OS X :: To Completely Remove BIND From Mac?

Jul 17, 2008

Does anyone here know of a way to completely remove BIND from Mac OS X?

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Windows On Mac :: How To Completely Remove XP And Its Partition

Apr 24, 2006

I have 2 questions.

1) Will it matter if I have a Windows XP Home disc or Professional?
2) How would I go about COMPLETELY removing windows and its whole partition?

I am currently considering installing windows on my MacBook Pro, however I would like to know how to remove it completely, just in case I change my mind.

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Safari :: Completely Remove It And Reinstall?

Apr 22, 2012

Okay. So, Safari was giving me some trouble, right? So, I thought I would delete it and reinstall it. I never had a problem doing so before, right? So, why not? I did, and then, when I tried to reinstall it, it tells me I have a newer version already installed.

Info:Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Remove The Mac-keeper Completely?

Jun 14, 2012

is it enough if i just delete the mackeeper app to remove all its files from my mac?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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OS X Yosemite :: Evernote / How To Remove It Completely

Dec 7, 2014

I need to remove Evernote from my Mac and re-install it because Evernote isn't working so well. 

How can I completely remove Evernote? I saw someone recommend 'AppDelete' and another app, but how can I trust these apps? Is there an app I could download from the MacApp Store?

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OS X Mavericks :: How To Completely Remove Growl

Sep 7, 2014

Back in the day I installed Growl on an iBook G4 running Tiger. I tried to delete all of the application, but when I reboot now, I get a window asking me where to locate GrowlHelperApp. Any way to get rid of this? I'm now on a 2012 iMac now running 10.9.4.

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MacBook Air :: How To Completely Remove IMessage From Mac

Jun 27, 2014

I already disabled the account in preferences. I don't want any of my message logs to be on my Mac and I do not know how to remove them. I tried this: Quit out of Messages for MacHit Command+Shift+G to bring up the “Go To Folder” windowEnter ~/Library/Messages/Select all files in the Messages directory and move to trash, files will be named chat.db, chat.db-shm, chat.db-wal, etcEmpty the Trash and relaunch iMessages This didn't work.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Completely Remove McAfee

Jun 4, 2014

How can I completely remove an old non-functional McAfee virus protection app from my MacBook Pro?  It seems that a ghost of it still appears at the top of the screen on the upper menu bar. I'm thinking that there may be other (hidden) components that could safely be removed too.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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PowerPC :: 12" Ibook Lcd - Completely Remove?

Jul 6, 2006

my 12" ibook is basically retarded. the joint (err whatever it's called) between the lcd and the computer is completely busted and a few of the wires are a bit messed up. one wire (small, thin & black) is ripped in half and the green one is shaved a bit... anyway, what happens is the ibook still boots up, runs fine, but the lcd screen is completely gray, understandably so. but, i am able to use my television and a vga adapter as a monitor and the computer is completely funcitonal.

my question is, can i completely remove the lcd screen (so it can be sold) and basically set my ibook up as a desktop with a standalone lcd monitor? also, anyone possibly know how i could check to see if the lcd screen is still functional? it was working fine if the wires were touching in a certain way previously, but i think my mom kicked it or somethin and now all i get is a gray screen. (funny story ... kinda -- the computer was originally broke from my retarded friend, he left the ****in' thing on the top of my car and forgot about it when getting in... all because he wanted to burn a cd on a road trip. needless to say, he doesn't touch anything valuable of mine anymore. lesson learned.)

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Applications :: Completely Remove Audio In IMovie?

Jun 9, 2009

Is there a way to completely remove audio in iMovie (not just sent it to 0) so that if someone else were to open the project the audio would be gone?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Completely Remove A Guest Account

Mar 19, 2012

Having difficulty removing my guest account. I've gone to system preferences and unchecked the guest account but it still appears upon computer boot up as an option. I want it completely off and not showing on the screen when turned on.

Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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App Store :: How To Completely Remove Game From Account

May 14, 2012

I've tried all the different methods I can find of deleting/mark as hidden but I keep getting annoying weekly updates come through. I don't like the game and will never play it but it seems without starting a new Apple ID and losing everything I have paid for on iPhone and Mac. I am stuck with a continual App Store badge icon for a game I don't want.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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QuickTime :: Completely Remove It For A NEW Install Oc Windows XP?

May 20, 2012

How do I completely remove Quick Time for a NEW install oc Windows XP?

Info:iPad 2, Windows XP

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Intel Mac :: Completely Remove Bootcamp From 27 Running Lion?

Mar 9, 2012

I am trying to make it absolutly imposible to run Windows 7 on my computeer. I don't want any traces of Bootcamp or MBR partitions.  What do I need to do to toally get rid of it?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Remove The Windows Partition Completely Without Damaging Mac Side To Allow For More Storage

Jul 28, 2010

So I'm using bootcamp to load up windows, but now I have run out of room on my Mac partition. I still have 30GB on my windows partition, and I haven't even used it ONCE! Honestly at this point I don't think I will ever need it....

But so my questions is, would there be any way to remove the windows partition completely without damaging my Mac side to allow for more storage? Or maybe just shrink the windows partition so that I can free up an extra 20GB or so?

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Why Not Remove Safari From OSX / Firefox / Chrome Have Surpassed It Completely In Functionality / Usability

Mar 23, 2012

To be honest the whole safari thing is always going to be a running joke to everyone.Safari cant play embedded videos or loads of the content on youtube because of Apple insistence to lock it to only use thier version of flash, why not remove it all together and have a browser choice like Windows has this would at least give the users a chance to get a browser that is fully functional?

Mac Mini

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Software :: How To Bind Leopard To Active Directory

Jun 4, 2008

I'm trying to bind my MacBook Pro to an active directory. I have the DNS records setup to point to the right DNS server (which is the active directory server) and then when I go into Directory Utility and type the name of the active directory it gives the following error:


Unable to add the domain.

There was no response from KH. please check that the address you entered is correct.

I also tried KH.local which is the actual domain name but got the same problem. I tried going into terminal and pinged kh.local and it came back with a response.

P.S. I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.3

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Software :: Unable To Bind To Active Directory

Jan 23, 2009

I am unable to Bind any of my Mac Clients to Active Directory after upgrading to Mac OS 10.5.5 and 10.5.6.

I am now running 10.5.6 but the problem started when I upgraded to 10.5.5, 10.5.6 did not resolve the problem. The Directory Service Plug-in will not authenticate my username and password.

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Bind To Windows AD Server?

Jun 13, 2012

I Have setuped Windows 2008 Server and Windows 2003 Server. On both is full working Active Directory. The clients can conect to it (win).I would lice to have some Mac clients and will setuped Lion server an in Open Directory I have set to connect to another server. Then in Directory Utility I will set the connection to AD Server over Connect in File menu and I have only error mesage "Can't connect to the server - Directory Services may not be installed on the remote server, they may be turned off, or the URL may have been entered incorrectly." and then I try the connection over Services - Active Directory and have error mesage "Authentication server could not be contacted." too.

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Intel Mac :: Permanently Remove Cookies - Remove Them And Then They Reappear The Next Time When Open Safari?

Mar 31, 2012

I just removed over 1000 cookies. They were bogging the system down to the point of having some pages freeze. I then closed Safari. I launched Safari again a few minutes later and all the cookies were back, even though the only site I went to was the Apple open page.

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OS X :: Remove Unwanted Connected Guest / Remove From System With Disable Sharing

Jun 9, 2008

I've just noticed that in my Finder window sidebar, under "Shared", I have a character called Thomson listed. I don't know any Thomson and I bought the machine, an MBA, brand new. However, I did have an engineer instal the machine in my apartment and can only assume he's the mysterious Thomson. Anyway, whoever he/she is, I don't want him/her on my machine as Shared & "connected as guest". The point is, I cannot find a way to delete Thomson!! Can anyone help? I've tried System Preferences>Security and Accounts and there's no trace of Thomson there. Right clicking on Thomson in the sidebar of Finder only gives me the option to Open and Get Info. Most annoying, this. There MUST be a way to delete a Sharing but totally unwanted guest....

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OS X :: Want To Completely Re-install Mac OS X On My Mac Pro?

Nov 4, 2010

I want to completely re-install Mac OS X on my Mac Pro for several reasons:

The system is old. I started it with 10.4.1 and upgraded it to 10.5, then to 10.6. On the way there, the system has been moved from an old Mac Pro to a new one.

The system has seen a lot of playing around with, tons of installs (incl. drivers) and by now is simply a grown mess with a lot of problems that I can't seem to fix nor want to fix.

So - I want a fresh start. And I need some help planing this.

Back in the days of 10.5 you had the option to "archive and install", which would simply move the old system to a folder and install a baby fresh Mac OS X on the system. You could then go ahead and move things like applications, the user library and what not from the archived location back to the new install, one by one, piece by piece, in a very controlled fashion.

With 10.6 that option is no longer available.so the question is: How do I erase and install Mac OS X 10.6 while retaining my old stuff? I know how to do the fresh install, the point is more like how do I keep and import old stuff...

How good is the migration assistant? I figure you can use it to import old stuff from a time machine backup.

In the end, I want a fresh install and be able to import things like preferences/library for certain applications (that I don't want to rebuild from scratch, like a huge Plex Media Center install) - without reimporting things that are causing problems on the current install.

Any ideas,

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OS X :: How Can I Completely Copy My Mac's HD To Another Mac

May 20, 2009

Anyway, before the celebrations begin I want to know how I can completely copy my current Mac's hard disk to an external hard disk so that I can then copy this all onto my new Mac. Forget networking old and new Macs, that's out of the question for reasons too complicated to go into here.

Ideally I'd like to have my new Mac with all of the apps and documents and what have you that I've got on my current Mac.

Can I achieve this all with Time Machine ie. can another Mac read the backed-up data from another Mac?

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Safari :: Whole Of The Top Bar Has Completely Gone?

May 13, 2012

The bar which I need to use to type in the Address, and search, etc, is completely gone. And please don't tell me to press 'view' and something else, because VIEW ISN'T THERE -.- Nothing is there, only the bar with 'Apple' 'Yahoo!', etc, etc. It's gone, and I need to get it back. Quickly.

Windows Vista

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MacBook Pro When Completely Off While Using

Jun 27, 2012

My MacPro suddenly turned off and I cannot get it back on. It has a black screen. It is a 2011 model.I am new to the world of mac.

Mac Pro

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OS X :: How To Completely Uninstall Wine

Oct 7, 2010

i was having trouble completely uninstalling wine, ive tried wit appdeleter and such but it never really deleted the part where if u command click a exe file and click on open with, it still shows wine there! how do i completely obliterate wine from my computer?

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MacBook Air :: Completely No CPU Throttling At All?

Nov 1, 2010

There have been many brief posts mentioning that unlike previous MBAs, the new MBAs do not slow down the CPU when heat goes beyond a certain point. Does this mean there is completely no CPU throttling at all? Or that it still throttles, but at a higher heat level? If there is completely no CPU throttling, then logically it should fall back to another common method of handling overheating which is to automatically turn off the machine (not a very elegant method, but at least it's something). Do the new MBAs do this? If not, how do they handle overheating?

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OS X :: Is It Possible To Hide Dock Completely

Dec 5, 2010

I wonder if it is possible to hide the Dock completely. If you go to Dock settings and hide it, it will appear when the cursor near its edge. What I want, is to hide it completely - dont want it to appear all of a sudden and interrupt me. I found the app Dock Gone, which hides the Dock and makes it accessible via a keyboard-shortcut. Thing is, it costs $14.95, and I just want the dock to disappear.

Is there a way to do this? A terminal command or something? I guess there must be - Dock Gone is doing it somehow.

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PowerPC :: G4 Won't Completely Boot Up

Aug 28, 2006

I opened up Garageband, went into preferences to configure the audio for my peripheral audio device, and the computer and curser locked up, so I had to shut it down by pressing the power button for 4 seconds. I restarted the G4 and it would only boot up to a blue screen with the pointer curser, but would not finish loading anything on the desktop, no icons, no menu, nothing. I tried restarting repeatedly this way, but got the same result each time.

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OS X :: Completely Uninstall Final Cut Pro 5.1?

Sep 17, 2006

can someone tell me an easy way to get rid of Final Cut Pro 5.1 on my Computer. I install it yesturday but the files was huge and I'm not planning to use it yet. There is no uninstaller, and I got all this QMaster and LiveType install witht eh FInal Cut Pro as well. So yeah it's quite a mess now. I'm deleting 1 one 1 searching through folder but I don't think I get rid of everything. Wish there is a uninstaller for this.

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