Mac Pro :: 09 - Rip Movie With Handbrake And Share Results?

Mar 16, 2009

I have seen lots of benchmarks and such, but can one of you lucky folks with a nice new machine rip a DVD with Handbrake and post the time and what movie you ripped, etc.. so i can compare it with my 2008MP 2.8 machine. Would also be cool if you then converted it to iPhone format and give the time for that as well.

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Applications :: Burnt Movie From CD Using Handbrake / VLC?

Dec 4, 2010

If I burnt a movie from a CD using that Handbrake app and VLC player or whatever (I have seen it on youtube) how much memory is each file of the movie once you've burnt it onto your mac? And can you burn blueray disks?

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Mac Pro :: How Quickly Does Quad Rip Movie Using Handbrake

Jun 8, 2008

I am considering purchasing a Mac Pro, mainly for encoding movies via handbrake. Could someone tell me the time it takes for a base configuration Mac Pro single quad 2.8ghz to rip a DVD using handbrake to H.264 for appleTV?

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Software :: Cannot Convert Camcorder Movie To Mac With Handbrake

Jun 9, 2010

This is my DXG-569V camcorder. It can capture 1280 x 720 video at 30 fps and shoot 5-megapixel. It can output in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspects. Video is recorded in H.264, .MOV format, .M2TS format.
My Mac is iMac with Mac OS X version 10.4.11.

Here is my problem:
When I convert my camcorder video in my Mac with Handbrake, I get the beach ball of death. Sometimes it won't get past the apple loading screen. When it does, it freezes on the desktop. Something wrong with my Mac or handbrake? How to detect? If it is Handbrake, please name something alternative I can use.

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Applications :: Downloaded Handbrake To My Hp Computer - How To Get The Movie In To ITunes?

Sep 8, 2010

I downloaded handbrake to my hp computer running windows vista. I tried to "rip" a couple of movies. That worked...I think (m4v file format) But I cannot figure out how to get the movie in to iTunes, so that I can put the movies on my iPhone or iPad. I tried dragging the file in to the movie section, and also going to the menu and opening "add file" (or something like that). Nothing happens! When I ripped the movie, I selected "iPhone Ipod touch". I also should mention that when I double click on the file, and try to watch the movie on my computer I am unable to watch it on any program. For example it says that it is a file type that QuickTime does not recognize. I am completely new to this and simply don't know what im doing!

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OS X :: Removing Chapters From The Movie File / Transferring DVDs To MBP Using Handbrake

Mar 14, 2010

I am transferring my DVDs to my MBP using Handbrake. A lot of my DVDs have been recordings from my dvd player (like football matches etc ) so they have chapters which is a pain. Is there a way I can remove the chapters so I just have one movie/TV file only.

Oh one last thing?? is it normally slow?

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Applications :: Media Share 1080 HD Imovie Project / Unable To Locate Movie

Nov 12, 2010

So i finished my first ten-minute long short film, i'm really proud of it. I wanted to share the whole thing in 1080p HD and then import it into after effects for some finishing touches. I did sharing < media sharing < 1080p hd.

1. Where did my movie go? it doesn't show up in iMovie anymore, and I found a big file over 1GB which appears to be my movie (but no way is it in 1080p, and I filmed with a sony HDR xr520v). I cant put that back into iMovie nor after effects.

2. Can I import this file into after effects cs4 and then re-export it in an equal quality?

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OS X :: When Load BluRay Rip In An MPG Format Into Handbrake, Handbrake Crashes ?

Aug 31, 2010

I have a BluRay rip in an MPG format.. Whenever I load it into Handbrake, Handbrake crashes. Is there any other application I can use to convert it to MP4?

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IMac :: I7 And Handbrake - DVD Take On Handbrake For A Mp4 AppleTV Format?

Nov 14, 2009

has anyone tested out handbrake on their i7? I'm still waiting on my i7 but was curious just how fast a 2 hour DVD would take on handbrake for a mp4 appleTV format...

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ITunes :: Rented A Movie And Paid For It, Cost Was Deducted But No Record Of Purchasing Movie Anywhere?

Feb 16, 2012

rented a movie and paid for it, cost was deducted but no record of purchasing movie anywhere

iPod touch

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Software :: Unable To Play Movie In Itunes / Movie Sound Not Coming

Jan 14, 2007

can anyone tell me what i may be doing wrong? i am trying to create a movie using video clips from my camera. when i download my movies to iphoto, they work great. when i drag them to imovie, they play but i do not get any sound. the 3 little check marks are there but still no sound!

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QuickTime :: Error -2002: A Bad Public Movie Atom Was Found In The Movie

Jun 11, 2012

Okay, so I am here at work, and have spent the last 4-5 hours trying to resolve this issue, and cannot find any working solutions for it on the internet. We have .3gp recordings. All of a sudden, we started getting this error on some of our computers.  Example: I want to play test.3gp; I try to open test.3gp in QuickTime, and I get an error that reads... 

"Error -2002: A bad public movie atom was found in the movie:test.3gp" But when I go to play test2.3gp, it plays fine. This issue varies from computer to computer. I get this error on all three of my machines. 2 Windows 7 64bit, and 1 Windows 7 32bit. My colleague and boss can play test.3gp fine through QuickTime on their computers. One is Windows 7 64bit the other is 32bit. 

Anyone know some causes of this and hopefully a way to solve it? I tried cleaning up registry errors, running as administrator, updating, reinstalling... Nothing is working.


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ITunes :: Rental Movie Disappeared After Watching Half Of The Movie?

Apr 5, 2012

I quit iTunes and my rental movie disappeared after watching half of the movie. The rental sidebar disappeared as well. What do I do to retrieve my movie?

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OS X :: Unable To Save Movie / Movie Playing In Web Browser

Mar 21, 2010

I have Snow Leopard installed with the latest Quicktime.

When viewing a movie file in my browser in Leopard, I was able to right click on it and save a copy to my desktop/computer. Now, I can't seem to enable this option...I have no way of saving a movie to my computer. Am I missing something? How does one do this now, do I need to click on a specific spot?

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OS X :: Mp4 Not Playing - This Movie Could Not Be Opened. This Is Not A Movie File

Jul 7, 2010

My Mac won't automatically play an mp4. It comes up with an error message saying "This movie could not be opened. This is not a movie file:. What am I missing? I understand it should just automatically play...

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OS X :: Odd Spotlight Search Results

May 12, 2009

I'm searching for a file in Finder. When I select "Preferences", which is the directory I'm in, it finds the file but when I select "This Mac" it doesn't.

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Mac Pro :: Matrox CompressHD Results?

Jan 19, 2010

Finally got around to testing out the differences in compression performance between my Matrox CompressHD PCI-e card and QMaster using 4 CPU cores.

Test was done using Compressor 3.51 on a MOV sequence captured at 1080i 60 (HDV) (Field upper) -- nothing was done to the sequence that is 1 min 2 secs long 206.4MB file size (not even de-interlaced).

Matrox CompressHD card software is 1.8.1 (firmware updated).

My goal was to get the 1920 x 1080 (actually 1440 x 1080) footage close to Apple TV 1280 x 720 progressive format (m4v).

The Results:

1. H.264 for Apple Devices 1280 x 720 (16:9 960 x 720) 5Mbps, progressive 44.1kHz Stereo (Medium quality 50) single pass without Qmaster:

CPU Usage - User 68-71% - System 5-7%
Time = 1 min 49 sec -- file size 39.9 MB

2. H.264 for Apple Devices 1280 x 720 (16:9 960 x 720) 5Mbps, progressive 44.1kHz Stereo (Medium quality 50) single pass with Qmaster 4 cores:

CPU Usage - User 87% - System 7%
Time = 2 min 01 sec -- file size 39.9 MB

3. H.264 (mov) Custom 1280 x 720 5Mpbs, progressive 29.97 fps - 44.1kHz Stereo High Quality Multi-pass using 4 cores Qmaster:

CPU Usage - User 88% - System 6%
Time = 4 min 02 sec -- file size 38.7 MB

4. Matrox MAX H.264 (mov) Custom 1280 x 720 5Mpbs, progressive 29.97 fps - 44.1kHz Stereo:

CPU Usage - User 28-30% - System 8%
Time = 1 min 06 sec -- file size 39.7 MB

What I find interesting is that the Apple TV quality was actually pretty good, the color was a little less vibrant that results from #3 and #4. What is really strange is that QMaster with 4 cores was actually slower than a without QMaster?? This leads me to believe the .m4v codec is able to detect and use more than 1 core regardless of QMaster -- in fact, adding QMaster just takes a little away from the efficiency of the .m4v codec.

It was nice to see the Matrox CompressHD only using 28-30%, allowing my system to be very responsive to doing other tasks.

Just a small sample of H.264 results, but with the type of work I do I get anywhere from about 2X to 4X faster compression times using the Matrox CompressHD.

This is probably old news for most of you, but it's new life for my aging 2007 MacPro

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OS X :: Permission Verification Results

Jun 29, 2010

recently a friend of mine advised me to check the disk permissions via the disk utility and i did. i have attached the result but how can i fix those errors and is it even important or i can just leave them as it is?

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MacBook :: Best RAM Matching For Efficient Results

Dec 8, 2010

I'm debating on macbook memory upgrade. I want to upgrade memories on my macbook 2007

Model Name:MacBook
Model Identifier:MacBook2,1
Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed:2 GHz
Number Of Processors:1
Total Number Of Cores:2
L2 Cache:4 MB
Memory:1 GB
Bus Speed:667 MHz

I think the maximum capacity is up to 3 GB. , so wondering what's the best pair matching for most efficient result.
2 x 1 GB.
1x 1 GB. + 1x 2GB.
2 x 2 GB.

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Applications :: No Results In Finder / Spotlight (10.6.5)?

Jan 5, 2011

Finder and Spotlight on my 10.6.5 Macbook are no longer returning results. Even within folders, querying ".pdf", for example returns no hits. Smart-folders with 'file kind' parameters also remain empty. How do I fix this?I have tried to find an answer using the MR "search forums" function, but can't figure out how to correctly enter the query to give specific results, (for example, it just returns lots of threads with "results" rather than "no results".

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MacBook :: Where To See Benchmark Results Between Certain Machines

Apr 7, 2009

Is there a site where I can see Benchmark results between certain machines. I wanna see if the results between the iMac 1.84 Core Duo vs the new Aluminium Macbook 2ghz.

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PowerPC :: G4 Sawtooth Overclock Results

May 28, 2009

Well, using some guides (check bottom of post), I did some experimenting with my old G4 Sawtooth to see how fast I could run its lame 400mhz cpu. Ultimately, my goal was to make Quake 3 playable at a resolution other then 800x600. These tests were all done with PC-133 ram (896MB), running 10.4.11.

Starting specs:
400mhz (4x100mhz)
Xbench cpu score: 19.9
1st overclock (with 400mhz cpu):
500mhz (5x100mhz)
Xbench cpu score: 29.3
Note: This was incredibly unstable.

In the process of moving to 450mhz on the 400mhz stock cpu, one of the jumper resistor solder pads came off (lame 10 year old glue). So, I went on ebay and got 5 450mhz G4 cpus for 50$ CDN after shipping. One of them came dead, and one failed after the jumper change.

2nd overclock (with 450mhz cpu):
500mhz (5x100mhz)
Xbench cpu score: 22.3
Note: This sucked. Now really stable, but I didn't get a performance gain like I got with the 400mhz cpu, and Quake 3 still ran like crap.

So here I decided to do the FSB overclock. Knowing I would end up with 4.5 x 133 which would be too fast, i jumpered a cpu to 3.5 multiplier for a 466 clock. This never booted. I put in a 450mhz chip and...

3rd overclock (with 450mhz cpu):
533mhz (4.5x133mhz)
Xbench cpu score: 25.6
Note: That multiply doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be 533. But hey, it worked, stable, and I got a performance gain.

4th overclock (with 450mhz cpu):
533mhz (5x133mhz)
Xbench cpu score: 29.3

Note: Ok, the clock is still not right. This is the same cpu that did the 5x100 so I know the multiplier is set right. But hey, its doing better in the scores!
Conclusion: Success! 533mhz seems to be the top out with the NVRAMRC script in place. But there is a considerable performance gain everywhere (booting, app loading, etc). Most importantly, my Quake 3 now runs very smooth @ 1280x1024 with max graphics settings. I am a very happy camper. I can take pictures of the solder job if anyone requests them. I do recommend this if you have some good technician skills.

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Windows On Mac :: Best Videos Viewing Results?

Nov 27, 2009

Not sure if this is the right section, but I was just wonder which do you guys prefer to watch movies and videos on, Mac or PC?

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Mac Mini :: Sleep Results In Shutting Off

May 13, 2012

When I choose sleep from the Apple menu my Mac Mini with 10.7.4 just shuts off without sleeping. Choosing shut-off however results in an ongoing gray screen with a rotating sign (not the beachball), until I press the on/off switch for about 10 seconds.

Resetting the SMC does not help. Programs like DiskWarrior, Apple hardware test do not find any problems.

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Applications :: Function Results In Broken URLs?

Jan 3, 2006

(I've searched for other reports of this, but didn't come up with anything...)

I am running Fx v1.5 on a Mac with OSX 14.3.

When I want to email the URL of a webpage from Firefox, I click on File=>Send Link... which opens up Mail and pastes the entire URL into the body of the email. Everything looks okay on my end.

However, when the recipient receives the email, invariably the URL they receive is "broken" (with a seemingly randomly-inserted space) and does not function. This seems to not happen with short URLs

Here's the troubleshooting I've done:

[1] If I send the link to myself it works fine when I open it (with Mail).

[2] If I manually copy the link (from the Address Bar) and paste it into a email message, it still ends up being broken.

[3] If I use Safari's "send URL" function for the same webpage, it works.

[4] If I manually copy-and-paste the URL from Safari's address bar, it ends up being broken.

[5] If I "edit link" in Mail to something like "Check this out" (and then paste the URL into the edit box), it works fine.

So, evidently, this is some sort of bug in the way Mail handles long URLs. Is this a known issue?

I realize I could just use Safari, but I like Firefox and all its extensions better....

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OS X :: Won't Work With Finder Search On AirDisk / No Results

Jan 5, 2008

Say I search for "mp3" on my airdisk via finder. No results show up even though I know for a fact there are mp3's on the air disk.

I select "shared" and "filename" in the search bar when it comes up to search all shared drives with the filename (which has mp3 in it). Is this because spotlight doesn't index this drive?

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MacBook Air :: Battery Capacity - Unfavorable Results

Nov 16, 2008

Please post your battery capacity on your Gen 2 Air. Just received mine on Thursday. I have the following unfavorable results.
Capacity: 4789 mAh
94% Life
Original Capacity 5090 mAh
Battery loadcycles 11
Age of my Mac 2 Weeks....
Am I correct in assuming that my capacity should be around 5200 mAh and that this is indeed a defective battery? Please share with me if I am incorrect, as web browsing after a full recycle is about 2.25 hours, without doing anything else.

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MacBook Air :: MBA Bench Results For Reviews B 1.86 SSD Configuration?

Jan 21, 2009

unsure if this has already been done, but i wouldn't mind having MBAir owners post their xBench results here...i would like to have the results for all 8 configurations eventually..shouldn't be too difficult to get all of the info I'll start it off with the xBench results for the rev B 1.86 SSD config.

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OS X :: Installing Tiger On G5 Results In Getting Kernel Panic

May 23, 2009

My girlfriend has an imac g5 running panther, she was able to get a copy of tiger also for the g5 from her job. Is it possible to run this operating system on her imac.

When i tried installing i got a kernel panic.

Her imac has a 1.6ghz power pc processor.
756mb ram
60 gigs of space left

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MacBook Pro :: HD Youtube Videos Results In Chocking Up?

Jul 4, 2009

I was testing out my umbp 2.4ghz (late 2008) on youtube hd videos and it seems to feel jittery or choking up. Does anyone go through the same problem? or is it my specs? Or better yet, is it normal?

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