OS X Server :: Blog Software With Simple Setup?

Oct 16, 2006

I've installed apache 2 on my system so I am not running the default apache server. I'd like to get some type of blog ability. I could not figure out how to tie in to the existing blog software that came with Mac OS X server. So, I'm curious if anyone knows how to do that. And if not, does anyone have any suggestions of a blog software package that is simple to set up.

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OS X Server :: 10.4 Tutorial - Blog To Document Process

Dec 14, 2007

I recently set up OS X Server 10.4 (Tiger) on an old G4 for my home office use and so far it's been running beautifully. As I was learning how to get it up and running, I created a blog to document the process. If you're starting off on a similar endeavor, it might be helpful. If anything, it'll give you an idea of what setting up OS X Server entails. The link to the OS X Server 10.4 tutorial: [URL]. I also put together a tutorial on setting up the AMP package (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on OS X client and server: [URL]

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OS X Server :: Enabling Web Objects Including Wiki And Blog?

Nov 30, 2008

I enabled the web and web objects including wiki and blog in server admin. I set the domain myserver.domain.org undr dns and enabled dns but when I try to enable it on the group level I run into issues. From the server and my mac book pro work group manager does not see the site. From my IMac I can enable it but when I hit save and refresh the changes are gone. I am running server 10.5.

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OS X V10.5 Leopard :: Where Can Find A Users Blog Webpage On The Server

Mar 12, 2012

I know I can access the blog from the internet [URL]. I have a link on our web site set up for surfers to access this blog. I want to add a last updated line but the code [updated: <!--#flastmod virtual="http://mysever.com/users/username/" -->] obviously won't work because I need the actual web page name. Just what is this name? Where can I find it?

XServer and more, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Trying to move to 10.6

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OS X Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: How To Setup Mac Mini Server As VPN Server

Apr 3, 2012

currently using mac mini server for sharing files and folders. Would like to setup VPN to get access to files remotely.

-Model identifier: Macmini 3.1

-Mac OS X Server version 10.6.8

I am not sure if this version supports VPN.

Mac mini

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Software :: Setup A Mail Server From A Mac OS X Server Machine?

Jul 15, 2008

I want to setup a mail server from a Mac OS X server machine.

I used the standard configuration as the wizard is going to setup all the services automatically.

I have an email of the kind server.com

After the finish of the configuration all the system was working perfectly, except one thing. I could not browse to any .com address I could not resolve the apple.com address. This is actually a DNS server issue and as my DNS server is hosted to my ISP, I closed the DNS service from the Server admin app. Now I could browse to .com addresses but all the settings to the client computers need to be done manually. Meaning not from the Directory utility. The problem is that the address of the server was changed from server.com to server.local so all the settings now are server.local, including my email address that changed from user@server.com to user@server.local that cannot be replayed from the recipient

My Question is can I change the default configuration settings that the directory utility sets?? or do any other configuration to solve the issue.

Also in the webmail when I send an email the email of the sender is the username continued by the ISP's internal static IP host which is different to my server.com. I found a solution to change the email from the personal information tag of the options button. Can I also pre configure these settings to be ready as a new user is created??

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Setup A Network Account On It Allow To VPN Server?

Feb 11, 2012

I'd like to setup a network account on Lion Server and allow that account to VPN in to my server. But I want this account to have limited access to my LAN, similar to how the stovepiped "Guest Network" works with Airport Extremes. I don't see any way to assign specific network accounts specific IP ranges outside the normal, say, 10.0.1/24. Is there even any way to assign a specific account something in the range,say, 10.0.2/24? Any way to further limit network access for Lion Server VPN sessions?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Lion Server, 8 GB

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OS X Server V10.6 Snow Leopard :: New Setup Of Mail Server?

Apr 24, 2012

I've googled and searched, I can't see what I'm missing, so I am turning to the community for help, because I simply don't get this. I own 2 domain names.  I'd like to use the build in Mail Server application into SL Server, so if your suggestion is using another mail server, please don't post that. 

Let's say my domain's are domain1.com and domain2.com I've looked at the Mail Server Admin user guide, and I've followed a couple of wizzards, and... all in all, I am getting no where.  Let's also say my email client is my iPhone. 

Ok, so domain1.com currently has no email with my current provider, and domain2.com currently has email from my current provider, it's my desire to eventually switch this, but experimenting on domain1.com will do no harm, so I am experimenting on this.  Both domains give me the ability to point to an mx address. 

Here's what I've done.  I've got my user created in Workgroup Administrator, and I am confiuguring my LDAP3v, and I am authenticated enough to create and delete users. 

***I Should note that DNS is currently disabled, I gathered from all my reading that I don't need the DNS enabled because I manually put in the MX record to mail.domain1.com and domain1.com is correctly identified.  The server is also the webserver, and all the web server functions are working as expected!  I don't know if not having the DNS enabled is holding me back or not *** 

1st, I enabled the mail service in the Server Admin.  My domain name is ServerName.local and my host name is mail.domain1.com (I created an a entry in my dns settings for that).  Enable SMTP is set, IMAP and POP are enabled as well.

I don't intend on setting a relay, because I want this server to do send email out.  I do have some cases where I send a mass email out, not for spam but for Christmas card purposes, and I think this is a good free way to not have to limit myself to batches of 50 or so.

I have my created SSL certificate, and havce only the Kerberos and CRAM-MD5 settings set in the security.

In my hosting section, I have enabled Virtual hosting, and listed my domain1.com and domain2.com below.

Now in workgroup manager, I've connected to my LDAP3v database and created a test user, and a test group.  In the server admin, I added the test group to the list of authenticated mail users.  I made my test user a member of the test group, and made that his default group.  I enabled the mail service, and set the mail server which is ServerName.local, and enabled POP and IMAP. 

That's it.  I've done nothing in terminal, just that.  I was getting a user unable to authenticate error, it was able to download the certificate though.  Then I realzed I had an MXE defined in my settings for my DNS domain manager.  So I changed to an MX, to mail.domain1.com and then I created mail.domain1.com pointing to the same IP address as domain1.com, and unfortunately the DNS records haven't updated yet, because I initially didn't create the mail.domain1.com entry, and now it's saying the server isn't responding, so I am anxiously awaiting an update from the DNS in the world to see if the issue has now cleared up. 

Mac mini Server (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X Server :: How To Setup NetBoot On 10.3 Server?

Jul 28, 2006

To date we have been reimaging any new Macs or failed ones with an image that sits on our external firewire drive. This image includes all our corporate apps etc etc.

An an alternative to this, I would like to explore the use of NetBoot/NetInstall/NetRestore to reimage these machines.

To be clear, I dont want to NetBoot a machine just to use an image off the server (OSX server 10.3.9) and thats it, just to boot off the server and have a another image (our corporate one, applied to the client machine.

I have been reading loads about this and have been messing about creating an image etc but I underdstand that I have to enable NetBoot on the OSX server and also host the image I want applied to the client Mac on a sharepoint ?

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OS X :: How To Setup Server/backup

Nov 21, 2010

How do I setup a wireless server, and how can I maintain it?

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OS X :: FTP Server (Built In) Setup In 10.5.6

Jan 20, 2009

What would be the proper step-by-step instruction to setup an ftp server using the built-in feature in OSX 10.5.6, so the user is locked into a specific folder only, and obviously to make it as secure as possible? Also what if you want to have multiple users, and/or different ports (instead of default 21)?

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OS X :: How To Setup A Proxy Server

Jul 17, 2009

I'm trying to setup a proxy server so that my computer appears to be accessing websites from the UK - but I have no idea how to do this...

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OS X Server :: How To Setup DNS And LDAP

Oct 25, 2006

I am runnning an office network which is connected to each other and the internet through a Linksys 4-Port Wireless Router which is already DHCP-enabled.

Would it be better to disable the Linksys DHCP and enable DHCP through Server Admin DHCP?

If I use Linksys DHCP how do I setup the DNS and LDAP info listed in Server Admin's DHCP settinegs?

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Mac Pro :: Setup A Home Server With Old G5?

Jun 28, 2012

2003 Mac Pro G5 1.6 4 Gb Ram (my first ever Mac, so bit of a soft spot)Old Airport Extreme (using Airport Utilities 5.6-probably bought same time as G5 2003)Recently purchased refurbished Mac Book Pro 2GHz Intel Core i7 and iMac 2.7 Quad Core Intel i5What I would like to do is bump up the memory in G5 and use it as a home server for my new macs.Have opened file sharing in G5, am testing on mac book pro, so opened file sharing on this but not sure how Im supposed to access the G5 from MacBP?Tried setting up Airoprt and attaching it via USB2.0 to front of G5, and start G5 whilst holding 'T' to start in harddrive mode but no luck.

Info:MacBook Pro (15-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac Mini :: Server - Typical LAN Setup?

Sep 7, 2010

i have tried trawling the net for this info but have not found much that makes a lot of sense. i would like to move my current office network setup to a slightly more (semi)pro approach. instead of just linking four macs together at the Broadband router and using very simple file sharing etc. if i start with a mac mini server. i have found that people generally warn you away from using the broadband router as a hub/switch. would it be sensible to connect the mini to a dedicated hub/switch/router and have all the clients/modem/NAS etc connected to that? is it really as simple, in hardware terms, as that? is anyone able to suggest a hub/switch/router that might be suitable for the job of about 4 clients. also would network attached peripherals (printers) be best attached to the server and everyone access them through it? lastly, this is not a really data/processing intensive office, just documents flying about. whilst the mac mini server seems like a great deal for the software included, it does strike me that the hardware is a little over kill and that a simple mac mini would do the job (regrettably without OSX server)

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OS X :: Can I Setup An ITunes Media Server

Jul 1, 2009

As I'm sure you're aware, I want to setup a server with my 733 MHz DA G4.

Until I can get my hands on a copy of Tiger Server, I'd like to have an iTunes server to centralize my media. I've done some searches and couldn't find anything relevant.

I know I can just copy all the stuff to the G4 and make a shared library, but I'd like to be able to have the media transferrable from the client computers, i.e. putting it on an iPod because the G4 is in the basement which is a hassle to get to and a bit of a ***** shack.

My G4 has the following specs:

733 MHz G4
1x 60 GB HDD, 1x 40 GB HDD
Mac OS X 10.4.11, not server
The latest version of iTunes 8
A gigabit ethernet connection

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Hardware :: How To Setup Mac Media Server

Jul 30, 2009

I am a recent convert to mac and loving it. I do however want to set up a media server - to serve movies to each television via xbox and playstation. I am currently using HP MediaServer. I have had issues with it and want to explore the mac route. If I have a time capsule can i serve movies to xbox etc anywhere in the house? Or would it be better to have a mac mini to do it or even both?

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Mac Mini :: Cannot Setup FTP Server Including Ext HD?

Jun 11, 2010

I am new here but I have been wanting to turn my mac into a server, or make it possible to connect to it and the hard drives connected to it, anywhere. I would like this for school as well as for my family and friends. I have a lot of movies and things of that nature that are on my mac mini or the hard drive connected to it, that I need. And most of the time when I need the files I am not on my home network. I tried macinstructs thing about the turning my mac into an FTP server. but it didnt work.

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MacBook :: How To Setup A Proxy Server

Jul 2, 2010

ok well im trying to use a proxy server in my browser because my dumb brother went on my accounts on some forums and posted stupid things and got me banned. i made a new account but i guess that forum must check your ip and or other info.

i would like to setup a proxy server so that my ip and any other info is hidden or shown as a different ip than my normal.

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OS X Server :: 10.4.11 - Cannot Print Or Page Setup

Nov 16, 2007

With any (!) program on my server, print or even page-setup draws the dreaded beachball.

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OS X Server :: How To Setup For Virtual Hosting?

Dec 20, 2010

I've developed on windows going on 15 years or so. About 8 months ago, I purchased a 24" iMac and found that I really like OS X. So I got the iPad next, last week I went and got the top of the line iMac 27" with the i7 quad... and this past friday, I purchased the Mac Mini Server I bumped the mem up to 8gigs... So let me get to my questions...

I have been running CentOS with Directadmin CP for several years for hosting. I want to start virtual hosting with OS X Server...

When I install the DA control panel on centos, there is the 2 main DNS servers I have to setup which points to the local machines 2 ip addresses dedicated for dns...

I can't find how to add these in OSX and do initial setup for virtual hosting.
Also, In my linux server, every user has a unique system account, user, group per account. Is that how I should setup users/groups for virtual hosting on OSX?

Last of all, are there any documentation for step by step setup of OSX for a virtual hosting platform?

I'm not getting no where on what I have found in google.

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Applications :: Is It Safe To Setup LAMP Server On Mac?

Dec 4, 2010

I'll be learning LAMP (mainly PHP), so I need to setup a LAMP server for testing purpose, I have a Thinkpad T60 and a Macbook Pro, I mainly use the Mac for my daily uses, so it is more convenient to setup a LAMP server on Mac. But I read some articles about how to do it, I have to turn on Web Sharing, so basically is it safe to do this?

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PowerPC :: Finding G4 Home Server Setup

Feb 1, 2008

I nabbed an old G4 Quicksilver from the office. 1ghz, dual processor, 1.5gb ram. I'm going to use it as a home file server to serve 1 powerbook and 1 pc laptop over a wireless airport network.

I've got it up and running headless in the basement, plugged into the airport. Out of sight, out of...well I don't have to listen to the thing. It's loud! Anyway, I can control it via VNC on my Powerbook. I use Vine Server and Chicken of the VNC for a viewer.

Here's the plan. Right now it has two 80gb drives in it. One has Tiger on it and one is empty. I just ordered two 500gb Seagate Barracuda drives for it. I believe that it is a late enough model that I don't have to worry about the 128gb limit. I hope that's right.

I also have 1 external 500gb firewire drive. 1 external 250gb drive and 2 external 160gb drives.

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PowerPC :: Home Media Hub / Server Setup?

Oct 13, 2008

I would like to set up a home media hub. I have the following devices I would like to be able to access the media:

Powerbook (1.5Ghz)
Mac Mini (Core 2 duo)
Old Pentium3 PC to an old Sony tube tv.

I also have an old Pentium4 PC which I was planning to use as the server. I was planning to throw in a 750gb HD instead of running this all off my external (which is what I use now hooked up to the Powerbook). How would I go about doing this? The router is hooked up to the mac mini at the moment.

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Hardware :: AirTunes Setup With Ubuntu Server On Mac OS X?

Oct 15, 2008

I have read that if you buy an AirPort Express, you can plug in a pair of speakers and create a wireless speaker environment. Just curious if I could save the $99 and do it with the Ubuntu server. Can I plug in a pair of speakers into the server and have the MacBook's sounds play through them?

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Mac Mini :: Getting New Unibody Server For Home Setup

Jun 22, 2010

I should be receiving my new Unibody Mac Mini Server to replace my current Mac Mini by this Friday but more than likely Monday. I hope to give a detailed review of the Mac Mini Server with pictures. I went with the Mac Mini Server purely for the dual 500gb hard drives which I desperately want. Currently I use my Mac Mini as my Media hub. Its connected to my TV via a DVI to hdmi cable. It has a Turbo.264 HD, 640gb usb external hard drive, and a wireless keyboard logtiech mouse and keyboard attached to it as well as a EyeTV 200 and EyeTV 500 that I use for recording TV shows and digitizing VHS tapes and other media to a digital format (Old analog camcorder tapes, etc). I do a lot of video related tasks with this Mac Mini constantly. My current Mac Mini was originally given to me because a co-worker who upgraded to a better Core 2 Duo Mac Mini, this Mac Mini was originally a Mac Mini Core Solo 1.5ghz. I have had this machine since late 2007. I upgraded the cpu to a 1.66ghz Core Duo immediately when I got it, and maxed the ram out to the whooping 2gb (yeah . . .). Also last year I upgraded the hard drive to a 320gb drive. This Mac Mini has been on running 24/7/265 literally since about December 2007 and its never crashed on my once. I love this Mac Mini its a tank. The only other upgrade I have performed on the Mac Mini was installing Artic Silver thermal paste which made an amazing difference on the Mac Mini.

The reason I'm upgrading is all my media and everything right now currently resides on an external 640gb hard drive that every now and then "disappears" from my Mac Mini, it doesn't even show up in Disk Utility or terminal, and I have to restart the external enclosure. YES I know I could just get a new external hard drive enclosure but I don't want to, I like that hard drive, it works well like 90% of the time. However I now have an HD Video camera and HD content I record via my EyeTV 500 and trying to watch that over my usb connection seems to be pushing the limits. So I'm going to raid the two 500gb to a 1TB drive and use the 640gb drive as a Time Machine drive, or maybe I'll just get a 1TB Time Machine drive . . . not quiet sure yet, for now it will just be the 640gb drive.....

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Magic Triangle Setup?

Feb 10, 2012

I´ve got a magic triangle setup, it seems to be working. I got a 10.7.3 Lion Server that has a bind to my AD and also is operating as OD Master. Then I´ve got a test user in my AD and a MacBook Air connected to AD and my OD, no issues here. Works fine logging on as my testuser to my AD on my MB Air. What I would like to do is to manage some Mac OS settings through my OD, I have two local groups in OD (Mac Users and Mac Computers). I have added my AD user test account to the Mac Users group and also added my MacBook AD computer account to the group Mac Computers. 

If I for example edit some settings applied to the user group, lets say that I edit some dock settings, that settings does work and applies when I log in to my AD. But the settings applied on the computer group does not work. I have tried setting some Energy Saver settings to the Mac Computers group but that setting does not go through when I log on to the computer belonging to that group. Any one seen this before, maybe pointing me in the right direction.

Mac Mini Server, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Open Directory Setup On 10.7.3?

Mar 14, 2012

I am trying to setup test server with following services:



Open Directory

Profile Manager

Software Update

But not having much of success. I have installed 10.7.3 on virtual machine (Using Fusion 4) on Mac Pro and given a 4 GB of RAM. This machine is running in its own bubble, it has no communication even with host. So I have configured DHCP and DNS services which seems to be working fine (I have confirmed with another client which can get IP and DNS server address from this server).

Now whenever I have tried to run OD setup using both tools (Server App and Admin Tool), it takes forever to configure (more than 1 hour) and then it fails with error saying "check your network settings". I have checked and machine has proper IP address (tried both DHCP and Static) and also used "lookup" utility to resolve the DNS address both ways (forward and reverse).

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Mac Mini :: Initial Setup On Server Without Monitor?

May 10, 2012

I have bought a mac mini lion server today. I do not have desktops in home, so no monitors.

How can I setup/login into it? I tried Server Admin Tools, but I do not have root password (tried blank and serial number).

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Lion Server

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Mac OS X Lion Server :: Can't Setup Networked Users

Jun 20, 2012

I'm trying to make it so that my students have the ability to log onto our iMacs (all running Lion) through our Mac Mini Server (also Lion).  I recently had to go through drastic changes in order to simply create a directory administrator, yet it still persists. The active directory isn't binded onto the server yet.  When I try to bind the my Active Directory with the Mac Mini, I get the following popup after logging in as the Directory Admin: 

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