Hardware :: Time Capsule And External Hard Drive - Access Data

Mar 27, 2009

I have a new mac mini and a vista pc on the same network. I want to have my pictures, videos and itunes library on a time capsule so I can access them with my mac and pc. I will not be using time capsule as a backup drive. What I want to know is if I can use an external HD to backup my time capsule content. Would it be better to plug the drive to the capsule with usb or to the mac with fw800? The reason I want a time capsule and not a nas is because time capsule is a router at the same time, which means I save space on my desk and dont have to mess around with different components for my network to work fast.

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Hardware :: Cannot Access External Hard Drive Attached To Time Capsule

Apr 16, 2009

I have plugged in an external hard drive into my time capsule via the usb input. I have a main router for my network and internet and time capsule is connected to this wirelessly. The external drive doesn't show up as being attached to the time capsule and hence I cannot access any files. What do I need to do to be able to access it?

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Hardware :: Cannot Access Hard Drive On Time Capsule

Jul 28, 2008

I recently bought a MacBook Air (my first Mac) - love it. Also bought a time capsule and have backed up onto it. I can't however access the hard drive on the time capsule, no matter how I try. It doesn't even allow access to the sparsebundle file that I see people describe.

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MacBook Pro :: Hard-drive Is Full, Can Move A Lot Of The Data To 3 TB Time Capsule

Jun 3, 2012

I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro 17 Inch with 750 GB of space on its hard drive.  About a month and half ago I bought a 3 TB Time Capsule and I know that Time Capsule, together with Time Machine, basically takes periodic snapshots of your hard drive and will rearrange/clean/delete files on your hard drive.  What I want to know is that since I'm about to run out of space on the internal hard drive can I move a good chunk of the data into the Time Capsule and free up that data on internal hard drive.  Videos take up about 75% of my MacBook Pro's hard drive so video's are my biggest problem.  If I can't do this with the Time Capsule I guess that's a con of the Time Capsule/Time Machine. 

MacBook Pro (17-inch Late 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Hard Drive Access With Windows Vista?

May 22, 2010

I had a macbook pro with time capsule and was using the TC as a hard drive. Macbook pro logic board has gone so until I can get a new mac, i have a windows vista laptop. I have connected to the TC, wireless working, mapped the TC in the Z:drive. When I go into the TC drive, i can only see the backed up bundled data rather than all the other crap i have saved in there. I think I'm missing a stage somewhere, perhaps need to mount the drive through windows but don't know how. In order to access all the songs etc on the TC via my macbook, I had to 'Enter Time Machine'. Seems like I have to do this through windows but have no clue where to start.

Is there a way for a windows vista machine to access TC hard drive data?

Will I have to perform a reset and configure the TC to the windows machine?

Will a reset erase the hard drive?

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Hardware :: Time Capsule As External Hard Drive?

Oct 24, 2009

I'd like to split my TC into a backup drive and an external hard drive. Apple support tells me they don't support this function, but it's possible. Anyone have any experience doing this?

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Hardware :: Plug External Hard Drive Into Time Capsule?

Apr 14, 2009

can plug an external hard drive into Time Capsule and access them both using Time Capsule's remote access feature (Back to my mac)?

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Hardware :: External Hard Drive Enclosure In Time Capsule Design

Mar 11, 2009

Does anybody know of a company who makes external hard drive enclosure in the same design as a Apple Time Capsule.I have seen some for the mac mini but not been able to find any looking like a Time Capsule.

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OS X Mavericks :: Restore New External Hard Drive With Files From Time Capsule

Jun 1, 2014

I store all of my photographs on an external hard drive which I backup with my Time Capsule.  My external HD crashed and I need to restore the new external hard drive with the files from the Time Capsule.  When I open Time Machine I get an error message saying to connect to a current Time Machine backup disk.

MacBook & iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)

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MacBook Pro :: Backup Data On Hard Drive When Time Machine Is Setup On External Drive?

Sep 5, 2014

Basically I have a 750GB hard drive in my Macbook Pro and over 300GB is taken up with 'BackUp' data. This is more than the total of everything I have on the drive other than that. Time Machine has always been setup on an external drive and when searching all files on the Macbook there is nothing for backup files so don't know where it is coming from.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.4)

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Hardware :: Hook Up External Hard Drive And Printer With Time Capsule - 1usb?

Feb 22, 2010

How do you hook up a External hard drive and printer with the time capsule, when it has only 1 usb port. If its possible please explain, i was wondering how i could chain it together? but i don't know if a printer will work

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Intel Mac :: 2011 Time Capsule & External Hard Drive - Move Library Onto One Of These?

Apr 8, 2012

I'm a first time contributor so please forgive me if I seem a little "wet behind the ears"...I have a 2011 iMac (which replaced my 2006 G5 iSight model) and a 500gb Time Capsule.I have my iTunes Library (which is approximately 150gb) on the Time Capsule but, given the relatively modest 500gb on the capsule there is not enough room to back up my computer.I have been looking at 2tb external firewire hard drives and I am hoping to move my iTunes library onto one of these and then use the capsule to back up my computer with Time Machine (the Mac has an internal 500gb hard drive). I'm hoping this will be a relatively straightforward task! The downside with this is of course, I will not have a back up of my iTunes library...with the hardware that i have does anybody have any advise or better ideas!?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Time Capsule, External Hard Drive

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Hardware :: Time Capsule As File Server - Access Data?

Jan 17, 2008

does anyone know whether time capsule is able to serve as a file server, so that i can have access to my data when i'm away from home?

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MacBook Pro :: External Hard Drive Or Time Capsule - Wireless Connection Pretty Slow?

Mar 4, 2008

I will be getting a MBP but I will need more storage, hence the external hard drive. I wanted to buy time capsule but I read that it is not possible to partition it. So, would I be better off with an external hard drive(FireWire 800) that I can actually partition or get time capsule which offers the wireless connection. As for the speed I guess the wireless connection with time capsule must be pretty slow?

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OS X :: Time Machine To Backup Data Without Formatting External Hard Drive

Jun 26, 2009

Can I use time machine to back up my data without formatting the external hard drive .. If not please let me know if there is a way to back up to hard drive without using time machine.. Thank you

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OS X :: Time Capsule / Airport Extreme External Access?

May 26, 2010

I picked up my first Mac about a 2 weeks ago and over this past weekend I picked up a new Time Capsule. Originally I bought the Time Capsule to wirelessly bridge to my Linksys router running DD-WRT (mega) but apparently the ethernet ports won't work on the Time Capsule or the Airport Extreme when connecting them to another party wireless router. So i have taken out my Linksys and am now only using the Time Capsule. The reason for the Time Capsule is to have backups on it and that for some reason I do have wireless issues with my Linksys that I am not having with the Time Capsule. Such as when I had a iPhone I would lose my wireless signle a lot and have to reboot, same with my iPad and sometimes with my Nexus One. So far none of those issues with the Time Capsule. I'm not missing much from my Linksys but one of the things I miss is being able to open up a browser from any network connection and being able to connect into my router. Is there a way with the Time Capsule / Airport Extreme to be able to access the configuration settings when not on the local network? Such a when I am at work I want to be able to access the configurations page.

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MacBook Air :: Moving Time Capsule Data - How To Restore Image From Time Capsule

Nov 29, 2010

I'm getting a new 13" MBA, upgrading from a 2006 macbook. I have it all backed up to time capsule. Can I just connect the MBA to my time capsule and restore the macbook image?

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Hardware :: Can Time Machine Backup External Drive Attached To Time Capsule?

Mar 11, 2009

I have an external 500gb drive plugged into my brand new Time Capsule. The 500gb drive basically stores my entire library of music and my iTunes points to this external drive.

Is it possible to have time machine backup all information on the 500gb drive to the time capsule, so encase the external drive takes a dump, I don't loose my entire music library? Maybe time machine is already doing this, I am not sure.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Vs Base Station - External Drive For Time Machine

Jan 11, 2010

As my 160N series Linksys router neither has gigabit ports, usb connector or dual band networking, I am looking for a replacement.

When it comes to Apple routers I am looking at 2 options - either the base station with an external USB drive or get a 1TB capsule with the buildt in drive and worries regarding reliability.

What I like about the Time Capsule is that it is neat to have all in one, takes up less space and only has 1 plug to attach, while Iike the idea that I can just connect a bigger drive later on the base station solution.

1. Will the connected USB drive function just like the internal drive in the Time Capsule for Time Machine use?

2. Will everything be transparent to Snow Leopard?

3. In case of both units with an attached USB drive - can I control who actually can see the drive and access it?

4. Do they support this DNLA thing so that e.g . PS3 can access an attached drive??

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Hard Drive Very Slowly Drive Filling Up

Feb 21, 2009

I have a 500GB Time Capsule, and very slowly my drive is filling up, and that's only with one Mac (I think there's about 25GB left - and no other stuff is on it except for the TM backup). I was wondering if there was a way to add an external drive into the Time Capsule via USB and extend the overall capacity, as I only seem to be able to choose it as a separate backup location. Obviously I don't want to have to buy a bigger USB HD when I'm running low on space. Also, I'm gonna be getting an iMac (As soon as Apple decides to announce new ones!)

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Without Hard Drive?

Oct 22, 2010

I'm getting out of the time capsule game. My plan is to put the drive into a ReadyNAS, but I'd still like to use the TC as a base station. Has anyone ever booted a TC without a drive in it? Does it work?

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IMac :: Which Hard Drive To Use For Time Capsule

Oct 23, 2010

I've seen several hard drives that all say that they are suitable to use with the Time Capsule feature on the iMac. Particularly I noticed a entire range of Seagate drives (Free agent Goflex Pro, etc). I am planning on getting one of the new iMacs with a built in 500 GB drive. Which TC drive would you guys recommend and what features are important?

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Hardware :: Best Hard Drive For Time Capsule?

Dec 3, 2010

Any recommendations for a hard drive that runs cool as possible for a reasonable price. 2TB (3TB would be awesome but those are so friggen expensive XD), and decent speed. But most important thing would be running cool and being reliable. WD Green caviar seems to be a popular one. Anything else?

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Hardware :: What USB Hard Drive For Time Capsule

Apr 28, 2009

I'm looking to add a 1TB hard drive to my Time Capsule so I can have wireless access to the files for my iMac, MBA and Dell (XP). I use the TC hard drive for time machine for my two macs, so this hard drive would be exclusively for storing files that I don't want to keep on my computer. I have a new baby and a camcorder which means there are GBs of files added every day. I was wondering what other people are using for a network hard drive and if they are happy with them. Also, I'm assuming a USB HD to the Time Capsule USB port is a better option (faster and more stable) than a true network hard drive (ethernet port).

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Mac Pro :: Using Time Capsule With Secondary Hard Drive?

Jun 18, 2012

I have recently purchased a Mac Pro (early 2009). It has separate 300Gb and 2Tb internal drives.

My plan is to install another internal 3Tb drive to act as a backup for the other two. Can time capsule be set-up to do this?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Hard Drive Broke

Sep 29, 2010

I'm moving in about a week to London for the next 3-4 years. I'm wondering if I should haul my broken Time Capsule to London and have it replaced there instead of getting another one in the U.S.?The reason for the London switch would be that I'd get a proper plug-in. Also, I'm wondering if my U.S. device is approved for transmitting wirelessly in the U.K.?

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Hardware :: Best Replacement Hard Drive For Time Capsule

Dec 4, 2010

I'm thinking of upgrading my Time Capsule 500GB to 1TB and I'd like some recommendations on replacement drives. I've heard Western Digital do a 'green' low-power drive, but I think they're only 5400 rpm. I'd like something that is quiet, reliable and low-powered, but I don't want it to be any slower than the one I already have. I'd prefer WD or Seagate because I've always found them to be the most reliable...

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Hardware :: Time Capsule - Remote Into The Hard Drive?

Jun 25, 2008

With either the latest Airport Extreme or Time Capsule, can I remote into the hard drive over the internet? (It would not be directly connected to any computer. Just an external hard drive, or built in for Time Capsule, plugged into the Airport)

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Hardware :: Attaching USB Hard Drive Onto Time Capsule?

Feb 4, 2009

I purchased a new hard drive from WD. It's "My Book Essential Edition", with 640GB of storage.

Anyway, I plugged the hard drive onto the Time Capsule's USB slot, and having an issue. The issue is that when I click on Time Capsule from Finder, I see the new hard attached USB hard drive. But when I click on it, it creates an error. The situation seems to crash my Time Capsule as well, since it doesn't respond, can't get on internet, and also doesn't appear on Airport Utility.

I must have unplugged and plugged back in Time Capsule about ten times trying this out, but I'm afraid that this might cause problems. So before I do anymore damages, what do you think is the problem based on my issues?

If I had to narrow it down,

1) maybe something about the format. (Mac OS Extended or MS-DOS (FAT)). I plan to use Time Capsule and share files on both TC and the attached USB Hard drive with Mac and PC.I mean it worked right out of the box. I didn't have to format it or anything, as it just kinda worked, when I plugged it in.

2) Something about the USB cable. When I first opened the box, I was quite surprised to see that the USB cable that came with the drive was one of those mini USB cables.

3) wrong with the drive all together. Maybe a defect or incompatibility with the drive and TC. It does say on the box "Mac OS X 10.3+" on the box.

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Hardware :: Time Capsule Or Other Hard Drive For Backups

Feb 13, 2010

I will be buying a new imac soon. I currently have the old fashioned, round airport which works fine. I'll need a new back up hard drive to do backups. Question: do people recommend the expensive time capsule for backups and for faster internet? Or is my old airport just fine and I should buy a cheaper hard drive for backups?

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