/pause, and forward) doesn't work in iTunes unless iTunes is the "active" window? I know that in OS X that if i pressed those buttons, it would do it even if I was in another application, but in the Windows 7 version it won't do it if another application is "active." Also, the same applies to the Apple Remote.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 On Macbook Pro - Bootcamp Driver Won't Work

May 20, 2009

I have a Macbook Pro 15" , C2D 2.33ghz. I have the 7100 version of Windows 7 and everything worked perfectly except for the sound.

No matter which bootcamp driver I try or even Realtek's own vista one nothing works.

I downloaded the bootcamp 2.1 drivers and everything installed correctly , including the realtek ones. All the hardware looks fine in device manager but I dont hear anything out.

Should the default be speakers? It seems that it keeps the driver as microsofts own and it doesnt say anything about realtek. Could that be the problem?

I did not try the microphone jack yet but will in a few minutes.

Even if there is a hack , Im willing to try it. What is the exact audio chipset on this model of macbook pro?

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IMac :: Magic Mouse Is A Wireless Mighty Mouse

Dec 14, 2009

My new Magic Mouse appears as a wireless Mighty Mouse on my iMac 10.6.2. When I open the mouse Preferences Panel, I get the options for the Mighty Mouse, not the Magic Mouse. It worked fine on my hackintosh with 10.5.8 but not with 10.6.2, so it seems the culprit might be in 10.6.2? It seems that USB Overdrive is the culprit for some, but I don't have it.

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Hardware :: What Is The DPI Of The Wireless Mighty Mouse

Dec 13, 2008

^ ^ ^

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Power Mac G5 :: Will Wireless Mighty Mouse Run Without Other Hardware

Dec 2, 2007

When I asked someone at the Apple store they said I don't need anything else to make the wireless mouse work, I could just start using it. But the G5 manual was saying something about needing to plug some device into a usb port to make bluetooth devices work.

Power Mac G5
Mac OS X (10.5.1)

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Hardware :: Does The Mighty Mouse Wireless Turns Off Itself

Aug 14, 2007

I just got my iMac with the optional mighty mouse wireless and i was wondering if it turns off by itself when i shut down my iMac or is it still using battery power.i turned it off once while away for an hour and when i tried to turn it back on it couldn't connect with my imac. had to restart the imac manually for the mouse to work again.

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Hardware :: Dropped Wireless Mighty Mouse?

Dec 27, 2008

And now it doesnt work.
Any quick fixes, resets etc?

Or is it &**&^*'ed?

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OS X :: Wireless Mighty Mouse Slows Down - Little Jerky

May 12, 2009

When using my iMac, all of a sudden, my Wireless Mighty Mouse suddenly slows down. So if I move my mouse across the screen, it lags behind and appears a little jerky/erratic. It seems as if there is something hogging the system resources and that is slowing down the movements of the mouse.

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Hardware :: Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Sep 15, 2009

Popped into M&S in York and to my surprise they were selling Wireless Mighty Mice at ?

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp With XP2 - Games Not Running

Feb 24, 2010

So my kids wanted me to set up their computer with boot camp and Windows so that they could play games. We have XP service pack 2 installed. So far, Empire earth - wont run. NAscar Racing 20003 wont run. I want to try Sims 2 but is there something missing that these games are needing?

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Windows On Mac :: Wireless Printing From Bootcamp XP?

Jan 20, 2009

I have a Macbook, running XP Pro on via Bootcamp. It is connected to a wireless network. I want to print from XP bootcamp, wirelessly, to printers connected to a different computer (XP).

I have a PC that has 2 printers connected to it, running XP Home. Both printers are SHARED, with NAMES.

My 2 other computers (both PC's), can print to these printers wirelessly. I, cannot. I have installed all the drivers for the printers (using their CDs) on Bootcamp XP. I tried connecting to the printers, but I can't.

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Hardware :: Using Magic Mouse In Bootcamp/windows?

Dec 14, 2010

is there a BTT-like app for the magic mouse in windows/bootcamp to use gestures and tap to click?

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Windows On Mac :: Mouse And Keyboard Not Responding On Bootcamp

Oct 20, 2009

Ever since I updated to snow leopard, whenever I boot into my windows partition, it loads fine I just can't type anything nor move the cursor with the mouse at all. I've tried to insert the snow leopard disc while in windows and it doesn't really do anything.

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