PowerPC :: Getting Old G5 And Leopard Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

I have an old dual processor G5 power mac. A few years ago I tried to upgrade to OSX Leopard and after a month or so my system slowly started to go wrong, first problems with emails and safari, and then other miscellaneous issues and finally it completely crashed. I cleared the hard drive, reinstalled everything, and the same thing happened.

I got a local Mac service chap out to look at it and he tried a few things that didn't work and said that there were issues of compatibility with Leopard and the the old non-intel processors and recommended reinstalling Tiger. Which I did and have stuck with it since then with no problems.

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PowerPC :: Dual 1.25 GHz PowerPC G4 - Upgrade Compatibility?

Oct 20, 2008

I curently have 10.3.9 with a PowerPC G4 dual w/ 1.25 processors and 2 gig of ram. I want the highest upgrade I can get that will be compatibe with my software which is:

Quark 6.5
Acrobat 7.1
Acrobat Distiller 7.0
Illustrator CS1
Photoshop CS1
Microsoft Office (don't know what version but I've had it for years)

I really can't afford to go buy all the software again and I don't want my system to crash. Any suggestions?

This upgrade is mostly spawned due to the recent purchase of a new iPod Nano... Not supported by my current OS! Man, I didn't read the requirements, shame on me. However, the dang thing will work on my kid's PC w/ XP Pro. I only got the Nano cause it's mac - he wanted the Zune that ONLY works w/ PC.

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PowerPC :: Hardrive Compatibility For G3?

Nov 18, 2007

A friend of mine recently gave me an old G3 but the hdd made clicking noises. I need to replace that obviously, but im totally clueless as to what to put in. I just want something that i can plug in and go.

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PowerPC :: Finding OS X Compatibility

Feb 26, 2009

will OS 10.5 from a macbook work on a powerbook g4 disk 1 2z619-6167-a disk 2 2z691-6147-a

printed on disk macbook

my powerbook g4 is 1.5ghz with 1.25 gb :ram

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PowerPC :: How To Know About Hard Disk Compatibility

Nov 2, 2006

I was wondering if this HD was compatible with a PB G4?


I know the old drive was ATA, but this one is Ultra ATA.

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PowerPC :: LaCie DVD-RW Compatibility With PowerMac G4 AGP

Jan 11, 2010

I have a PowerMac G4 AGP graphics with a 450 MHz single processor, a second internal Seagate Barracuda 120GB Hard drive and 1.2 GB of RAM.

I have my eye on the LaCie DVD-RW firewire drive designed by RA Porche. The LaCie data sheet specifies a minimum G4 500Mhz processor for compatibility. Does any one know whether my 450 Mhz processor will work? If no, can anyone recommend a DVD RW firewire external drive, or failing that, an external, firewire CD RW drive that I can add to my kit?

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PowerPC :: 2 Different RAM DDR2 Speed Sticks Compatibility?

Oct 29, 2010

On my iMac g4 I've got 2 different ram ddr2 speed sticks in there. The standard 256mb apple shipping stick and a faster sodimm, (1.0ghz iMac). My question is will this work just fine, I mean it boots and runs fine or will I get compatibility issues later on?

Dimm0. 1gb. Pc2700u
Dimm1. 256mb pc2100u

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PowerPC :: Hard Drive Compatibility For G5 IMac

Nov 17, 2007

I'm looking to upgrade my iMac's hardrive and I found an HDD that I'd like to buy; I just want to make sure its compatible with my computer. I have a 17inch imac, and a 1.8 G5 processor (NO built in iSight). The hardrive I'm looking at is a Seagate Barracuda 500GB internal HDD. Here's a link to detailed specks: [URL]The size is right but I'm not sure the computer will accept SERIAL-ATA. It looks like the drive installed now is only ATA, so I wanted to double check and see if this makes a difference. If it does, could someone please recomend a suitable 500GB internal Hardrive.

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PowerPC :: G5 Logic Board EEE Code Compatibility

Mar 27, 2008

I'm obviously new with Power Mac G5. I have two different logic boards for a Power Mac G5. The EEE code and part numbers are as follows:

Logic Board 1:
Part Num: 661-3585
Other Num: 630T6907 (I don't know what this number signifies)

Logic Board 2:
Part Num: 661-3584
Other Num: 630T6906 (Again, I don't know what this number is for)

My question is this; what configurations can I use these boards as replacements in? I'm looking at 3 PowerMacs right now but none have matching EEE codes. I listed the EEE codes and the type of machine they are below.

PowerMac 1:
EEE code: Q5M
Single 1.8GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 2:
EEE code: ROR
Dual 2.5GHz G5, 1GB Ram

Power Mac 3:
EEE code: Q6E
Dual 2.0 GHz G5, 4GB Ram, Bought in late 2003

So, if it is impossible to use these logic boards as replacements in any of the above mentioned systems, which systems are they actually good for? I understand there may be system bus speed differences for one. But is there some sort of reference for these EEE codes such as a table or chart? Or possibly a compatibility list or description table with features for each board?

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PowerPC :: ATI Radeon X1650 Graphics Card Compatibility?

Apr 22, 2007

Can someone tell me if I could put a ATI Radeon X1650 Pro graphics card in a 800 MHz PowerMac? I know that the PowerMac uses AGP, and that card is agp, so will it work? If it doesent, could you point me out to some cards that will?

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OS X :: Finding Snow Leopard Compatibility

Aug 25, 2009

I really wanna update to SL on day 1 but I am taking several online classes and need the following apps to work out of the box:

MS Office 2008, Firefox, Adobe CS masters, VirtualBox and Real Player (school uses realplayer for all video lectures...I smell a pay off...)

can anyone using SL Gold master or the latest pre release confirm if this software works?

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OS X :: Finding Webcam Compatibility With Leopard?

Mar 29, 2009

What is the general compatibility of OSX with webcams? I have an old Logitech Quickcam pro and a creative webcam and am wondering if these will work with the Mac Mini I plan to purchase soon. Does OSX have a generic driver model that work with most webcams?

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OS X :: Finding Compatibility Of 6gb Of Ram In Snow Leopard?

Aug 29, 2009

I have a Late 08 Unibody MBP, and I ordered 6gb (one 2gb and one 4gb) of Ram from OWC to install with Snow Leopard (super fast kitty ). So first I installed Snow Leopard with my orignal 2gb of Ram, and it was fine. Then, I installed the 6gb of Ram and it booted up fine and I checked "About this Mac" and it said "6gb of ddr3 ram" or something like that. So I thought all was well. After that, I was transferring some large files from an external HD over to my Mac (clean install), so I went to have some lunch

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Compatibility Of IOS 5.1 With Older MacBook?

May 19, 2012

I want to buy an iPhone which uses ios 5.1. My MacBook runs Mac OS X 10.5.8. Is this compatible with ios 5.1?

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OS X :: Snow Leopard And Photo Booth Compatibility

Sep 16, 2009

I just installed Snow Leopard last week. I was trying to take photos in Photo Booth but got this message: You can't use this version of the application Photo Booth with this version of Mac OS X. I have version 2.0.2 of Photo Booth. I'm very untech and I have searched some forums. Do I need to upgrade to iLife 09 in order to use Photo Booth?

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MacBook :: Finding Snow Leopard Compatibility?

May 26, 2009

Ok, So I have heard what others are saying , but I just want to be sure, I have a Late 2009 White Macbook (Feb. 4, 2009). It is running Leopard 2GB RAM, 64 BIT, 120 HD, BLUETOOTH, ECT. I was curious if my Macbook will be able to run Snow Leopard because some people say it needs 4GB RAM and I can replace my ram, but I really just want to run it smoothly on my macbook.

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OS X :: Check Your Apps Compatibility With Snow Leopard?

Aug 27, 2009

I thought this deserves a new thread as the other thread is getting a bit of a mess.

I found this great site that shows your apps compatibility with snow leopard:


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OS X :: Graphics Card Compatibility With Snow Leopard

Aug 27, 2009

Pardon me being stupid, but I'm stumped. I have the ATI Radeon HD 2400, and on the Snow Leopard specs for OpenCL it doesn't list this. Will this effect anything, or will it still work.

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MacBook Air :: Snow Leopard And Lion Compatibility?

Feb 24, 2012

I have an iMac running on snow leopard and am thinking of getting a macbook air running on lion.  Does anyone know if I can use the optical drive on my iMac to install software on the macbook air?

MacBook Air

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Google Earth Compatibility With 10.6.8?

Mar 6, 2012

Current version of Google Earth crashes immediately upon launch.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: USB Drive Compatibility With Lion

May 9, 2012

i have a an Exteranl USB Enclosure that contains a 3.5" IDE drive, this works fine when plugged into my 15" MacBookPro with LION and it also worked perfectly when i had Snow Leopard. So why does it NOT work when plugged into a friends 13" MacBookPro with it

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iPad 2, iPhone 4S

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OS X :: Snow Leopard Update Requirements For Full Compatibility?

Aug 27, 2009

Having looked at several sites including Apple I am still confused clicking on "about this MAC" on my MAC PRO 1.1 running 10.5.8 I get the following:
2X 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
Nowhere do I find this item on either the OK or Not-OK list for full compatibility - I see references to "Core Duo" and similar but none to "Dual-Core". It seems that Snow Leopard will run but not take full advantage of capabilities. Also it seems that I have the old PCI bus ( it just says PCI no PCI 1 or PCI 2)and old graphics processor (NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT:) Does anyone know where to get the graphics upgrade kit? B&H which has been suggested elsewhere has none
shame on Apple for discontinuing this item.

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OS X :: Snow Leopard 10A432 - Finding Application Compatibility

Aug 18, 2009

Let's have a list of applications that currently don't work under Snow Leopard 10A432.

CandyBar 3.1.2 - Unstable, becomes unresponsive after some time. Cannot scroll through installed icons.

Glims - Installs, but doesn't show up in Safari preferences.

Inquisitor - Installs, but doesn't show up in Safari preferences.

DNS-323 NAS Samba access is also broken in Snow Leopard. I can confirm this.

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OS X :: Mac Snow Leopard Compatibility With Windows Live Messenger

Aug 24, 2009

how to know if Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be compatible with Windows Live Messenger?

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OS X :: Latest Snow Leopard Build Resurrects Atom Compatibility

Nov 4, 2009

Development build 10C535 of Snow Leopard update 10.6.2 retains Intel Atom support after the previous build had killed compatibility with the processor.

According to the developer blog which initially told of the Atom incompatibility, the latest build of OS X 10.6.2 does retain support for Atom chips. It was previously reported that support for the Intel chip had been dropped, a move that many believed was Apple's attempt to stop the small but burgeoning "Hackintosh" netbook community. This all may change when the final 10.6.2 build is released, but as of now Atom support has returned.

Intel's Atom processor is a low-power, low-cost chip which is intended for notebooks and ultra-mobile PCs. No current Apple products use the chip, but a community has formed around installing Snow Leopard on so called "Hackintosh" netbook PCs which use the Atom processor. This unauthorized use of Apple's operating system has grown in popularity since the release of small, inexpensive notebooks such as the Dell Mini 10v, which allowed for easy installs of OS X.

Last year, it was reported that an executive at Intel had publicly vouched for the Atom processor to be used in Apple's tablet. With the buyout of chip designer P.A. Semi, many believe that Apple is instead designing its own chips for the platform.[ View this article at AppleInsider.com ]

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Software :: Tiger - Leopard & Carbon Copy Cloner Compatibility

Apr 21, 2009

I'm having a screen issue with a MacBook Pro that's running Leopard (screen is black). An external screen won't work with it in its current state. I need to bring it in for repair -- about 7 days! So I want to mirror it to an external drive before then -- against loss of data, etc. Using the Carbon Copy Cloner version for Leopard and target disk mode, I slaved it to a computer running Tiger and made what ought to be a mirror. The data's there, yet I can't boot the drive from a computer running Tiger.* That might be b/c

1) a drive w/ Leopard OS can't be booted through a computer running Tiger (unlikely, I think)
2) CCC won't enable me to make a bootable drive if I'm mirroring the Leopard OS using Tiger
3) something else.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Time Machine And Disk Permissions + Compatibility With Snow Leopard?

Jun 29, 2012

I have received warning from Disk Utility that I should repair permissions as several files show incorrect permissions and, more than that, my 750GB shows "769GB available". 

1. If I use Command+R and rebuild the disk from a Time Machine backup, will permissions be reset or will the files just be copied as they are now? 

2. Is there a way to verify the TM backups to check the files therein? 

3. Suppose, just for the sake of an exercise, that I reload Snow Leopard; can I still use SL's Time Machine to read a Lion Time Machine backup? 

MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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PowerPC :: G4 Power Mac "Quicksilver" - Compatibility?

Apr 7, 2008

I am buying a G4 Power Mac. I was wondering if anyone knows what the capabilities are of this computer. Can the RAM be upgraded to 2 or 4GB? Graphics card? As far as I know, Leopard can be installed so I am good with the OS. Oh, and a friend told me the Power Mac is like a Mac Pro but older. Is this true? Like can the Power Mac house multiple processors and hard drives?

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Can Upgrade To Lion, Computer Is 10.5.8 Leopard, 1.6 GHZ PowerPC G5, 768 MB DDR SDRAM

Mar 17, 2012

I don't know if my computer is equipped to download Lion.

imac, Mac OS X (10.3.9)

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PowerPC :: Upgrade To Leopard From My Leopard CD?

Oct 22, 2010

I found one for sale for 300$, broken disc drive.

I went to try it out and i couldnt seem to do anything with it, youtube shuts off safari (works if java is turned on but i cant watch videos anyway), all sites seem disproportioned and assorted oddly.

Could I upgrade it to Leopard from my leopard CD that came with my 13'' uni (which was stolen)?

Is the price too steep? I dont need a heavy duty machine, just something that will run fine.

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