Windows :: Windows 7 Bootcamp External Display? - Connecting Through DVI/HDMI Connector

Dec 3, 2010

I've tried re-installing and updating every possible graphics related driver for Windows 7 i cannot for love or toffee get the bloody thing to even recognize my display. I am using a 26" tv as an external display, it works on OS X (very easily), windows XP (also very easily) and even Vista (also easily) and connecting through a DVI/HDMI connector. Why not windows 7? I've scoured the web for answers but can't find anything. Is anyone at least in the same boat as me? I really need this solved soon

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MacBook Pro :: Can Not Display External Monitor Under Bootcamp Windows XP?

May 11, 2010

I have got my new uMBP i7. It is gorgeous, super happy with it . Because I need to run several programs under Windows XP, I have installed Windows XP under Bootcamp. I used Winclone to migrate bootcamp partition from my old MBP to the i7.My problem is that when I linked my external monitor (20 inch ViewSonic) to uMBP using the Minidisplay-to-DIV adaptor from Apple, there is no display on my external monitor. I can set the external monitor as extension of main monitor under "Setting", but after the windows Ding/Done sound, there is nothing on my external monitor. Does anyone have experiences about fixing this problem?

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Windows On Mac :: IMac I5 27" Windows 7 Bootcamp Display Port Out?

Jan 18, 2010

I have installed Windows 7 on a Bootcamp partition and use VM Fusion as well, I am trying to get my Windows 7 desktop onto my Plasma TV when I have only Windows 7 booted.

I have a mini displayport to DVI adapter (not worried about sound right now) but when boot into Windows I cannot find the TV as a output setting.

It used to be with my old PC I would see the TV as a possible output and I could chose either Dualscreens or simply set the Plasma as the main display.

Could someone please help me achieve this with my iMac? Am I missing a driver or just missing a setting?

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Windows On Mac :: Make Windows Partition On External HDD Via Bootcamp

Jun 28, 2009

Basically I want to do this: Take my 80 GB External HDD, reformat it to MacOSXExtended (Journaled). Put leopard on it. Boot from my external HDD. Run BootCamp Assistant and make a windows partition on my external HDD via bootcamp.

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Windows On Mac :: Windows 7 Via Bootcamp On A External HD - Connection Via USB?

Oct 13, 2009

can I install a bootcamp partition with windows 7 on a external Hard disk?? does the connection via USB will do some difference? I have a 2.26 MBP 13" with 160 Gb of HD then I don't want to reduce my actual internal HD and think in the external HD

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Windows On Mac :: Connect Mini Display Port To HDMI?

Mar 24, 2010

I have a Mac Mini w/windows 7 32 bit installed VIA bootcamp. Is anyone running [URL] this VIA windows on a Mac? I tried mini DVI to VGA, but my tv won't pick up the windows side at all and I can't get 1080p on the Mac side.

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Applications :: Windows Via Bootcamp Closed Lid Display?

Mar 9, 2010

Has any one had any problems using an external display (Apple 24 inch LED is what I am using) with Bootcamp with an Apple laptop (recent MBP) in the closed lid position. I start Bootcamp & Windows, close the lid, but the display/computer won't restart once I plug in the peripherals.

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting 360 Via HDMI Display Port

Dec 7, 2010

Is it possible to connect my 360 to the mac via hdmi display port? I have hdmi to display port already and I have a new macbook pro so it does support audio, Basically I want to play with the screen,. Does mac support input through the display port?

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OS X :: Connecting Display Port To HDMI With Audio?

Apr 7, 2009

I am trying to run my new Macbook Pro as a media center. I ordered a display port to HDMI adapter which should arrive shortly. Will this drive audio through the HDMI? If not, what is the best way to get audio from my Macbook Pro to my home system to play through my speakers?

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OS X :: Connecting Mini Display Port To HDMI On Mbp?

Jan 11, 2010

I am new here, I have been watching the forum but have not needed to post until now. I have a june 2.8 MBP running snow leopard and I am having problems with Mini DP to HDMI. I have a convertor to go direct to hdmi from mini dp but when I use it to watch movies the color is really dark. It is almost unwatchable.

It is not a hardware thing because when I boot into windows 7 I can watch the same file with the same hardware with no issue with darkness.

I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue in snow leopard. I have searched mroogle as well as good and could not find anything.

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MacBook Pro :: Will A Retina Display Work With Bootcamp/Windows

Jun 12, 2012

I just order the new MacBook 15" with the new  2880x1800 Retaina Display. 

But I'm gong to run Windows 7 (and 8) on the machine, which have nerver been a problem on my current MacBooks/iMacs. But now I wonder how Windows will handle this resolution? 

Windows has a DPI setting that makes everything bigger on a high resolution display. I never used it, and I don't know how well it works. Is that the way to go?  Would you change the order to a none retina display, if you were me? 

Windows 7

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MacBook Pro :: Connecting Mini Display Port To TV HDMI

Mar 22, 2012

I have a new MacBook Pro 17" computer. I want to play a DVD through the computer to a Toshiba 26" flat screen TV, using a mini port to HDMI.

At first nothing happened, then after much fiddling I got the Apple Spiral Galaxy image on the TV and my usual desktop on the computer. I then discovered that I can move the cursor from my desktop across to the right, where it disappears from my computer screen and appears on the left side of the spiral galaxy on the TV. So it's like I have two side-by-side screens, the Apple galaxy on the left, my computer on the right. In addition, I keep my dock on the right side and it's barely visible on the right side of the galaxy screen.

Incidentally if I play the DVD I can drag and drop it to the right so it slides off of my computer and onto the galaxy. But I know that's not the real solution.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Run Bootcamp From An External HD?

Mar 4, 2009

Can I run bootcamp from an external HD? And if I do will I notice a big difference in performance?

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Hardware :: 24" LED Cinema Display Still Work In Windows / Bootcamp?

Feb 16, 2009

I'm having a Left4Dead LAN party this weekend and was thinking of picking up a 24" ACD. I was just curious as to whether it'll still work in windows/bootcamp?

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MacBook Pro :: Connector For External Display (24 Inch Monitor) With Full Resolution?

Apr 20, 2010

I've just bought a MBP 15" and am wondering if I can connect a 24 inch monitor too make it a extended display. Can someone make a recommendation on what monitor (24 inch) display to buy? And Which connector to get so I get full resolution on the external display?

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Put The Bootcamp Xp Pro Partition On An External Drive?

Apr 5, 2006

Can I put the bootcamp xp pro partition on an external drive? i only have 8 or so gb left on my internal, but have about 80gb on my external would that work? or do they have to be on the same drive

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OS X :: Possible To Install Windows 7 Onto External Drive Using Bootcamp?

Oct 5, 2009

Is that possible? Cause my mac only has 80GB and my windows portion is low 6GB left.

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Windows On Mac :: Vista, BootCamp And External Monitor Options

Jan 30, 2009

I can not get my external monitor to hook up with my new MacBook Pro. I know how to get the windows desktop over onto the external monitor, but windows just recognizes the monitor for a moment, and then nothing. This cycles until I turn off the external monitor. I have the new MacBook Pro, with MiniDisplay port, and the monitor is hooked up with a DVI, and it is a 22" Acer.

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OS X :: How Do I Output Via External Monitor When Running Windows Bootcamp?

Apr 18, 2009

Trying to output via Displayport using my white macbook but for some reason Windows can't detect my monitor or the DVI output.. anyone able to successfully output from bootmcamp?

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Install A Bootcamp Partition On An External Drive On A MBP?

Jul 25, 2009

I have a MBP and would like to use a bootable, OSX loaded external drive to install windows 7 via bootcamp. Is this possible? If so how?

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Mac :: Install Windows 7 Via Bootcamp Using An External USB Hard Drive?

Oct 23, 2009

I have the Windows 7 .iso from Microsoft, but I can't burn it to a DVD as it's too large. I do have a 1TB external HDD, though. Is there a way I can put the .iso on that, and when I go to set up windows it installs off the drive instead of a disk?

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp External HDD Not Recognized After Unsafe USB Removal?

Oct 29, 2009

Every time i unplug a USB external HD wile its copying/moving files or even just reading (This only happens because of a power failiure, by mistake or by a windows crash) Windows stops reconizing that especific HD, and just says "USB device not reconized".

This only happens in Windows, if i reboot in Mac OS it reconizes the drive and acts normally.

I even tryed formating the windows partition and reinstalling windows but that did not solve the problem.

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Windows On Mac :: Possible To Move Bootcamp Partition To External Drive?

Jan 4, 2010

I currently have XP installed on a Bootcamp partition on my main iMac hard drive. I've got a new external USB 2.0 SATA hard drive enclosure on the way that I plan to install a couple of spare SATA drives into. I was wondering about somehow moving my current Bootcamp partition off the main iMac drive and onto the spare WD Raptor drive that I've got without having to reinstall everything all over again. My second question would be - if I am able to switch the Bootcamp partition location, would the USB 2.0 transfer speed be fast enough for when I run windows? I typically use Windows for gaming only and very little else.

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OS X :: Connecting To Windows Share - Won't Work With Windows Firewall And Enabled Ports?

Dec 29, 2009

i have searched a lot but haven't been able to solve my problem

i have a windows XP box on my network

i can connect to the C$/D$ admin shares via smb://.... only when the windows firewall is OFF - when i enable it, i can't connect

i have allowed ports 135-139,445 in the firewall, but still no luck

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Windows On Mac :: External Hard Drive Not Visible In BootCamp Vista

Mar 23, 2009

I have a new imac (love it!) and have installed vista on a 32Gb partition using Boot Camp. I was planning on saving files I create in vista on the external Hard drive. But I can't see it when I'm in Vista so can not save files to it. It is a terrabyte disk and is used by Time machine. Is there anyway I can save to it or should I add another external HD just for windows, I can see it when I go to system hard ware (it says seagate HD etc but there is no info on files sizes etc-there is a button which says populate but I dare not press it as I'm scared it will screw up my back ups) Another irritation is that when I reboot back to mac it throws out the internet and I have to reset the modem and router so it works again.

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Windows On Mac :: Installed Bootcamp But It Won't Recognize External Hard Drive?

Sep 28, 2009

I know this has been discussed before but I am completely confused. I've got some GPS maps that I want to load onto my system using the Windows side...but I want to put the maps onto my external hard drive. The hard drive has been formatted to mac

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Windows On Mac :: Bought Airport Extreme - Need Connecting On Windows

Jan 9, 2010

Ok, I feel like a doofus, but I need some help if someone is willing.

I bought an Airport Extreme and installed per instructions on the Mac partition. The Extreme replaces an Express as the base unit, the express now extends the range of the network (and is now connected to my stereo system). So, the "new" network that was set up has the exact same name as the old one when it was just the Express.

Everything works fine on the mac side. When I go to my Win XP side (Boot camp) it sees the network but says it cannot connect. To put is simply, I can't remeber what I need to do. I haven't had to mess with this stuff since I set it up almost 2 years ago. Do I need to set up a new network?... I am just drawing a blank. Is keeping the same name for the "new" network part of my problem?

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Intel Mac :: Use 21.5 (mid 2011) As A External Display For Laptop (windows)

Jun 16, 2012

Can i use my iMac 21.5 as an external display for my Windows based pc?

Im look for a wired solution, not a airport or even using internet programs like VLC

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Windows On Mac :: Connecting To Airport Express On Windows 7

Jun 11, 2009

I have an airport express set up which i use on my macbook when running os x, however when i run windows 7 on the same macbook, it cant connect to the airport. It's a first gen core duo macbook, i.e. it is 802.11g , any idea why it doesnt work? This is a screen shot of the error message...

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Applications :: Using Zune Sync With Windows Phone 7 Connector?

Oct 25, 2010

So a Zune will connect and be recognized by the app, but nothing else will happen. You can click on the 'Enable Sync' button, but it won't do anything.

Hopefully this will be addressed in a later release, unless I'm the only one using a Zune.

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