MacBook Pro :: Pre-9/7 Versus Post-9/7

Aug 27, 2010

I'm at the point that I am finally needing to upgrade from my old 15" MBP (1,1), and will be jumping to a 13" MBP base model. I know Apple is currently running the promotion with the (up to) $199 MIR with an iPod purchase, but my trusty 160GB Classic is doing a marvelous job as is, so the iPod is relatively frivolous for me at the moment.

The question is whether or not there's a perk to buying now and just selling off an iPod brand new (aka bigger MBP discount), or if they run some different promotion after the current one lapses on the 7th that I might have an interest in. I'd scour my memory to recall if they do any other fall promotions (but it rarely remembers these sales, been nearly four years since I bought my last Mac), and searching has been fruitless (or I'm just using ill-formed queries). In any case, my purchase isn't terribly time-crucial (in the short term), but I'm certainly not waiting until Nov/Dec to pick one up. Does anyone recall if Apple traditionally does some other sort of promotion after the typical "rake in all the college students and give 'em free iPods to clean house" at the start of the school season?

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PowerPC :: Older G5 Versus IMac Versus MacBook Pro For Work

Oct 25, 2007

So I have a 1.8ghz dual G5 with 3gb of ram for work. I mainly work in Adobe CS and do a far amount of Photoshop work. At any given time I may have all of Adobe CS plus Office and a few other apps running -- and a gazillion fonts. Went to the store and saw the new 24" iMac. How would a new iMac compare to my late '04 1.8DP G5? On that same note, how would a new MacBook Pro compare to the above?

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Hardware :: Dell 2407WFP A04 Versus Dell G2410 Versus Dell 2209WA Versus Samsung F2380

Nov 2, 2009

I'm looking for a new monitor to go with my MBP, and I'm stuck trying to choose between the ones listed above.

The 2407WFP is a couple of years old now I guess, but it's the rev A04 version, which supposedly fixed the (few) problems with what was otherwise meant to be a great screen. It's an sPVA screen.

I've heard good reviews of the G2410, with its LED backlighting. It's still a TN panel and I hear so much bad stuff about them.

The 2209WA is an eIPS panel which I like the sound of, but it's smaller and lower resolution.

The F2380 is a cPVA panel, the image quality looks better but I've heard bad things about blacks on this panel.

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MacBook Pro :: Can Remove An Old Post

Apr 24, 2012

I have included some info that I now want to remove......can I take down an old question?

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MacBook Pro :: Figuring Out How To Post A Picture

Jun 13, 2010

Having trouble figuring out how to post a picture...

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MacBook Air :: Use Post Office Envelope As Case?

Nov 3, 2010

I walked into work the second day I got my Air, back when a pillowcase served as a sleeve, and a friend handed me a standard padded envelope - except that it's rough cardboard paper on the inside as well. Since I'm waiting for my SFBags Suede Sleeve, I'm too cheap/lazy to get a more decent case, but I've found myself really liking this envelope. It's extremely discreet, and since it's so light, you can really hold it any way you'd like, as if all you have is paper inside. And you can pull it out without anyone really noticing where it came from, since no one cares about paper documents. Or, if you want to impress people, you can plop the envelope on your desk, then slowly and deliberately pull out the MacBook Air, and it's like "what up!" in a Phil Dunphy voice. I'm just worried about one thing - will prolonged use of the rough envelope scratch the hell out of my aluminum?

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MacBook Air :: The Thread Where Post Videos Edited ?

Nov 4, 2010

I'm debating getting a 13 inch 4GB for a second/travel computer and have read many threads where folks are speculating that you should be able to or could edit but I'd like to see some links to your YouTube videos that have been edited with your late 2010 MBA and iMovie.
Post the links to em if you got em.I understand that buying a MBP would get the job done but if I could edit the occasional video and upload to the cloud I'd be a happy camper.

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MacBook Pro :: Safe To Post Serial Number?

Jan 8, 2011

I am selling my MacBook Pro and some people were asking me to post the serial number so they can verify the warranty, which is still good until November 7th 2011. Is it safe to post the serial number? Could people do anything with it? Use it to login to apple website or something similar?

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MacBook Pro :: Large Post SSD Install Slowdown?

Nov 3, 2009

I installed a 180GB Intel SSD about 2 months ago and at first everything was great - very fast, etc. However, over time anything dealing directly with files (such as attaching a file in email, opening desktop folders, etc.) seems to be getting slower and slower. I get the rainbow icon often now whereas before it was quite rare.

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MacBook Air :: Coconut Battery - Post And Compare Stats

Jan 6, 2010

Update: You can read about my Experiences in 12 Hours here: [URL]
Update: You can read about my Experiences in 48 Hours here: [URL]

Download Coconut Battery and post your stats. Capacity only. Here goes mine:

MacBook Air - REV A 80GB HDD
Current: 4651 mAh
Original: 5090 mAh
Loss of: 9% Performance
Load Cycles: 186
Age of Mac: 20 Months

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MacBook Pro :: Post Battery - Cycles And Time Frame When It Happened

Mar 4, 2009

I've been seeing all these battery posts and I was just wondering how my batt. usage stacks up with other peoples. I guess posting the health doesn't hurt either. My MBP has been used about 5 and half months, i have 90 cycles and 94% health. Apologies if this thread already exists, blame it on this sites horrible search function.

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MacBook Pro :: Unclear Not Sharp Text - 15" Post - WWDC

Jun 17, 2009

Has anyone experienced unclear, not sharp text, on a new MBP unibody? It feels like the text display is just 'not right'. My display is 9CA3. It uses the 9600m card. I used a 17" MBP with 1920x1200 resolution for 2 years, daily, with no complaints. After working for 1 day on the laptop my left eye is painful and both eyes are much more tired than normal. On the other hand, images and movies are clear and the colors are very impressive. But, how good is it to watch a movie when the eyes are too tired?

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MacBook Pro :: Using Post-WWDC UMBP 7200 RPM HDD/Click Beep?

Jun 25, 2009

I know there is another thread, but I wanted to make a poll so people could easily guage the problem.

If you have a post-WWDC 7200 RPM HDD in a uMBP, do you have the click-beep problem as described here:


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MacBook Pro :: Post-spill, Certain Keys Not Working And/or Typing Non-stop?

Mar 17, 2012

I spilled a bit of milk on my computer this morning and managed to move fast enough to drain most of it. I turned the computer off, and on again, just to make sure that it was running. (I know now I shouldn't have...) I was able to log in, etc. My trackpad was going a bit wonkers, but it's done that before, so I wasn't worried. Turned it off, flipped it over, set it aside. 

A number of hours later, I turned it on again, and now the keys from A-L (ASDFGHJKL) and T-O (TYUIO) aren't working. I require a password, so now I can't log in. I noticed also that some key types non-stop (in the password box) until I press delete, which stops the typing. I've taken off a number of keys and cleaned them, but even if I press the squishy thing underneath, the keys aforementioned don't type. 

Can someone tell me what I can do, if anything, manually before I get an external keyboard? (I won't be going into Apple -- not interested in spending a few hundred+ for cleaning/fixing; my warranty's run itself out.) 

And, as a side question: I'm not sure if my Bluetooth is on. What do I have to do to be able to connect a wireless keyboard? Or do I need to get one with a USB? Or, because I'm logged out, am I completely screwed?


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MacBook Air :: The Search Command Does Not Work Anymore Post Migration From Another One?

Apr 25, 2012

I successfully migrated from my previous MacBook Air to my brand new one with OSX 10.7.3. using the migration application. Fine, except the Search command does not work, in Finder, Outlook, Word, PPT or any other application. The files are all there, but the search seems to be applied only to very recent file.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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Hardware :: Marware Versus ISkin Versus Moshi Keyboard Covers

Jan 5, 2011

I'm pretty satisfied with the Marware cover, although it can be a little frustrating when typing quickly..I'm wondering if I should go back, return the Marware cover and pick up the iSkin.

So, for those of you that have any of these in comparing..which do you think is the best?

And yes, I did search and am aware threads like this exist..but I couldn't find any comparing all three, only iSkin vs. Moshi.

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Hardware :: Eyetv 250 Versus TVMax Versus Blackmagic Video Recorder?

Apr 30, 2008

I'm trying to decide which product to buy and I was hoping for some advice.

First and foremost I want a device so that I may transfer my VHS tapes to DVD.

Live TV recording is secondary but for the price, I'd like to find the device that suits me best so I can continue to use it after i've transferred all my VHS.

Here are my concerns:

1) I'm going to be moving from the US to Ireland in a couple of months (not sure for how long, could be years+) Obviously there's the whole NTSC vs. PAL, ATSC vs. DVB.

I know with EyeTV 250 it's either or, any ideas if buying some sort of converter is an option (prices, quality)? If I bought just a PAL one, would I still be able to convert VHS or would it be completely unusable in the US?

2) I'd like some sort of HD/Digital abilities. From what I can tell TVMax is analog only and Blackmagic may also be but I can't find more specs on that.

Does this mean they'll be useless once the US undergoes the conversion?

So as of now I'm leaning towards EyeTV 250 but the question are there any forseeable problems with using a PAL to NTSC converter or using a PAL EyeTV in the US just to convert VHS.

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Hardware :: Dell G2410 Versus Samsung F2380 Versus Other...

Oct 25, 2009

I am planning on purchasing a new display for use (currently) with my imac. I am completely torn between these two models, and cannot make a decision. Any thoughts? I like the Dell because it is LED backlit, thus good blacks and little to no backlight bleed. But I like the Samsung because of the (supposedly better panel and (supposedly) better color reproduction. I like the simplistic look of both of them (though they could look a little better ) so I'm not sure which one to buy.

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Mac Pro :: 6GB Versus 8GB Triple Versus Dual Channels/PS4 Tests

Jun 30, 2009

I ran some tests on my 2009 Quad Nehalem to try and determine what was up with the triple Vs dual memory "brouhaha".

I posted the results as a new thread because I think it will be useful information for a lot of quad owners, but it was originally going to be a reply to this thread:

Here we go. Tesselator suggested 3 tests that could show the differences in speed between triple and dual channel bandwidth.


As one idea I would maybe try creating a few very large images (16-bit, blank white, blank black, gradient fill) and then duplicating and deleting that layer repeatedly a few hundred times.

So I did them, 10 times each. I could have gone on, but the results were very very stable after the first 2 attempts.

Set-up: a 40Mpx, 16bit image (8000*5000). First test it was simply filled white; second test: black; and third test a black to white gradient. I added a fourth test, using a real (photo) 12Mpx RAW image from my Nikon D300.

I created (took a while!) an action with 350 repetitions of "duplicate layer" and "delete layer", followed by a red fill to let me know the action was done. The same action was used in all four tests.

The computer was restarted before each of the four tests, which may explain the irregularities on the first 1-2 attempts. Nothing else but PS4 was launched.

The results are interesting:

We can clearly see that the simple white and black fills show a speed difference of around 10%.

We can also clearly see that this difference disappears when a more complex image is used. The use of more complex images represents a much more realistical use of PS.

To make things even more realistic, I also tested RetouchActions's speed test on my own 12Mpx image. I use nearly all of the operations of that action on a daily basis, so it's a lot more representative of the work I do on PS.

Here are the results:

The results are clear: 11% increase in performance using 8GB of ram (Vs 6GB) when working on a 12Mpx image.

Added info: number of page-outs after running the 10 test series (after about 45 minutes of intense PS work):
-17K when using 6GB (1.7K page-out avg).
-10K when using 8GB (1K page-out avg).

For me the results are definitive: unless I plan on working only with full black or full white images (not even black and white!), having 8GB is better, even when working on smallish 12Mpx files. I imagine the differences would have been even greater using bigger file sizes of actual complex images.

What would now be interesting: someone with a 2009MP Octo doing the same tests at 12GB and 16GB.

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IMac :: 24 2.66 Versus 2.93 / Gt130 Versus 4850

Aug 17, 2009

Two short questions on which I really need an answer. This academic year, I'll be writing a lot of papers, but most specifically, I am forced to use SPSS (statistical software package for social sciences).

Will I really need the 2.93 over the 2.66 and notice the improvement?

Same goes for the gfx. I like full-hd 1080, I'll be in InDesign, and use Logic Pro. Will I need "slash" notice the 4850 over the gt130?

Also, are the "hang-ups" with the 4850 truly fixed and does it indeed run a lot hotter (inc. really that more noise) than the gt130?

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Mac Pro :: No Power And Post

Mar 13, 2009

I've had my 8 core mac pro for a bit over a year now, and it's been a great little box---til now. I live in a fairly humid climate, so I've always pretty much left electronic things on most of the time--they seem to like it. However, over Xmas, I took a trip, and turned all my gear off. When I returned, I pressed the button to start my mac pro---nothing, nada, like it was unplugged still. Being an OK troubleshooter, I started by making sure cables were ok etc. Did a search to find if anyone else had a problem. Then, I looked up how to reset the SMC. Up until the 8 core, there was a button. No more on the Mac Pro 8 core. They said unplug for 15 seconds to reset. No joy there. I had determined to take it to a shop, and decided to try one last time before I put it in, a couple of days later. Voila! It booted. Until the beginning of this week. While I was out, there was a short power failure, and it started the same thing.

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OS X :: How Many Processes Are Getting Post And Pre SL

Aug 29, 2009

Pre Snow Leopard I ran around 65~ processes

Post Snow Leopard, 63 processes

Take in account about 5-10 processes are my own. I thought SL removed a lot of useless processes. I will try a clean install and report back later.

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OS X :: Unable To Use Post 10.6

May 12, 2010

Prior to installation, I made sure to backup my computer using Time Machine (several copies) and updated all pertinent software. I even made sure to repair/verify disks.

Installation went fairly smoothly with the exception of recovering my Itunes music library (which I eventually figured out).

Herein lies the issue. Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, I have a /library as well as a /library(from old mac). I'm not sure if this is pertinent to my current issue. There are a handful of apps that I simply cannot run anymore. I checked if these were compatible for 10.6 and apparent they are.

Ventrilo is a commonly used program which I can now only open via Terminal. With today's release of Steam, I downloaded the client only to see no response whatsoever when I click on it.

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PowerPC :: EMac 1.42ghz Versus Powermac G5 Dual 2.0ghz Versus G5 Dual 1.8ghz?

Nov 24, 2009

I like eMacs but the G5 looks sooo nice. I know I probably won't be able to use any for very long but whatever. What is the best?

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OS X :: My Post-it Notes Have Been Vanished?

Feb 6, 2009

Like Milton without his stapler, I am enduring quite a profound sense of loss, here.

My entire dashboard is literally filled with post-it notes. Or was. When I booted my computer, this morning, I discovered that about half of my notes were totally blank. Thinking a reboot might solve the problem and return to me my precious mini memoranda, I promptly restarted. Wrong move.

Having just booted up once more, I returned to my dashboard to find that only two of my yellow friends contained the precious knowledge they once possessed.

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PowerPC :: Doing IMac G5 Post Repair?

Oct 3, 2007

So I have a 1st Gen G5 1.8 Ghz imac. I had a bad power supply and got it fixed under Apple's warranty extension. Since I had it fixed it runs way warmer than it used to. The fans are also always on. Any idea on why this is and what can be done to fix it?

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OS X :: TimeMachine Post 10.5.6 - File Differences?

Dec 15, 2008

I wasn't sure where else to put this and I know people here have TimeMachine/backup experience. I don't know if this is true after every system software update, but after applying 10.5.6, Time Machine wants to backup 70GB worth of stuff. That's an additional 70GB worth of space taken up on my backup drive. I'm guess that that is all of the file differences because of the update? it so happens that I have a little over 71GB worth of stuff on my drive total. (What can I say, I leave a small footprint and archive a lot off disk). So it basically wants to back up my entire drive all over again. Is this normal? I could nuke the existing backup and just start fresh and not be concerned with losing anything.

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OS X :: Grab Settings - .PNG File Is Too Big To Post On The Web ?

Jul 9, 2009

When I take a screen shot, it automatically makes it save as a .PNG file with is too big to post on the web in most cases. I was wondering if there's a setting I can adjust to make it default save as a .JPEG image. Thank you!Edit; I thought I remembered being able to do such a thing in Tiger somewhere but now I am running Leopard and can't find anything.

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OS X :: Post SL Install - What Disc Is ILife 09 On

Aug 30, 2009

Once SL is installed, where do I find my iLife 09 cd?

I have a 09 Mini. There are only two discs in the box right?

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Hardware :: Edited Out, Repeat Post?

Oct 21, 2009

The previous Wireless Alum. Keyboard was model MB167LL/A. The one on Apple's site is now MC184LL/A complete with wiped reviews (I think there is one now).

Is there anything different about it? Maybe an improved BT antenna to go with the theme of the other devices that were updated?

edit: someone beat me to it I suppose, but didn't state it was the wireless so I didn't see it at first. 2 batteries now I suppose.

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