Windows On Mac :: Clock In OSX Falls Behind After Booting Out Of Bootcamp?

Jul 22, 2010

As the title says, when I boot out of bootcamp and back into OSX, my clock falls back by 4 hours, but the clock on the windows side (Win 7) is running fine. I've done some searching, but have found little useful information and all the threads I've come across (not just on this site) have been 2-3 years old and didn't have any clear answers.

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Windows On Mac :: CPU Clock Keeps Changing Using Bootcamp?

Dec 18, 2010

I installed Everest on my MacBook Pro. It shows me, that the CPU clock is not 3066MHz (standard) but it changes very often. Sometimes I have 1500MHz, 1800MHz (...) or another CPU Multiplier. The same with the front side bus. Is this normal? I don't think, that the Core 2 Duo have TurboBoost or so?

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Partition Not Booting

Dec 18, 2010

I've been running Windows 7 64 bit on my MacBook Pro for many months now and have had no problems with it, however last week my BootCamp partition decided not to launch anymore and instead it goes straight into Startup Repair. Startup Repair is never able to find a problem and shuts my computer down straight after. Now I'm stuck using OS X without the programs and such I need.

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Windows On Mac :: 7 Pro Student Bootcamp Not Booting - How To Fix It

Oct 26, 2009

I successfully performed a clean install using VMWare Fusion and the Windows 7 ISO. The installer accepted by serial as well. I restarted in VMWare and it ran fine, but when I try to boot in Bootcamp, it flips to a blue screen for a second and then it shuts down and restarts.

Anyone had this problem and know a fix for it?

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Windows On Mac :: Partition Errors In Bootcamp When Booting Vista?

Mar 25, 2009

I did the Bootcamp thing, partitioned the drive and installed Vista. Everything went well and Vista works just fine. But everytime I boot into windows, I get partition errors before it boots.

For example it says:

"Warning: Unrecognized partition table for Drive 80. Please rebuild it using a Microsoft-compatible FDISK tool (err=4)"

It will come up 3 times, and then boot into Vista. Both OSX and Vista are working fine, but something is definately wrong though since I am getting this error.

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Mac Pro :: Bootcamp Now Not Booting

May 29, 2010

A friend of mine has a Mac Pro Desktop. He was currently running a Snow Leopard and installed Bootcamp. When he was prompted to insert his Windows he did and it rebooted. Now after rebooting it prompts him to " Select CD-Rom Boot Type: 1. or 2." but the keyboard will not respond. I cannot open the CD tray to insert the Mac OSX CD. So how can I restore the Mac back to where he was before the bootcamp installation. He does does have a Time Capsule installed.

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Windows On Mac :: Clock Changing Time Every Once In A While

Nov 18, 2009

For some reason my clock changes it's time on Windows and Mac every once in a while. I don't know if it's Bootcamp or VMwareFusion causing this, but for some reason it's happening.

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OS X :: Three Partitions And Booting From BootCamp

Aug 13, 2009

I'm waiting for the UPS guy to deliver my 500GB Hitachi HDD. Basically what I want is:

3 Partitions:
50GB for Mac OSX (HFS+)
50GB for Win7 (NTFS)
400GB for Data and stuff... (HFS+)

and be able to boot with Bootcamp. Is it possible?

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Mac Pro :: Unable To Booting After Bootcamp Installation?

Oct 22, 2009

I tried to install Bootcamp (XP Pro SP3) on my Mac Pro (2.66GHz....) and it was not playing nicely.

I have OSX on one HD and I wanted to install XP on a 2nd internal HD. Everything started OK but the installation of XP just gave up on me so I decided to go back into OSX and start again.

No joy. Now when I boot my Mac Pro I got the 'bong' but nothing happens.

I have tried removing the HD that had XP on, still no joy. I tried booting off the OSX DVD, no joy.

My guess is that XP has screwed something on the boot loader (or whatever it uses). Is there anyway of doing a hard reset of that to get OSX back?

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Mac :: When I Boot Out Of Windows And Into OSX, My Clock Jumps Forward By 1 Hour?

Jun 15, 2007

when I boot out of Windows and into Mac OSX my clock jumps forward by 1 hour. Has anyone else seen this and is there an easy fix?Does this have anything to do with British Day Light Savings etc

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Windows On Mac :: Clock Jumping Four Hours Ahead Randomly

Jun 25, 2009

Anybody have a clock fix that works yet? for the problem of the clock jumping 4 hours or so ahead randomly? I don't know how I could use it as my primary partition with this kind of issue, thats why I had to switch back to OS X. A couple other reasons too but we wont get into that right now.

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Windows On Mac :: Clock 4 Hours Ahead Of Current Time

Sep 26, 2009

I have windows 7 installed on my macbook (aluminum body) via bootcamp, but whenever i use windows the clock is 4 hours ahead of the current time, and if i change it and go back to using snow leopard the clock is 4 hours back, i already tried syning with windows time and apple time, but nothing, any tips?

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Windows On Mac :: Black Screen With Underscore At Top Left Corner / Booting Into Windows 7

Oct 11, 2009

This only happens when I choose to boot into windows. The screen sort of hangs for about 20 seconds in a black screen with an underscore at the top left corner before even starting to boot into windows. I know its normal for this to happen for like 5 seconds tops, but this is happening for about 20 seconds and its dreadful trying to boot into Windows 7 because it takes so long. When windows is done starting up i don't even get any messages saying startup failed or something like that. This is so annoying that I even reinstalled everything but the same thing happened.

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Windows On Mac :: Booting Options With Multiple Windows Partitioning

Jul 14, 2009

I have Windows Xp and Windows 7 on two different hard drives in my Mac Pro. Windows 7 had been working fine, but I needed XP to run some older programs that 7 couldn't do. I have been working in XP some time now but when I try to boot from the Windows 7 drive it just reverts to the XP one. Even when I click on the Windows 7 drive to make it the start up drive it still goes to XP. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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Windows On Mac :: Booting Windows XP From External Hard Drive

Nov 18, 2009

I have an external hard drive which I have successfully installed Windows XP SP3 onto. It was a long and painful process but I finally was able to get a modified XP install disc ready and from a Dell PC running Windows was able to install onto the external hard drive and I'm able to boot from it and everything. I did this on a PC because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to boot correctly from an external drive in Mac.

Anyway, the hardest part is in the past and now my only problem is how to boot this external hard drive from my macbook, which is primarily what I want to use it on. I currently have a Macbook with three operating systems on it: Mac OS 10.5.8, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows XP SP3. I use rEFIt to boot into these operating systems. I tried using rEFIt to boot into XP on the external hard drive but it just gives me the legacy error messages saying that it couldn't load and noting the booting legacy os is not well supported by mac.

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MacBook Air :: Migrating Bootcamp Image / Blackbook Bootcamp Partition Having Windows

Jan 30, 2009

Used migration assistant to move my Blackbook apps and settings to the Air using a Time Machine backup from my Time Capsule - wirelessly. Two hours later (not terrible) and I'm using my Air with all my apps and setting - fantastic.

Question: My Blackbook also has a Bootcamp partition running Windows - is there a way to take that image and migrate it to my MB Air? I'd rather not have to purchase the Superdrive and re-install/setup the Windows OS on my Air....

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Windows On Mac :: BootCamp Fails To Make BootCamp Partition

Jan 23, 2009

I want to try out Windows 7. During this process though I deleted my winXP partition. When I went to create a new BootCamp partition in The BootCamp SetUp Assisstant, it failed to create the partition on my harddrive.

I was greeted with the error, "BootCamp SetUp assistant failed to yada yada yada, please backup and reformat your harddrive."

So my question is do I really have to reinstall Mac OS X? (I backup with TimeMachine so it won't be a big deal but still thats a very long process.) Do you guys have any tips or anything to get Mac OS X to partition my main HDD?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Upgrade Existing Bootcamp 2.1 To Bootcamp 3.0

Aug 28, 2009

Maybe I'm just over thinking this, but Apple never posted a KB article about how to upgrade an existing bootcamp partition with the new snow leopard bootcamp 3.0 drivers. I'm assuming if you already have bootcamp 2.1 you boot up in boot camp and then insert the snow leopard disc in order to upgrade the drivers to 3.0 correct? Or do I have to erase my stupid bootcamp partition and reinstall it all over again using the new leopard boot camp assistant in order to get to 3.0?

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OS X :: Network Connection Falls Asleep

Feb 5, 2010

Have a Macbook connected to an Airport extreme. If I let the Macbook sit for 15 minutes the connection seems to go to sleep. I have the energy settings and sleep and screensavers set to 45 minutes. Any idea why there is a lag in connection time?

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MacBook Pro :: Screen Falls Back To System 13?

Dec 4, 2010

Whenever I lift up my Macbook Pro on a tilt angle the screen falls backwards. Does this happen to you? I hold it on an angle and the screen just falls back. Obviously this only happens if the screen is not completely back in the first place.

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PowerPC :: G4 CUBE Falls Out Of Enclosure When Upright

Aug 2, 2007

I just picked up my second G4 Cube. This one falls out of the enclosure when sitting upright, though, not a good thing.

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IMac :: Randomly Falls Asleep When Surfing The Web

May 13, 2010

I have a 24inch, 3.06ghz, 4gb ram, iMac running snow leopard. It falls asleep every time I use it even when im just surfing the web. I have reformatted the drive, and used techtool pro to see if anything is wrong (it passed all the tests)but it continues to fall asleep. Could this be the ram?

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OS X :: Mighty Mouse Backing Fell Off / Falls Off Everyday

Feb 4, 2010

Up until recently I have really loved the Mighty Mouse..It is perfect for what I need it to do...But about a week ago the battery backing for some reason fell off when I picked it everyday it falls off when I pick it up...I know I have the backing on correctly so I dont know what the problem is...

Has anyone else had any problems with their battery backing?

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MacBook Pro :: Ethernet Cable Won't Click In And Falls Out Easily?

Apr 20, 2012

Any cable i tried putting in my 2 month old macbook pro won't click in there and will come loose.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: (Dec 2010) Falls Asleep When Active - No Display Or Sound?

Mar 11, 2012

My Macbook Pro (purchased Dec 2010) falls asleep when I am in the middle of using it (typing, clicking, watching a tv show).There will be no display or sound, and it will sleep. Most times it will wake up when I click the touchpad alot or close and reopen the screen. However, sometimes I will need to restart. I am not sure why it is doing this all the sudden. It is happening more and more often. How can I fix it? The AC Adapter is plugged in, battery work normally and I set the energy saver so that it would not sleep when plugged in.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Mac :: Windows 7 Bootcamp - Can I Update Bootcamp?

Nov 5, 2009

I've just bought a copy of windows 7. Just wondering if i install it via bootcamp now can i update bootcamp in a few weeks when apple releases windows 7 support or will i have to reinstall windows 7 when that happens ?

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Windows On Mac :: Booting 64-bit Vista / Win7 On MBP

Jan 10, 2009

seem to have a problem booting from my install DVDs of either Vista or Win 7 64-but editions on my MBP (santa rosa era I believe). Basically when I attempt to boot instead of getting the usual 'Press any key to boot from DVD' message, I get a menu appears like the following....

Please select CD-ROM boot type:_

And it just sticks on there, keyboard doesn't respond at all and probably wouldn't do anything useful anyway since both options are completely blank so I have no idea what it is asking me to do. My Vista disc is a genuine original, my Win 7 disc is burned from the latest MS Public Beta, both do exactly the same thing.

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Windows On Mac :: XP Not Booting On Unibody MacBook Pro

Mar 15, 2009

I just had to switch to a new (late '08 unibody) MacBook Pro. I was able to transfer my Mac files from my 2007 MBP, but the Boot Camp partition didn't get copied by default. I tried moving it with WinClone but when I boot to Windows the machine enables the backlight, spins up the CD, but never does anything else.

I tried to completely remove and recreate the Boot Camp partition but 3 different WinXP CDs (SP2 and SP3) do exactly the same thing. My original WinXP CD is from SP1 so I've tried grabbing a few slipstreamed disc images off the net. They all behave the same.

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Windows On Mac :: Flashing Underscore When Booting 7

Sep 13, 2009

I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my 2007 iMac, and so far everything is running flawlessly EXCEPT that every time I boot in to Windows I am greeted with a flashing underscore for about 55 seconds before the boot process continues. Has anyone any idea what the cause and solution to this little irritating problem might be? I used the drivers included on the SL DVD in case anyone is wondering. Here is a short video clip showing the whole boot process: [URL]

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Mac Mini :: Triple Booting With Windows Xp, 7 And SL?

Nov 3, 2009

I managed to finally installed 3 OSes into my mac mini but not all in the same disk. I basically dual boot windows xp and windows 7 from internal disk and SL from external FW drive with another partition for data.

So far I have done this without installing bootcamp into my windows. I partitioned the internal drive with Disk Utility and formatted with NTFS-3G. I don't want to install via bootcamp as bootcamp may mess up my drive and render my windows unbootable. So I am trying to install all the drivers from SL DVD one by one. So far so good as I managed to install the Broadcom network driver and the Nvidia Graphic driver. Can you guys advice me on how to proceed at this stage? I basically copied all the drivers from my SL disk onto my wndows desktop and trying to retrieve each driver. But there are so many. Which do I install specific to mac mini.

If this is done correctly, when I press option key at startup, I am presented with windows and OSX. When I select windows, it will again give another option to either boot into windows xp or windows 7.Not sure if anyone has done this. But I have read many people doing triple boot on one internal HDD. Thought this is easier but you do need an external drive though.Any comments and advice on how to proceed to fully setup my triple boot?

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