MacBook Air ::5 Dead Pixels In The Center And The Horizontal Line Options

Nov 20, 2008

Anyone think this is a good deal? I bought the Rev B, but had to return it because of 5 dead pixels in the center and the horizontal line issue. I am thinking of saving over $1,000 by getting the above. It is new/in box and from amazon. This is the best deal I have seen. It is even cheaper than the refurb models at

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MacBook Pro :: Line Of Dead Pixels

Aug 20, 2014

My Mid-2012 Macbook Pro has recently started showing a line of dead pixels. Sometimes its there and other-times it goes away. Not sure as to the cause of this.

2.6 Intel Core i7
16GB 1600 MHz DDR3
OS X 10.9.4
750GB Solid State.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2012), OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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MacBook Pro :: Difference Between DEAD Pixels And STUCK Pixels?

May 14, 2010

So after waiting 4 weeks my High-res Glossy MBP FINALLY arrived...I was so happy. Got home switched it on and WOW it really is a beautiful machine...After using it for about 30 mins however i noticed a small dot to the lower right half of the screen... I looked closer and realized it was either a dead or stuck pixel( I dont exactly know the difference). I did a few test on it, and its ONLY visible when a light color is on the screen (White, Gray etc) However when the screen is DARK blue, Dark green or black it cant be seen at all...

It kind of looks like a TINY speck of water or liquid the size of 1 pixel stuck under the glass... I noticed that it does get lighter and darker when i adjust the brightness of the screen. Can anybody give me some tips? Anything i can do to fix it? Is it in fact a dead or a stuck pixel? I tried the JSscreen fix which is basically a online tool that opens up a flashing screen...Ive had it on for about 30 mins...but no luck

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MacBook :: 13 Dead Pixels

Jun 17, 2009

Tomorrow morning the brand new MBP 13 2.53 goes back to Apple for yet another dead pixel issue! The Staff in my local store are so, so helpful and are always there to help, but this will be my 4th pixel related return. It's a mighty fine machine but I'm beginning to feel like "that guy" who always takes his macs back!

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MacBook Pro :: What To Do About Dead Pixels?

Aug 24, 2009

I recently noticed 4-5 dead pixels (gray, not fixable with software) on my 1.5 year old MBP (see sig below). Definitely a bummer as I had to go through 2 MBPs when buying this computer just to get one without any dead pixels. I don't know why or when these pixels died. I have AppleCare and I am wondering if Apple will do anything about this. Is there a threshold for repairs (e.g., only 10+ pixels is repairable)? Has anyone ever got a repair/replacement for dead pixels? Is there anything I can myself to fix this problem?

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MacBook :: Pics Of Dead Pixels?

Jan 25, 2009

Does anyone have pics of these dead pixels? I keep hearing about them and i'm really curious to see what it looks like!

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MacBook :: A Few Dead Pixels On My System

Mar 23, 2009

This is my first post on the site! Anyway, I have about 3 dead pixels on my 13" MacBook 2.16 GHz. My computer is still under Applecare, would Apple replace the display for free?

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MacBook Pro :: New 15" With Dead Pixels

Jun 27, 2009

I took the plunge and bought a new 15" mbp. Came home and booted it up to find two maybe three dead pixels in the middle of the screen. One is red and two are gray. I tried using a site to get dead pixels out but didn't work. I scheduled an appointment with the genius tomorrow to see if he can help me out.

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixels On Purchase?

Jul 18, 2010

I just jumped on the Mac train and bought a Macbook Pro 13". There's a dead pixel on the screen. I'm taking it back to the retailer tomorrow. The retailer has a zero dead pixel guarantee on monitors so I'm going to hope that covers laptops too. I just wanted to know how many others have experienced dead pixels on purchasing a new Macbook Pro - i.e. what's the likelihood that the next one I get will have a dead pixel?

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixels And Dust Under Screen

Oct 18, 2008

It seems one of the defect possibilities of the new manufacturing process is that the new Macbooks or Macbook Pros can get dust trapped behind the glass screen. At least, that's what happened to my Macbook. So they let me return it, and I got a Macbook Pro, and now the new Macbook Pro, though a thing of beauty, has a bright dead pixel in the top middle screen, as well as a dimmer dead pixel 2 inches to the left of that one. I heard that Apple's dead pixel policy was three dead pixels or no deal on an exchange, but I just bought the computer a few hours ago. Do you think I have a shot at them replacing it? I hate to think of staring at this, (bright) dead pixel for three years, (not to mention the other dimmer dead pixel).

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixels Or Dust On Screen?

Jun 19, 2014

I have only had my Macbook for about a week now and I noticed that when my screen is black I can clearly see a TON of little specks all over the screen.I found out that these are most likely dead pixels or dust under the glass. 

1. Is it normal for my screen to have this many dead pixels after only a week of having it? (I bought it brand new from the store.)

2. What should I do about it? 

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MacBook Pro :: Horizontal Line Across The Screen?

Sep 27, 2009

I have a new MacBook Pro (A1286) 2.66Ghz which is just over two weeks old. Whilst watching a video on YouTube a horizontal line appeared across the screen. I tried rebooting, however, the line was still present. I have tried switching between the 9400/9600 and the line is still visible.

The line is still there when I boot the laptop into Windows, does it look like I have a faulty GPU/logicboard on my brand new MacBook?

Here's a photo of the problem.


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MacBook Pro :: Horizontal Line In Display?

Jun 21, 2010

i've got a little problem with my Mac Book Pro.

I have a white line in the display where I also have my dock. So it's not always on the same Display. You can see a few pictures attached that show you that this line is some kind of weird. Windows that are always in the front like "About my Mac" are over this line and if I open all windows of one program I get three of those lines.

The lines are here since I updated my MacBook to the newest firmware.

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MacBook Pro :: Dead Pixels On My Dark Screen Or Page

Jul 17, 2009

i am working on my website, and notice a few "stars" on the screen. I thought maybe it was my desktop image, as it is the standard leopard galaxy deal. I verified it was my screen. Will Apple even do anything about this, or will they say it is just cosmetic? I took in my MBP (i bought it 10/08, it is the version before the UMBP) to the genius before because the screen has some lines in it, but they said it caused by the keyboard hitting the screen and they wont fix it because it is cosmetic. I think they should fix it, but at this point, it isn't the biggest deal, but now that i spotted it, i can see it everytime i am on a dark screen/page

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MacBook Pro :: Retina Display Showing Dead Pixels

Aug 23, 2014

A moment ago the 3rd retina display of my MacBook (and only a month after replacement) the display showed dead pixels again.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), None

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MacBook :: Blue Horizontal Line On Screen?

Apr 23, 2012

blue horizontal line on screen?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)

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Intel Mac :: Keeps Freezing Up - Pixels Distorted / Horizontal Lines On Screen

Jun 5, 2012

I purchased a late 2006 intel core duo iMac 20'' with an upgrade to os Lion. I've been using it for less than 24 hours, and it has managed to freeze up on me twice, with a followed appearance of pixel abnormalities, horizontal lines, etc. I did my research and it seems to be a graphics card problem, which is a Raedon ati x1600 ,256 mb.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Late '06 iMac/2.16ghzICD/2gb

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MacBook Pro :: Horizontal Line In Full Screen Mode?

Mar 30, 2012

A horizontal line appears in any application (iTunes, VLC, Quicktime) when I enter full screen mode. Out of nowhere it appeared about 2 weeks ago. Not sure how to get rid of this or how it came about?

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)

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MacBook Pro :: Horizontal Line Appearing On Retina Display

Sep 5, 2014

i recently bought a 13"retina display macbook pro. It is so disappointing. There is a horizontal line that appears on the screen and disappears. This was for the third time i had to face the same issue. When i explain to the staff at the apple store they say that they have not come across such issue, for which i showed a proof from the other part of the world.

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MacBook Air :: Case Doesn't Align Properly And Stuck / Dead Pixels

Apr 2, 2008

if any of you have any stuck or dead pixels on your machines? I have a blue one and it's sh*tting me up the wall. I tried everything, the website that just flashses all the different colours, the damp cloth and then tapping it trick... turning it of and on and applying pressure, all of them to no avail. Anyone else have any pixel issues? Also when looking at my MBA from the side when the screen is closed there is quite a big gap between the keyboard (bottom half) and screen (top half) it's closed and tight towards the thin end, but towards the bigger end the gap gets quite large, about 4-5mm...should i put a book on it or something to try and flatten it out?

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Mac Pro :: Dead Pixels Usually Occur?

Mar 13, 2006

When do dead pixels show themselves? If I have a new PowerBook and it has no dead pixels, is there a possibility it will in the future?

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OS X :: New IMac With Dead Pixels?

Mar 19, 2009

When I took my new Imac 24 out of the box last week, instantly i noticed about 3 or 4 dead pixels, they aren't too bad but it's only of those things you don't expect with a new computer and it can be quite distracting once you know they are there.... if i were to contact the place of purchase in regards to this do you feel i would be over-reacting to have it replaced or repaired or should i just suck it up?

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IMac :: Dead Pixels On ISight

Dec 30, 2009

I read a few posts about dead pixels on the iSight, so I thought I'd post this picture to see what other people think. This is a screenshot straight from Photobooth, showing the image from my iSight when the black cleaning cloth is held up to it. No, those marks are not dirt (on the outside anyway). Other that this, my iMac is fine with the exception of a single dead pixel (I thought this was a thing of the past, but oh well) and I'm not 100% about whether or not I have the yellow screen issue, so I'll ignore it for now.

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IMac :: 24" ACD Red Dead Pixels?

Jan 28, 2010

I don't have an iMac, but I do have a 24" ACD that I bought brand new a few months ago (not refurb). It has a single pixel that is constantly on and it's red. It drives me absolutely CRAZY...probably because I paid $900 for this display. I can't remember ever having a problem pixel on another display...all of them cheaper. So I'm curious about the iMac owners. Is a dead/stuck pixel here and there an expected thing for iMac owners?

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Mac :: 27" I7 IMac - DEAD Pixels Out Of The Box Now?

Jun 20, 2010

2 weeks ago I finally decided to order an iMac, despite all of the issues I had been hearing about with the display. I figured that I was going to be one of the lucky ones and have no issues whatsover. I was ordering a brand new machine and it should be fine.After about 30 minutes of getting things up and running, and while a webpage with a good bit of white background was open, I noticed the dead pixel (pixels?). As the question mark shows, I'm not really sure if this is considered one pixel or many. So I figured I'd let the gurus like Hellhammer tell me. The first picture is zoomed out and is of the bottom left hand corner where the dead pixel(s) is. I apologize for the spots around it, that is actually inside the camera body itself I think (Nikon D40x) and I can't seem to get them cleaned off. That's another issue....sigh. The second is a very close in picture of the area. I photoshopped the lense spots out to see it better.Individual pixles are visible. This to me looks like 5 dead ones in a diagonal row.

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Mac :: Dead Pixels And Dust Behind Screen?

Aug 16, 2010

I received my new 27" i7 1TB HD on Friday. I was amazed at how fast the shipping was. I'm in the UK and I was told it would be shipped from China and arrive in a week and a half, but instead it turned up from Ireland the very next day! After unboxing it I ran all the tests.. yes, call me a sceptic and tell me I'm looking for trouble! No yellow screen, no grey shadow, no scratches on cds, no dead pixels on photo booth. So far so good. I could swear my Superdrive is making an odd off-key noise when accepting discs, but second opinions tell me it's normal. The Seagate drive can make 'processing' noises every now and then but it doesn't bother me too much. I think in Europe we're stuck with Seagate for 1TB from what I've read here

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IMac :: Dead Pixel That Only Show White In Center

Jun 6, 2010

I have a iMac 21" bought it back in November. When I have my desktop wallpaper showing there is one pixel that will only show white, no matter what background pic I put up. It's dead center in the screen so I was immediately irritated, then I noticed when I open Safari (or anything else like finder, apps, docs...whatever) the white dot goes away. I tried messing around with it and putting up black background and a white back ground and I don't understand how this is happening. No matter the color of the wallpaper I can still see it, even a white background. Links to screen shots [URL]

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PowerPC :: G4 Bleeding Screen Or Dead Pixels?

Apr 18, 2007

I have an eyelash-sized dark streak on the center, bottom (dock area) of my Powerbook G4 15". At first, I thought it was dirt, or another external blemish, but if I move the cursor over it, it obstructs the view of the blemish (instead of appearing beneath it.) Also, I have a small, almost white, faded dot which appears to grow and expand larger if the Powerbook is running for longer than 4-6 hours.What is frustrating is that neither show up under screen captures. Is my monitor full of external stains and blemishes which I cannot remove, or is there something actually wrong with my display?

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Hardware :: Repair ISight Dead Pixels?

Mar 28, 2009

is there any way to repair dead pixels on an iSight camera? I've got one of the original iSights and this is what it looks like when I recently plugged it in. Just curious because I'm trying to sell it. See picture...

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Mac :: IMac Screen Lines Of Dead Pixels?

Jun 4, 2009

I use an Intel white iMac 2.0gHz as my primary computer. So far, it has given me no trouble. However, lately I woke the computer to discover a yellow line of dead pixels all the way to the right of the screen. It was discouraging but since the line was out of the way, it wasn't a great deal. However again, later today, I woke the display to find another line running down the middle of the computer. Oh gosh! Anyone know what is going on? Is it the display or the graphics card?

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