MacBook :: Won't Work With Unplugged / Shuts Off

Feb 16, 2010

My Macbook shuts off immediately when unplugged and will not start up unless it's plugged in. This just started last night...I was using it while it was charging and then unplugged it when it got to 100%, and it immediately shut off. Prior to this, it seemed to be charging and running fine. It also runs fine plugged in.

I did some searching and tried some of the suggestions I found...shutting down, taking the battery out, holding down the power button for 5 secs, and replacing the battery...making sure the connectors were clean, downloading battery update, etc. Nothing helped. I also read an article about how the lithium polymer batteries will just quit suddenly like that instead of running down gradually. So I'm hoping all I need is to buy a new battery. But my question is this: Since the system profiler shows the battery health is "good," does this indicate something else is the problem? Or will it still show it's good after it completely dies?

Here are the stats according to System Profiler:
Charge Information:
Charge remaining (mAh):3955
Fully charged:Yes
Full charge capacity (mAh):3956
Health Information:

I am just now learning about these things, so apparently 1047 cycles is a good life for the battery. I just want to know that this is the only problem so I can order a battery and be done with it. Wish I could run it over to the Apple store and have them check it, but it's an hour and a half away, so if I do that, it'll have to be later in the week or next week. Naturally, I don't want to be patient and wait.

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Laptops :: Won't Work / Shuts Off Immediatly After AC Unplugged

Dec 29, 2009

I have a macbook mid 2007 that shuts down immediately after it is unplugged from AC. I've tried the battery on another machine and it works fine as well as trying a known good battery in this machine.Also I've tried a known good AC adapter. Other things I have done are run the hardware test which shows no errors, reset the smc and Pram, repaired permissions etc. the battery appears normal in the menu bar and says it is fully charged.Also it Appears in system information as normal.coconut battery also appears normal with 275 cycles.I'm hoping the problem lies in the Battery Connector with Sleep Switch and not the logic board. Anyone had any experience with this problem?

One other strange thing is that after unplugging the AC the system shuts down immediately, but once you plug it back in it starts without the power button being pressed.

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Windows On Mac :: Won't Work With Unplugged / Vista Shuts Down

Mar 9, 2009

I used Bootcamp to install Vista on my Mac Book Pro 2.4 Ghz (April '08). It has been working very well until Dec 2008. While running a PC game on battery, Vista operating system would just shut down unexpectedly. If the machine is plugged in, it would work fine. Currently the problem is getting worse; when I boot up into Vista on battery, it would shut down in about 2-3 minutes.

Initially I thought it was a battery problem. I booted up into Leopard and checked the battery information in System Profiler. I didn't see any problem. 332 cycles and condition is "Good." In addition, Leopard works just fine on battery.

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MacBook :: Shuts Down When Unplugged - Battery Is Good

Jan 10, 2010

I have a 3 1/2 year old Macbook, my Applecare has ran out. About six months ago my computer began shutting off immediately when unplugged. (Was letting my roomates use the computer, came home one day and it started doing this.) I believe that my battery is OK, it performs between 97% and 99% consistently. When I do the battery test, all of the lights light up.

I've read through the forums and it seems a lot of people are having this problem, but their batteries are bad. What are some options/solutions to this problem? I am willing to invest money wisely into the computer to keep it running smoothly for a while.

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Mac Pro :: Shuts Down Instead Of Sleeping Then Needs To Be Unplugged To Start Up

Jan 25, 2010

This is a new problem, started immediately after moving the computer gently a foot to the left...

When computer goes to sleep it shuts down.

Then when I press the power button I hear the mechanical click but it doesn't power back up.

Then if I unplug and re-plug it'll start back up. Happens every time like this.

I've, reseated the RAM chips, repaired permissions and reset SDC (SMC? whatever you call it when you hold the power button in for five seconds after unplugging).

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work With Battery / After Being Unplugged From AC

Dec 20, 2010

I usually use my laptop at a desk plugged into an AC outlet. Well I was going to be away for a week, so I unplugged it, when I came back, the battery went from 97%, not charging to 12% when I booted the laptop up again.

Also, can one continue using a macbook laptop if the battery is dead, but run it through or plugged into an ac outlet all the time?

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Work / Goes To Sleep When Unplugged

Apr 26, 2008

MBP plugged in, lid closed, using external monitor only. But when I unplug it, it immediately goes into sleep mode and doesn't wake until I open the lid.

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MacBook :: Won't Work With Brightness Dims / Charger Is Unplugged

Dec 31, 2010

When I unplug my charger from the side of my computer, my brightness on my MacBook goes down a few notches. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

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MacBook Pro :: Safari4.0 Doesn't Work - Shuts Down - Ichat Can't Work

Jul 8, 2009

I told myself not to do it. Don't update the Safari software to 4.0, you know how they always mess up these things. And yet, per accident I did. Of course Safari 4.0 doesn't work. Every time I open it, it shuts down. iChat also doesn't work anymore, and even the Dashboard shuts down every now and then. In addition, the computer feels incredibly slow. I can't download rapidshare links on iGetter anymore and everything just feels wrong. Countless threads have been opened on this matter with a variety of different problems for different people. Yet I have not read a proper solution. I have seen all kinds of technical solutions being offered but I'm not a computer wiz and I do not know the terms they use. I just want to go back to Safari 3.2 or at least the one before the 4.0 But I read that deleting Safari 4 and reinstalling 3.2 won't work because of a certain webkit that got installed with it, making it impossible to go back.

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OS X :: Won't Work With IPod Touch / Turns Off When Unplugged

Oct 1, 2010

My iPod Touch only turns on when its docked on my radio/ipod dock but will immediately turn off as soon as I take it from it. It won't even turn on and sync when connected to my macbook. The iPod has never had battery problems or anything else wrong with it.

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Software :: Won't Work With Ibook G4 / Shutdown When Unplugged

Nov 8, 2007

several months ago when my ibook g4 was just over a year old it began suddenly going to a blank screen when the battery was fully charged and the computer was unplugged. Sometimes i would hold down the power button and the computer would come back from seemingly having fallen asleep. other times i would have to plug the computer in and hold down the power button for it to come back. to do this it would make this whirring fan sound before going from a black to a gray screen and then finally re-starting up from the beginning. a box would then appear telling me that my date and time were set wrong and that this could cause some functions to behave erratically. this despite my having frequently changed the date and time zone back to my own and locking the settings. the computer keeps switching the date back to 1969. and now when i put a dvd into the computer it just spits it back out and won't play it. long story short...i am beginning to hate my mac. what's the point of a laptop if you have to leave it plugged in for it to work. apple tech support has done nothing to help me and has refused to admit that the g4's have a problem despite my having read about tons of people having these exact same problems after a year. i read something about how in denmark this consumer group proved that there was a faulty part attached to the battery coming loose and that they were suing apple.

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Hardware :: Won't Work With Airport Express / Ethernet Unplugged

Jul 24, 2010

I just got an airport express. airtunes works fine, but for some reason I cant get it to create a wireless network when i plug in the ethernet cable, it just tells me the Ethernet is Unplugged. The cable works, as I am using it to connect now.

The setup is :

Cable Modem - MSI RG60SE Wireless Router - Ethernet Cable to my room

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Software :: Won't Work With Unplugged And Removed Battery / Error

Jan 18, 2010

I made the mistake of unplugging and removing the battery from my iBook while in sleep mode, to reinsert a screw I found on the floor. Now at startup it's stuck on the blue screen. I've tried several resets, icluding shift-command-option-power, zapping the PRAM command-option-P-R which got my "startup sound" back, which I let chime 3X, I reset the NVRAM, single user mode confirmed the clock was reset (to 1904) and an fsck said the system "Appears to be OK." I've had no luck with "safe boot," I have no reset button and no OS disk to boot from. Verbose mode prints up the same 10 lines over and over "(error) imprt: importer start failed for 89, invalid destination port, no such file directory, run loop could not be started." It's a 14" iBook G4 running OS 10.5.6. I don't mind if files are lost-there's nothing important on there.

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MacBook Pro :: Shuts Down After Login And Safe Mode Does Not Work

Dec 3, 2014

My MBP (2012 or 2013 not sure which!) is having an issue. When I try to login, my password is accepted and then a progress bar appears. After a quarter load, my mac turns off. Unfortunately safe mode (holding shift) does not work. I have tried smc and pvram resets and repairing through disk utility. None of this has worked...   

I'm running yosemite. The last thing I did before logging off is installing divx web player.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 8.1.1

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MacBook Pro ::Won't Fix / Unplugged But Icon Saying Plugged In

Nov 24, 2010

When you unplug power from your MBP, the battery icon is supposed to show the battery level. Right now, mine shows the plug icon and if I click it it says power source is the power adapter. It's sitting in my lap not plugged in.

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MacBook Pro :: Won't Use Wifi / Computer Is Unplugged

Aug 6, 2009

last night I installed firmware 10.5.8 on my 2.4GHz Penryn MBP and ever since then, I am unable to use Wi-Fi when my computer is unplugged. When my computer is plugged in I am able to use Wi-Fi, but the second I pull out my power cord, it immediately stops.

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Hardware :: How Much Time On MacBook Pro Unplugged?

May 9, 2007

I am getting about 2 hours on my MacBook Pro using Airport running on the battery with the Conservation option set in Energy Savings. Is this normal? How much time are you getting? Can we do a poll?

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MacBook :: Why Does It Shut Off Every Time It Is Unplugged

Feb 2, 2012

Every time that I unplug my MacBook it immediately shuts off. I have read similar stories but there is no black or red "x" on my battery icon. I have tried to take the battery out and put it back in but it didn't work. The light on the plug in is green and I'm not sure what is wrong.


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MacBook Pro :: Trackpad Keeps Jumping Around Even When Is Unplugged?

Mar 17, 2012

my trackpad keeps jumping around even when is unplugged.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook :: Showing Its Plugged In And (Not Charging) / While Unplugged

Oct 11, 2010

I'm not sure if this is should be in hardware or software, so I apologize if this is in the wrong catagory.
I have a "5,1" Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook
2.0 Ghz
2 gb RAm

I just replaced the stock 160gb hard drive with a 500 gb Seagate. Everything is working perfectly except for one odd issue:
While plugged in, the MacBook says it is charging normally and appears to actually be doing so. However, when I unplug it, it shows the plug icon on the battery as it does at 100% charge and says "(Not Charging)". Power management wise it also behaves as if it is plugged in. So, as you can imagine that is quite annoying as it doesn't dim / sleep when it should if left sitting and I can't see my battery % when it is unplugged. I have looked EVERYWHERE on the net to no avail. The MacBook is no longer under warranty so no dice there. I have also checked my energy settings as well as reset the SMC.

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MacBook Pro :: Magsafe Light Staying On After Its Unplugged

Jul 11, 2009

My Magsafe charger started acting really odd today. It started with the light not working when I was charging the computer. Even tough the light didn't come on the computer still said it was charging. I unplugged it for a bit & plunged it back in. This time the light came on & it was green even though it wasn't fully charged. But now when i unplug it, the light stays on as long as its plugged into the wall. The only thing I've changed lately is I replaced the hard drive, but its been about a week and this just started happening tonight.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Calibration / Unplugged While Recharging

Jul 19, 2009

I was sick of the battery life I was getting on my 15" Macbook Pro 3,1 (early 2008 model), so I went to the apple store yesterday to get a new one. I was over 400 cycles, so I had to just buy it, they wouldn't replace it for me. I expected that, so no big deal. But I wanted to treat this battery right. I got home, charged it up to 100%, let it sit at that for a few hours, and then let it drain overnight and rest at empty for a few hours. This afternoon, I plugged it back in with the intention of letting it fully charge and thus complete my battery calibration, but at around 40% charged, the cat yanked the charger cable out from my laptop. And then a little bit later, my girlfriend did it again. So, has my time been wasted here? Battery calibration is such a pain in my rear. i hate it. I use my laptop often and expect it to be available to me whenever I need it, regardless of how many other computers i own. I really don't want to deal with it again in the near future. And I may not.

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Sometimes Won't Charge After Being Unplugged For A Few Hours?

Mar 19, 2012

I've tried two brand new adapters and neither work after my MBP is unplugged for a few hours and then plugged back in. Eventually it'll work again, but occasionally it doesn't acknowledge the power source. Will AppleCare cover this?

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Macbook Pro Shutting Off When Unplugged And At 80% Battery?

Mar 22, 2012

I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro 15 in. that i got in May of 2011. When i unplug the power adapter it works fine, but at about 80% battery it shuts off. i go to turn it back on and it acts as if it is dead, i press the power button again and it turns on without problem (although the date and time at first is messed up). What is wrong? I recently had to get my hard drive replaced 2 months ago and it has been working fine until yesterday.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: No Longer Have Sound When Headphones Unplugged

Jun 21, 2014

When I unplug my headphones from my mac book pro I no longer have sound? 

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MacBook Pro :: Battery Loosing Charge Quickly After Unplugged

Feb 16, 2010

So I usually keep my UMBP plugged in at all times. It unplugged by accident and went to 99% so I left it unplugged but literally less then maybe 7 minutes my battery is already reading down to 92%. Brightness on screen is set all the way up, if that has anything to do with it.

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MacBook :: Battery - MagSafe Adapter Was Lit Up Green Even When Unplugged From Mac

Mar 2, 2010

Firstly i have a MacBook 10.4.11 that is somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. I have had no problems with the Mac up until yesterday. Yesterday i was charging my Mac and everything was fine but i noticed that the MagSafe Adapter was lit up Green, even when unplugged from my Mac. I shrugged it off until this morning when i realised that when i unplug my adapter the Mac just turns off and won't turn back on until i plug the adapter back in. I have seen different threads about it being a battery problem or a charger problem but i am not sure where to start as most of the threads say that their Battery Icon on the Mac screen has a black "X" through it. Mine just has the Forks in the battery icon and where it would have a Time or % of what is left in the Battery, it just has a (Calculating...) and when i click to see how much it has charged, it says 0%

I also downloaded Coconut Battery and here is what it says:

Current Battery Charge: 0 mAh
Maximum Battery Charge : 5093 mAh


Current Battery Capacity: 5093 mAh
Original Battery Capacity: 5020 mAg


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MacBook :: Unplugged For 3 Weeks Now Battery Not Recognized / Charging

Apr 5, 2012

I left my mac unplugged for 3 weeks and now the battery isn't recognized and is not charging. I have tried removing it, but that hasn't worked.


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MacBook Air :: Battery Half Full But It Switches Off When Unplugged

May 1, 2012

My 10 month old Macbook Air 13" battery behaves weird every 4 weeks. When unplugged the MBA switches off suddenly without a warning even the battery is still more than half full. Plugging it in it tells it takes 20 hours for a full charge but never gets full. After unplugging it crashes after some minutes again and goes dark.

The battery' got 178 load cycles and 5675 mAh out of originally 6700 mAh (84%). Did several SMC resets and PRAM resets. I even reinstalled Lion from scratch without changing the battery's behavior. Calibrating the battery isn't possible because it does not discharge but crashes. I tried three different power adapters.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook :: Sound Suddenly Stopped Working After I Unplugged My Headphones

May 25, 2012

my sound suddenly stopped working after i unplugged my headphones, how do i fix this?


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