MacBook :: Installing Windows On The MB Without Bootcamp?

Nov 22, 2008


how exactly is that achieved?

anyone tried it, and any benefits of bypassing bootcamp?

and doing it without bootcamp, will rEFIt still work?

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MacBook Pro :: Installing Windows 7 With Bootcamp And Then XP Or Vista Over It

Apr 13, 2012

I want to know if it is possible to install windows XP or Vista over Windows 7 that has been installed via Bootcamp. I am currently using OS X Lion 10.7.3.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp And Drivers On Vista -macbook

Oct 13, 2010

im having trouble installing bootcamp and drivers on vista for my macbook. i installed vista without problems but when i put my leopard disc in it doesnt not run the bootcamp installer instead it goes into a macbook air installer and asks for me to connect to a macbook air. what is wrong? i have done it before so i dont know why i cant do it now. should i do everything all over again?

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MacBook :: Installing Windows With BootCamp From Thumb Drive

May 18, 2009

I have an Aluminum MacBook, is it possible to install Windows with boot camp from a thumb drive? I have access to the ISOs I need (from MSDNAA), but I ran out of CDR/DVDRs. Ideally I would extract the ISO onto the thumb drive and have it behave the same as if it was a CD, is it that simple or is there something else I will need to do?

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Windows On Mac :: 7 Via Bootcamp - Perfect Install On Macbook Pro / Not Installing On Pro

Jun 17, 2009

I got the Windows RC1. I installed it perfectly with bootcamp on my macbook pro, no problems, no issues. On that install I partitioned the one and only drive in the notebook. I then went to install it on my Desktop mac pro. I wanted to allocate a complete drive to it, so I dropped in a WD blue in the 3rd bay. Formatted it, I tried both ways. Partitioning & dedicating the entire drive to windows 7. Neither worked. It started the install everything seemed normal until you get to the prompt screen to format the boot camp disk.

Your thoughts....
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MacBook Pro :: Installing Windows (bootcamp) W/o OSX Disk...need Drivers

Jul 10, 2009

So i'm at work installing Vista via bootcamp on my newer Macbook Pro and I don't have my OSX disk. Where else can I get the drivers?

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Windows On Mac :: Can I Partition My Mac Drive After Installing Windows Through Bootcamp

Nov 10, 2009

perhaps I am doing something wrong? I wanted to install Windows XP on my iMac. I previously had partitioned my Mac drives. I backed everything on these drives to my external and blew the partitions away creating my one Mac drive again.

I then ran Bootcamp, created a partition and installed XP. Everything was fine. I then partitioned my main drive and got the warning message about Bootcamp maybe not working afterwards. So I finished partitioning my Mac drive as I wanted and now I don't have the option of booting into XP through Bootcamp. When I try it just shows the Mac drive as my only boot option. I see the XP Bootcamp drive in the System Preferences startup disk area, but I assume I did something to the partition once I partitioned my Mac drives

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OS X :: Installing Windows Without Bootcamp?

May 23, 2008

I'm running tiger and I've found these instructions, will they work?

Back up your OS X partition.

Create new HFS and NTFS partitions with Disk Utility (or use iPartition $$$ to preserve data).

Insert Windows XP SP2 disc

Reboot Mac, holding down Option.

Boot from XP disc to install it on the NTFS partition.

I have a friend who has a leopard dvd, can I get the proper drivers from that (I'm using a mac pro tower).

can I create a new partition just by using disk utility and leave my existing one intact without modifying it?

also... do I have to backup my os X partition?

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OS X :: Installing Windows 7 Using BootCamp?

Jun 9, 2009

I just downloaded the RC of Windows 7 (64-bit) and am trying to install it on my 2 month old macbook pro. This is my first mac, so i'm still getting used to it. I have created a dvd with the w7 iso image on it, created a 20gb partition using bootcamp, and now at the step of installing w7 on that new partition. The problem i'm running into is when trying to install, it says the partition needs to be formatted as NTFS. After backtracking and not seeing an option to make this new partition in NTFS format, i'm at a dead end. What can I do now?

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OS X :: Bootcamp Gone After Installing Windows 7

Sep 3, 2009

I use SL Bootcamp Assistance and installed Windows 7 RTM on my Mac mini, but after installation no Bootcamp in Windows.

My Mac Mini use an Apple mouse but a wireless PC keyboard.

My questions are:

1. Anyway to get the Bootcamp back so I can choose to boot in Mac OS X?

2. With the PC keyboard, how to "option-key" so I can select the boot device while power on?

BTW I purchased my Mac Mini in April 2009 and did a brand new install of SL. I noticed when used Bootcamp Assistance it said my machine cannot support x64, but I followed a post in this forum to "force run" BootCampx64 under /Bootcamp/Drivers/Apple of the SL DVD. Is it the reason why Bootcamp is

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Windows Drivers On Bootcamp?

Sep 10, 2010

So I got windows 7 installed on my 2010 mbp but when I went to install my windows drivers via my Mac osx disc I realixed I couldnbt find it.

Is there anyway to install all the drivers/apple software without my OSX disc? If not, how do I go about getting a replacement disc from apple?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing WinXP Pre SP2 Via Bootcamp?

Oct 18, 2010

Is this possible?

The only copy of windows XP i have is pre SP2. I tried to install this last night via boot camp, but after spending hours installing and loading the drivers from the mac disc, not all were installed. Then I was hardwired to my router to run windows update to get SP2/SP3 I could not for the life of me get the 3 drivers to install.

Ethernet controller, although the ethernet port worked. Bluetooth driver, cannot find the driver on the Mac disc VGA driver, cannot find the driver on the Mac disc

I also don't seem to have a wireless connection or even an option to use my wifi card on my macbook with windows.

The macbook is a 2010 unibody, white.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers In XP

Dec 2, 2010

realised that my previous post was in the wrong section, (sorry!) so i decided to re-post it in the correct place.

Ok, so i setup bootcamp and installed windows xp. installed the bootcamp drivers, and things worked fine for a couple of days.... than the bootcamp appeared to get corrupted. fn keys cant work, xp cant detect mac partition (cant access any files in there, though the reverse works), no bootcamp icon in system try. someone mentioned to search for the KbdMgr.exe or bootcamp and start the program, but i cant find both items.

re-installation of bootcamp with the cd doesnt seem to work for me. either the system restarts before installation is completed, or xp crashes during the installation process. EDIT: now all i get is xp crashing before installation is complete

downloaded the bootcamp 2.1 but absolutely nothing happens when i click on the exe file!

there are a bunch of apple drivers shown in the add/remove programs, but they dont seem to be working (tried to remove them all and re-install, but xp crashed halfway and i had to use the cd to repair it). seems to me all that the drivers are 'there' already, but not working.

short of completely starting over from scratch and re-installing the entire windows, is there anything else i can try?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing XP With BootCamp For Games

Feb 11, 2009

I just purchased my new Mac 2 days ago, Its a Macbook pro 2.53ghz model. I'm a big gamer so I want to instal Winxp to play games like fallout 3, crysis, cod 5 etc. How much space should I create for my windows partition? If its more than 32Gigs, what is the procedure after?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing For Games - Other Than Bootcamp

Feb 26, 2009

I've been trying on and off to get bootcamp working on my mbp but it has issues I can't fix so I'm giving up with bootcamp. Is it possible for me to install windows on another partition using a program such as parallels, then natively boot up. I say this because I assume running games inside parallels would be slow. (I've tried crossover games and it is buggy with steam for me)

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Vista Via Bootcamp?

Apr 27, 2009

i am about to install windows vista via bootcamp on my new imac and i was just reading on apples install guide to only install windows 32bit... but the version i bought is 64bit cause in a previous thread i asked what u should install and someone said 64bit... is it ok to install it? what should i do... if i anyone can answer this quickly it would mean alot i want to install it asap!

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp Drivers On XP SP3

Jun 30, 2009

I just got everything brand new again: a Macbook and Windows XP SP3 integrated CD.

I installed Windows and I am now struggling to install the bootcamp drivers.

I run the 2.1 installer and nothing happens at all. nada, no error messages etc.

I presume that this is some problem with SP3, but I have SP3 integrated so I can't install SP2 , install bootcamp and then install SP3, unfortunately..

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Bootcamp 3.0 Drivers On 7

Sep 3, 2009

I've tried three times to install Bootcamp drivers on my Windows 7 partition and all times have failed with a mini BSOD that says "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer" a couple seconds after it's done installing the ATI drivers and it's just a green bar with no text above it. I couldn't read the rest of the BSOD because it goes away in 2 seconds. Any help/fix for this would be appreciated. I'm thinking of just reinstalling the 2.0 drivers but I really want access to my Mac side while in Windows.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing 7 - Flashing In Bootcamp

Oct 21, 2009

Just got my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium and decided to install it via bootcamp to try out Aion! but when the mac restarts to install Windows 7 I always get the flashing _ I left for an hour or so but it stays like that! I have the full final copy of Windows 7!

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Windows On Mac :: Bootcamp Not Installing XP SP3 - Just Freezes

Jan 14, 2010

I tried to install wondows xp SP3 using bootcamp on my macbook pro (new) and it goes fine up to the point of the actual installing. It goes to 28% and then freezes. I was using the FAT system with 32gb partitioned space, however I also tried it on all of the other modes but it doesn't work either and always stops at 28%.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Installing Windows XP On Bootcamp?

Jun 28, 2012

I own an unused copy of Windows XP professional and i want to add a new partition on my Macbook Pro so i can install Windows XP on it and have OSX and Windows on one machine. But with the new version of Bootcamp that comes with OSX Lion, i cant install XP because its not supported. When i put the Windows XP Installation disc and click the 'Install" button on Bootcamp, it doesn't recognize the disc because Windows XP isn't supported on this version of Bootcamp. I am also unable to downgrade back to Snow Leopard. Is there anyway i can get Windows XP to work on my Lion based machine without downgrading my Mac OS or using a VM?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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OS X :: Installing Snow Leopard/Windows 7 On Mac With Bootcamp

Oct 30, 2009

I have a unibody 13" MacBook running Leopard with Bootcamp running Windows Vista. I want to try and make the move this weekend to both Snow Leopard AND Windows 7.

First, what is my best plan of attack here? Will Snow Leopard install just fine and ignore my current 25gb partition of Vista currently set up? (i.e. not effect it at all). I would assume so but I'm not totally sure.

Second, what is the best way to go about installing Windows 7? I am a university student and I will be getting the $30 upgrade version of Windows 7. I've heard that doing a clean install is the best way to go instead of going over vista, so I hear I need to make an iso out of the upgrade version and use that?

I'm planning on doing Snow Leopard first, then Windows 7 second as this seems like the most logical order for me.

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OS X :: Technical Difficulties In Installing Windows 7 Sys In A Mac Through Bootcamp

Apr 27, 2010

I bought a new Core i5 Macbook Pro, and I want to install Windows 7 on it through Bootcamp. I have a friend that told me not to buy the Windows 7 full retail version and instead buy install the "System Builders" version of Windows 7 on my Mac, and save money. I just wanted to know if there's someone who has sucessfully installed Windows 7 OEM "System Builders" edition and if there's any technical difficulties in installing Windows 7 System Builders edition in a Mac through Bootcamp.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Vista 64 Ultimate Via Bootcamp?

Aug 28, 2010

I recently purchased a 2010 Mac Pro 2.8 quad and installed vista 64 via boot camp. It just doesn't seem to recognize any wireless connection as if the airport card isn't even installed. I checked device manager and it shows that the network controller does not have any drivers installed. I have never had any issues connecting wireless with the 2010 mac mini or previous macs.

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Windows On Mac :: Installing Older XP Onto Bootcamp Partition?

Oct 16, 2010

I have Windows XP on my Recovery disc that came with my Toshiba laptop (which of course I bought). Since I won't be using that old laptop anymore, can I install that XP onto my Bootcamp partition?

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Windows On Mac :: Installing 7 Over Vista Business In Bootcamp?

May 17, 2009

I searched everywhere and didn't find an answer.

I currently have Vista Business installed in Bootcamp. Will I have problems if I try to install Windows 7 over the top of it, or should I delete Vista and the partition and start over clean?

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Mac Pro :: Installing The WHQL 186 Drivers On Windows 7 64-BIT (BootCamp)

Jun 21, 2009

I've bought and installed into my computer the NVidia GeForce GTX 285 1GB for Mac, it's a great card, I'm on Windows 7 at the moment, if I install the WHQL 186 drivers, will it affect anything on the Mac side? does it manipulate the card or do anything that would make it windows only or damage it etc..?

This is the link: [URL]

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Windows On Mac :: Installing With Snow Leopard Bootcamp

Oct 16, 2009

I can install snow leopard clean on a fresh drive on my MBP with my upgrade disk. It is the disk that came as a drop-in dvd with the MBP, along with its original install disks. If I install windows using bootcamp assistant, do I use that disk when it asks for the drivers, etc. during installation? Or do I use my leopard install disks that came with my computer? Is the snow leopard bootcamp process any different from the process in leopard? I had windows Vista on there fine before upgrading my hard drive and going to snow leopard. Do I need to print out those 25 pages again?

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IMac :: Installing Windows On Bootcamp And Parallels?

Aug 3, 2010

I just bought Windows 7. Can I install on both bootcamp and parallel or can I only pick one or the other since i only have one license?

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OS X :: How Long Did The Black Screen Last When Installing Windows Via Bootcamp

Aug 28, 2010

I'm doing this for the nth time now but because it's been so long I've forgotten how long it's supposed to take.

I ran Bootcamp assistant, and installed the windows disc. Next up is a black screen, with a flashing cursor in the top left corner.

Been like that for 15 mins. Has it crashed or is it normal? It's on a brand new MBP so I'd expect it to be faster than when I used to do it on older MBPs

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