OS X Mountain Lion :: External Seagate Hard Drive Just Changed To Read Only?

Dec 4, 2014

my External Seagate Hard drive just changed to read only on its own?

I went to get info and scrolled down to the  Sharing and Permissions

But there is nothing there but a greyed out : You can only read

There are No boxes to check or uncheck, No options to change to read and write, No name of owner or ignore ownership box. NOTHING ELSE IS THERE

I have recently upgraded to Mountain Lion and am having other problems as well

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Unable To Eject External Hard Drive?

Sep 8, 2014

I am having problems ejecting the external hard drive that I use to back up my laptop.  It is a 2012 MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.5.  My external hard drive is a WD 2 TB My Book Studio.  I use it to back up my laptop with Time Machine.  Every time I try to eject my disk now I am told that "The disk (Diskname) wasn't ejected because one or more programs may be using it."  I have tried some solutions like to stop Spotlight from indexing the disk and to try and turn off TimeMachine, but neither of these worked.  The only thing that has worked so far is to log out of my user name and log back in with a guest user and eject it from there.  This takes up a lot of time and is ultimately not really a sustainable way of working on my computer. 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)

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MacBook Pro :: OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5) USB External Hard Drive Not Showing Up

Aug 20, 2014

I have a Hitachi Touro USB 3.0 1TB external hard drive that has always worked on my Macbook. Formatted in FAT so it would work on both my PC and Mac. I can't remember exactly when it stopped working, but I think I had to reset my mac once as it stopped responding and the HDD was plugged in. After that it stopped showing up in Finder, but still appears in Disk Utility. It also shows up in Storage under "About This Mac".  I've tried resetting my computer, ran Apple Hardware Test, and have tested the hard drive on other computers and it works fine. Just doesn't show up in Finder on my mac!!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 13" Late 2012 model

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Seagate Drive Doesn't Have Enough Space For Backup?

Jun 1, 2014

The backup disk needs 290.20 GB for the backup but only 262.42 GB are available.

How can I delete the old back ups. It is a seagate drive

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OS X Mountain Lion :: WD My Passport External Hard Drive Is Not Showing Up In Finder

Aug 28, 2014

So a couple of days ago it was fine and today it does not show up in finder, or utility disk 

I am about to upgrade to Mavericks now

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Cannot Unmount Or Erase Partitioned External Hard Drive

Jun 21, 2014

I replaced a 1 TB external drive partiotioned in 2 with a 3 TB extrnal drive run/store my corbon copy cloner back up and time machine.

The 3 TB drive was successfully partitioned through the disk utility and both back ups are installed and the initial back up is complete.

My question is about the 1 TB drive.  I want to completely erase all data from the drive in order to use it for a different use. 

Using disk utility one of the partitions deleted without incident when following the same protocol the second partition produced error messages.

Volume erase failed 

Volume Erase failed with the error:

Couldn’t unmount disk.

If I try to eject the disk

It says it will not eject becaus e a program may be using it...

The only program that utilized this partition is Carbon Copy Cloner which is not being utilized on the new 3TB drive.

I do not see where there is a option to have more than on disk chosen for this purpose so am unsure why the disk utility is seeing the old partion as still in use.

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Restore Failed External HD To New Hard Drive From Time Machine?

Sep 11, 2014

Since the harddrive of my IMac was full, I added an external harddrive to the system for my photos. I use another external harddrive for time machine back-ups (backing up both the IMac and external harddrive with my iPhoto libraries). Recently the EHD with my photo libraries crashed. I now want to restore it from time machine onto a new external harddrive, but am not quite sure how to do this.

iMac (21.5-inch Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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OS X :: External Hard Disk Changed From "Read And Write" To "Read Only"

Aug 12, 2010

I have an external Transcend HD, which has been working perfectly fine for around 5 months now. It is NTFS, and I use NTFS-3g and Macfuse. Been running fine. Was able to read and write. Suddenly I am only able to read though. I go into the "Get Info" pane and the option to choose whether I want to read and write, or read only is gone, and all that it says is "You can read only". getting this back to read and write is really appreciated. I really need this disk.

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OS X :: Cannot Modify Seagate External Hard Drive

Jan 11, 2010

New IMac user. When I bought my imac I explained to the guy in the shop that I'd always been a PC and didn't want to loose everything I had amassed in the past 20 odd years. He sold me a Seagate 1T external hard drive and told me to rip everything off my PC and transfer it to my Mac, so far, so good. The problem I have is that I cannot delete, modify or add to the external hard drive, I can only view it and copy items.

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MacBook Pro :: Possible To Replace Hard Drive With External Seagate

Mar 23, 2012

can i replace the hard drive in my mac with a seagate go flex 2tb external hard drive? The problem is that it requires external power.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive (Seagate 1tb) Will Not Connect To It

Jun 19, 2012

My external hard drive (Seagate 1tb) will not connect to my macbook. The last few weeks it's been acting up, it's been really hard to connect and it usually takes a few trys, it transfers files REALLY slow, slower than normal and sometimes it doesnt even transfer them, it just stops about halfway through.

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Hardware :: Seagate External Hard Drive Erased Pictures

Apr 8, 2009

I got a Seagate 500GB external hard drive recently. I'm looking to delete files from my Mac after I back them up on the external hard drive. I tested this with one picture and after I deleted the picture then backed up the hard drive, the hard drive 'erased' the picture. I did talk to Seagate and the guy said it wasn't actually erased, it just went into history. (Although I can't find history and forgot to ask :/)

So, my question is - How can I put files on the external hard drive then delete them from my Mac and when I later back up my computer, keep the files on my external hard drive that were previously deleted from my computer. I know the files will be in history but I'd like for all of them to be in one place instead of searching through history for maybe one file here and there. I hope this makes sense!!! (I have Leopard OS)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Get Music And Pictures From Seagate External Hard Drive

Apr 23, 2012

How do i get the music and pictures from my seagate external hard drive to my macbook pro?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1

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OS X Yosemite :: How To Safely Eject 2 TB Seagate External Hard Drive

Dec 7, 2014

How do I safely "eject" my 2 TB Seagate external hard drive after backing my Mac Air onto it? I need to update my operating software, never had since I first got it. So I bought the Seagate HD, plugged it in and Time Machine just started running. Now I'd really like to be able to confirm that my entire machine backed up completely, and I think it is best to unplug the hard drive before upgrading the OS...is that right?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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MacBook Pro :: How To Reformat Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive

Jun 24, 2014

I recently purchased a 3TB Seagate® Expansion® external hard drive for PC. My plan is too reformat it so that I can use it, but it has been acting wierd on me. It says on Disk Utility that it is 4 gbs but I have a 3TB one. Im on OSX mavericks by the way.

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MacBook :: External Hard Drive - Seagate FreeAgent Go 250GB USB 5400 RPM

Jul 31, 2008

[URL: ...] I'm taking a Digital Media class on my study abroad trip this semester and one of the requirements for the class is that "Students will also need a portable external drive for storing files, a 120 gigabyte drive will be perfect." I'm not computer savvy whatsoever but would this be ideal for my class? We will be working on video projects and such. Also, I have a MacBook would it still work/be ideal with a MacBook?

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OS X :: Mac Can Only Read From External Hard Drive

Jul 6, 2009

I am sure this is a simple question, but I am having a problem going from windows to mac with an external hard drive. I can read and write to the drive on any windows PC. On my macbook pro laptop, I can only read. It will not let me write or erase anything to the drive. Does this have to do with the drives formatting? If so which format will let me both read and write on mac and pc?

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive Went Read Only?

Apr 1, 2012

I have a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive, which i've loaded movies, pictures, videos, and documents on to. I have only used up about 100GB of 1.5TB and for some reason when I plugged it in today it wont let me load anything onto it and if you click get info on it, it says you can only read.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 13"

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OS X Mavericks :: External Hard Drive Won't Read On Old PC?

Aug 27, 2014

I have 2 external hard drives one specifically for mac the other is for either mac or Windows base PC.  I backed up on my mac using the time capsule back up now.  When I attach to a usb ion my windows PC it wont read or even pick up either external discs, is this normal.   How do I get files from my mac to windows based PC, it does work using a memory stick.  But why won't PC pick up the drives.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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IMac :: External Hard Drive Constantly Being Read

Sep 5, 2010

For some reason my Lacie external drive that's hooked up to my imac is constantly being read for no reason. It's never idle and never rests until I eject it. I'm afraid the drive's gonna fail soon and all my work gone? Did a search but can't find anything online.

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MacBook :: Why Can't Read Or Write From My External Hard Drive

Mar 25, 2012

I recently borrowed my brother's laptop to use as a media station for listening to music from, and watching movies, in order to free up some space on my main macbook. In trying to migrate some files over, I discovered that my hard drive, a 320 GB WD Elements drive, is having some problems which I've never encountered before. It has always worked fine in the past, but now I can't transfer any files to or from it, from either computer.  In all of my troubleshooting, I've gotten various errors, (-36, -50), and various messages saying how the device can't be read or written from, or how some files contian unreadable data, etc.Disk Utility found an unused node when verifying the disk, and notified me that the disk needed to be repaired.I then used Disk Utility, which said it was able to successfully repair it, but the same problem remains, and after verifying the disk, it still says it needs to be repaired.I've tried to find any files that may be causing the problem, and was finally able to delete a seemingly troublesome file that was stuck in my trash bin from the external drive after trying various apps, (ie Trash It, Cocktail, What's Keeping Me?).This didn't end up solving anything...I've used terminal to eliminate some other potentially problematic files, with no luck still, and I'm not too confident with Terminal so I don't want to be messing around too much without more guidance.

I've used Disk Warrior to try to solve the problem, but still with no success.When I use the app to Check All Files and Folders, it does so for only a few seconds, then reports that "An unexpected error ocurred while attempting to perform file operations" for several files, and that several files' "Property list is damaged and cannot be repaired".  When using Disk Warrior to REBUILD the drive, the app pauses for about 15 seconds, then says that it can't be rebuilt because it is in use.Again, I've used the What's Keeping Me? app to kill any activity with the drive, and the same error occurs.I've spent a lot of time trying to sort this out.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive Reverted To Read Only

Jun 22, 2012

My external hard drive has reverted back to it's read-only form after a few weeks of running fine using tuxera so I can use my hard drive with my mac. Now tuxera or similar programs don't even recognise the drive.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011)

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OS X :: External Hard Drive Folders Unlock To Read & Write?

Nov 14, 2010

I bought a Seagate Free Agent Go Flex External drive. I transferred all my files from my previous external HD.

When I went to access my folders on my external HD, the folders are all locked, with Sharing and Permission section in the Information "Everyone: Read" only! I can't change any of the information or move things! All of them are locked and "read only." I know how to change it, but only manually, individually. I have several hundreds of folders and I don't want to manually change all of them to "Read & Write." Is their a way to let me re-set the folders to "Read & Write" easily??

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive Not Allowing To Read & Write?

May 21, 2012

I have an external hard drive(seagate 250 NTFS format) which i have used on my windows 7 computer now that i'm trying to load the information onto my macbook pro (10.7.4) it will not let me change the permissions nor duplicate the files. How can I be able to edit and save the information to my mac from the external drive??

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: IMac Won't Start Up - Error Message Saying External Hard Drive Could Not Read

Feb 7, 2010

Ok so I have an 8800 GS imac, 3.06 intel core 2, 4 gigs ram. Running snow lepord. I need to resolve an issue where I can not get into OSX. At first I got error messeges saying my external HDD could not read, now it looks like its my primary drive because when I restarted I got the progress bar under the apple logo, indicating that something is wrong with the OS. The bar when to full 100% but then I got stuck at never ending spinning wheel. I restarted and no more progress bar but still the spining wheel of death. I really dont mind refomrating its just that I had some important text documents and other files that I cant get back without recoving them some how. How to proceed? I held down cmd v or s (i forgot) on startup and got a black screen with several problem statements. One reads the system boot strapper has crashed trace BPT trap.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Read And Write To External Hard Drives?

Apr 13, 2012

hey all, this has been really frustrating for me today. i want to be able to write to an external HDD that's formatted in NTFS. today i find out it isn't possible to write to this file system on a Mac and that on FAT32 it is possible. however, FAT32 can't address files larger than 4GB so this hurts me a lot. are there any other file systems that'll allow me to read and write from a Mac? my goal was to use freeNAS to build a NAS with an old tower and connect my external hard drives to it, but if i can't write to them this may not be possible. 

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: External 2TB Drive Is 'read Only'?

Apr 12, 2012

i just bought a mac mini and everything seems to be running great. however, i plugged in a 2TB drive i used on my Windows 7 laptop and whenever i try to delete or add a file i get an error saying the drive is 'read only'. i've plugged in a USB thumb drive and this works fine. is there anything i can do? 

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Hard Drive Space Is Dramatically Low?

Jun 23, 2014

I have a MacBook Air with 251 GB of hard drive space, yet I only have 3 gigabytes free. I checked all my folders and they certainly do not add up to 248 GB, so where is all of this coming from? I checked my activity monitor and there is nothing that drastically large neither.

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Cannot Install On New Hard Drive 2011 Mac Pro

Aug 19, 2014

for some reason I bought the infamous 2011 mac pro, and the hard drive kept having IN/OUT problems and after it destroyed half day of work, I decided to get a new hard drive, *blue WD 500g" but i have tried EVERYTHING and i just cant install mountain lion on it.

1.- i tried forcing the recovery mode so It would connect to the internet and download mountain lion but after 10 min or so i trows the -2002f error at me

2.- I tried to use the old hard drive that i put on a external hard drive reader so I could get the recovery partition but i just keep restarting the installation no reason given

3.- downloaded the mountain lion and tried to installing it on the system hard drive of the laptop trough a computer running snow leopard but dosn't let me.

4.- tried the same thing on target mode without success

5.- using the recovery partition I used disk utility to se of the partition was locked but it was not

6.- created a different partition to see if it would install it  there didn't work. 

Mac Pro, iOS 6.1.6

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OS X Mountain Lion :: Can Partition External Drive That Already Has Some Data On It

Dec 6, 2014

I have an external hard drive that is about one third full.  Can I now partition it into 2 partitions in which the existing data is in Partition 1, and Partition 2 is empty and available for new, different data?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

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