Windows On Mac :: Reformating Pre-existing Win7 Bootcamp Partition And Reinstall Windows 7

Oct 12, 2010

i'm using macosx 10.6.4 and bootcamp assistant 3.1

now here is the problem my windows 7 is infected with virus (thats why windows suck big time) and i need to reformat my windows 7 and reinstall a new windows 7.

how am i supposed to do it? insert the installation disk and do like how we initially installed windows 7? just format the partition and reinstall again? i just want to make sure so i ask before doing anything.

or can i do this? i use winclone to restore? any1 have any idea? i'm new to all this i dont know how to do it. i have backup using winclone but how do i do it? do i still need to format then only use winclone?

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Partition Not Visible In BootCamp

May 21, 2009

I installed Win 7 in bootcamp and everything was working fine. Then I started to play around with rEFIt to install Linux as a 3rd OS. I managed to install everything but since the driver support in Linux was poor, I decided to wipe out Linux + rEFIt and return to the initial setup (OSX + Win7 in bootcamp). I deleted the Linux partition and rEFIt but now, my MBP starts and I hold the option key, I can't see the Windows drive anymore. The (NTFS) partition is still there and I can access all the files from OSX but I can't boot it.

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Windows On Mac :: Install Win7 Via Bootcamp - Window Partition Shows Empty

Dec 29, 2009

I just upgraded my hdd a couple of mins ago from the 120 gig to a seagate 500gig , but before doing that i used "carbon copy cloner" to clone my old drive, as well as the 8gig partition i had there where i used to keep my copy of snow leopard (easier that carrying the disk around).CCC cloned both partitions perfectly.I named them Mac and Mac-backupthen I created another partition using disk utility and named it Win - this is where i want to install win7 via bootcamp. The "Win" partition is totally empty.

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Reinstall OS X Without Affecting Bootcamp Partition?

Sep 30, 2010

I'm assuming yes, but I thought I'd ask. Obviously I'd need to back up my windows side just in case and then wipe my MAC partition.

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Reinstall Snow Leopard Without Removing Bootcamp Partition

Feb 14, 2010

I want to make a clean reinstall of snow leopard without removing my bootcamp partition. Is it possible to do that and to continue using windows after the reinstall?

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OS X Mavericks :: Increasing Size Of Bootcamp Partition Without Having To Delete Or Reinstall Windows?

Sep 10, 2014

I'm using a macbook pro (late 2013 with mavericks-10.9.4 ). I installed windows using bootcamp but didn't estimate the storage I required correctly. So now I don't have enough storage in the bootcamp hard drive. 

How can I increase the Partition size between windows and mac without having to delete or re-install windows?  

Mac Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Windows On Mac :: Can Parallels Work With An Existing Windows Partition?

Apr 29, 2009

I used Boot Camp to put XP on my iMac. If I get Parallels, will it be able to give me access to the files that are on the currently existing XP partition?

Or will I have to re-install XP onto the Mac partition and transfer all my files from the old Boot Camp XP to the new Parallels XP?

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Windows On Mac :: Erased BootCamp Volume - Reinstall Windows?

Aug 30, 2010

So I thought I was a know it all and thought I could remove my Windows partition without reading the instructions. Typically one would do the following:
1. In Mac OS X, quit all open applications and log out any other users on your computer.
2. Open Boot Camp Assistant, in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
3. Select "Restore the startup disk to a single volume" and then click Continue.

However, I messed it up. Instead of going through Bootcamp assistant, I went through Disk Utility and "erased" the Bootcamp volume. Now I am not sure where I at? I erased it, but you can still see the Bootcamp volume listed. And now when O try to use Bootcamp assistant to remove the partition I get the following:
The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition. The startup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS extended (journaled) volume or already partitioned by boot camp assistant for installing windows. I want to reinstall a Windows, but want to start fresh.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Parallels And Using Existing Partition

Sep 29, 2009

I'm currently running BootCamp with Vista, but I'm getting tired of rebooting. If I install Parallel would I have to reinstall Vista again, or can I use my current partition?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Upgrade Existing Bootcamp 2.1 To Bootcamp 3.0

Aug 28, 2009

Maybe I'm just over thinking this, but Apple never posted a KB article about how to upgrade an existing bootcamp partition with the new snow leopard bootcamp 3.0 drivers. I'm assuming if you already have bootcamp 2.1 you boot up in boot camp and then insert the snow leopard disc in order to upgrade the drivers to 3.0 correct? Or do I have to erase my stupid bootcamp partition and reinstall it all over again using the new leopard boot camp assistant in order to get to 3.0?

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Windows On Mac :: Open Up Bootcamp Partition (running Windows 7) In VMWare

Sep 4, 2009

So I am trying to open up my bootcamp partition (running windows 7) in VMWare and I get this error message: Cannot open the disk '/Users/brandonquirarte/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Virtual Machines/Boot Camp/%2Fdev%2Fdisk0/Boot Camp partition.vmwarevm/Boot Camp partition.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on. It was working just fine before the upgrade to Snow Leopard but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I had to reinstall Windows 7 after I tried installing the Bootcamp 3.0 drivers so that may be more of the issue. I didn't test to see if would work still when I upgraded to Snow Leopard.

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Windows On Mac :: Resizing BootCamp Partition - Snow Leapord & Windows 7

Feb 1, 2010

Basically, I created a BC partition for my W7, however, I only gave it 32gigs of space (I only wanted to use it for gaming).However, now I want to install Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2010 on W7, however I don't have enough space on my BC partition to do that...I've researched enough to know that I will need to use one of the following programs:I've read up on all the programs and done some research on them.
Ive noticed most people are having problems with all of these programs when trying to backup a W7 image whilst on Snow Leapord (Mac OS x 10.6, which I am running)I know that is the function of the 3 applications above... But to my knowledge... In theory - I should be able to just backup my W7 using a reliable backup program (Can someone recommend any?) and then delete the existing BootCamp partition, create a new one of 100gig and then just load up the backed up image for Windows 7...

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Windows On Mac :: Install Xp Sp1 By Formatting Partition To Windows Instead Of Bootcamp?

Feb 22, 2009

you cant use a windows xp sp1 disk to install windows xp onto your mac using bootcamp.What i wanted to know is if i partition my HD then format it to a recognizable format for windows installation disks, would i be able to install windows xp sp1 that way?or would the same principle apply as bootcamp and sp1 versions of xp are incapable of being installed on macs?

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Windows On Mac :: Make Windows Partition On External HDD Via Bootcamp

Jun 28, 2009

Basically I want to do this: Take my 80 GB External HDD, reformat it to MacOSXExtended (Journaled). Put leopard on it. Boot from my external HDD. Run BootCamp Assistant and make a windows partition on my external HDD via bootcamp.

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Partition My Mac Drive After Installing Windows Through Bootcamp

Nov 10, 2009

perhaps I am doing something wrong? I wanted to install Windows XP on my iMac. I previously had partitioned my Mac drives. I backed everything on these drives to my external and blew the partitions away creating my one Mac drive again.

I then ran Bootcamp, created a partition and installed XP. Everything was fine. I then partitioned my main drive and got the warning message about Bootcamp maybe not working afterwards. So I finished partitioning my Mac drive as I wanted and now I don't have the option of booting into XP through Bootcamp. When I try it just shows the Mac drive as my only boot option. I see the XP Bootcamp drive in the System Preferences startup disk area, but I assume I did something to the partition once I partitioned my Mac drives

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 On Bootcamp Not Seeing USB HD

Jul 20, 2010

I just installed Windows 7 on my bootcamp partition. I have a macbook pro intel. Everything is loading fine, i ran the windows 7 update and all things are up to date. I now need to load my bootcamp drivers. I restored my Snow Leopard image file onto a portable HD. Double checked in osx and everything loaded fine.

Now, my problem is.. from Windows 7, when I plug in my usb hd, it does not load. Is there a reason why windows does not recognize the usb hd as a bootable install disc? When I am back in OSX and plug in the drive, it loads just fine. Anyone know if there is something I can do to get windows to boot the usb drive? The last resort I want to do is burn the image file to dvd.

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Delete Partition Via Bootcamp / After Erased Bootcamp Partition

Aug 26, 2010

I erased my bootcamp partition this morning thinking that was the same as deleting the partition - how do I actually delete the partition and combine it with my MAC OS partition now? I can't do it thru bootcamp

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Windows On Mac :: Will Win7 64-bit Work With BootCamp Or 32-bit?

Aug 26, 2010

I want to install bootcamp with using Win 7 but I have both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Am I able to use 64 bit without problem or do I need to stay with the 32 bit version? I am using a iMac (early 2009 model) with 8 GB ram and ATI 4850 HD video 512 MB ram.

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Install BootCamp On Win7 64-bit

Sep 16, 2010

Is it possible to install Boot Camp 3.0 or higher on Windows 7 64-bit when dual booting with Leopard? What I've been reading suggests I need the Snow Leopard disc for Boot Camp 3.0+ and Windows 7 compatibility, but I only have the Leopard OEM disc.

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Windows On Mac :: 2.72GB RAM Used By Win7 On BootCamp

Oct 10, 2009

2.72gb is only being used by my win7 on bootcamp. anyway to make it use my full 4gb memory?

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Windows On Mac :: Reinstalling OS X - What About Win7 BootCamp

Mar 17, 2010

I have recently been having problems with OS X. It has got so bad that I can't even boot into OS X anymore. My Windows 7 bootcamp install works perfectly though. I'd like to reinstall OSX. What will happen to my windows install? Will reinstalling OS X somehow damage my Windows partition?

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 32 Or 64-bit To Install With BootCamp?

Mar 21, 2010

I have a iMac with 3.06 Ghz with 8 GB Ram. I plan on using BootCamp and Win 7 but not sure if I should try 64 bit or just stay with the 32 Bit? I have the extra Ram, 8 GB to work with and I think 64 Bit might use it more than the 32 bit version. Has anyone out there used 64 bit with 8 GB ram?

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Not Recognizing Win7 Pro X64 DVD

Aug 8, 2010

I'm trying to install win7 on my MacBook with bootcamp but I cant get pass the start installation step. I have the burned dvd in my drive but bootcamp doesnt recognize it.

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Windows On Mac :: Can't Delete Windows BootCamp Partition

Jan 13, 2010

I attempted to install Windows 7 using bootcamp assistant with a 5GB partition. I got halfway through the Windows 7 install when I got an error message, saying that Windows needs 8284 megabytes to install. I want to delete the current partition and create a larger partition to complete the install.

However, when I run bootcamp, I get "The startup disk cannot be partitioned or restored to a single partition. The startup disk must be formatted as a single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) volume or already partitioned by Boot Camp Assistant for installing Windows."

I tried deleting the partition using disk utility, didn't work either.

How can I fix this?

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Windows On Mac :: Deleting Win7 Partition With Disk Utility

Mar 24, 2010

I am planning to upgrade my Windows 7 32 bit bootcamp partition to Windows 7 64 bit. I know I have to do a clean install to do this, so I am planning to wipe my Windows partition and start from scratch. I am trying to figure out how to remove my bootcamp partition though. If I use the bootcamp assistant, it seems like it will only give me 231gb of space back for Mac OSX. I have a 250gb HD, so where is the extra space going since my Windows partition is 42gb? Can I just delete it with Disk Utility to recover the space back? Could I possibly screw this up by using Disk Utility?

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Windows On Mac :: Sysprep Win7 With BootCamp Drivers

Nov 22, 2010

I haven't actually done this. I just want feedback. We have a 'universal' ghost image of Windows 7 at work that we've created that works with all our computers (has all the drivers for computers we support). I'm looking to piggyback that image and just add in the BootCamp drivers. However I'm curious to know:

-Which BootCamp drivers would I be adding to the sysprep drivers folder? BootCamp 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2?
-Would the drivers be enough or does Windows actually need the BootCamp software installed?
-If BootCamp needs to be installed in its entirety, is there a way to have BootCamp silently install upon boot? More importantly, is there a way to install BootCamp 3.2 without having to go through 3.0 -> 3.1 -> 3.2.

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp 2.1 And Perfectly Running Win7

Oct 24, 2009

After loads of headwork I may have a perfect running Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. I was running XP but decided for a change, installed 7 but had the issues with sound, keyboard, bluetooth etc etc tried a few things but no joy. So went to Vista instead, things worked fine but didn't partition enough space so another reinstall was needed, then came the brainwave if everything is running smoothly in Vista surely if I upgrade to 7 it should still work, ok I was a little wrong 90% of it did.

I even had sound, bluetooth issue was resolved just needed to uncheck 'allow computer to control sleep thing' just needed to sort out the keyboard backlight, eject and fn keys. So in my wisdom I reinstalled bootcamp 2.1 update, ignore the messages that come up it will install...reboot and voila all Working! I will be rigorously testing this over the next week so will post back any issues, hopefully there wont be any. By the way I am using the x86 version as my MBP doesn't support 64bit. So in short:
Partition > Vista (make sure fully updated) > Upgrade to Windows 7 > reinstall Boot Camp >

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Windows On Mac :: One Win7 License For Bootcamp And Fusion

Feb 5, 2010

I'm thinking about buying a original Student Win7 license. It's really cheap and I think it's worth it since I (unfortunately) use Windows (Vmware Fusion) everyday to work (.NET developer). But I would like to play some games as well, but I know Fusion is not the best solution. Can I buy only one Win7 license and install in the same machine twice? One on a Bootcamp partition and another on a Fusion VM? Will I have problems activating both copies?

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Windows On Mac :: Install Win7 On Mini - Single Boot - No Osx Partition?

Nov 22, 2009

I've got a mac mini running SL and W7, but I only ever use W7 on it. Is it possible to have a single partition on it running only Windows 7? Is it even possible to boot from a Windows & install disk *without* going near boot camp? I ask because it's only a 320gb hdd and I'd like to maximise the disk space on it - this isn't a yawnsome debate of W7 v SL

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Windows On Mac :: Win7 Install On BootCamp Without Optical Drive

Oct 24, 2010

I have a MacbookPro6,2 (mid 2010). I replaced my optical drive with an OptiBay 500GB hard drive before I realized I wanted to do bootcamp. So, I did a lot of searching and found that I would be able to install windows 7 onto my bootcamp partition using Parallels 6 (from an image of the retail windows 7 disk). The install from parallels was successful so I used parallels to install the bootcamp drivers to the windows partition.

However, when I try to boot to the windows partition, it starts up, displays the 'starting windows' message w/ the windows icon then BAM--Blue Screen of Death flashes on for less than a second and the machine restarts. I can't even read what the error is, thats how quickly it restarts. I also searched the partition looking for the BSOD error log but no log was generated.

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