OS X :: How To Know About Mac Remote Desktop

Aug 14, 2010

I use VNC around my house to access computers remotely. While I can access my Windows machine from my Mac, I am having trouble accessing my Mac from Windows in a reliable fashion.

I am now using VineServer on the Mac and TightVNC on the PC, but after a while it will become unresponsive, and require frequent re-connects and refreshes.

Apple's Screen Sharing is amazing running from Mac to Mac, but I don't have an extra Mac for downstairs at the moment.

Is there a way to access OSX's built in screen sharing from a PC? Or a better server for Mac or client for PC that will give better connectivity?

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Application For Administrators That Can Provide Both Remote Wipe And Remote Desktop?

Apr 9, 2012

I'm looking for a system that can track about 50 MBP's providing both remote wipe as part of an overall security protocol, and also remote screen/desktop for admin purposes. I looked at preyproject.com but it looks like they only do remote wiping/tracking. that I don't want something locked to a single user, it should be centrally managed. 

Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Can I Use A PC To Remote To A Desktop Mac

Jun 7, 2010

We are looking at putting a new Mac desktop in upstairs, a little way from our electric piano which is downstairs. Now presuming we've got a long enough cable, could we link the piano to the Mac then control the Mac through a remote desktop connection using a Windows XP/7 PC.

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OS X :: Any Way To Use Ubuntu Via Remote Desktop?

Oct 13, 2010

Is there a way to use ubuntu from OSX via remote desktop? Sometimes I prefer use gnome instead of the shell for admin my home-server.

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Applications :: Remote Desktop For OS X? PC To Mac

Feb 17, 2009

What do you guys use? I'd like a simple web-based solution, if possible.

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Applications :: Remote Desktop Over 802.11n Possible?

May 19, 2009

I'm thinking about getting an MBA and using it as a primary computer. My HTPC is pretty powerful and so I was hoping that I would be able to control is via Remote Desktop to do any heavy lifting I need to do. Is it a problem to run remote desktop wirelessly?

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OS X :: Any Alternatives To Remote Desktop?

Sep 8, 2009

I have just convinced my parents to buy a Mac as I was sick of trying to help them with the bugs of windows. They are struggling a bit with the transition so often on the phone. I would like to be able to see their desktop but don't really want to pay 300 for remote desktop. Are there are any other ways?

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OS X :: Any Function In Mac For Doing Remote Desktop?

Oct 2, 2009

Is there any function in mac os to do remote desktop same as Win OS?

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OS X :: Any Software For Remote Desktop Between Mac And PC?

Mar 16, 2010

I want to see if there is a way or software that could allow me to remote control or remote desktop from a MAC to PC and vice versa?

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Applications :: Using Remote Desktop 2.0 On Mac Pro To Get Into XP Box?

May 3, 2010

Using Remote Desktop 2.0 on a Mac Pro to get into an XP box on my network. About every twentieth attempt it will blue screen the XP box. In order to get around it I must reboot the XP machine, which, is pointless because I am trying to remote into it and I am not in front of it.

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OS X :: Remote Desktop Software?

Jun 7, 2010

Looking for a good Windows/OS X remote desktop app (tried TeamViewer but didn't really like it). My PC (win 7) will be the server and I'll be logging onto it from my MBP.

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Software :: Using Apple Remote Desktop 4?

Mar 12, 2009

Any word on a newer version of Apple Remote Desktop? I'm really looking for a new version that fixes some of the outstanding bugs in version 3.2. I am also hoping that Apple has an easier way to share lists. This is a big PITA in my organization, and I have already submitted feedback to Apple for it.

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Hardware :: Cannot Login To Remote PC Desktop

Sep 2, 2010

I work from home and my Windows pc is in the shop. I'm trying to use my wife's Imac to log into my VPN so I can work, but when I get the ctrl+alt+del screen to sign into my desktop I don't know what keys to use on the Mac keyboard.

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OS X :: Remote Desktop Connection Over WiFi

Dec 5, 2010

I'm trying to set up a RDC over WiFi. Both laptops are on the same WiFi network. I installed the latest RDC sw on my mac and I'm logged on as an admin on the other laptop which is running Windows XP. From My Computer > Properties > Remote > 'Allow remote assistance etc' is ticked. From the 'Advanced' tab I also ticked 'Allow this computer to be controlled remotely'. I temporarily switched off the Zone Alarm firewall on the Windows laptop. I launched RDC, I type in the IP of the Windows laptop (which is a generic 198.162.x.y) but nothing happens. I even tried to type in the laptop name but nothing happens either. The RDC cannot find the laptop. I checked that all the services starting with the word 'Remote' on the Windows based laptop have been 'Started'.

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Applications :: Remote Desktop Connection From One To Another Mac

Dec 14, 2010

Outside of VNC and LogMeIn, is there a way to remote into another Mac from a Mac? I've found a lot of results regarding remoting into a Mac from a Windows PC, but not from Mac to Mac.

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OS X :: How To Use / Open Remote Desktop File

Jan 9, 2009

I have an older MacBook with OS X which is used for school, the other day an administrator took over my computer through remote desktop so I immediately took my battery out later I went looking for this Remote Desktop program on my computer and found the following in /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement
In this folder I found what appeared to be a remote desktop file...
Icon: remote desktop icon
Name: ARDAgent
Kind: Application
Size: 2.9 MB
I tried opening this wondering if I could use it to gain access to friends laptops but when I double-clicked nothing occurred. I am wondering if this file can be used as a remote desktop file and how I could open it.

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MacBook :: Remote Desktop Connection To PC Possible?

Mar 30, 2009

Is it possible to remote a pc from a mac and if I can what applications can I use?!

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Applications :: Remote Desktop - Reasonable Use Of ARD?

Apr 9, 2009

I may shortly need to spend some time working on a family member's mac several miles from my home. I was considering using ARD as a means of doing light maintenance and application work from afar. I know this may be vast overkill, but is this a reasonable use of the program?

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Applications :: Remote Desktop To Mac From PC - Better Alternative?

May 13, 2009

What kind of software is available for the mac that would let me remote desktop to a mac from a PC? I currently use VNC to connect to a Linux box from windows but I'm not a big fan and was hoping for a better alternative on the mac.

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Windows On Mac :: Remote Desktop Into Parallels 4?

Aug 6, 2009

how to setup Parallels 4 on a mac running windows and then remote desktop directly into windows from another location e.g. work?

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Applications :: Using Other App Than Apple's Remote Desktop?

Oct 16, 2009

I was looking for an app other that Apple's remote desktop. I want one to be able to control and connect to a windows machine too.

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OS X :: Remote Desktop Connection With Dynamic Ip

Dec 16, 2009

Having an issue with RDC, it works connecting to Windows machines with the IP addresses but wont work with the names of the machines, I have dynamic IP's in my house so need it to work on names , anybody have any issues like this as I cant seem to figure it out?

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OS X :: How Do I Know If My Mac Is Being Monitored By Apple Remote Desktop

Apr 22, 2010

I work on a Mac connected to my office network, I know that Apple Remote Desktop Administrator is installed on my Mac and on other Mac's on the net work..how can I make sure that no one can mess around and view me checking my personal emails or so.

How do I know if my Mac is being monitored by Apple Remote Desktop?

In another way, how can I know if my machine is an Apple Remote Desktop client?

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MacBook Pro :: Remote Desktop With No Video?

May 27, 2010

I have a 2007 macbook pro with a dead video card. Neither the LCD nor the external video port work. The apple store confirmed everything else works fine. I would like to use it in a server-like application, but to set it up I will need some way to get video working temporarily.

When it broke, I had ssh enabled but that's about it. I didn't install remote desktop or anything like that. Is there any way to ssh in and install/set up Remote Desktop or something equivalent? I'm used to doing X11 forwarding over ssh on linux, but I haven't found anything similar for mac.

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Applications :: How To Remote Desktop Access

Jun 16, 2010

My boss is going on a two week long tour, starting tomorrow, with her MacBook Air and I wanted to be able to assist her should she need any technical help on the go.

The only options I know for Remote Desktop Access are ChickenVNC and Remote Desktop from Apple, but both are a bit complicated depending on the connection you are using. Also, she wouldn't understand how to find her specific IP address, when on a hotel Wifi connection.

I was wondering if any of you have a suggestion for software that is extremely simple to use and would allow me to assist her through screen control, by having her simply opening and/or logging into the program.

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Applications :: Using Apple Remote Desktop CD?

Jul 1, 2010

This is gonna sound crazy, but last weekend I found a Apple Remote Desktop 3 (still in shrink wrap) in a parking lot. I don't really know anything about it. I have not opened it. It is Apple Part #: MC172Z/A, Version 3.3. It has a "unlimited managed systems" sticker on the front. Is this the complete software, or is there more that goes with it? I have done some research and just got more confused about 'administrator and client' software. Just wondering what I have here without opening it.

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IMac :: Way To Remote Desktop From One System To Another

Jul 28, 2010

I have an iMac in an upstairs office that I use as my main computer. My wife would like to replace her Dell that is downstairs with a new iMac. Both are on the same network and for what it's worth they are connected via Cat6 cable on a Time Capsule. Is there a way to do a remote desktop so each computer can be iewed/manipulated from the other? Also, what about shared libraries, particularly iPhoto? It would be nice to be able to view the same photo library from each.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Connect To A Remote Desktop

May 10, 2012

I have tried to use this, but it says that it is not intended to be used with Lion. There doesn't appear to be an updated version. url...

Pro, iOS 5.1.1

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MacBook Air :: Running Remote Desktop Connection?

Oct 18, 2010

Is anyone using the MBA with Remote Desktop Connection? I am concerned that the program I would be running remotely may be be too small to read comfortably. I have only used it with my iMacs, and have never seen it run on a MB or MBP.

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Windows On Mac :: Finding Remote Desktop Connection App

Nov 16, 2010

the app "Remote Desktop Connection" installed itself when I was installing Office 2011 on my Mac.
How do I use this to access my Windows PC?

I've followed all the instructions exactly as they are written and it still fails to connect every time, I'm trying to connect by typing my PC's full name into the space.

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