MacBook Air :: Takes Almost 10 Minutes From Switch On To The Log On Screen

Mar 29, 2012

My 3-weeks old Macbook Air is taking almost 10 minutes to get from switch on to the log on screen, it seems to be stuck at the white screen with the Apple logo & the spinning grey wheel. Anybody faced similar problems before? What caused this? I was working with about 7 or 8 different Excel files open at one go and a couple were corrupted (but repaired). I have never experienced anything like this with my i5 iMac and wasn't expecting this on the Macbook Air. Any light at the end of the tunnel?

MacBook Air

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MacBook :: Slow Booting - Takes More Than 5 Minutes

Feb 8, 2009

It seems that my MB(unibody 2.0Ghz) has some problem. I recently reinstalled leopard (and some softwares). It takes a little bit more than 2 minutes to boot. Worse comes with Windows 7 beta. I tried both 32bit and 64bit versions. It takes more than 5 minutes to boot! I saw some guy showing some comparison of boot time on youtube. It seems that Leopard should take < 1 minute and Windows 7 takes < 2 minutes (with the same hardware!). My MB takes around 3 times more than other MBs. Where should I start? I recently ran memtest and it turns out to be okay. HDD S.M.A.R.T also reports 'verified'. I'm not sure what would be the next.

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MacBook Pro :: New System Takes 7 Minutes Or More To Boot?

Dec 24, 2009

I'm just not having luck with my last 3 MacBook Pros. My new 2.8ghz 15" now takes over 7 minutes to boot to the login screen. Before this happened, I recently copied 139 GB in sound libraries to my system drive. Before I went to work, I quickly closed the laptop and put in my bag. When I took it out of my bag several hours later, the unit was off and battery practically at full charge. When I started it shortly afterwards, it took forever to boot. It would sit there at the grey screen with the spinning circle, then get to the blue background (just before you get to the login screen) and wait there for a while. Most of the time I think you can hear the hard drive churning.

Once you log on, everything seems to be normal. I'm curious if perhaps that 139GB copy did something to the OS to slow it down. FYI it has 274/ 500 GB of free space left. Perhaps the hard drive didn't have a chance to park when I quickly put the laptop in my bag and I damaged it? To complicate matters, I have the MCE optibay installed with a 320 GB hard drive loaded in it. The only thing I can think of is to back up, and reload the OS. This should tell me if it's software or hardware related.

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MacBook Pro :: Running Very Slow - Takes 8 Or 9 Minutes To Restart?

May 4, 2012

2 days ago my computer stopped being usable. It is the slowest thing ever now. Spinning wheel all day long. Takes 8 or 9 minutes to restart... Crazy lag time even opening a finder window. NEVER ran slow before. No new software installed...

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Takes Several Minutes To Go To Sleep Mode When Close The Lid

Jun 3, 2014

I have a problem with my Mid-2012 non-Retina MBP. When I close the lid, it takes around 4 minutes for the light indicator to dim and it's not safe to move the machine as it's probably doing something and it's HDD is probably still spinning. It's not like this for my friend's machine, even though it's an older machine. 

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)

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MacBook Air :: WiFi Keeps Dropping After Sleep And Takes At Least 20 Minutes To Come Back On

Jun 2, 2014

This is driving me crazy. I have tried so many fixes but nothing has worked. Every time I hibernate / sleep my 2012 macbook air, the wifi drops and takes at least 20 minutes to come back on when I open the laptop again. 

I can reboot, turn the wifi off and on, change preferences...everything. Nothing works.

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.3)

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MacBook Pro :: Safari Takes 4 To 5 Minutes To Load Home Page

Dec 2, 2014

MacBook Pro (15 inch, mid 2010), OS X Yosemite version 10.10, Memory:  4 GB, Processor: 2.4 Ghz Intel Core i5. 

When start Safari, it opens but takes some 4 to 5 mn to load the home page, regardless of the internet connection.

With the same internet connection, web page opens almost instantly on my iPhone.  

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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OS X :: IMac 10.6.3 Takes 15 Minutes To Reboot?

Apr 8, 2010

For about a week now, every time I boot my iMac mid-2007 20" running 10.6.3 I get the following problems

-Booting takes about 15 minutes of seeing the apple logo, and a bar that fills slowly under it...

-When it finally boots all the dock icons are reset to the ones you get with a brand new mac, spaces and expose is reset as well.

-Spotlight reindexes Macintosh HD.

-Adium loses all contact icons

-Mouse loses all it's custom settings.

-Login items are gone, I have tried not to re-enable those.

-Shut down takes about 10 minutes as well, while I see only the blue screen of shut down...

It seems that it is losing more and more settings every day. Today I had to turn on time machine again, although it was on before shut down...

Is this like losing an application support folder or something like that?

Applications do not seem intact as well.

Safari loses all web screenshots from cover flow iTunes reupdates the library etc....

What's up witn all these?

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Power Mac :: G4 Takes Between 3 And 6 Minutes To Start Up

May 26, 2012

Only an issue in OS.X not OS.9. Pulling the power cord eliminates issue for next start but not subsequent starts. Pulling the cord isn't easy how the computer etc is set up so I'd like to rectify the issue.

Dual 1GHz PowerPC G4, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 1.5 GB SDRAM

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OS X :: Shut Down Takes 15 Minutes If Connect To Internet?

Apr 2, 2009

Are there any suggestion on why my imac (1.5 years old) takes 15 min to shut down and how to stop this from happening? I have not had it on the internet for about 6 months and now if i connect to the internet it take 15 min to shut down. If i haven't connected to the internet it's fine.

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Intel Mac :: It Takes 2 Minutes To Open Safari?

Mar 12, 2012

My imac has slowed down overnight - it takes ne 2 mins just to open safari.Ive run a virus check and all that.

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Intel Mac :: It Takes 20 Minutes To Boot And Is Very Slow

Mar 13, 2012

As above. Takes forever to boot, Painfully slow, low HD message despite showing over 600 GB available. .

Info:iMac (27-inch Mid 2010)

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Mac Pro :: Mouse Takes Several Minutes To Respond After Startup?

Mar 29, 2012

After starting up my Mac Pro, I notice slow start up, and that the mouse does note respond for several minutes.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: Takes Five Minutes To Turn On And Bluetooth Not Available

Apr 21, 2012

I turned of my mac the other day, it took 5 minutes to turn on. Bluetooth wouldn't work and the keyboard and mouse can't connect without it how can I turn it on? I have a small USB mouse to scroll around but how can I turn it on without a keybord. I looked on the bluetooth menu it just said bluetooth no available.

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Takes 3 Minutes To Quit

Jun 14, 2012

For some time now takes over 3 minutes to quit. Whenever I try to shut down my iMac the shutdown is aborted because has not closed so I have to wait until closes and then shut down.

Info:iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Mac Pro :: Startup Manager Takes 2-3 Minutes To Show Up

Sep 3, 2014

If I let the system boot normally, it boots as fast as usual. And no problems during work, either. But if I boot holding the "Option" key pressed, the startup manager screen takes about 3 minutes to show up. When it does show up, however, it works as expected. This happens even if I have no external devices connected at all.

Mac Pro

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Mac Pro :: Takes About 2 Minutes To Have Network Connectivity After System Startup

Mar 6, 2008

It takes about 2 minutes to have network connectivity after my system starts up. Is this normal for a macpro? I don't have that problem on my macbook pro.

I have the early 2008 release MP. get the network connectivity to start as soon as desktop is displayed like my macbook pro?

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Mac Pro :: Working Bar Takes 6 Minutes Every Time To Boot The System

Feb 19, 2010

apple during startup there is a "working bar" that the cpu has to go through and this takes 6 minutes every time. I never used to have this one until I installed a new graphic card.

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OS X :: Unable To Eject Cd Drive / Takes 20 Minutes Before Ejecting

Aug 4, 2009

I got West Wing stuck in my computer. I'm on an Intel Macbook (No Open Firmware >_<)I've tried:

1. Using a credit card to keep the CD from spinning.

2. Ejecting the CD in every program I can think of.

3. Going into Terminal and entering the eject command.

Whenever I boot up my computer, it takes about 20 minutes before my computer gives up on trying to eject the CD. I've tried pretty much everything. I'm trying to avoid taking this to the Genius Bar if possible. I'm a college kid and as such can't really afford to lose my computer for them to fix it. Anyone have any other suggestions? (i.e. is there a manual eject that anyone wants to suggest? Or anything else?)

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OS X V10.7 Lion :: Takes Upto 3 Minutes Time To Start?

Feb 24, 2012

Only God know how much regret I have for installing Lion. 

Lot of problems are there but major problems is startup time it takes 3 minutes to start. Leopart used to start in seconds. Battery life has been decreased. 

How to decrease statup time? Is there probme with my Macbook Pro?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)

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OS X Yosemite :: IMac Slow And Reboot Takes 5 Minutes

Dec 8, 2014

I updated my late 2012 27" iMac from the latest Mavericks to Yosemite.  now it takes 30+ second between mouse click and action.  For example, if I click on iTunes it takes 30 seconds to a minute before iTunes opens.  I get the pinwheel while waiting.  I rebooted and the startup hangs on the progress bar for several minutes, then black screen for several minutes, then eventually gets to desktop. 

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9)

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OS X Mavericks :: IMac Takes Over 5 Minutes To Start From Power Off

Aug 24, 2014

processor 2.5 ghz core i5, 4 gb 13333 mhz ddr3.

when the computer is turned off it takes a long time for the apple logo to start when i power on. version is 10.9.4

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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IMac :: Takes 3 Minutes To Login After Snow Leopard Update

Sep 26, 2009

My iMac takes 3 minutes after logging in, until it allows any inputs. Stays stuck on the desktop, none of the hot corners work, nor does the dock allow inputs for about 3 minutes. I checked the Console immediately after it allows me to, and theres a bunch of stuff on the IOkit that seems to be the culprit.

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Applications :: Windows 7 Takes 1 Minutes 45 Seconds To Startup In Bootcamp?

Nov 21, 2009

Is this normal? I've tried changing the number of cores to use at startup as 2 and its a second faster....a second! Anyway, is it normal for it to take 1 minute 45 to start up? I didn't seem to take that long before but its suddenly started doing it.

EDIT: Just to point out, its the 2.53ghz, 4gb macbook pro with 250gb HDD

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OS X Mavericks :: IMac Running Very Slowly - Takes 45 Minutes To Restart

Sep 11, 2014

Every since I upgraded my OS to 10.9, my performance has been going downhill. Now, even though I have reformatted my hard drive  and have not even put any new data on it, it takes 45 minutes to restart and 25 minutes for me to open the window to write this message. Below is my system info. Why my system seems to have slowed down so much. You can see there is nothing on the hard drive to slow it down.

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IMac :: Computer Now Takes About 2 Minutes To Boot Up After Installed Snow Leopard?

Sep 2, 2009

Have my iMac since March and absolutely no problem. Installed Snow Leopard this weekend and worked just perfect UNTIL I turned the machine off. The next day restarted my computer and now takes about 2 minutes to boot up/then when screen comes up it is frozen for about another 2-3 minutes before can start using it. So basically, takes about 5 minutes from start up to being able to use my iMac. Spent an hour on phone with Apple on Monday night--they really tried--but couldn't fix it and now want me to bring to local Apple authorize dealer to work on it. Called them and they think it is the hard drive going out. But just doesn't make sense---worked just fine until I loaded 10.6 and then turned off machine. Before I bring it in and have them open it up and fool with the internal hard drive---DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA'S WHAT IS HOLDING UP THE STARTUP.

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OS X Mavericks :: Finder Takes Literal Minutes To Load File Listing When Opened

Jun 30, 2014

I updated my circa 2013 Macbook Air 13" to OSX Mavericks and a strange issue has started. Every time I open Finder it takes literal minutes to load the file listing, and while it loads it freezes the section where the file listing loads with whatever background it was opened over. This happens all the time, and once it finally loads, it will do the same thing if I try to go to a different folder. This renders Finder essentially useless and I have had to add a third party (forklift) app to browse and manage files. 

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Intel Mac :: Start Up Takes 2:15 Minutes To Start Up

Jun 12, 2012

Our 2011 iMac with SSD takes 2:15 (two minutes and fifteen seconds) to start up. Start up on a SSD should be faster. OS X version 10.7.4 and applications are on the SSD. Any suggestions for correcting this lack of speedy start up?

Mac OS X (10.7.4), 3.4 GHz Intel i7, 16 GB DDR3

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MacBook :: A1278 Screen Goes White After 10-20 Minutes Of Use?

Mar 28, 2012

i picked up this macbook  A1278 i dont know if it is 2.0 or 2.4 ghz yet but after about 10-20 minutes of use the screen slowly will fade white?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)

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MacBook Air :: 11" Video - Switch To Full Screen?

Oct 29, 2010

I just started watching some tv shows I downloaded and I am using VLC... When I go to full screen it pixelates/isn't smooth. I just tested it on my Alu uMB connected to a 21.5" monitor and it doesn't do that...

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