Windows On Mac :: Parallels - Cannot Exit Frigging Fullscreen Mode

Jan 27, 2009

I switched to fullscreen mode on parallels but the goddamn thing can't exit from fullscreen BS. alt + return doesn't work.

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Applications :: Windows 7 XP Mode With Parallels Or Fusion?

Oct 31, 2009

Anyone tried to boot the Windows 7 XP Mode withi Parallels or VM Ware Fusion? Would be interesting to know if that works?

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OS X :: Mac Will Not Exit Sleep Mode...

Dec 29, 2009

As of last night, my MBP started acting very strangely. After entering my username and password, it would enter the desktop for a short period of time and then kick back into sleep mode; the screen would turn back to black. Sometimes it will let me stay on the desktop for a long time and other times it will hardly let me stay on the desktop. I called apple support and they had me start the computer in safe mode; even then it occasionally kicks me out. The tech guy said that it was a "strange software issue" and not a hardware issue. I thought it was a hard drive issue; my hard drive makes an odd sound when it unlocks, but it has been doing that for quite some time with no issues. I tried to reset the SMC and it didn't do anything.

I am running OS X; not leopard or snow leopard. I know I need to upgrade, but this shouldn't be happening.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: ITunes Always Opening In Fullscreen Mode

Mar 28, 2012

Every time I open ITunes, it starts in a Full Screen mode - this it perfect! I don't know how I managed that. But more important: How can I get my other mac programs to do so (that has the full mode function) - a still not forget that they should open in fullscreen mode every time.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X Technologies :: How To Exit Quickmask Mode In Applescript

Mar 14, 2012

This works except for the exit quick mask mode.Anyone else been able to do it? tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS5.1" activatetell front documentif (quick mask mode) then exit quick mask mode.end tellend tell

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Intel Mac :: Can't Exit Target Disk Mode

Jun 14, 2012

I tried to login to my brand new iMac (running Lion 10.7) via Target Disk Mode so as to transfer my data from my old machine. However, the passwords didn't work. This is not a disaster, however, I am now unable to exit Target Disk Mode. I have tried removing RAM and restarting holding down alt+cmd+R+P to reset the PRAM but it just goes straight back to Target Disk Mode. No matter whjat I do it goes back to Target Disk Mode with the padlock and opassword box.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Menu Bar No Longer Appears In Fullscreen Mode

Apr 17, 2012

For some reason today my menu bar no longer shows up when I move the mouse to the top of the screen in any application. I have tried restarting several times, opening and closing applications, taking apps in and out of full screen, ran disk utility.All to no avail.Not sure if this is related, but I attached an external drive and booted to the recovery volume on my mac to install Lion on the external drive. It hung at the download so I quit and rebooted to my main drive. Everything worked normally except for the menu bar.Software up to date, 2008 MacBook Pro with no attachments.

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OS X :: Escape To Exit Full Screen Mode Not Working

Mar 18, 2010

When I go on youtube and use full screen mode, pressing escape doesn't work. For some reason, my (10.6.2) MBP makes me press control escape. this has also been happening with quicktime. What is going on?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Mac Mail 5.3 How To Exit Classic View Mode

May 10, 2012

I wanted to get started quickly so I put Mac Mail into "Classic" mode. Can't remember how but i think i was asked in a modal dialogue if I wanted to. Been through every Menu item and the Help and can't find any refernece to 3 column view except that it exists. I'm finding Lion a bit rough around the edges even though I'm on 10.7.4. The help is cursory like I said no reference to 3-column except how great it is and can't find a manual for Mac Mail at

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 10.7.4 actually Wacom 6x11

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Entered In Fullscreen Mode Is Displayed The Gray Screen?

Apr 28, 2012

When entered in fullscreen mode is displayed the gray screen (in all application), that it is dislocated from the left for the right, how change it?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7), For all version of Lion

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Applications :: How To Remove Press ESC To Exit Full Screen Mode

Nov 28, 2009

In YouTube videos I cannot seem to remove the title :

"Press ESC to exit full screen mode"....

I am using Firefox on my Macbook Pro....

Does anyone know how to remove this ?

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Intel Mac :: Exit Target Disk Mode As An External Hard Drive?

Mar 6, 2012

Using my iMac in Target Disk Mode with Thunderbolt connection to Macbook Air.

Is there a way to get back to my iMac desktop without forcing it to restart? (holding down the power button)

iMac, iOS 5.0.1

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Is Black Does Not Want To Exit Screen Saver Mode?

Jun 2, 2012

When my MacBook Pro 13" i5 goes into screen saver mode, which is black, it won't return to normal mode. Tried all keys, trac pad, closing the lip and re-opening it,  and it won't respond. The only thing that works is holding down power button for hard shutdown, then restarting it. It has happened 8 times in the last 2 weeks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels 3 To Parallels 4 - Data Stays Intact?

Aug 29, 2009

I have Parallels 3 installed, mostly to run MS Money. Last night I installed Snow Leopard, unaware that Parallels 3 is not compatible. It appears that I need to go out and buy Parallels 4 as that will work with Snow Leopard.

My question is will all my data within Windows remain if I install 4 or will it be a completely new Windows? And if so, how do I go in and retrieve my MS Money data as I can no longer access it with Parallels 3.

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Applications :: ITunes Video (fullscreen) Disappear When Close VNC Connection Under Windows

Mar 31, 2009

Have a PC hooked up to a Pioneer plasma here, and it's basically used to loop trailers in my video-store. The PC is running Windows 2003, and I thought iTunes is probably perfect for this as all the trailers I use are the 720p ones from Apple's servers. So I connect to the PC with VNC (no mouse or keyboard attached), start up iTunes, start the playlist with the videos and they start running fullscreen. But whenever I close the VNC connection the video window disappears from the Pioneer and I just get the desktop + iTunes. The videos are still running though, as the sound is playing and iTunes say they're running, but the video is completely gone.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows Via Parallels Or Boot Camp Partition / Memory Required?

Sep 15, 2009

I just purchased a new iMac (2.66 c2d & 4gb of ram), Parallels 4, and Windows XP. I would like to get great performance whenever I use Windows XP and would like to know which installation procedure would help accomplish that.

Would Parallels provide me with a better user experience by installing Windows directly via Parallels OR by having Parallels utilizing a Boot Camp Partition? Which is better and why? Also, how much memory should I allocate to Parallels/Windows XP?

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Software :: Burned Video DVD's In Windows Wont Play - Having To Boot Up Windows In Parallels ?

Mar 26, 2009

I burned numerous dvd's with my old Toshiba laptop for all of my videos and such with Windows XP. Now after my Toshiba crapped out and I switched to a Mac I was wondering why when I put the DVD into the laptop (MacBook Pro Intel processor) why I can only see the name of the dvd and not the contents. I hope someone can help me since I hate having to boot up Windows in Parallels and then play using Windows or drag it to my mac partition since this takes time and I just really hate having to see Windows load on my Mac. Anyones help is greatly appreciated.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Parallels Tools While In Boot Camp Windows 7

Mar 2, 2009

I am trying to set up a Parallels 4 VM for a Windows 7 x64 Build 7000 boot camp partition, but parallels tools will not install. Half way through the process, a windows unsigned driver security box pops up, and when I tell it to install anyway, it still rolls back the installation process and I get the message "An error has occured while installing parallels tools, click OK to restart your computer and try again." or something to that effect. I have tried this about 15 times, and I have tried uninstalling/deleting the VM and re-creating the VM to no avail.

What I want to know: Is there a way to manually install Parallels Tools while running in the boot camp partition, just like installing any other application? I want to install it outside of Parallels, since for some reason it keeps screwing itself up when trying to set up the drivers as a VM.

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Work With Parallels / Windows Vista 64-bit Boot Camp

Apr 10, 2009

I was able to get Windows Vista 64 running on my 17" MBP, it is pretty slick. I set aside 32 GB for Windows, ran the install, loaded all the appropriate Boot Camp drivers and everything is working perfectly in Windows. I boot back to OS X to attempt to configure Parallels...

So I fired up Parallels and follow the guided instructions. However, when I get to step 2 Im not sure what I should be doing. I already have Windows on its own partition, but Parallels is asking me for a CD/DVD image. Im a little leery of putting the Win disc back in, I dont want Parallels to always want to boot from the disc. how do I tell Parallels to load Windows as a Virtual Machine off of the Boot Camp partition?

The partition Boot Camp created now appears on my Desktop in OS X as Untitled, I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to change that. If I eject that volume will I still be able to Boot to Windows? Will Parallel still work?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Vista Parallels/finding Network Drivers?

Apr 22, 2009

I recently installed Windows vista using going through parallels because my bootcamp failed a while ago. This partition also acts as my bootcamp. Well The internet on parallels works fine because it is using osx network, but when i boot into bootcamp the network drivers seem to be missing. I cant figure it out, but it says the ethernet and network drivers are not there. I cant find the drivers on the internet anywhere and when i use the vista disk i have it still does not want to install them.

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Windows On Mac :: Unable To Install Windows From .exe / Parallels Asks For A CD Or CD Image?

May 13, 2009

I have parallels 4 installed and I want to install windows XP. My school gives us legal copies of windows 98 and a windows xp upgrade. However, neither of these comes in the form of a CD image. They are both .exe files. Parellels asks for a CD or CD image. Is there a way to install windows 98 from an .exe in parallels?

And if so will I be able to use the windows xp upgrade once i have windows 98 installed? I haven't yet tried creating a CD image with the exe file on it. I don't know if this would work because it's all in one file and not a typical windows install disk.

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Windows On Mac :: First Time Windows Installing Boot Camp And Parallels?

Feb 22, 2010

I have a 15" MBP. Hardware in my sig.

I'm getting Win7 this week. I'm getting it free from school and unsure at this point whether it will be 32 or 64 bit. That said, here's what I want to do with my setup.

1: School. I have to use Office 2007 for my classes. Office 2008 for Mac is not supported, because some of the formulas that you create in 2008 won't convert correctly into 2007 format and I can't have that. I will also use IE due to the fact that neither Firefox nor Safari will play my Mediasite classes correctly in Silverlight. Only IE allows me to speed up the playback. I am going to use Parallels 5 for this.

2: I game, but not much. The one game I love and will definitely put on my Mac is Morrowind. I want to use Boot Camp for this reason.

Soooo, I have been told that if I'm going to install Windows under Boot Camp that I should do that install first. Then install Parallels. I'm really not sure how to do any of this. I understand that I will only need to install Windows a single time and that it should work under with Boot Camp or Parallels.

i have the Boot Camp install PDF from the Apple site, but I'd love some tips, tricks, help, advice, words of wisdom, etc., from this forum. Please tell me what you think about which to install first, what approach to take, how much HDD space I should partition when I install under Boot Camp, etc.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows XP Version 2002 Via Parallels 5 - List Of Things?

Feb 28, 2010

I have spent many hours now trying to get on the internet from Parallels. I read several threads on this forum, searched Google, and poked around my computer as described below, but to no avail.I am using a MacBook with an Intel processor and OS 10.5.8. I am running Windows XP version 2002 via Parallels 5.A list of things I have tried:1. Open Internet Explorer, receive message saying "web page is not available offline; to view click Connect," click Connect, see popup labeled "Dial-up Connection" which is of no use whatever.

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Windows On Mac :: Uninstalling Partial Install Of Windows Through Parallels?

Aug 28, 2010

I got a copy of Win7 from school and started installing it on my wife's computer (I have my own Win7 copy). I need to uninstall it...don't ask. I just need to know how to get a partially installed copy of Windows uninstalled. Each time I put the disc in and launch Parallels it wants to continue the install, which I can't do (faulty product key). Anyone know how to uninstall at this point??

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels Created Two VMs - Boot Camp & Windows 7

Sep 3, 2010

I bought my first Macbook Pro 15? and I installed Windows 7 64-bit using bootcamp without any problem. Thereafter, I used Parallels 5 to create a virtual machine for Windows 7 and be able to run Windows 7 within the Snow Leopard OS and be able to move back and forth between the two operating systems. However, Parallels 5 created two virtual machines, one called Boot Camp and one called Windows 7. When I was installing Parallels I chose to create the Windows 7 virtual machine but never asked Parallels to create the Boot Camp virtual machine. Where this other virtual machine is coming from? Am I able to delete it without creating any problem or conflicts? Moreover, I have two shortcut icons on the Mac pointing to either of these two partitions. Similarly I have two windows folders on the right side of the Mac dock. What should I do to have only the Windows 7 virtual machine without creating any problems or conflicts?

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Windows On Mac :: Got Windows With Parallels Installs But Also Want Boot Camp?

Oct 13, 2010

Right now, I got Parallels with Windows 7 installed on my mac. But I also want to add bootcamp, so I can open Windows when booted. Is it possible to add the current Windows 7 system files and personal files to a bootcamp? If so, what should I do?

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Windows On Mac :: Windows Works On Parallels But Not Boot Camp

Mar 29, 2009

I have the latest build of Parallels 3.0 (build 5636). I use Windows Vista Basic through the Boot Camp partition. Parallels launches Windows with no problems. However, when I try to boot Windows Vista Basic through Boot Camp, the black screen with the green bar and the Microsoft Corporation copyright appears, and then before it switches to the next screen, I get a split second blue screen of death and then the computer reboots itself. I video taped the incident, but since the blue screen of death scrolls the message onto the screen, the computer rebooted before it could tell me what specific file may be corrupted.

I've already tried the following:

1. Booted the computer with the Windows installation DVD to do a "start up" repair attempt.
2. Created a new virtual machine.
3. Done a system restore to before the new version of Parallels was installed.

There was a time when Parallels froze and I had to "force quit" it. That could have corrupted something with the Boot Camp partition. Could that be the case?

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Windows On Mac :: Can Parallels Work With An Existing Windows Partition?

Apr 29, 2009

I used Boot Camp to put XP on my iMac. If I get Parallels, will it be able to give me access to the files that are on the currently existing XP partition?

Or will I have to re-install XP onto the Mac partition and transfer all my files from the old Boot Camp XP to the new Parallels XP?

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Windows On Mac :: Parallels Desktop Or VMWare Fusion For Windows 7 RC?

May 7, 2009

I'm having pretty bad difficulties with Windows 7 and Parallels Desktop. I know it's not supported yet, but some folk have it working. I can boot up, but I can't install Parallels Tools. I changed the Configuration to "Windows 2008 Server" like someone suggested in another forum, but fails to boot up.

Seems like VMWare are offering a better helping hand than Parallels Desktop - and while it is not supported yet by them, they say that if you use Windows 2008 Server Config everything works apart from sound.

So am I best giving it a bash with VMWare's Fusion? 30-day trial for free. But I'd rather try get Parallels working since I paid for it.

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Windows On Mac :: Can Parallels Use A Custom Windows USB Device Driver?

Oct 9, 2009

I have a USB device with a windows driver and application that works fine under bootcamp. No native OSX drivers available for this device. Will I be able to install the drivers and run using Parallels?

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