OS X :: Hide The Harddrive Icon?

Nov 16, 2008

can i hide the macintosh icon that's on the desktop? like to have a clean desktop with nothing showing.

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MacBook Pro :: How To Hide The Harddrive Icons On Desktop

May 1, 2010

I have three drives on my desktop, i was wondering is there anyway to hide them?

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OS X :: No Harddrive Icon On 10A432

Aug 17, 2009

im fairly convinced that this release is GM, so i finally took the plunge and installed and all went well. The only issue is when I loaded the desktop there was no icon on the desktop for my hard drive. It is seen as a boot volume and all seems fine except my desktop is blank. Is there a terminal command I can enter to reenable this icon, I created an alias but the arrow is driving me nuts

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OS X :: How To Hide Macintosh HD Icon

Aug 26, 2009

I did this in the past, but it has reappeared since I just updated my Mac. How do you hide this on the Desktop?

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OS X :: Moving Mybook Harddrive Icon To Dock?

Jan 27, 2010

I'm new to Mac (two days) and would like on moving mybook harddrive icon from the desktop to the dock. I've tried right click, preferences, but don't see preferences.

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OS X V10.6 Snow Leopard :: Harddrive Icon On Start Won't Go Away

Mar 12, 2012

This morning when I turned on my Imac, it presented me with the Mac HD icon, I had to select this to continue with the boot. 

I've checked the startup options and the correct (and only) drive is selected, re selected it a few times just in case but this didnt have any effect. 

Checked that none of my keyboard keys are sticking by unpluging it during the boot so the keyboard couldn't interfere, still the same. 

I've tried a pram reset but don't seem to have any joy getting this to work. I hold the correct sequence of keys down just after the chimes ( cmd, option p and r) but that doesn't seem to get me the 2nd chime. Have no idea what I'm doing wrong. 

Is this a sign my HDD is going? I use the system for a lot of video editing and photo editing, could this amout of usuage cause any problems 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: How To Hide Custom Icon Folder

Aug 29, 2009

I've changed my stack folder from its default icon so I can recognize what's in it i.e. Microsoft Office 2008. But in order to do this, I've needed to create a folder and have it appear first i.e. 0_Icon_Microsoft_Office_2008 How do I hide this folder? Quite annoying to see this folder as it's sole purpose is for changing the icon pic. And if I hide it, will the system recognize this folder for custom icon purposes?

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Mac Mini :: How To Hide The Modem Icon In 10.6

Jun 7, 2012

I would like to hide the modem icon that sits in the menu bar. Since I don't even have a modem, it is just a distraction. I tried going into network preferences but it doesn't show and I can't add it (since it doesn't exist).

Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: Hide Icon Preview For Certain File Types?

Sep 18, 2010

What I want to do is hide the annoying icon preview for files like .txt, .xml, .php, .html etc. Instead I want the file to show the icon associated with the default app, while having icon preview still on for other files(like images). Is this possible?

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Software :: Can Hide An Open Application's Icon From The Dock

Jul 13, 2010

To the point... I use TimeOut to remind me to get up and move, while I am on my computer. It is a handy app that will make the screen go blank for how ever long I set my breaks to last.

The thing is... I don't need the application icon to sit in my Dock taking up space telling me the application is open. I know it is open since it tells me to get up and stretch every 20 minutes by blanking my screen.

So, is there any way to take the application's icon off the Dock while still leaving it open?

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OS X :: Any Way To Hide Space Suit Icon (Still Running) In Dock?

Oct 31, 2010

So I'm trying to find a way to hide the SpaceSuit icon in the doc while it's still running. The main reason is that I use the command+W to close my applications and sometimes SpaceSuit gets closed accidentally in the process. I added:

right above
and tried dockless, but I've came up short.

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Mac Pro :: Just Dragged And Dropped By Mistake Aperture Icon Into The Screen And It Disappeared, Getting The Icon Back

Jun 28, 2012

I just dragged and dropped my icon into the middle of the screen and now it's gone?How to make it appear again?

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MacBook Pro :: How To Change Hard Drive Icon And Folder Icon?

Aug 7, 2009

How do you change the hard drive icon picture in the top right corner to look like the macbook pro computer? I've seen this on a couple people's desktops and was just wondering how you do it. Also, how do you change the folder icon to something that looks cooler.

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OS X :: Can't Use External Harddrive On MBP

May 30, 2009

So i bought this new 500GB external HD but whenever i tried to put my files in it from my mac it wont allow me and say, "This item could not be moved because [harddrive] cannot be modified." however if i connect it to my windows it works fine.

P.S just one stupid question, why would a 500GB HD has less capacity such as 470 or so; and sometimes 8GB USB will only have 7.5 G etc.

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OS X :: Will Mac Be Able To Use External Harddrive.?

Dec 21, 2009

Will my Mac be able to use this external?


I heard that it can't and you need to by the Mac only one. Does it make a difference?

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OS X :: Mds Keeps Reading From My Harddrive At About 2mb/second?

Feb 19, 2010

Ever since I ran Onyx last week, mds keeps reading from my harddrive at about 2mb/second.For example I've only had my computer open for a couple of hours and done very little, just some browsing, and Activity Monitor shows 7.52GB read and 6.44GB written

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OS X :: External Drive Icon Is The Time Machine Icon?

Mar 12, 2009

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, its my first post here..

I used to use my HP external drive for time machine, but since i got a new bigger WD one to use with time machine i have wiped the HP using disk utility but it is still showing up on the desktop with a time machine icon. i think i can still use it like a normal hard drive but it is causing a bit of confusion and its really irritating!! is there any way that i can change it back? i've tried wiping it a few more times but it still won't work..

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MacBook Pro :: Mouse Icon Turns In To Waiting Icon?

Jul 6, 2009

Every few minutes my 13" MBP completely stalls, video and music pauses, can't do anything with my MBP and the mouse icon turns into that waiting icon. I don't know what it's called but it's round with colours inside it.Anyways, it stops me from what I'm doing for about 20 seconds and happens every few minutes and it's beginning to annoy me now!

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Applications :: Replace The Mail.app Icon With Postbox Icon?

Nov 3, 2009

I love Mail but have become bored of the icon. Is it possible to change the icon the the Postbox one? still with the notifications on the dock.

Here's Postbox if you don't know what it is: [URL]

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MacBook Pro :: How To Put The Safari Icon Onto Desktop But Not As A Short-cut Icon

Apr 6, 2012

I've just downloaded Safari 5.1.5 and want to create this icon on my desktop, however, I don't want it as a 'short-cut' icon but as the same icon I see on the docking station.I was previously able to do this with Safari 5.0.3.

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OS X Mavericks :: Icon Hidden Behind Application Icon On Dock

Aug 31, 2014

I have this icon behind the Application icon on the dock and I cannot figure out what it is. It is not something on the desktop as I have moved the dock and can't see it, so it is definitely connected with the Application icon. I have deleted all downloads which could have been half done and I have removed an Alias I had in the Application folder. Now all the Applications appears as "Applications" in the "Kind" column when viewing in Finder. 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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PowerPC :: How Can I Just Clone The Harddrive To The New One?

Jan 30, 2009

Here is my dilemma I bought a g3 600mhz on ebay for 90 dollars works beautifully updated the memory to 640mb need to change the dvd drive and would like a bigger harddrive however i do not have the restore discs that came with it. I am currently running 10.4.11 tiger and can't afford the full version. How can I just clone the harddrive to the new one???

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OS X :: Setting Up An External Harddrive?

Mar 23, 2009

I am not very computer savvy, and new to your community here. (also I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum. this one seemed the most logical, but I wasn't sure.)

Just bought an external harddrive for my MacBook, and my hope was to move my itunes library, photos, and a few essential documents to the external.

what is the easiest way to do this?

Also, after I have everything backed up, I was planning on restoring the computer to factory settings, and enjoy it being "like new" with all my content on harddrive. If I did this, would I still be able to seamless access all the stuff on the external, such as my itunes library? How would this work? Is it even a good idea to restore the computer?

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MacBook :: Is This Harddrive Compatible With My Mb

Oct 10, 2009

Is this: Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB Bulk/OEM Hard Drive 2.5 Inch, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM SATA II - $90

compatible with my MacBook? its just the basic $999 MacBook that was purchased from Apple in June 2009. (and i upgraded to snow leopard just a couple weeks ago or so)

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OS X :: External Harddrive Not Recognized?

Nov 16, 2009

I use my external harddrive for Time Machine on OSX. I also happened to put other files on there too. But once I run bootcamp, it seems that Windows cannot recognize harddrive. Is that normal? And is there a way for me to reach the files in Windows?

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MacBook Pro :: Cannot Install Mac OSx To Harddrive

Feb 7, 2012

cannot install Mac OSx to harddrive

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Desktops :: Sharing External Harddrive Between Mac And Pc?

Feb 27, 2009

i use my desktop for movies and creating files. but i use my laptop more often and bring it with me. so i bought an external hard drive to save all the movies and stuff off the PC. and then play them on my mac and my ps3.

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MacBook Air :: Installing Osx Onto External Harddrive?

Dec 3, 2010

has anyone installed osx onto a external usb harddrive using a macbook air?

was wondering what the performance was like afterwards?

would help to get around internal small hd space....be good when using at home and also using external monitor....

:for those that dont know....


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MacBook Pro :: Safe To Move Harddrive To New MBP?

Dec 12, 2010

I just bought a used macbook pro, 15" 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo, and I have previously been using a 13" macbook, on which I recently upgraded the hard drive. I'd like to pop that hard drive in my new MBP, since it is bigger, and has all my data on it, but I'm not sure if this is a safe thing to do - if there are hardware specific aspects of the OSX environment that will be unhappy in a new machine. I'm running OSX 10.6.4..

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OS X :: Accidentally Formatted Harddrive To NTFS?

Jan 12, 2011

i have a 1tb lacie external hard drive with 2 partitions. 1 hfs+ and 1 ntfs with 33 gig. i wanted to put windows 7 on the ntfs disk and followed a guide and did


When it was done my whole hd was ntfs and my hfs partition was gone. i tried Testdisk and did a quick search and a deep search (took me 2 days), but no result. i also used Mac File Recovery to find a lose volume or lost files but no result. Now i'm using r-studio and performing a scan but i think it won't find my lost HFS+ partition.

Is there a way to save my HFS partition? My entire photo life is on it. should i bring it to a recovery specialist? or does someone has the answer? maybe reformat it as hfs?

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